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Russian Warplanes Rain Hell On Terrorists’ Positions In Southern Idlib (Videos)

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Russian warplanes carried out a series of airstrikes on terrorists’ positions in the southern Idlib countryside on November 10.

According to the London-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR), the Russian airstrikes targeted the towns of Jbala, Kafar Roma, Alteh, Kafr Nabl, Kansafra, Tahtaya, Fatterah and Umm Jalal.

Syrian opposition activists released videos showing some of the Russian airstrikes on Kafar Roma and Kansafra.

Most of the targeted towns host positions of al-Qaeda-affiliated Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (HTS) or the Turkish-backed National Front for Liberation (NFL).

These intense Russian airstrikes on Idlib could be a sign of a near Syrian Arab Army (SAA) ground operation in the governorate, which is the  current point of tensions.

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klove and light

dear ladies and gentlemen from Southfront…..

your following sentence : “These intense Russian airstrikes on Idlib could be a sign of a near Syrian Arab Army (SAA) ground operation in the governorate, which is witnessing ever unceasing tension.”

must be a BAD joke!!!! why???? check out your own articles over the past 6 weeks!!!! You used this sentence at least a dozen times over this time period!!!

first Point… “intense airstrikes” …yes Russia is striking Idlib…… with what results???? There are approx. 20,000 jihadi headchoppers in Idlib.About 10 jihadis get killed by russian airstrikes in Idlib per WEEK!!!
For what its worth…. on a Military Level……. These “intense airstrikes” are totally worthless.Totally!
Have those intense airstrikes changed ANYTHING on the Ground???? ofcourse not and anybody who speaks differently is lying.full stop!

As you well know at southfront, ONLY a Ground Invasion can free Idlib of terrorism.

and thats my second Point……… you are using this above mentioned sentence over and over and over again…”These intense Russian airstrikes on Idlib could be a sign of a near Syrian Arab Army (SAA) ground operation in the governorate, which is witnessing ever unceasing tension.”

you must be joking??? what SIGN?????????????????????????? Putin is and HAS prevented SAA from storming Idlib as you well know and have been reporting correctly here at southfront due to his ridiculous “one sided” ceasefires and bullshit “deescalation Agreements” with the worst jihadi head Choppers…………..repeating this sentence only makes YOU either look like FOOLS or Propaganda Tools.

the next Point regarding “your signs” of a Military Engagement of SAA in Idlib……..

seriously now……. after Putin gave erdogan the green light to invade parts of northern syria, and SAA has commited thousands of troops into the east and North now to engage Turkey(this itself is totally baloney if you tend to think About this current Situation in syria…SAA and Russia Friends…..Turkey and Russia Friends….SAA and Turkey arch rivals..lol Modus Operandi of zionism), do you seriously belive NOW is the Right time to fight in Idlib???????????????????????????????????????????ß

any Military man will tell you…… CONSOLIDATION Always Comes before ATTACK ….SAA should have Consolidated the west of syria including Idlib and afrin before going east.Now due to Zionist Putin Agreements, voila there we go, NO CONSOLIDATION in the west….. and no consolidation in the North and no consolidation in the east. A Nightmare for any General beiing on syrias side.

Now as again YOU from southfront have correctly pointed out in the latest articles including from today, TOTAL HAVOC is Happening in syria. You have SDF/YPG Forces Fighting side by side with SAA in the North against Turkey.In the east you have SDF/YPG with US Forces Fighting SAA.In Idlib you have turkish proxies Fighting SAA. again HAVOC = Modus Operandi of satanic jews zionists…… and nobody can say differently that PUTIN was the starting Point with his green light to erdogan to invade and occupy afrin.Then came his green light to erdogan to invade and occupy Idlib.Now the grren light by Putin for erdogan to invade and occupy parts of noerthern syria.

If Folks here cant take the truth, rent some Hollywood Blockbusters, relax smoke a Joint and go into Fantasy land…..that is Hollywood…..syria aint!

Luke Hemmming

Dude look at the big picture here. Go back and look at the maps in Syria and see the results of the collective contribution Russia, Iran and the SAA have done in getting rid of this scourge upon the Syrian nation. Then fuck off and shut the fuck up cause no one here gives a fuck about your opinion.

