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Russian Warships Conducted 114 Voyages As Part Of Anti-Terrorist Operation In Syria


Russian Warships Conducted 114 Voyages As Part Of Anti-Terrorist Operation In Syria


The Russian Navy carried out 114 voyages in the framework of Russia’s operation against terrorists in Syria, President Vladimir Putin said in his opening remarks at the beginning of the 14th series of conferences on defense issues. Putin added that these voyages invovled 70 surface ships, 27 supply ships and 15 multirole submarines.

“The Navy confirmed its great combat potential in the struggle with terrorists in Syria,” he said. “I would like to emphasize once again the coordination of naval units and the professionalism of participants in the operation – the commanders, naval personnel and naval aviation pilots.”

Putin recalled that a group of Russian ships is permanently present in the eastern part of the Mediterranean off Syria’s shores and a Russian naval logistic facility is deployed at the port of Tartus.

The analysis below was released in July 2019:




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  • verner

    good, a couple of russian subs south of jemen, gulf of aden and gulf of oman would irk the unhinged states of A and stop them from being obtuse to the border of stupidity. and israel, which illegally occupy palestine and most certainly is having one or two of its german supplied subs with nukes outside of the hormuz strait, should the hymies find a reason, any reason, to nuke teheran on the presumption that it’s better to shoot first and explain afterwards.

    • Icarus Tanović

      If that happens it means many things, for example WWIII.

      • verner

        the first thing to realize is that Iran can’t more or less be conquered and that riles the hymies no end and they really need to do away with Iran in order to continue the expansion of the illegal settlement, i.e. what Hitler called lebensraum-erweiterung, and the only way for israel to do so is their nukes – the unhinged states of A will be forgiving and the rest of the gang upset but nothing much more than that – and the best vantage point for soe nukes on teheran is actually gulf of oman and so on.

    • Assad must stay (gr8rambino)

      i would think and hope iranian navy/IRGC will have detected any israeli subs and made them run away