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JUNE 2021

Russians Informed Turkey That Most Kurdish Fighters Withdrew From Tel Rifaat

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Russians Informed Turkey That Most Kurdish Fighters Withdrew From Tel Rifaat

Syrian soldiers in Tel Rifaat city, Illustrative image

On April 5, a spokesman for the Turkish Presidency, Ibrahim Kalin, revealed that Turkey had been informed by Russia that the Syrian Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG) had almost entirely withdrawn from the Syrian northern city of Tal Rifaat and the area around it.

According to the Turkish Daily Sabah newspaper, Kalin said that Turkey is now trying to verify the Russian information through its own sources. On the same time, Kalin stressed that the Turkish military operation in northern Syria “Operation Olive Branch” will continue until the YPG will be wiped out of the entire region of Afrin, including Tal Rifaat.

Earlier, Turkey’s deputy prime minister Bekir Bozdag emphasized during an interview on the Turkish Haberturk TV that Turkey is still determined to attack the YPG in Tel Rifaat.

“Just as Afrin was cleared of the YPG/PYD terror organization, now Tal Rifaat will be cleared,” Bozdag said.

Local observers believe that a Turkish offensive on Tell Rifaat is highly unlikely now, as it has become clear that Russia opposes to such an action. Russia redeployed its military police in the city on March 29 while the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) also boosted its troops there.

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good news!! sdf ypg get out the syria!!

Brother Ma

As long as Turkey gets out of Syria i have no problem with YPG doing the same.


That should be the idea…give the Kurds ears to listen..Turkey could put a little pressure on the Kurds for it was a NATO member…for Russia it would have been a bit more complicated to attack..Assad & Erdogan can both take care of their borders…works better when you are good neighbours…


I understand why everyone hates Turkey. Even I do! But take away the emotions of it all! Turkey was pivotal in this war! Putin was able to make him switch sides against his own allies by winning the war and then sharing common interests! Yes Turkey is guilty of aiding isis but so was KSA,Qatar, UAE, Israel, USA etc etc! Instead Turkey being the beneficiary of pipelines from Qatar, they are now beneficiaries of pipelines from russia! Erdogan is in a no lose situation and always was (besides the coup).

Turkey has helped with fighting the SDF threat whilst the SAA fight on other fronts! They have contained the Idlib threat whilst the SAA was fighting in Damascus! They have helped make a blockade of Kurdish land grabs to ensure Kurds cant stealing sell Iraqi and Syrian oil whilst under the protection of the USA!

Turkey has created much needed infighting between Rebel factions including HTS and AASham! This new Syrian Liberation Army who is fighting HTS is actually AASham rebranded so that other rebel groups who joined HTS can now join the new stronger group and benefit from them!

Turkey is on a short leash! They did not even fly into syria when russia disallowed them after the drone attack! Then they were allowed! Its clear they are working for russia now and being allowed to gain whatever Russia says they may gain! They are helping the SAA right now! Yes they are back stabbing shits but they are still very important in this war! Eastern Ghouta liberation would not have been possible if it weren’t for Turkey! a Chemical false flag attack would have occurred for sure!

AAsham were one of the first to leave EG! This severely weakened the rebels in EG!

Does it surprise u tat there is suddenly a new guerilla warfare group near /in Raqqa now that is pro SAA? This new attack on Manbij they will come soon from turkey will draw many SDF fighters to this area! This will be the moment in which Syrian forces (mostly local patriotic militia forces funded by Iran) will attack Raqqa!

I am certain that once Turkey attacks Manbij, Raqqa will be attacked around the same time! Perhaps Raqqa attacked first!

Isis was placed to help rid of Assad govt and his forces! Now isis is being rebranded by turkey to be AASham forces (turkey proxy forces) to fight against the Kurds because Turkey has chosen to be on the winning side! Turkey was always going to be on the winning side because they are opportunistic rats! But now they are doing the dirty work for the SAA! They are literally kicking out the USA via their Kurdish proxies! Syria will takeouts land back, Kurds will fall back to their pre-war lines and Turkey will certainly annex some land from Syria because its better for turkey to control Kurds if the kurds live within Turkey’s borders!

Turkey will win from this big time! They will win land from Syria, be seen as kicking out the USA! They will receive pipelines from Russia and become a European gas hub! Erdogan will be promoted as a Caliph and someone who is returning Turkey to its Ottoman Empire days! But in reality, Erdogan is now Putin’s bitch! Turkey will now block the entrance to the Black Sea to whom ever Putin tells him too!

Remember the pipelines to turkey will e owned by russia! The nuclear power plant will be owned and run by russia! The S-400’s are controlled by Russia! Russia is in charge of Turkey now! This is the new reality!

Russia won!

Now, ukraine is next! I force Ukraine being split in half! ALL OF eastern Ukraine will become a new independent country loyal to Russia!

Michał Hunicz

Erdogan should act in a diplomatic way and simply say that the SAA kicked Kurds off Tel Rifaat and end the Operation Olive Branch. Best solution for everyone except ‘Murica.


They already did that. If Erdogan is a reliable partner they’ll roll the Kurds out the country with pleasure. But he isn’t he keep and may still instigated hostilities, fueling sectarian division, supplying militants, smuggling weapons into, and participated in looting the country.


But Erdogan chose Russia as a new partner…NATO in a lot of trouble…exactly where they should be..they couldn’t be more divided.. May…Macroni…Boris…Merkel…Thank you All very much for Creating such a Mess… if we didn’t have Clowns like You…where would we be Right now? Hehehe


May be they plan to trade Tel Rıfat with Jisr ash Shugur region. Construction of Turkish observation point there stopped without any appearent reason.


We’re still waiting the SDF words regarding this arrangement. Last they sullen blamed Russia for their incapability.

Norbert Monty Leibl

Turks are similar to Bitches, they sell themselves for a few CENTS.
Most of prostitutes in Europe are turkish.

Mustafa Mehmet

fu…..ck off moron


More surprising news from AMN-Lebanon relating to SAA deployment of regiment to Al Hasakah in far NE Syria more than 200 km beyond Euphrates….


There would appear to be holes in Trump’s Syria.


Good news for Syria, bad news for USA-Israel-NATO.


Yes, the yellow band will soon be developing red spots.


Also that they are requiting “hundreds” of local Sunni’s.

Feudalism Victory

Next return afrin because they “neutralized” over 3000 kurdish bogeymen there?

I won’t hold my breath.


With the French arriving, it seems pretty clear, Turkey is up for partition as well as Syria.
Turkey, Syria, Iraq and Iran need to pull together quickly with Russia because it is going to get rough.
Syria has beat the jihadists, but now Europeans and more Saudis are en route.

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