Tudor Miron

This creature doesn’t care about truth and reality. He gets paid for blaming Putin for what he does and doesn’t do/

World Wisdom



I think I had read ‘RAIN HELL’ in titles over 20 times. There might be more expressions depicting bombing out there

klove and light

Breaking News almasdar news

Home Syria Massive US military convoy consisting of 172 vehicles heads to Raqqa and…
Massive US military convoy consisting of 172 vehicles heads to Raqqa and Aleppo: video
By News Desk –

BEIRUT, LEBANON (8:30 P.M.) – A massive U.S. military convoy was seen leaving eastern Syria on Sunday for the governorates of Aleppo and Al-Raqqa in the northern part of the country.
According to local reports, the U.S. Army convoy consisted of 172 vehicles, including tanks, and several American military personnel.

In a video captured on Sunday, the U.S. troops can be seen traveling to these governorates in northern Syria, where they will likely deploy to bases in Al-Raqqa and northern Aleppo.

Despite U.S. President Donald Trump’s announcement about moving American troops to the oil fields in eastern and northeastern Syria, the U.S. Army continues to carry out patrols in different parts of the country.

told u donks so……..Turkey= NATO……USA=NATO…….. Turkey up North…US down south and east……in between SAA……

ty Zionist treacherous pig Putin!!!!”!!!!!!


ps. u Zionist Putin Lovers just got made


You need to stay calm klove and not be hysterical. I fail to see 172! These are the same 8 vehicles as shown in SF video many hours ago. Or are you just a Zionist dis info troll?

Tudor Miron

He is.


I was somewhat shocked to read that Professor Oleg Sokolov has been arrested for murder in St Petersburg. I have actually been a guest, with others,at his apartment in 2002. It had been a grand building in its time.

I met him a few times in Europe, he was an acquaintance more than a close friend. He was very excentric ,flamboyant and intelligent.

I am saddened to see him fall in such a dreadful way. Alcohol and disputes rarely end well.

Tudor Miron

I would say that alcohol and elitism rarely end well. Sorry for that girl. Cutting the body in pieces says that despite knowing a lot he wasn’t able to develop into human.


It is a tragedy for both of them. What is the most likely sentence that Sokolov will get now that he has pleaded guilty?

Tudor Miron

I’m not a lawyer, but 8 – 20years most probably.

Lonesome Cowboy Burt

Yeah, I’m sure this is taking a toll on dude’s health. He may as will give it up and walk away from the internet. Too much amphetamines and lack of sleep, Bipolar or other such disorders are difficult enough to manage on their own.

klove and light

still cant believe the stupidity of some Folks here…….totally unreal…….if u cant take the truth, smoke some weed and go into Fantasy mode.Syria aint!

it was not ME who decided and gave the green light for the Evil turkish pricks to invade and occupy afrin.That was PUTIN.
It was not me or santa Claus who gave the green light to Evil turkish pricks to invade and occupy Idlib.That was Putin.
It was not me or batman who gave the green light to invade and occupy northern syria by them turkish bastards.That was Putin.

Those are the fucking Facts.Andd i had Nothing to do with them.

Calling me a ZIONIST????? just that proves how insane Folks here are.Iam the biggest Opponent of SATANIC EVIL JEWISH ZIONISM!
If i had a wish……….kill all JEWS worldwide…and wars and organized crime would go down 99%.Continuing calling me a fucking Zionist just proves that Folks here cant take the truth and Facts.

Rewind the last months in syria.Before Turkey invaded afrin!!!!! TAF took 2 weeks to capture afrin.Just as i wrote when the Invasion occured…..and i still remember very good…that most Folks here were writing total ridiculousness.Afrin will be Turkeys Vietnam and other bullshit.No it took them 2 weeks.And SAA , if they would ahve attacked afrin, would have also just needed 2 weeks to battle a hyped up Group named YPG or SDF with no airforce, no tanks no artillery etc….If SAA would attack Idlib full on, Idlib would beliberated in 4 weeks.Make that 6 to 8 weeks for afrin and Idlib.That would be called “consolidation”.The most imporatant Military strategy.You have to consolidate the Areas before moving Forward.Anybody with any Military Knowledge will tell u that.
Putin clearly, as mentioned also at SF through numerous articles, BLOCKED the Liberation of idlib , not once, but several times.I have not counted the “one sided” imposed ceasefires by Putin in Idlib, but they are in the dozens.Again “onesided”.

