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Russian Workshop Implementing System To Serially Produce 5th Gen Su-57 Fighter Jets


Russian Workshop Implementing System To Serially Produce 5th Gen Su-57 Fighter Jets

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The Russian Komsomolsk-on-Amur Aircraft Plant is working on implementing a production line for the serial construction of fifth generation Su-57 fighter jets.

The specialists of Shop No. 45 will be responsible for the serial production of Su-57 fighter jets.

They have successful experience in creating a production line for the production of combat vehicles.

The first project of this kind to improve work efficiency, the main goal of which was to align the assembly cycle of the Su-35S product to the customer, was implemented several years ago.

The implementation happens in several stages.

At the initial stage, bottlenecks were identified.

They turned out to be the sections for assembling the bow and under-cockpit compartments, assembling the fuselage, adjusting and handing over the product. The assembly cycle at these sites exceeded the 10 days planned for the consumer.

To solve the problem, it was necessary to modernize the docking ramps, change the design of the boules, introduce additional equipment for air intakes and engine nacelles.

Another important innovation was the transfer of the adjustment and delivery area from shop 7 to shop 45.

“Before that, there were colossal losses of time,” recalls the head of workshop No. 45 Artem Oshchepkov. “It took two hours to roll the fuselage to workshop No. 7. Now it takes four times less time to move from the docking stand to the delivery.”

Then it became possible to synchronize the cycle of production – a fully docked fuselage – with the final assembly shop. At the moment when the product in shop No. 7 moves from the extreme workplace further along the production line, the next product from shop No. 45 enters the first platform.

Today the workshop faces the following task:

By using the experience gained it needs to create a production line for the serial production of the 5th generation Su-57 aircraft. In order to efficiently and on time fulfill production tasks, the volume of which increases with the launch of the serial production of the Su-57, it is necessary to increase the throughput of the shop.

In this case, the cycle of the product release must be clearly synchronized with the consumer workshop.

“The new aircraft is complex,” says Viktor Passar, deputy head of the pre-production workshop, “The fuselage is composite, the latest technologies, the highest quality requirements. But we also have highly qualified personnel in our workshop, a strong team of craftsmen at the most energetic age. The workshop is small – everything is in sight; it will work out.”

To prepare for the production several things were prepared in advance.

The first was the organization of the optimal model for the movement of the product through the shop.

The second was the elimination, or reduction of losses for non-production movements, selection, delivery and storage, completing shift tasks for workplaces.

The assembly cycle should be reduced due to the introduction of additional stockpile equipment.

Part of it has already been received, and installation is underway. By the end of the year, the building berth of the sub-cockpit compartment will be built.

“We have already assembled the basis of this stock,” says Dmitry Nazarenko from shop 5. “It takes up little space, but with a large flow of cars under construction it will be very necessary. Taking into account the design features of the Su-57 airframe, the specialists of the chief technologist’s department suggested that the fuselage head assembly be divided into two stages.”

An additional stage for assembling the air intake was also introduced. A separate slipway for assembling its middle part was made, which will also save time. The workshop will receive another set of air intake slipways in 2021.

Creation of a production line for the fulfillment of the state order for the serial production of fifth-generation aircraft is today the most important task for the workers of Shop No. 45. After the completion of the installation of the second set of slipway equipment and adjustment of the process, the line will start operating at full capacity.

As such, it would appear that sometime in 2021 serial production of Su-57 fighter jets is expected to begin at full speed.




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