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‘Russians Take Knee Before Homeland, Flag And God’: Formula 1 Driver Refuses To Kneel For BLM Propaganda

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'Russians Take Knee Before Homeland, Flag And God': Formula 1 Driver Refuses To Kneel For BLM Propaganda

A screenshot from the video

Formula One paused before the start of the season in Austria on July 5 to propagandize the Black Lives Matter movement with drivers wearing black shirts with “End Racism” and “Black Lives Matter” messages. Additionally, before the start of the Grand Prix pilots knelt in support of the BLM movement. However, six drivers, including Russian Daniil Kvyat, remained standing.

According to Kvyat, the proposal of the organizers seemed to him strange, as it contradicts his Russian mentality. He said that that Russians take a knee before the homeland, the flag and God.

Grand Prix of Austria became the first stage F1 in 2020.

The decision of the part of the drivers less committed to the current neo-liberal propaganda trend to not take knee faced a strong criticism in mainstream media. Sky Sports commentators claimed that it was a “monumental moment” and it was supposedly appreciated by fans (spoiler: No) although some said that it “wasn’t united”. CBS Sports editor Igor Melo said that all drivers not kneeling was a “bad look”.

Meanwhile, F-1 fans:

Meanwhile, it also appears to be safer to be an ethnic Russian in the United States amid the ongoing BLM riots. Videos below show how rioters react to Russian ‘Borsccht-loving’ guys that come to check the safety of a Russian restaurant in San Diego:

Another interesting fact is that BLM radicals and gangsters also prefer to avoid areas populated mostly by Latin Americans.


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Jens Holm

Its wrong focusing at him.

Kneeling as a system with some oath should not be used. When You bend over Your head its for You agree and they can use a sword.

In loyalty that treat should be used. People work for a company, a state or an assignment should not be treated like that.

It should be the opposit. When they say yes, they should have flowers or a paycheck. Here kneeling is like You are owned or dead.

Finally its NOT neoliberal propaganda. The method is used all over the world on many levels.

Laurent Parodi

Anonima Lombarda Fabbrica Automobili.
It s ALFA not ALPHA.

Laurent Parodi

People behind this awful propaganda are the first to use poor countries to increase their profits, the first to push muslims to fight other muslims by creating terrorism and the first to blame russia iran syria china etc for anything, which is indeed racism.

Porc Halal

In the case of muslims it is their religion who push them to fight everyone including their own people…similarly, the same thing is happening now in the western world right before our eyes but this time we are talking about communism which is another name of the same ideology ie judaism… the idiots are kneeling before communism..


Is this another political stunt pre-november US elections, or is this going to continue as another method of indoctrination?


Anyone who bends a knee to BLM needs to have the stupid slapped off their face.

Tommy Jensen

Here we go again.
Russia bragging in public that they are more brave, have more backbone and muscles than an American.
Those guys on the photo pulling their pants down to bend over are NOT Americans. This is fake news.
They are probably Europeans.
WE are kneeling the Spartan way because Americans are Spartans, We never leave and we never give up! comment image

cechas vodobenikov

u brag—“amerikans have been liars and braggarts for 3 centuries”. Daniel Boorstin…we don’t need to brag; we know u are insecure cowards that fear death…lost every single war…becoming more insecure and childish by the decade

Tommy Jensen

I have only read
“Women and the Common life” about how awful suppressed feminists are in a marriage.
“Populism, The only true paradise” about how wonderful BLM and IDL and Green Ideology are.
“The radioactive family” about how sick and suppressing a life with a father, mother and children group is.


Is that a black African spartan in the picture?

Tommy Jensen

You dont know art? You have never heard about art in YOUR school. But I have learned art what you dont have!


“WE are kneeling the Spartan way ”
The Spartans never knelt on anyone.


The funding behind BLM is very interesting. It seems they are not who they say they are. Hilarious about the restaurant. nice. The Italians did simliar during the race riots in NJ during the 1960s.

cechas vodobenikov

BLM=100 million$ ford foundation, 33 million Soros
Bild 2014, soros remarked that blacks were the easiest to manipulate of all groups in the USA
BLM provides a credit card in cooperation w a bank–credit cards revolutionary
“if amerikans understood the US banking system there would be a revolution”. Henry Ford

Hasbara Hunter

Henry Ford & Co financed Rothschild-Bastard Hitler & thus WWII



Not unlike you, Herr Putz, Globalrewrite is a GRU tool.


Hello cechas. I have read some of that stuff too. BLM is also a little weird for me because, it doesn´t jive with what I learned from living in a black community, even participating in it´s policitics, for a number of years. They are BS. A good weekend to you.

Hasbara Hunter

All I see is pussies with stupid mouth caps….by wearing one you already surrendered yourself to the ZioNazis

cechas vodobenikov

not Mafia and not all Russians as mentioned in the interview–some are natives of former Soviet republics—Armenia, Kasakstan…

Lone Ranger

Good man.

Lone Ranger

How about blacks take a knee for women.
90% of the rapes are comitted by them.
Also why should Europeans take a knee for Americans killed by Americans…?
How about NO…

MH370 Atok The Deceiver

part of ongoing coronamadness
wouldnt surprise if isis is also inside in this blm blackout shit things

Swift Laggard II

right wing rubbish castigating a movement for genuine change and reform. BLACK LIVES MATTER, as much as your right wing trashy lives

Felipe Borba


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