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Russian Warplanes Rain Hell On ISIS Terrorists In Central Syria

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Russian Warplanes Rain Hell On ISIS Terrorists In Central Syria

FILE PHOTO: Sukhoi Su-24 attack aircraft before departing for its permanent base in Russia from Khmeimim Air Base in Syria. © Vadim Grishankin / Sputnik

On April 18, warplanes of the Russian Aerospace Forces (VKS) carried out a series of airstrikes on ISIS cells in the central region of Syria.

According to the London-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, more than 70 airstrikes hit the central region. The airstrikes targeted the following areas:

  • The eastern countryside of Hama;
  • The outskirts of the town of Resafa in the southern countryside of Raqqa;
  • The administrative border between Raqqa and Deir Ezzor.

“The airstrikes hit caves and bunkers, which is very likely that ISIS members are holed up in, as well as the back lines in an attempt to put an end to ISIS activity in the region, amid reports of casualties,” the monitoring group said in a report.

The airstrikes came following claims by ISIS that two Russian special forces operatives were killed in eastern Homs during a failed landing operation. These claims, which appears to be a mere propaganda stunt, are yet to be verified by any credible source.

VKS operations inflicted heavy losses on ISIS cells in central Syria. The recent Russian airstrikes on the region were so effective that the terrorist group had to slow down its attacks on Syrian government forces and move away from all strategic highways.


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Putin’s terrorist Ziocorporate globalist partners of EU/US will keep procuring ISIS jihadis to replenish their ranks. It’s like a pipeline of concentrated Ziowahhabi blood feeding ISIS/SDF/al-Qaeda/etc. Maybe Putin should negotiate with his partners to partake in that one too.

With Putin’s Ziocorporate terrorist merchants of war and mysery partners quickening and ushering in new machinations for the “great reset” of the New World Order under plandemic terrorism, new hires for ISSI/SDF/al-Qaeda and the like won’t be lacking.

London, Zioterrorist capital par excellence and home of many Russian Zioligarch Putin allies, must be processing new recruits to fly to Syria like crazy while Brutish taxcattle are locked up by Johnson on a whim.

Lone Ranger

Hi Shlomo…


Eating shitt while you shill for business and partnership with Ziocorporate terrorists?

Shows on your every word

Lone Ranger

Indeed. A perfect description of yourself…

cechas vodobenikov

locked in amerikan racist deermo—your only “partners” Tommy and Jens, klove hoof hyena


Thanks, I guess, you little kunt bitching for your business and partnership with terrorist Ziocorporatism.

Lone Ranger

Blyatful Comrades 🤗👍🥇. Keep it raining 24/7/365. An airstrike a day keeps CIAisis away…


RN boats now entering Chornaya HATO Morya (as Tommy calls it)!

Pave Way IV

Hey… stop killing our head-choppers, Russia. That’s not fair! CENTCOM just got them out of the al Hol Death Camp to do some freedomization for us in Syria. The dead ones are useless to us. Now we have to go back there to get some fresh ISIS head-choppers. There’s not an unlimited supply, you know. It takes a few years for ISIS breeder wives to raise new ones.

Liberal guy






Jens Holm

Spreading out like that says, they hope to hit some from ISIS too.

They dont know where they are, and thats it.

Black Waters

At least someone keeps fighting terrorists… god bless Russia!

Remember this “Americans”, every time you pay your bills, that money goes to your criminal government, that not only created but keeps delivering weapons and assets to terrorists, same criminals and extremist groups that kill christians and muslims.

Assad must stay

Good very good keep firebombing theliving daylights out of them hahahahhah


The SAA and Russia should catch a few of this wicked terrorists alive. I know this will be difficult, but worth it. They need to extract information from them by professional interrogation. Perhaps like this they are able to end this plague faster.


I’d wager this is already standard operating procedure. Also part of this “professional interrogation” is to not make it public.


Not much has changed in the ability of air power alone to significantly change the situation on the ground.

In Syria, it is like a game of killing cockroaches in a crack house. Kill a few and millions more continue to thrive in the squalor. By the time you put down your pipe and the euphoria of your kill has worn off, the ones you killed are already exceeded by the birth of new cockroaches up to the carrying capacity of the environment.

So these Russian airstrikes, though executed with professionalism, are more like the drive-by exterminator and serve merely to maintain the status quo in these Syrian regions while bigger goals are achieved.

Because of economic and military realities, Russia is currently limited in the number of goals it can pursue at the same time in the Middle East. And the Russian strategy seems to be one of solidifying its economic and security relationship with the Assad government as the forefront task. This is being implemented in a very methodical and incremental way. And the Russian effort in Syria to pursue first things first has clearly been successful though limited in overall scope. Thus, the apparent slow speed at which Syria’s bug problem is being addressed is only a bane for those not appreciating patience as critical to any grand plan.

Ultimately, enemies must be rooted out physically, with air power only being used as force multiplier. But there are current limited resources and much more important goals to achieve. So there is little to be gained by sending in Syrian conscripts to be picked off or to tie down and drain elite forces to act as exterminators in the terrorist regions when the air strikes seem to be doing the job of containment.

Once Syria proper is stabilized and the toxic influence of the globalists is curtailed, then resources are freed to deal decisivly with the terrorists in these regions.

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