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JUNE 2021

Russian Warships With Kalibr Cruise Missiles To Be Permanently On Duty In Mediterranean: Putin

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Russian Warships With Kalibr Cruise Missiles To Be Permanently On Duty In Mediterranean: Putin

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Russian warships armed with Kalibr cruise missiles will be on a permanent duty in the Mediterranean, Russian President Vladimir Putin said in his opening remarks at a meeting with top officials of the Defense Ministry and defense-industrial complex on May 16.

“A total of 102 voyages by surface ships and submarines are scheduled for this year. As the risk of attacks by international terrorists in Syria remains our ships armed with cruise missiles will be permanently on duty in the Mediterranean,” he said.

Putin noted that the range of tasks facing the Russian Navy grew considerably wider in recent years and so did the geographic scope of its presence in the Mediterranean, the North Atlantic and the Asia-Pacific Region. He will also emphasized well-coordinated operations by the crews of warships and submarines during the military operation in Syria.

“Cruise missile strikes and effective operations by deck aircraft inflicted serious losses on the terrorists and eliminated their key facilities and infrastructure,” Putin said. These and other crucial tasks were coped with successfully largely thanks to the high combat and technological readiness of the Navy,” he said recalling the growing combat potential of the Navy and the practice of long sea voyages and exercises.

Putin noted that its important to enchance the naval component of the strategic nuclear force increasing the role of the Navy in nuclear deterrence.

“It is necessary to bolster the marine component of the strategic nuclear forces. It will enhance the Navy’s capacity in nuclear deterrence. Developing multifunctional vessel groups, which should effectively fend off military threats on the sea, remains an important task. I also require special attention to be paid to coordination of such groups with the Aerospace Forces and other troops,” Putin said.

The president said that Russia continues to supply its Navy with the latest weapons, communications systems, intelligence and targeting equipment in accordance with the state armament program.

“As before, the quality and timing requirements for the state defense orders should be kept most stringent. There are, of course, problematic issues related to manufacturing new equipment and to repairing surface ships and submarines. We’ll listen to concrete solutions on these issues,” Putin said.

In the first three months of 2018, the Navy received two helicopters, three ships, a nuclear-powered ballistic missile submarine and 46 Kalibr cruise missiles.

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For protection of Russia assets only . Syrian and Iranian assets , they are on their own with whatever old systems they have . Good luck.


I bet Russia will continue to upgrade and expand the current Syrian air defense systems. There may not be plans for S-300, but there are plenty of ways Russia can help improve what they have, such as in number and in training.


Just how is Assad able to fight IsraeI and US with old Systems?

Even S300 cannot save Assad.

Naija Lolade

lol. Assad has been playing defensive since the start of the anglozionist agreesion. Why is Israel freaking out over Russia delivering S-300 ?

The old systems managed to even shoot down 71% of the last surprise attack. The same attack they used in Yugoslavia and Iraq. They are doing the same thing in Syria and this time Syria has managed to score very well so far.

What Syrian needs the most is S-300Vm.. This will put a full stop to all the suprise attacks or saturating attacks. See the photo bellow. This is enough to even declare a no fly zone in Israel even up to lebanon where the terrorist israel often shoot and run from.comment image


Are these the “Coast-Guard”-systems / a kind of S-400 and anti-ships defense) that are on the shores of the Black-Sea, too?

Dr. Pro Liv

There are no “”Coast-Guard”Russian “systems” Kraut you mix up with your beloved US”Coast-Guard”….
The system you try to talk about is Russian mobile “coastal defence” missile system “Bastion”.
The missiles used in that system are Yakhont anti-ship (and surface to surface) missiles that have nothing to do with S-400 that are “surface to air” missiles and they are MUCH faster (up to 10 times faster)than Yakhont because hitting airplanes and other very fast moving BM missiles not ships or fixed targets!

There is also “Bal coastal defense missile system” with Kh-35 anti ship missiles.

Only total ignorant guy like you would compare anti-ship and surface to surface missiles with “surface to air” missiles Kraut .

