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Russians Aerospace Forces Struck US-backed Forces North Of Deir Ezzor – SDF

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Russians Aerospace Forces Struck US-backed Forces North Of Deir Ezzor - SDF

Sputnik/ Dmitriy Vinogradov

Russian warplanes have bombed positions of the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) near al-Taybeh gas and oil fields north of Deir Ezzor city, according to pro-Kurdish media outlest as well as media wings of the Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG) and the SDF.

According to the SDF, airstrikes took place near the Koniku gas factory in the al-Taybeh area.

On Sunday, an ISIS shelling killed Russia’s Lieutenant General Valery Asapov near Deir Ezzor city. The incident cam after the Russian Ministry of Defense announced that the US Special Operations Forces freely operate in the ISIS-held area near Deir Ezzor.

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Tomáš Bouzek

Thank you, kil them!

Kim Jong

Love it! More of this! Kill those bastards, eradicate them!

Richard Noel Hedditch

Kill the Zionist SDF.


Kill some kurds

Richard Noel Hedditch

Kill some homosexual crew cuts [ US Marines ].

Kim Jong

Rojavasucker: “While the #SDF is fighting #ISIS north of #DeirEzzor, its positions were bombed..” Wrong. Correct: While the #SDF IS #ISIS north of #DeirEzzor, its positions were bombed

Richard Noel Hedditch

SDF has never fired a shot at American ISIS.

Kim Jong

Clusterbomb the shit out of them 24/7


Finally kill all those Zionists US-Israeli bitches nice one Russia, you can freely bomb all of them.

Andrew Pate

Good job and time to expose the US massive involvement of arming headchoppers that they set up in the first place and get them out of Syria.


Yes man and with busses full of them even you can see them on recording with their weapons in the busses just like that, picked up from one place just to go and make hell on SAA and dropped there.Motherfuckers. Ah Daesh you days are numbered

Andrew Pate

Shouldn’t Russia call a UNSC urgent meeting regarding these pictures and clear evidence of US involvement and as a permanent UNSC member be exposed for the world to see?

Floyd Hazzard

Have you ever seen a Jewish or western war criminal in The Hague, as many and open as they are?


Oh FFS there aren’t any Jewish war criminals, zionists are the opposite of Jews, that’s why they try to use their lies about being Jewish as a fig leaf to cover their racist imperialist terrorism.

Boris Kazlov

Zionists the opposit of Jews? Yo man Is crazy, huge majority of Jews are Zionist, except for a minuscule minority branded as traitors


You need to work on the difference between what people say and what they do. Lots of people who claim to be Jewish support the zionist occupation of Palestine but zionism is the negation of Judaism.


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Andrew Pate

No but just maybe its time since their hands have been caught redhanded in the cookie jar.


Beware of the US paid troll!


Nigel Maund

Well done Russia! This is precisely what has to be done! If the USAF or USNAF now counter strike the SAA and RuAF will have no choice but to shoot them down. They have been warned and given adequate notice. If the USAF now lose aircraft – well it’s just a case of “too bad – how sad” because they’ll be getting no sympathy from me for starters. It’s high time the world’s greatest International Rogue State and its Zionist controllers in Israel were given a bloody nose and a damn good thrashing to teach them that they are not the “Masters of the Universe”.


I completely agree with you Nigel. Russia has been most patient and polite to the US/Israel in the full knowledge of what these two rogue states have been doing for many decades.

A rope was given by the Russians to the USA to Climb out of the hole dug by US foreign policy and to leave Syria where they are illegally supporting terrorism and the theft of Syrian resources.

The US Deep State and Military have instead decided to hang themselves. This I fervently hope will hasten the demise of Neo-Con America and Israel and frankly, as long as I die after witnessing the destruction of those states I will be satisfied.


Good comment except for assuming that the zionist tail wags the imperial dog. The zionists are American Caesar’s local Boer enforcers.

