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Russian Warships with Kalibr-NK to Linger near Syrian Coasts

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The Serpukhov and the Zelenyy Dol Russian small-size missile ships will be serving in the Mediterranean Sea to the end of September due to situation in Syria.

Russian Warships with Kalibr-NK to Linger near Syrian Coasts

Photo: TASS / Vitaly Nevar

The Serpukhov and the Zelenyy Dol small-size missile ships of the Black Sea Fleet, armed with the Kalibr-NK guided missile systems, will be serving in the Mediterranean Sea to the end of September, the RIA Novosti news agency reported, citing a military-diplomatic source. The continuation of the warships campaign is connected with situation in Syria.

“Their [ship’s] return to the base was planned this month, but at the moment the situation in Syria requires the ships to stay in the eastern Mediterranean at least until September,” the source said.

Last week, the Serpukhov and the Zelenyy Dol attacked positions of terrorists in Syria, launching missiles from the Kalibr-NK complex three times.

“A command center and a base of terrorists near the village of Dar Taaza, as well as a factory for production of mortar ammunition and a large warehouse of weapons in Aleppo province were destroyed as a result of the strikes,” the press service of the Russian Defense Ministry reported.

Earlier, the Russian Defense Ministry reported that the return of the warships to the permanent deployment place in Sevastopol was scheduled for the end of August.

The small-size missile ships of the 21631 Buyan-M project are multipurpose ‘sea-river’ vessels. Its armament includes the A-190 automatic naval artillery system, 14.5 and 7.62 mm machine-gun mounts, as well as the Duet air defense artillery complex, the Kalibr-NK and the Oniks anti-ship cruise missiles. Independent sailing of such a ship can last up to ten days.

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Tom Johnson

N series? Are the Russian’s worried that the ISIS Navy will attack? A few weeks back they floated a anti-submarine frigate Yaroslav Mudry from the baltic into the med, the one that lost the drag race with the USS Gravely on 17 June , did they find the elusive submarine ISIS Unicorn?


The Kaliber is a surface-to-surface missile and will be used, I assume, to take out land targets. Was not aware they were having a drag. Would be a bit pointless if that were the case as both ships have a similar top speed. American’s doing what they do best – making fools of themselves.

Tom Johnson

Fools? Your post proves you one. N series is anti-ship. As for the race are you that uninformed a missed the story? A Russian frigate was sailing at a carrier, it’s excuse was that it was “broken”.Lol, Not to hard to believe because is Russian designed, engineered, built and manned.

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