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Russian Woman Murdered In Notorious Al-Hawl Camp In Northeastern Syria

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Russian Woman Murdered In Notorious Al-Hawl Camp In Northeastern Syria

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A Russian woman has been murdered in the notorious al-Hawl camp in northeastern Syria, several sources reported on October 17.

The al-Hawl camp, which is located in eastern al-Hasakah, is hosting 67,000 people, including 40,000 family members of ISIS fighters. The Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) is running the camp with support of the U.S.-led coalition.

The victim, who was in her third decade, was the wife of an ISIS fighter. The woman was murdered in the late hours of October 15. Multiple hits on her head and other parts of hear body claimed her life. Her identity was not unvealed.

Many of the foreigners being held in al-Hawl are Russian, including dozens of children. Some of the children there lost their parents during the war on ISIS.

Russia is working with the local authorities in northeastern Syria to evacuate Russian children from al-Hawl. Moscow announced on October 16 the evacuation of 27 children from the camp. This was the ninth of such batches.

Earlier this month, the SDF allowed thousands of Syrians to leave the crowded camp in order to improve security there. However, the situation there is still dangerous. Some ISIS wives are actively working to implement the terrorist group’s laws in the camp.


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Pave Way IV

Murdered is such a harsh, judgemental world. It implies that her death or the manner she was killed was unjust. How can we possibly know this without the consultation of the camp’s ISIS excuse for Shari’a jurisprudence?

What we need here is proper, legal head-chopper judgement, not wild speculation from foreigners and their bizarre foreign morals. If indeed she was murdered, then the criminals will be found and stoned or beheaded according to dictates of Shari’a law by the camp’s designated ISIS authorities (CIA). If she was guilty of violating Shari’a law (like wearing socks or something), then good riddance to bad trash! The SDF’s Al-Hol Death Camp doesn’t need your stinkin’ western laws. They have their own. (But please keep sending food, water and French passports. Thanks you from ISIS, f’king stupid infidels!

Fog of War

The Russian bitch played stupid games and won stupid prizes . Not one tear shed.

catalin zt

Bitches are the anglo-saxon prostitutes who gives birth to anglo-saxon mercenaries, paedophiles,capitalist-fascist exploiters,drug addicts ,loosers etc…

Fog of War

Yes, I understand, Its all ” whitey’s ” fault. Can you come up with something more original ?

cechas vodobenikov

these Russians are Sunni muslims from ingusetia, Dagestan, Chechnya —religiously similar but culturally, linguistically distinct

Svincius Savickas

US bitches are holding all those terrorists camps. No worries, civil war is coming.

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