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Russia’s 1st Two Avangard Hypersonic Missile Systems To Assume Combat Duty In Next 2 Weeks: Report

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Russia’s 1st Two Avangard Hypersonic Missile Systems To Assume Combat Duty In Next 2 Weeks: Report

IMAGE: Russia’s Defense Ministry press service/TASS

Two UR-100N UTTKh intercontinental ballistic missiles equipped with Avangard nuclear boost-glide vehicles will go on experimental combat duty in the next two weeks, Russia’s state-run news agency TASS reported on November 13 citing a source in the defense industry.

“In late November – early December, two UR-100N UTTKh missiles equipped with the hypersonic glide vehicles from the first regiment of Avangard systems will assume experimental combat duty in the Dombarovsky division of the Strategic Missile Force,” TASS quoted the source as saying.

According to the report, work is currently underway in the positioning area to prepare both missiles and place them into the silos, check the operation of the regiment’s protected command post and carry out other measures.

Russia’s Strategic Missile Force declined did not provide the comment.

TASS recalled its report based on a source in the defense industry. In October last year, TASS reproted that 2 Avangard regiments with six silo-based missiles each were due to assume combat duty in Russia.


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Toronto Tonto

I smell another failure coming or is that the Russian trolls .


No it the stink you smell.. from you stinking jous… All the way from Hell Aviv

Toronto Tonto

Run along stupid .


Only failure is your postings.

Human kind is doomed

And a huge one!

Bill Wilson

Those are proven failures. I think these two were placed in safe storage while the engineers work out the bugs.

Tudor Miron

Proven by CNN? Lol.

Concrete Mike

Russian R&D is still miles ahead of usa R&D, in usa R&D has become a pork barrel for lockheed martin and friends, one doesnt have to look far to see that.

Remember Future Combat Systems, and the fiasco that followed, how many billions went to stockholders pockets with little return tu US armed forces.

As i get older i find the american tech is too “cute”, full of bugs and not easy to service.

Thats why the boys in vietnam hated the m16, they rather have the m14 or even m1.

Thats what you get when its for profit only and no one cares about the end product, im a contractor and fight all day everyday, in forced to cutncorners and it often bites me in the ass. After a certain point, one gets annoyed with getting caught with your pants down. Im not american but my country was involved in the f35 deal for a bit, it turned into a mess and now boeing is pissed at us and wont replace our cf18’s.

Procurement is a funny business in the west, one must not forget that.

Tudor Miron

Good news for anglo-zio empire.


Mam rad

Rodney Loder

Roger Ramjet would be really proud of these nuclear powered cruise missiles, unlimited range, and invulnerable to air and missile defence systems.

Toronto Tonto


Concrete Mike

I agree, the miniaturization of nuclear power plants is a huge step forward, especially in regards to space travel, this tech could work as a final drive for say, a moon or mars mission.

How did your winter go bud? Us summer ended and winter arrived early, 6″ of frost arleady, its a bitch to rip up.

Rodney Loder

A lot less pollution compared to burning engines seems to me, winter was cool, got my MX racing career into gear, our winters are getting milder, not one frost that I can remember this year, big drought, this is the third year in a row, property values unaffected people looking for safe haven to park their money, recession could be coming, the ocean currents changing rapidly, getting warmer, Barrier Reef is dying and people are still Climate Change sceptical, amazing.

Raptar Driver

Russia has great power but not the will to use it, the U.S. Does have the will, this is the difference between a super power and a failed state.


But the BIG question is which is which…it depends on your standard for the term “will”…for example, Triumph des Willens definition the United States is using does not end well. Think the Nevsky quote on God, Power and Truth.

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