Boris Kazlov

Zionist tail wags the imperial dog is exactly correct, Yankistani government is Zionist occupied, Jews are in positions of power in Congress, militarily, foreign policy, most importantly finance


Nooo, the zionist filth are the puppets of American Caesar. Zionists are the contractors who do the dirty work and give Congress, the military etc a false alibi, that’s why the US state is so willing to criminalise dissent, using mythical antisemitism as the false alibi. Antizionism is the opposite of antisemitism but this impedes US policy in Washington and the Middle East, hence the moral panic being used to deny freedom of speech and conscience.


Well said Nigel!!


Let’s wait until someone other than SDF reports it. It could be like Israel, playing the victim.

Manuel Flores Escobar

“While SDF are stealing oil fields as SAA are fighting vs ISIS&Al Qaeda…”

Bruce MacKinnon

These areas must have been identified as source of shelling of SAA forces?


Finally kill all those Zionists US-Israeli bitches nice one Russia, you can freely bomb all of them.,


Is the Deir Ezzor airport put yet in use? Would be hugely beneficial. What is supposed to be done against terrorism then, when US SOF, SDF and Isis are all operating in a huge clusterf*ck? Pentagon has no answer to this despite asking.

John Whitehot

you don’t operate airports so close to combat areas, at least not at an operationally significant regime.


Need to push boundaries beyond mortar and artillery range then. Perhaps it could be first used for helicopter basing.

Graeme Rymill


John Whitehot

exactly. sending in transports with help for the city is outside my expression “operationally significant regime”. (the city was also supported by cargo helis until its liberation).

Operating and maintaining combat aircraft, with all the related personnel, equipment and fuel is another thing – it’s too costly in terms of security and logistics to give any significant advantage, especially since there are operational bases at a few kilometers that are already providing all the support to combat aviation missions.

This isn’t WW2, and Syria isn’t that big, you can reach any point of it from all airbases in less than 30 minutes.


Correct in itself. Still distance counts in reaction time as from calling in airstrikes and, if the planes circle above, it shortens the available time above the battle field, unless one uses resupply by tanker planes and I have not read those are available within Syria.

John Whitehot

most of the times CAS planes are on call already flying in the box where they need to be.

Planes at bases are held in reserve at various states of readiness but in the number needed to respond to every possible contingency.

“unless one uses resupply by tanker planes and I have not read those are available within Syria.”

Again, this isn’t ww2 and Syria is small enough to transverse it in less than 30 minutes. You don’t need tankers unless you’re coming from Dubai or Bahrain know what I mean.

Graeme Rymill

2 freight planes landed for the first time a week ago


Corti…..read earlier that the Russians have decided to open a base in Deir Ezzor! This will be a game changer as the military can operate easily from here and place S-400 to prevent the americunts from moving freely and bringing in reinforcements.


Finally the ‘Patient and Polite Russian’ strategy of waiting for the US Coalition of Terror Enablers to bear ripened ( if not rotten) fruit. The US Military has been forced from the shadows where the CIA,Mossad,M16 et al were actively assisting the Terror construct that is now mostly known as ISIS.

The killing of a senior Russian General this week with a ‘lucky mortar shell’ ( the same ‘lucky’ type of shell that just happened to hit a tented concealed Russian Military hospital that had just begun treating civilians in Aleppo) is just the latest in a series of Senior Russian Government deaths and combined with the Coalition attempt to orchestrate the killing or capture of 29 Russian Military Police ‘de confliction’ observers.

I fervently hope these nefarious acts will be recorded in history as an ‘ Act of International Terrorism Too Far ‘ by the United States of America ‘.


It’s the kike Jew rodent scum controlling America responsible for all this, while the American sheeple who go along and support these crimes are also responsible, the main culprits have always been the Jew scum, the entire world must unite to ensure these scum don’t hold power anywhere on the planet, they must all be sent to an isolated island and quarantined from the rest of humanity. I know all Jews aren’t responsible but it’s always Jews nevertheless and there’s no way we can distinguish the good ones from the bad in advance.


I agree with you , however what is to be done with the intermarriage of Jews and those bloodlines ? Its a massive problem world wide that has been a cancer of society for over 2000 years. I would prefer to round up ALL influential Zionists first then look at the next layer and progress from there. In Prussia all Jews were once barred from the Law profession.

