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Russian Warplanes Wipe Out Militants Convoy In Idlib City Outskirt (Videos)

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Warplanes of the Russian Aerospace Forces destroyed on August 29 a militants convoy that was moving in the outskirt of Idlib’s city center.

Muraselon, a pro-government outlet, reported that the convoy, which consisted of 6 armored vehicles and battle tanks, was passing through the industrial area when it was detected by a drone of the Tiger Forces. A military source told the outlet that the information was shared with the Russian Aerospace Forces, which acted right away.

“The drone had been loitering over the skies of Idlib city on a deep reconnaissance mission when it spotted the jihadist armored column … Once the target was confirmed, on-station Russian warplanes pounced on the target,” the outlet’s report reads.

Opposition sources, including Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (HTS) own news network, Iba’a, confirmed that Russian warplanes conducted more than 15 airstrikes on the outskirt of Idlib’s city center. Some sources released videos showing some of the airstrikes.

A day earlier, the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) resumed its advance in southeastern Idlib capturing the town of Khuwayn al-Kabir as well as the Aghir hilltop.

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Well, it seems the terrorists have to learn to live together with the fact that because the front lines from the southern directions are getting closer and closer with every week, these search-and-destroy missions are starting more often to aim at the inner areas of the jihadists’ zone.

Tudor Miron

Nusra rats being sent to hell on regular basis. Good. Taxpayers money invested in irregular armed forces of UK/US/Israel (isis/nusra and the rest of the rats) going down the drain. Very good.


I was wondering if the reason to integrate Tiger Forces with the SAA is to preempt any US/Israeli declaration that Tiger Forces are a ‘Terrorist Group’ as the US and Israel have done with Iranian Quds units?

Now that the US backed terror gangs are being pushed back, the US and Israel directly are both desperate to get directly involved in the ground war.

Tudor Miron

Good point.


Sure you are not a turk?. Repeating lies often enough does not make a truth. A Goebbels concept.


Whatever you wish to believe is fine with me.

Concrete Mike

Im ashed that those are some of my tax dollars getting blown up, by your tax dollars ironically!

Tudor Miron

You live in “democratice” civilized state – no one is asking you where your hard earned money are going to be spent.


Sorry to disappoint you. Taxpayers supporting Nusra can be found in Turkey and Qatar. Israel is not paying for MB terrorists. As for the US, maybe in the past. State Department has/had no clue what they were doing there.

Tudor Miron

Dutchy… cmon now! You know that we know that you lie.


The Rats have to be continually targeted, especially in their cosy nests


The attack on the first video is very dramatic!

Jim Prendergast

Precise, nice!

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