Dr. Pro Liv

There were also newer systems like BUK M2 and new Pantsir who did 100% kill.
It isn’t the “old systems” that “managed” to “shoot down 71%” but very much (by Russians) upgraded “old systems”.
And even so, they didn’t do that all by themselves but with huge help of Russian radars (AWACS included) and Russian EW.
EW were jamming Tomahawks GPS and slowing them down by disorientating them.
Syrians knew the number and directions of all incoming missiles in REAL TIME.
So Russians helped lot in guidance and coordination of Syrian defenses to have maximum efficacy


Even S-300 are obsolete, since CYPRUS got that system and ..England, Germany, the USA and France quick went to study the hard -and software.

But if the Iranians get the SYSTEM, they modify and improve everything they get and the S-300 could quick become something REALLY effective against Us-Stealth military.
The CHINESE will assist, being themselves interested in having something valuable against US-missiles on operation-theaters ( NEAR their own produced systems)

Dr. Pro Liv

AGAIN hard proof how IGNORANT on this the subject you are!
Iran has bought S-300 from Croatia (who bought it from Ukraine) and have made IRANIAN COPY of S-300 for which they claim to be better than Russian S-300 (even though they bought S-300 from Russia )

So why don’t they (your Iranians) bring that S-300 to Syria huh?!

Dr. Pro Liv

S-300 and S-400 save Russians so why wouldn’t they “save Assad”?!

So where are those Iranian S-300 to their Syrian Shia brother Assad?


“I bet Russia will continue to upgrade and expand the current Syrian air defense systems”

Wishful thinking… or Russia just wants the West being quiet till the Soccer World Championship is over..

And after that new S-400 come to the Khmeimin-base… and a few change the owner and go to Damascus :))))))

I could almost bet that the ISRAELIS will attack Syria during the huge sport-event in RUSSIA, playing poker that Putin will not react BRUTALLY, will only complain, to keep the Soccer-Show alive..
Or Israel will organize a FALSE-FLAG attacking an US-navy-ship (they have practice on such pYggeries)

… But who really knows what in that KGB-snake’s head goes? :)))))


If Russia is hesitant to provide S-300, they will not be providing S-400.

Speaking of wishful thinking…
Israel threatening to take out any attempt to set up S-300 before they could be brought online would tell Russia that to successfully set up such a defense for Syria, it would require that it be set up in secretly until fully set up and defended by other systems. I don’t think this is there current plan, but it may be at some point.


Israel couldn’t do anything against new brought S-300, IF the Russian S.400 wouldn’t sit there like in an open-air-exposition and do NOTHING. . Plus the Russian Navy around there.
But Putin plays poker..
First the S-300 mustn’t be brought in the WEST of Syria, they may be brought THRU IRAN- and IRAK, that has now the SHI’ITE Moqtada Al-Sadr ( the guy that f*cked the USA after Saddam) as Prime-Minister

AND THAT IS a MAJOR WIN for IRAN and RUSSIA on that side of the map.

First EAST-Syria where the system may shot-down American warplanes that supply the ISIS & other dYrt on payroll by the CIA or Mossad and the two US-bases become cut-off and have to be abandoned.

And from that zone, the next units of S-300 may enter to the West-Syria, protecting themselves and thru air-cover from Russian SU-35

That way over night , the SUPPLY-LINES of the Iranian-Irakian-Syrian forces became definitively more SURE, while the American lines are stalling–

The problem is that Putin almost wants to marry Bibi…

Dr. Pro Liv

So where are Iranian S-300 in Syria?!?

Answer that you Kraut-NATO-Nazi troll !


Could be like you say: and that’s the optimistic part…
Down here is the LESS optimistic alternative

Dr. Pro Liv

So where are the Iranian S-300 copies of Russian S-300?
Why Iranians didn’t give that as gift to their Shia brother Assad?!

New Israel is Muslims

It is one of the safest places to be on those Jewrussian warships. They should sell vacation tickets to visit the ships because they are only there for show. One of the safest places on the planet to not be killed.

Jewamerica and Jewrussia aren’t fighting each other.

