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Russian Warplanes Rained Hell On ISIS Terrorists In Central Syria

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Russian Warplanes Rained Hell On ISIS Terrorists In Central Syria

Russian Su-25 attack aircraft take off from the Khmeimim airbase in Syria © Dmitriy Vinogradov / Sputnik

On August 21, warplanes of the Russian Aerospace Forces (VKS) carried out a series of airstrikes on ISIS hideouts in central Syria.

According to the London-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, the intense Russian airstrikes targeted the terrorist group’s hideouts in the Homs desert as well as in the al-Suwayda desert, to the south.

“Seven warplanes took part in the bombing campaign,” the monitoring group said in its report.

The VKS’ fierce airstrikes on ISIS in central Syria appear to be a response to the terrorist group’s recent attack on Russian troops.

The attack, which took place on August 18, killed Maj. Gen. Vyacheslav Gladkih and injured two other Russian service members.

ISIS confirmed its responsibility for the attack in a statement released by its news agency, Amaq, on August 20. The terrorist group said a Russian patrol operating between Homs and Deir Ezzor was hit by improvised explosive devices previously  planted by its fighters.

The intense Russian airstrikes may help deter ISIS remnants in central Syria for the short term. Nevertheless, the group’s threat won’t end without more serious efforts on the ground.


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Go Russia revenge your general ! We want more Ripper collision “accidents” also !

Liberal guy



Probably won’t make the slightest difference. As SouthFront says, ‘the group’s threat won’t end without more serious efforts on the ground’, and unfortunately, neither the SAA or Russians seem to be willing to do this.


Why don’t you leave Russians alone you Western Zionist asshole? Stop with that CIA – Zionist bollocks propaganda of pushing for more Russian troupes on the ground. No such thing is ever planned by Russia and probably never will be! Russia did her fair share of fighting during critical periods fro 2015 onward. Russian special ops troupes are done with Syria fighting. It is up to SAA to clean those pockets of “resistance” properly! They should be able to do it against inferior enemy if they consider themselves an army.


No need to be rude. I was only venturing an opinion based on what SouthFront had quoted and maybe I’ll turn out to be completely wrong. I’m sorry if I offended you. I wasn’t having a go at Russia!


OK I am sorry, I apologize the mistake is all mine.

I took you for bot and provocateur since that is one of their favorite subjects. It is already known that Russia will not commit more troupes on the ground that’s why is Russia used as escape goat for all present troubles of Syria. Not investing herself more into Syrian conflict

Russia does not have budget for more investment of that kind in Syria apart from air force and naval forces already there

Jens Holm

Thats no offence. Russia has streched its legs out, so You see there is not much between them.


Stop being so Dam apologetic ! HiaNd will sense your fear and will want to rip your heart out. :)




Problem is if it was just that inferior enemy the SAA would have finished them years ago,but it isn’t,its a fully supported proxy army and the bastards who are supporting them have been allowed to set up bases in the Country.


“its a fully supported proxy army”

Proxy army?!! Since when they have become an “army”? How many?!

It is time that Syrians start attack Americans systematically with IED’s and mines and all kinds of diversions, if not things will become very difficult.

Fog of War

Why do you engage with this retard. His job here is just to cause arguments and conflict, I would just ignore him.


@ Faggot of War But you do ignore me and that brakes my heart :/ And Cromwell didn’t receive your marching orders (it seams) in timely fashion. Shame !

I hope that you will not punish him and lave it on only this friendly paternal scolding.

Jens Holm

He tells You why: “Unfortunatly Assads and Putin are not willingly to do this”.

And we do know You. Now again poison a sober own citicen and last week it was a very needed cleaner not far from Vladivostok, which was given 70% of the votes.

Rights fir internet are reduced too.

Icarus Tanović

Russian spec ops are done with Syria? That’s not the case.

Jens Holm

Its a relative. Russia has their own agenda. That is to keep Assads safe, so they can have their bases and better then before.

They never has promised Assads to take all back. If so Assads never had lost Afrin by total stupidity. It was YPG Kurdish and with many refugees even being safe and INSIDE Syria.

Assads demanded YPGs to the next day to get the old Assad administration back and only the YPG officers was allowed to have guns – well unless they were military units 100% under Assad command.

