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Russian Warplanes Wiped Out Ahrar Al-Sham Convoy In Southern Idlib

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Russian Warplanes Wiped Out Ahrar Al-Sham Convoy In Southern Idlib

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On December 25, the Russian Aerospace Forces bombed a military convoy of Ahrar al-Sham moving near the town of Kafr Nubl in southern Idlib, according to reports by Arab media.

Ahrar al-Sham is the radical Turkish-backed militant group. It’s the core of the pro-Turkish militant alliance known as the National Front for Liberation.

The terrorist group’s General Commander Abu Jaber al-Sheikh was reportedly injured in the strike on the convoy. Several other influential Ahrar al-Sham commanders and members were killed.

Russian Warplanes Wiped Out Ahrar Al-Sham Convoy In Southern Idlib

Abu Jaber al-Sheikh

Additionally, local media reported that another airstrike hit a meeting of militant commanders in the town of Maarat al-Numan, which is the key militant stronghold in this part of Greater Idlib.

Syrian government sources say that Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (the de-facto branch of al-Qaeda in Syria), Ahrar al-Sham and other militant groups rejected the Syrian Army proposal to surrender Maarat al-Numan. Therefore, it’s expected that the Syrian Army will push to storm the town in the near future.


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RUSSIA got my Blessing to Wipe out all Turkish Backed American Backed and Israel-ish Backed TERRORIST from SYRIA ..BOMB the Living Day Light out of them

Mike S

Agreed, this is why Russia is demonized in the US media, they dare to kill our terrorists and work for stability and the rule of law in the Middle East, how dare they!


Good job tovarisch, right on the snake’s head, the more snake heads you cut, the better.


The chimera heads are in washington, tel aviv and eu capitals, Russia and their allies must kill this beast or we will never have peace !


You are right on the ball. In fact Russia and Iran are doing Europe and rest of the world a favor by eliminating these vile terrorists. Both Russia and Iran deserve the Nobel Prize for saving humanity.


While you both are busy planing WW3 it would be nice if you can explain also how all that can be done and that we all stay alive as well?


Burn the Yids and save the planet matey!


Russian aerospace forces in Syria are achieving great results with very limited number of aircraft deployed. The Russian strikes are precise and based on very good ground intelligence. Russia now needs to increase ground attacks with armor busting SU-25 Frogfoots that can wipe out the terrorist soft skinned vehicles too and then follow up with helicopter gunships as SAA continues its advance.


Even though latest models of SU-25 are upgraded to have EW – “Electronic Warfare” that protects them from (Turk) man-pads they still can’t have guarantee that to be 100% safe in every situation. That’s why they don’t use choppers in combat zones any more. That is still risque that is not necessary since they can easily replace them with SU-34 precision bombings from 5+km height with no risque at all.

Gary Sellars

These HTS/AaS faggots must be having a great time, given they are getting their well-worn arseholes reamed daily by the SAA and the Ruskies :-D


As you can see by their pathetic appearance, these are simple brainwashed Wahhabi terrorist cannon fodder being cynically manipulated into a suicidal war by devious Turks, NATO, US and its Arab petro-puppets like Saudis and UAE. These terrorists never had a chance when Russia and Iran got involved. In any case, even prior to 2015, the SAA was never on the verge of collapsing and the Assad brothers were not about to cut and run. They dug in and fought back and then Russian air offensive did the rest.


Yes good observation. That is one of those “erotic moments” they will never forget.

Wolfgang Wolf

more cluster bombs and thermobaric warheads – grill those fuckers

Derek Johnson

Yet no mention of Colonel Bassel Khadour being killed with other “tigers” and they have died but SouthFront don’t want to hurt your feelings, they know its true but its bad for moral here as they need to make their monthly income and truth will noy pay any dividends. Have any of you drones not noticed they never tell you if any have been killed?

https://twitter.com/GregoryPWaters/status/1208443683848110080 But its twitter fake news!

Or this SVBIED that killed more tigers https://twitter.com/QalaatAlMudiq/status/1208486995959398401

Never mind Suheil is safe miles from any danger with his clean trimmed beard and dust frees boots. I can hear you all calling me Zionist scum!

Gary Sellars

Fuck off terrorist-loving maggot.

Liberal guy

Still hts as lost the battle

Hasbara Hunter

By way of Deception Thou Shalt do War….

Sun Tzu….



Willing Conscience (The Truths

It must have been the last Russian airstrike before they stopped operations, because from what I can see there’s only been 2 or 3 Russian airstrikes over the last 2 days and one of them was a drone strike, so why has the Russian air activity slowed down to a snail’s pace. Erdogan’s been demanding a new ceasefire, is this the start of it, probably. :[


as per the usual, you’re a pessimist who can’t see the obvious if it’s presented on a platter before your eyes. idlib will be finished/liberated in due course and that is something erdogan won’t be able to stop,however much you wish assad/russia to fail. the idea that russia all of a sudden should stop or reduce its role at this stage is so ludicrous that you ought to see a doctor and have your thought-processes rebooted. stupid thinking from the outset.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

Last time you called me a Zionist for no reason, now you accuse me of this,

“however much you wish assad/russia to fail.”

Just show me one thing I’ve ever said that would give you the notion I’ve ever wanted either Russia or Syria to fail, just one thing, you won’t. And if you think my criticism of Putin’s capitulation to Erdogan and the subsequent ceasefires they always impose, means I want either party to fail you’re completely unintelligent, it’s in fact the EXACT OPPOSITE. And the next part of your comment is even more ludicrous, I’m actually demanding that Russia do more to help Syria, and yet you somehow interpret that as I want them to do less, are you insane.

“the idea that russia all of a sudden should stop or reduce its role at this stage is so ludicrous that you ought to see a doctor and have your thought-processes rebooted. stupid thinking from the outset”.

You’re a paid for Turkish troll, you’re about the only poster on SF that continually applauds the ceasefires in Idlib, and also fully endorse the Turkish and Russian cooperation that tries to end the SAA’s military operations, you and all your fellow paid for Turkish trolls with Israeli names don’t fool me at all, you’re all way too dumb for that. Go spend your hard earned Turkish lira’s on some extra education, you all need it, that’s if there’s more than one of you, maybe you’re all the same person.


White helmets on their way to the kitten eye hospital

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