Steve Bell

If Russia were as controlled by the Jews as much as the U.S., then Jewish billionaires would still be running Russia as they did during Yeltsin’s free-for-all, and Syrian would be another Libya with Assad lying in a gutter, a sword up his rectum like Qadhafi.

Dr. Pro Liv

So where are Iranian (copy) version of S-300 (for which they claim it is better than Russian) in Syria?!?

Why Iranians do not defend themselves and Syrians with their S-300?!


That is because the Iranians have their own plans in Syria that do not always mesh with Putin’s. Putin wants Syria pacified and unified under Assad. Other then that he has no quarrel with Israel and no plans to move against Israel. When Israel moves against Putin’s design however, then Putin will put its foot down. Like when the F-16 got shot down.

Iran wants to use Syria as a base of operations against Israel. Personally I see nothing wrong with that, but that would mean further conflict in and around Syria. And while Putin welcomes Iran’s help and aid to Syria, when it comes to that part of the Iranian strategy Iran is basically on its own as far as Putin is concerned. In which case Syrians will also be screwed as Iranian bases on their soil will get hit, potentially also killing Syrians.

Putin is under no obligation to help the Iranians set up Syria as a forward operating base against Israel. And if the Iranians want to do that they would have to work and invest in their own air defense network independent of the Russia, so they can defend themselves and Syria, rather then leech off the Russian network. I’m sure that Putin wouldn’t even mind. The more air defense networks there are in Syria against Israeli and NATO air attacks, the better as far as he’s concerned.


“That is because the Iranians have their own plans in Syria that do not always mesh with Putin’s.”

Sure, the Iranians don’t want to sell Assad for the package ( G8-return + Crimea & Ukraine fifty-fifty), like by Sotheby’s.
Now don’t try to wash “Snow-White” your beloved Putin..
Putin has no0 friends, no enemies, has only Russian interests.
A VERY BRITISH “quality”, that brought England the stamp ” The Perfidious Albion”…

Dr. Pro Liv

So where are Iranian S-300 in Syria?!?

Answer that you Kraut-NATO-Nazi troll and bigot !

Dr. Pro Liv

And why don’t you try with Iranian pipeline through Syria that would be direct competition to Russian gas in EU?
Or with Iranian plans for destruction of Israel ?

Those are not Russian interests and Russian plans but Iranian plans.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

There is no proof to the claim and assertion that Iran wants to establish bases as they were more worried about this spilling into Iran and possibly becoming what the west and Israel desired. Iran to which they thought it best to deal with a financed so called religious war backed by those making the claims. Putin seen this in the same possible light with serious harmful effects in the Middle East and the US establishing bases there and threatening Russia federation. Much of what is said about air defense systems is not necessary as it would be as the scale of US//NATO attacking would be limited and unsustainable.

Dr. Pro Liv

So where is Iranian (copy which they claim is better) version of S-300 in Syria?!?


There is a lot of gnashing of teeth by the satanic cowardly zionists, lol

Dr. Pro Liv

So where are Iranian (copy) version of S-300 in Syria?!?


Russia betrayed with his friends Syria and Iran for given Israel bombing to Syria without any protection.

You can call me Al

Iran vs Syria spat is not the reason why Syria requested Russia’s help, basically it is none of Russia’s business, now maybe the more important point is that Syria standing up for themselves against the hooked nosed bullies has scared the shit out of Israel, if Russia had intervened to assist Syria; the effect would ne nowhere near what it is now.

PS Syria had protection and it worked very well, much more efficient than the Israeli “nose dome” system ….. it would have been fantastic if that one Pantsir had not run out of ammo or even moved out of harms way.


Since Bibi was in Moscow (9th May), things became worse for ASSAD and his Hezbollah & Iranian Allies.

Concrete Mike

Keep telling yourself that buddy, SAA is winning on the ground where it counts. A couple Israeli air strikes won’t change a damn thing. It haven’t changed a damn thing yet and it won’t when they strike again.

There cowards, they can’t do shit.

Steve Bell

Really? How’s that? Assad just keeps on gaining ground in Syria and the IDF can’t do schist.