My personal oppinion says, that most of the ASsdas then should eb under SDF command.

So Russia is the firebrigade – if needed – and advicers as well.


It is crazy because I never agree with you about anything but I just might agree with you about Afrin as Assad’s mistake. What has counted is to keep it outside of Turk hands and not as SAA controlled.They would be only small chunk isolated far away from rest of the Kurds and totally dependent on Assad anyways

I agree about Russia’s role as “fire brigade” also, (they would send bigger number special ops troops only in case of ultimate urgency)

Porc Halal

Sorry, what did you say?…


Not obviously as advisers (like killed general) to assist SAA. To assist in chasing ISIS in desert and maybe hopefully in offensive in Idlib to clear that chunk to get to M4. I don’t see where else? If you see it do tell me.

I think it is finished when it comes to bigger Russian special ops operations simply because they are not in sufficient numbers and I don’t see Russia sending bigger number of any kind of ground troops any longer for no reason. The bigger numbers like it was during liberation of Palmyra, Aleppo etc.

Icarus Tanović

Everywhere. Covert or not. It is too big stake for Russia, too big.


OK if you have some source for the numbers (please understand that Russia needs lots of forces on control points in Idlib and separation line between Kurds and Turks -all that was part of Astana agreement and later agreement) Most of those troops are there for preventive purpose and not to fight in SAA offensives) If you have numbers of special ops I am all ears (and some link to confirm at least something)

Jens Holm

I think its very tempting To go a litle back in time and see the USA reflexions. Because Assads didnt fell because of the Russians(and Iran andHesbollh) intensive support, the USA wanted some kind of FSA and supported by SDF as underdog to control the deserts to Palmyra &Al Tanf and of cpurse also in Iraq.

They already knew Assads never could cointrol the area(with the SDF part).

FSA there hardly existed and had no suppport. By that we today see a vakuum, which Assads never can regain as theirs.

Thats why ISIS are dancing there and all the way to Homs and partly at the SDF side.

Assads try to cover it by Iranians and the Oraqi and Lebanese Hesbollah., but ISIS in guerilla mode is a tuff little cookie.

So who else then the Russians can do it. Who are responsible for Assads still are there? Who made those many Jihadists.

Im sure many kurds also are tired and has lack of good soldiers. Im sure Biden wont escalate anything there. He might help SDF to be safer from mainly Assads as promised, but I can only see the only gamechanger are the Russians.

The only one laughing must be Trump. You got it Putin in operation food and fuel for no oil.

SAA cant do the job.

Lone Ranger

Told you. Revenge is coming. Its still not the real deal. Thats coming soon…

Codenamed 'Gordon'

Air strikes on Homs desert must be made on a daily basis

Lone Ranger

I agree. Preferably with thermobaric weapons. 24/7. Drone and sat intel. Target every heat signiture.


I think they should also be followed up by special forces units watching for running rats to exterminate.

Jens Holm

They dont have that. Get it. The mice are dancing because the rat is skinny.

Liberal guy

The more the less these cowards more the better

Icarus Tanović

Bring some Napalm too.


This would do the job,i don’t know if the SAA have these if not they should have,they should use them against the Turks as well and wipe al Tanf off the map.https://youtu.be/xGYLgQk5xDo?t=11

Liberal guy



So this means the Russkis all this time knew they were there? And they just let them go about their business until one of their own wins the main prize? For me, this strike raises more questions than it answers.

Jens Holm

Many people here are not able to conclude. They just eat it.

Did Russian know and for long. Did they find them when they fokused and looked harder. Did they find them. Did they hit any of them.

As You write, there are many questions …

And as I recall it, the ISIS has not even taken creditt for the kill even they do for positive news from them.

And was any killed?


WTF?!? What extremely simplistic and totally ill intended logic! Like terrorists were sitting every day at the same place and waiting for Russians to discover them and like the Russians were every day verifying where the terrorists are and than pretending that they know nothing about their existence?!? It is basically so anti-Russian this statement in substance as if they are collaborators of those terrorists?!! How can you say such bullshit?!! And who was killing the terrorists all these years? Who saved Assad and his “allays” in 2015? You maybe?!!