Now back to nov. 2019.

afrin is gone….byebye…dont be pissed at me…i did not invade afrin or occupy afgrin.I did not ok the turkish Invasion or occupation.Putin did.Live with it.
Idlib Invasion?????? that game is now over too.SAA had to send thousand of troops to the North to stand against the NEW turkish Invasion up North.Again through Putins Agreement.
The latest News give me 100% Right.
The fucking Zionist slaves of the USA are now sendfing battalions with tanks to RAQQA and ALEPPO.What the fuck do u Folks think they will be doing thereß???? Sightseeing??? no….Military strategy is Chess. SAA is now squeezed inbetween TAF, SDF/YPG ,Islamist proxies and USA.AND i warned u all weeks ago that this will happen.I told u Folks never ever ever will the Zionist jew slaves of the USA leave SYRIA.NEVER!!!!! that is not their AGENDA.SAME goes for iraq.THEY WILL NEVER LEAVE.Make them leave, or live with them.ask the japanese, ask the Germans, ask the italians, ask the Afghanis……

DEATH TO THE USA DEATH TO ISRAEL CURSE ON THE JEWS ….Long live the houthis and the resistance……….
ps. and brain surgery for the Zionist Putin lovers

klove and light

Breaking almasdar news

Home Syria Turkish-backed forces attempt to capture key town in northeast Syria: video
Turkish-backed forces attempt to capture key town in northeast Syria: video
By News Desk –

BEIRUT, LEBANON (8:00 P.M.) – The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) clashed with the Turkish-backed militants in northeastern Syria on Sunday, as the latter attempted to push towards the predominately Kurdish and Assyrian town of Tal Tamr in northwestern Al-Hasakah.
According to a report from the Al-Hasakah Governorate, the SDF and SAA troops, backed by the Assyrian-led Syriac Military Council (SMC), fended off another militant attack west of Tal Tamr, as they were able to inflict heavy losses on the Turkish-backed fighters.

A video released by the Ruptly channel on YouTube shows SAA tanks shooting on targets on outskirts of Umm Sha’yfah village as smoke billows in distance.

It should be pointed out that the Syrian Army captured the village of Umm Sha’yfah on Saturday after a brief battle with the Turkish-backed militants.
SAA has been reportedly deploying reinforcements to al-Hasakah countryside to patrol the area following the establishment of the ‘safe zone’ brought about by Turkey’s incursion into northeast Syria.
ps. dejavu Idlib 2.0


klove and light

if u Folks still dont get it…..then the Zionist brainwashing really worked.The Zionist Dream of TAF and SAA going head on ( and i have warned About this months ago..i saw it coming…ps. TAF(turkish armed forces= NATO) is happeing now.Do i really have to spell it out.That is the worst case Scenario for syria that they tried to avoid but got pushed into by Zionist pig Putin.
Just use your Brains……..Putin and erdogan / Russia and Turkey are allied. SAA is allied with Russia.Russia makes an Agreement with TAF, knowing that this will lead to a war with SAA.WHO BENEFITS????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

ISRAEL ISRAEL ISRAEL the Evil satanic Zionist jewish Entity.
That is why….Putin is a treachrous Zionist pig!!!!
does somebody fish here???? U NEED A BAIT TO CATCH THE FISH………

The bait was the Screaming loud USA telling all Donkeys they will leave syria.The bait was taken.SAA moved into SDF/YPG Areas………..currently Fighting a well armed NATO army up north, while another NATO army, USA is moving its Military into Position south of SAA.
I was correct to the dot. SADLY correct!

Be sure…..that in a short period of time, the USA will get involved militarily in Raqqa Province, aleppo against SAA while TAF will push down from the North!!!!

again….ty Zionist treachrous pig Putin.


In that case Iran would hit US bases and forces across the Middle East very hard. And the US has no real way to counter this.

klove and light

almasdar news
Home Middle East US F-35 stealth jets to deploy near main Russian military base in…
Middle EastSyriaWorld News
US F-35 stealth jets to deploy near main Russian military base in Syria: media
By News Desk –

BEIRUT, LEBANON (9:10 P.M.) – The U.S. Air Force will deploy its F-35 stealth jets to Israel in order to maintain a strong presence in the region, the Israeli publication 9TV reported, as quoted by the Russian publication Avia.Pro on Sunday.
“The Americans will place a huge number of hangars for their F-35 fighters on the territory of the Jewish state. We are talking about hundreds of combat aircraft, which creates a certain threat to Russian military facilities in the Middle East,” Avia.Pro said.

“Aircraft hangars are being erected urgently throughout Israel, most likely intended to park the latest all-weather fifth-generation fighter F-35i (Adir). The U.S. Department of Defense is responsible for the project. The total area of ​​the hangars under construction is 252,000 square meters,” 9TV reported, as quoted by Avia.Pro.
If true, this move will be a power play by Washington against the Russian Armed Forces in the region, who currently maintain one of the largest bases inside Syria.
“On the other hand, experts believe that it is exclusively about strengthening the U.S. military influence in the region with the aim of confronting Iran, which is already actively deploying its military facilities in Syria,” Avia.Pro added.
Neither the U.S. nor Israel has commented on these latest claims.

