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Russian Warships To Participate In Missile Firing Drills Off Syria’s Coast


Russian Warships To Participate In Missile Firing Drills Off Syria's Coast

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The Russian Navy will carry out missile firing drills off the coast of Syria, according to a Notice to Airmen (NOTAM) circulated on July 6.

The drills with launches of missiles will be held in the area in the eastern Mediterranean between the Syrian coast and the island of Cyprus across the port of Tartus. The NOTAM says that this area will be closed for the drills on July 11, 12, 18, 19, 25 and 26.

The Russian Navy’s taskforce in the Mediterranean Sea may comprise from 10 to 20 warships and support vessels depending on the situation in the region.

The press office of the Russian Black Sea Fleet reported on June 18 that the Project 21631 missile corvettes Grad Sviyazhsk and Veliky Ustyug armed with Kalibr cruise missiles set off for the Mediterranean Sea from Sevastopol. Another Project 21631 missile corvette Vyshny Volochyok is due to leave for the Mediterranean Sea.



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  • Brother Ma

    Excellent news. I am sick of the Mediteranean becoming a Zioyanqui lake.

    • Wise Gandalf


      • Brother Ma

        What is your question?

        • Wise Gandalf

          Why good news? This is only drill. Good news were, if hit idlib :)

          • Brother Ma

            Let us hope they do!

          • Antonio Di Muro

            Not only a Drill. Just to prevent any planned provocation of the “free world” during the remaining days of the FIFA Tournament.