Brother Ma

Jews could not vote in switzerland until recently as well,can u believe it!


I certainly can :) The Europeans have been living with the problem for over a thousand years. The US is a very young nation that by its nature has been the destination for many of the worlds ‘unwanted’. Some good, some bad, but the bad are very pernicious. Rather like woodworm :)

Leon De Elias

We came to the times when the US can be openly considered as a greatest terrorist

formation on the Planet..Arming and supporting terrorists to take down Syria turned me 100% against the Yanks here in Europe..Killing the Russian general by the terrorist illegally deployed CIA terrorists in Syria triggered finally a response what the Yanks did not expect again..They thought that the Russkies would bluff always and tolerate even this…Wrong again..


@Southfront, “Russian warplanes have bombed….” = good.

“According to the SDF, airstrikes….” = bad.

Max Nel

At the start of the Syrian war the yanks were telling the world we needed to support the freedom fighters against Assad. These freedom fighters were in fact ISIS. That stunt failed so they turned the ‘freedom fighters’ into terrorists so they could have an excuse to bomb the hell out of Syria. The Russians finally stepped in and actually did start destroying ISIS. The yanks then said they found another group of ‘freedom fighters’, moderate ones! Now thats also failed so they have resorted to using the Kurds to get their piece of Syria. Warmongering scum.

I hope I live to see the day the US empire completely collapses

jhon malakiat

kill them all, comrades..

go go go russia-syria..


Three truckloads of manpads to SDF and all this backstabbing will be over. I am not surprised to see Russia and SAA aiding IS. They have done so before and will do again.

Luckily SDF has taken the grainsilos near Al Suhwar, a prime defensive position there, and has reached the banks of the Khabur river. The Khabur river that hosts the largest agrucultural complex of Syria with over 1.6 million hectares of irrigated land. Much more important then a few oilwells.

SDF will have two good roads towards the southh from there and can from there swiftly reach the Omar oilfields.

Ishyrion Av

You are deluding. SDF, US SOP and ISIS are hand in hand in Syria. And that’s obvious for any clear mind.


hey https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/d7d0098f2958171538b9db7bea74e97260ceed12657da71500e6ec9df401b1a0.png


And as to facts, you mean to say……?

Oh, nothing as you do not have facts, arguments. Only an empty mind.

Brother Ma

Are you wilfully blind! The zionaroyanqis have admitted in many places that they planned trained and funded and nursed ISIS fighters. Trained military man like you would never miss that! So you must be on disinformation campaign.sayan?in holland

Melotte 22

Your Kurds are a toast. A toast! They will face the same faith as ISIS, their buddies.


hi https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/d7d0098f2958171538b9db7bea74e97260ceed12657da71500e6ec9df401b1a0.png


Well, a toast to you too. Mine is to the SDF, may they kill a lot of IS and all those who attack them (which according to Russia wasn’t them)


“Russia and SAA aiding IS” hahahahaha We know WHO and WHAT u are you piece of shit RAT! RAT TACTICS! “Blame those of what you yourself are guilty of doing”! How dare u say Russia and SAA aid ISIS! Who the fuck do you think u are talking to here!!!



Dutchie….not working your red light jhouish booth today? The pills for the syphilis did not work and still itching? Use condoms next time……


I will always listen to those with actual experience. I just hope your treatment did not cause you too much pain.

On second thought, I hope it did.

Ron Demarco

Nows a good time for Russia to declare a No Fly Zone in Syria.

Ken Wiltshire

If these ground attack planes (su25) pounded the attack on the Russian garrison and are also pounding these SDF fighters and have not been pounced upon by coalition jets, I think we can say that the “No Fly Zone” is finally in affect.

Igor Dano

Russia has to come forward with the photos and infos about 9/11.

Frans Lim

why not re-use a year 2000 map again, since Isis has been terminated

Putin's baby

Keep killing those loser yank criminals…

DJ Double D

The only problem with this attack is that as usual it won’t be a sustained attack contrary to what you and I would wish.


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