Joe Dirt

Russia has 5% of its population mudslim, and Putin wish it was 0%

Dr. Pro Liv

Despite CIA & MI6 desires relations between Russians and Russian Muslims in Russia is now good.
Putin is not anti-Muslim or anti-anything.
He is like Gandhi for India or Charles de Gaulle for France a FATHER of the Nation and unifying force for ALL Russians.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

Bibi was deceptive never fall for these Jewdi mind tricks. Russia has always been on the outside the conflict between Israel vs.Syria and Iran as Israel like the beasts of the Hydra they are try to push either of them in hopes of getting western support like they have in the past. Now we will see this time the west would also have to take that approach now, no one buys into the guilt anymore easier back then because no one knew the what really happened.

Dr. Pro Liv

Do you work for Jews by throwing wrench in Russian wheels Kraut?
Is your name Moshe maybe?
That things go bad between Russia and Syria and Iran is in
Israeli-NATO interests only!

Dr. Pro Liv

So where is Iranian (copy) version of S-300 in Syria?!?


Maybe they don’t work as advertised, or perhaps Iran doesn’t have any to spare as they are likely preparing against US threats. I think if they had them and if they were as effective as claimed, they would already be in Syria.

Dr. Pro Liv

They are COPIES of Russian S-300 and are “advertised” by Iran to be MUCH better than S-300 almost like S-400 (they claim)

So if they are actually slightly better than S-200 they are still GOOD!
They are in production from 2017 so they must have one or two to “spare”
Russia has just delivered them not long ago full battalion of
S-300PMU2 “Favorit” which is excellent system so they should have something extra of their own……..

Your conclusion is you trust Iranian “good intentions”
no matter what they do or say!…………….. But you do not trust Russian good intentions?!
Have any more bad excuses?!


Was just sharing maybes. You assume alot in your conclusions. Most countries have mixed intentions. In truth, I have no idea why Iran is not sharing them, assuming–as you said–they have them. Why wouldn’t Iran share them? Either they don’t want to (for some reason), they are not effective despite what they claim, or they can’t (maybe they are targeted in transport to Syria); I have no idea. I was not aware of Russia delivering S-300 to Iran. If true, good.

Dr. Pro Liv

OK sorry
I have mixed you up with bunch of people who love to spit on Russia from that platform of “not delivered S-300”
It seams you are not the one of them.
Syria would do perfectly well even with some more BUK M2 but people like to jump on conclusion that only bigger is better.
Which is not necessarily so depending on the specific needs.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

Iran doesn’t want to escalate the situation as does Russia as they both know the US/UK and Israel would use it to their advantage like in 67′.

Dr. Pro Liv

GOOD….finally somebody that speaks common sense!
I usually must dispute with the people who want Russia to start WW3 !!
And they accuse Russia of being too soft or two-faced because not liberating whole Syria.
They only forget that those are NATO countries in Syria and war against them would trigger World War
Russia can’t send their own country in WW3 because of civil war in Syria.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

The war is only called a civil war by the west as it was externally funded and recruited making actually what it is a war of world proportions. The only reason hasn’t gone full blown is due to the lack of support by the public in most countries, even Denmark is moving it’s small contingent into Syria as the US has Several thousand in there now excluding FSG(Erik Prince) Mercenary forces, they are fearful of Turkey as they are a belligerent stomping Bull half the time. Iraq and Syria can’t do much right now until NATO forces withdraw, yet none are under obligation by treaty to defend one another.

Dr. Pro Liv

Do you think Iraq, Syria and Turkey can ever find common ground (with Russian help) to oppose themselves with military force to the declaration of independence by Kurds?
Or you think that Iraq and Syria would be able to do it themselves?
Syrians would be bombed by US-NATO immediately that’s for sure.
I can’t see any other way to remove US-NATO from Syria but U.N. resolution pushed forward by Russia and China.
And the same also for Turkey if they refuse to leave.(and Israel also)

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

They could easily oppose it as they had previously did in the past they have a common enemy in the Kurds as long as they keep being told what to do by the US , Israel and UK.


Rusia is helping a lot but it can not alone figh the whole NWO empire. Not yet.


