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Russian Warship Naval Group Arrives in Cuba

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Russian Warship Naval Group Arrives in Cuba

Project 22350 missile frigate Admiral Gorshkov. Click to see full-size image

A Russian Navy flotilla is to arrive in Cuba on June 24th, the Cuban Ministry of the Revolutionary Armed Forces announced.

The naval group is led by the Russian Navy’s brand-new warship the Project 22350 missile frigate Admiral Gorshkov.

“During their stay in our country, the Russian sailors will carry out a program of activities that includes courtesy visits to the chief of the Revolutionary Navy, as well as touring places of historical and cultural interest,” said the official daily Juventud Rebelde.

During the entrance to the port of Havana at 8 and 20 in the morning, 21 salvos will be fired from the frigate Admiral Gorshkov as a salute to the Nation, which will be reciprocated by a battery of artillery of the Revolutionary Armed Forces from the Fortress of San Carlos de la Cabaña

In addition to the Project 22350 missile frigate Admiral Gorshkov, other ships in the group include the first-in-class Project 23120 multi-function logistics ship Elbrus, the medium ocean-going tanker Kama, and the heavy ocean-going tug Nikolay Chiker.

They transited from the Eastern Pacific Ocean into the Caribbean via the Panama Canal on June 17, 2019.

The Northern Fleet’s naval group departed from Severomorsk for its long-distance voyage on February 26. Apart from the Admiral Gorshkov and as of June 17th had covered 26,000 nautical miles.

In recent months, the US in its regime change efforts against Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has accused Russia, Cuba, China and even Irann and Hezbollah of supporting the “bloody regime.”

Cuba has generally received the blunt of the US undertakings, with loosened US sanctions being tightened again.

On June 4th, US Treasury Department announced the ban of all trips by cruise ships and other recreational vessels to Cuba from the US.

“This administration has made a strategic decision to reverse the loosening of sanctions and other restrictions on the Cuban regime. These actions will help to keep U.S. dollars out of the hands of Cuban military, intelligence, and security services,” Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said in a statement.

U.S. law bars travel to Cuba for tourist activities, but Americans have been allowed to go there under 12 authorized categories, including individual and group “people-to-people” travel — a subcategory of the education provision that permitted visits to the socialist country for cultural and educational purposes.

The expanded definition of these types of tour groups was first established under President Bill Clinton. It was later restricted by President George W. Bush during his first term, then loosened considerably under President Barack Obama in 2011.

Commercial flights continue to be permitted and “travel for university groups, academic research, journalism and professional meetings will continue to be allowed,” according to the wire service.

“Cuba remains communist, and the United States, under the previous administration, made too many concessions to one of our historically most aggressive adversaries,” Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross said in a statement.

Ross added that the administration “is acting to limit commercial activity that provides revenue for the Cuban regime. Holding other countries accountable remains a focus for this Administration and we will remain vigilant.”

This move was a continuation of an April decision by the Trump administration to tighten travel and remittances to Cuba.

“In no uncertain terms, the Obama administration’s policies toward Cuba have enabled the Cuban colonization of Venezuela today,” National Security Advisor John Bolton said. The changes were designed to reverse “the disastrous Obama-era policies, and finally end the glamorization of socialism and communism,” he added.

There is, as of midday on June 24th, no response by the US regarding the movement of the Russian Naval group and Latin America policy has taken the backseat in the Trump Administration’s dealings since the focus is currently shifted on Iran.


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Assad must stay (gr8rambino)

Cool :)


Hope they carry enough cruise-missiles with nuke warheads… ☕

Harry Smith

Why carry nukes, when you can hit the nuclear silos instead?


“is acting to limit commercial activity that provides revenue for the Cuban regime. Holding other countries accountable remains a focus for this Administration and we will remain vigilant.”

So busy holding the rest of the world “accountable” they neglect the homeland.

Hey let’s get the ball rolling, “Audit the Fed!” While your at it, audit the DoD too. An official number of people, who die at the hands of the police, would also give us a better idea of who is and isn’t accountable.

