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JUNE 2021

Russian Warplanes Reportedly Hit Targets In Idlib After Militants Attacked Government Troops In Northern Latakia

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According to pro-government sources, the Russian Aerospace Forces carried out strikes on militant positions in the areas of Lataminah, Khan Sheikhoun and Kafr Zita in southern Idlib after two groups of Syrian soldies had been targeted with anti-tank guided missiles in northern Latakia by militants.

Pro-government media activists say that the strikes are aimed at the military infrasturcure and weapon depots of militants. Their goal is to punish the militants’ leadership for violating the de-escalation agreement.

On May 31, two groups of Syrian soldiers were attacked by militants from the Turkish-backed Second Coastal Division of the Free Syrian Army near the village of of al-Ziyarah in northern Lattakia.

Russian Warplanes Reportedly Hit Targets In Idlib After Militants Attacked Government Troops In Northern Latakia

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Len Zegelink

dont trust the turks .the turks are back stabbers.

Mustafa Mehmet

Turk r stabbers ? that’s Arabs Profession stupid idiot


Amusing. Typical entitled Turk who views himself as an overlord of the Arabs. Mind your own fucking business, Turkey man. We’re no longer in the 17th century anymore.


Finally the Russkis kick the Al-Qaeda-g@rbage protected by the TURKS.
But this happens because .. Israel finds it good that the Russians hit the enemies of THEIR YPG-Kurdis around the MOSSAD-asset BARZANI.
And Israel hopes perhapt´s that the Erdogan-Putin alliance gets a crack..


The Russians used the usual tit for tat pacification methods common on the Israel/Gaza border right now. This just goes to show that these Rebel are still very hostile to the Assad coalition.


it matter, when all the green area become red. For the time, i am sure not only I, but many who been following the events in Syria, wonder what the f*ck is going on, over there.


Eventually, turkey will admit they don’t have control of theses terrorists. many of These terrorists are still paid salaries by saudus and Emiratis. They’ll bomb civilians and then hide behind Turkish observers.

Richard M

It would be a crying shame if RuAF “accidentally” hit the Ottoman occupation forces in Idlibstan and Bilalstan! :D

John Whitehot

that would kind of make israel happy though.

Richard M

One of the whimsical quirks of the current war. Israel and the Turks despise each other, yet they hate Assad even more. Similar to Stalin, Churchill and FDR hating each other, yet hating Adolf even more. I’m not comparing Assad to Adolf, I’m comparing hate to hate.

Baron Von MuleBanger

Russians too busy enjoying the show
Here you enjoy it too

Richard M

Ottomans are truly as barbaric as their Daesh and Qaida puppets.

Baron Von MuleBanger

Don’t get offended now you fuckface.

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