So only SAA,Hezbollah and Iran were fighting and Russia was pretending to bomb them (like Americans do) ever since 2015?! Many Russian soldiers, pilots have died in Syria to liberate country that is not their own!

Don’t you have any decency in you to admit at least obvious facts when speculating aloud about your imaginary Russian “betrayal”?! What kind of perverted and twisted logic do you use to create such accusations?!

Lazy Gamer

Ok, so when is the real counter coming? lol

Davide Herzog

The whole desert area should to be decleared atomic bombs polygon and advise everybody that in few days it will be used for this pourpose and eho will remain will do it at his own risk and responsability. Then use on it the right atomic power to burn every kind of life in that area and wait for the surviving rats running away and esterminate those lgbt/antifa beasts .

Jens Holm

Milions of others will die, if any did that and for the next many years even more milions.

Ot seemes You have no idea about how big it is as well as ISIS also are in Iraq in the same desert.


OR, just nuke Washington, Tel Aviv, Dimona and the Pentagon instead to bring peace. :)


That definitely sounds like the best solution to all the problems on the planet !

Jim Allen

And the City of London.


Of course. The black heart of the problem :)


yes nuclear weapons are the answer as we saw recently in lebanon, idiot

Jens Holm

Response?? Do russians only attack them, when they attack russians?

Band Itkoitko

It’s probably more complicated and we (the general public) don’t have the information or understanding. My guess is that these strikes are more particularly targeted. Something that hurts more. Probably higher-value targets, which usually Russians would approach more carefully and with more intelligence for political and other reasons, like having a high concentration of US and other foreign assets (soldiers particularly and even officers, or informants, agents, etc.). So this is meant to inflict another kind of damage. Probably, we hear only a part of the story. If the targets were of higher value (like a secret command center), cruise missiles could be used to make a stronger message and bring a bigger surprise. Anytime the collective west tries to escalate, they get hurt in a long term way from the response. This is one of the reason that the fat beast failed in Syria. The escalation control is in Russian hands and they can do many things. I’m sure that any escalation attempt brings a well-measured pain to the contenders and furthers the political goals of Russia.

Jens Holm

Yes, its very complicated.


Something similar to the kalibr hits on the adversary’s command centers hidden in caves in the outskirts of Aleppo in 2016…some estimate around 30 Zio-pets were blown to bits.

Rhodium 10

0:14 it seems that a member of Speznats told that be careful to inspect the hole…

Fog of War

So all of a sudden Russia knows where the ISIS hideouts are ? What the hell were the Russians doing in the mean time ? Very odd.


@Faggot of War

Hole Russian army was visiting your prostitute mother ! She was working”for free” so they couldn’t resist to the occasion !


What they need is this:

TOS-2 system is based on the Armata universal combat platform. The original turret of the T-14 Armata Main Battle Tank (MBT) is removed and replaced by a rocket launcher system that seems similar to the TOS-1A. The armament of the TOS-2 consists of a block launcher with 24 guide pipes of 220 mm calibre with 6km length for launching an unguided missile. The whole system is mounted on the centre of a tracked armoured chassis or Ural truck. The system has an increased range of launching rockets. The TOS-2 has fully automated sighting, firing and fire control systems. The heavy flamethrower is outfitted with a crane and, therefore, needs no transporter-loader vehicle. The TOS-2 also features an electronic warfare system against precision weapons.


Icarus Tanović

Is it on Ural track or Armata platform?


Obviously on both, I suppose their use will depend on the terrain. Ural trucks are good enough for the roads and easy accessible terrain, Armata is for all the more difficult terrain and more challenged environment (challenged by enemy fire)


I like it,please unleash that beast.


Russian general conducts on the ground mission,bravado incests puts a bomb to stop it why? Nwo/cia/american general too busy in the bunker watch boy anal sex and fisting on porntube in part of such wierd overseas foreign policy,to applease them vile rotted to the core world bank debt schemers!

cechas vodobenikov

the amerikan coward r afraid to fly east of the Euphrates; if a turkey plane tries to invade Syrian space they will be rendered a thanksgiving meal for the amerikans

Willing Conscience (The Truths

I didn’t know Isis was still operating in as Suwayda, that’s not good news at all, they wreaked havoc there last time they were organized, I hope the Russians bomb them into oblivion before they can reorganize again.

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