Finally lets take into account things officially called mistakes. F.uk.us and evil co-conspirators have an endless list of civilians, they torture and kill, that grows daily. These are never even hinted at in the MSM, as reasons that the world holds them in contempt. Like all the hostility our enemies manifest, just conjured out of thin air.

In a world of accountable citizens, when you fuck up constantly, someone takes away your gun and chucks you into a cell.


What is “F.uk.us”


French, United Kingdom, US

Jens Holm

Vry good. Putin is Miss Foster here. When he is nice its Miss Fit.


Well how can anyone respond to that.

Jens Holm

None has to. Its a relative free site.


Wasn’t you pretending to be an US citizen?


I sometimes pretend to know things I don’t, like guessing that you are fat. Statistically in North America that is a better than 50-50 bet. Otherwise I am honest to a fault.


Mixing “Audit the Fed!” with “F.uk.us” in the same comment shows that you want to guess that you are smart.


Gosh what a kindergarten insult.


Adequate to someone that thinks “F.UK.US” is a smart insult.


Not an insult really succinctly captures what those governments have done.


If you were really hating only their governments and not the countries you had plenty of ways to say it, there are all kind of nicknames, oligarchy, politicians, banksters, warmongers…long list….but you are an average Russian that hate other countries because they are rich and you use the End the Fed and shit because you hope they will kill each other, nothing more.


Oh I am so busted. Gosh you are just brilliant to figure all that out. Gosh it would be fun to go over and check it out now that I am officially Russian. I would love to eat all the good bread without the glyphosate. Non gmo corn. Women who don’t mind being women. Pretty sick of everything getting the rainbow paint jobs too. You know what I would not miss if I got to move to Russia. Fat people like you.


Then why you don’t move to Russia since it’s so nice there, having an average life expectancy with 7 years under US and being second place at suicide rate, in the world, sounds like a heaven. Obviously you know about US only from Youtube if you think everybody must be a SJW there.


Don’t frequent you tube, google, facebook or TV. So 50,000 dead from opioid overdoses, doesn’t count as suicide, right!

Keep dead people alive is a major industry in the US. If you run out of money they let you die. Otherwise you can live miserably for a long time. Well who am I to preach to you about that, you must be an expert on being miserable.


Ok, let’s add drug use for both countries, including alcohol and tobacco related illnesses.

Or better ask any of your friends if they had to chose where would they want to live USA or Russia.

Wait you have no friends, if you had, you already knew the answer.

Xoli Xoli

Trump, Bolton Pompeo fuck.

pippo pluto e paperino

Hasta la victoria, siempre !!! Companeros !!!

Pavel Pavlovich

Bajo el ¡no pasarán! nos enfrentaremos al enemigo mutuo.

Alberto Garza

no pasaran ? jaajajaja y pasaron todos !

Xoli Xoli

Yes brother Victoria falls in Zambia.


So what’s there mission?


Shake down cruise, show off how nicely they can finish a hull, maybe fly a few drones right up to the international border of the US. Give all the listeners a target, for a change.

Reminds me of the time we had to limp back to our home port. 2 hour trip took a day and a half, we forgot to bring a tugboat with us.

Jens Holm

None. It would make more sence making Havanna change the Cuban system, so farmers got incitaments to grow their own food.


Unload also few hundreds of latest Iskander in order your ‘partners’ have some fun dropping INF treaty.

Jens Holm

As too often its forgotten, that Castros have a lot of restrictions made by themselves.

There are a lot of possibilities between too much control and Kapitalisme with no control.

Its no excuse Cunabs are made lazy by the system not rewarding them.


Amazing that this so-called leader of the democratic and free world has the ability to prohibit its “free” citizens from travelling to another country.

Xoli Xoli

I hope Iran special task force are also present to place strategic messiles pointing to white house.Tonight USANATO agreement can be cancel tomorrow. Learn from Saddam, Yasar Arafat Syria chemical deal ,Russia messile destruction deal and Gaddafi .USA always manufacture new messiles after Russians destroy strategic messiles.Cancel treaties forfully.USA NATO always accused other countries if their want to deploy or implement or manufacture counter measured messiles.


Mad dog in the WH

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