David Parker

As I understand it, the “the London-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights” is one anti-Syria Daesch reject in a basement in London. How can he have any credibility? I suppose we’ll take the videos, I just wonder if they are what he says they are.

Tudor Miron

“Работайте братья/Keep on working brothers”(c)

AM Hants

Anybody heard that the founder of White Helmets, James LeMesurier has died? Story on Sputnik.


I missed that. More MI5/6 ‘ House Cleaning’ perhaps ?


He “fell off his balcony” in Istanbul. ??

AM Hants

No doubt will find out why they wanted him out of the way. Wonder why he lived in Turkey? Russian ambassador, khashagi, erdogan assassination attempt and now Le Mesurier. Wonder if he was related to Hatty Jaques husband and Dad’s Army actor John LeMesurier.


His management and skills were certainly out of Dads Army, but with real fools and real guns .

AM Hants

Whenever his name comes up, I automatically think of Sergeant Wilson and Carry on Matron and their love child. Must admit, the irony of a mercenary who sets up his own organ eating, head chopping team’s living in fear and on anti-depressants, owing to being outed, does make me positive of the wonders of karma. No doubt many of his mates, down at Lucifer’s November BBQ were there to greet his arrival.


NATO mercenaries ,especially their leaders, are LGBT aware, as well as having the burden of murdering innocents for Queen and Country. Plus lots of NATO dosh of course, much of it deposited in tax free charitable trusts for war orphans, I would think :)

The really disturbing aspect to all of this , is the fact that IF the headchoppers, moderate and not moderate at all, had succeeded in Syria all of the evil machination’s of the UK government would have been expunged from the Western history books.

The UK establishment never even dreamed that they might lose the Syrian conflict.

AM Hants

Just cannot believe how low we have sunk owing to the greed, stupidity and lifestyle choices of our leaders. I never could understand why, after the birth of my first son, back in 1988, I felt like I had woken up on a different planet. For me, I guess it started with the Sloane Rangers, followed by political comedians, musicians and I and the arrival of Jonathan Porritt and Friends of the Earth. OK, before 1988 and weren’t Common Purpose created around 1984? Back in the days you worked to live, have fun and life was generally enjoyable. Now, it is just so Orwellian.

I remember working for a very large corporation, reliant on Government funding, back in the 80s and the Management were promoted, by going for weakest candidate, so they would not be a threat to their peers. The UK Forces also followed the same script, hence why we are where we are today. Led by yes men/women, who were never known for their wisdom or leadership qualities. It took me till 2014 to figure out the sense of alienation I felt, since the late 80s and the reason why. Just hope another movement will detoxify the trash we have leading us.


I fear that political events in the UK will become more demented and threatening as the divisions within society, in all its forms, eventually come to a head.

The return of ISIS killers to the UK could be the precursor of a general realisation by the silent majority of what our compromised leaders have done in the last 25 years.

Political standards have never been high, yet the deceptive farce we have witnessed in parliament since the referendum has been an insult to ALL of the voting public.

The primary issue we have today came from the US in my opinion, and that is the selective 180 degree inversion of words to project the sins of the British government as being committed by an opponent.

This is what spoilt children do of course and sadly the majority of the public are too inarticulate to ‘read between the lines’.

AM Hants

Do believe we are all being played. The next stage of the game is for the liver eating, head chopper’s to return home. Kicking off things with those primed as the nationalist version. Owing to believing that anti-fascist protests are staged. Many funded, both sides, by the same teams. As you say, with regards spoilt children, have they not taken over from their parents/grandparents, over in the Tailstock Institute? Just wish somebody would lance the boil that allows us all to get back to living in peace. Shut down the gladiator style, world tour.


Things will doubtless get far worse in the UK as money is pissed up the wall on things that do not benefit the general population.

HS2/ 88 billion pounds and rising.
Billions on boys military toys.
Billions on illegal immigrants.

Its all just ’tilting at windmills’.


One is forced to wonder why the GRU wanted LeMesurier dead.

AM Hants

Don’t you mean the crowd behind Integrity Initiative wanting him out of it?


Of course that’s not what I mean. The man was killed in the land of Vlad Putin’s newest BFF. Hmmmm…..

AM Hants

Why was he living in Turkey in the first place?


Perhaps that’s a question you should answer yourself?

The fact is he died in the midst of Vlad Putin’s newest ally. Hmmmm…

AM Hants

That does not explain why the mercenary chose to live in Turkey in the first place? What was there for him?


Good questions, AM. Perhaps he worked for the GRU?


Looks a great deal more like GRU house cleaning to me.

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