Patrick Liittle CA senator candidate https://youtube.com/watch?v=W4uJqhVNRIM https://youtube.com/watch?v=zNFrhPJIkLQ comment image https://youtu.be/LVQn9wdMNu8 http://de.metapedia.org/m/images/5/50/Kerstin_Lorenz.jpg

where is Scot Spencer and Alicia Frischmann from smoloko.com ?
they are probably either got kidnapped or kidnapped and assassinated by ZOGs for telling the truth.
join http://www.gab.ai now
they were gone since late january 2018 and 2 the same week zionist terrorists hacked smoloko twice and shut it down yet Scot managed to bring smoloko back online, who will defend smoloko now?
I support christianity and european folk nationalism patriotism and american folk nationalism and patriotism .
know don’t forget these germnan and austrian heros who were suddenly taken down by jews deliberately and those assasinations were with cover ups as to appear as accidents for the general public remember them : vice chancellor Jurgen Mollemann a good man who dared to speak out and oppose zionist war criminal mass murderer israeli ariel sharon then assassinaed by zog cia mi6 mossad in 2003 , and german politician Uwe Leichsenring was assassinated in 2006 in a deliberate traffic accident, and Jorg Haider spoke out against bankers mafia doing the economic burden 16 days before he was assassinated before his last day and a day before he was assassinated by shadow ZOG agents he made a powerful good speech that the evil luciferians didn’t like in 2008 and NPD german political party candidate leader Kerstin Lorenz who was assassinated in 2005 by ” brain stroke” . that what not an accident with mollemann’s parachutes , that was not coincidence accidents . and mossad bombed north korea in 2004 look it up.
all these 4 events were assassinations in this ( 21st , 3rd ) century , millennium with cover ups to appear as accidents and a medical condition.
the most logical scenario is that mossad was chasing haider and he was fearing for his life and excelerated the speed of his car and it crashed and then they went to him and finished their assassination job he would have been elected to be the austrian chancellor.
look it up on duckduckgo or yandex http://www.metapedia.org is an alternative non lying online encyclopedia. boycott Zionist jews-owned merchandise , websites, start-ups,supporrters e.g. spot.im ,myheritage.com ben & jerry’s ice cream
( last photograph below is Krestin Lorenz )


That what THEY fear the most, starts to get a global profile ;)…



In original news were frigattes. So, some doubtful leaky boats …

Dr. Pro Liv

None of them are “leaky boats” because all ship that carry Kalibr’s are either new or relatively new ships.
Russian maritime strategy is different.
Russian corvettes have fire power that equals Western frigates, Russian frigates has fire power that equals Western destroyers.
So don’t jump on the conclusion

Promitheas Apollonious

to conclude something, anything… requires what that poster you answering to, dont have and that is grey matter. I often wonder, if this mentally challenged clones, get paid for their posting.

Or they just plain retarded.

Dr. Pro Liv

I do not write to him specifically (or to you) but to everybody who reads!
In the hope that they will get better informed.on the subject.
No need to make fuss about my comment.
So I do NOT understand what the hell you and your “grey matter” are talking about?!

Promitheas Apollonious

And you think by lowering your mentality lower than the ones you answer to, is the way you inform people and awaken them?

What are you a 2 year old ? If foul language is your tool to make others understand you have failed miserably.


Cold water to those militants.


Nice… show these Globalist Retards “the Show” is Over… that is the Netto Result of Sending Your “Western Headchoppers Army”… Take Over the Mediterranean…


this decision seems to make the u.s.n. carrier strike force a floating cemetery.
oh well, an artificial reef system in the med is probably not a bad idea.
give the fish some protection from over fishing.

Promitheas Apollonious

and a lot of radioactive pollution, from is nuclear power plants, dont forget. It make fish easier to fish at night as they be glowing. Not to mention that for the tourist in Mediterranean, shaving their hairs or having a hair cut will be something of the past.


you’re right. not a good idea.
maybe a bit of EW.
the sailors will all retire (like some of the ones on the D. Cook)
and the boats can be converted into floating casinos. proceeds to pay of the trillions of debt.
what do you think

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