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Russian Warplanes Provide Air Support To Turkish Forces Near Al-Bab – Turkish Media

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Russian Warplanes Provide Air Support To Turkish Forces Near Al-Bab - Turkish Media

Russian SU-24M jet fighter armed with laser guided bombs takes off from a runaway at Hmeimim airbase in Syria. (Source: AP)

The Russian Aerospace Forces have started to provide an air support to Turkish forces near the ISIS-controlled town of al-Bab in the Syrian province of Aleppo, according to reports in Turkish media.

Turkish Milliyet and Dogan online news papers reported on December 29, citing sources close to the Free Syrian Army clashing with ISIS near al-Bab, that a number of ISIS targets in the area were destroyed by Russian warplanes.

Russian Warplanes Provide Air Support To Turkish Forces Near Al-Bab - Turkish Media

A screenshot from http://www.milliyet.com.tr/

Russian warplanes also targeted ISIS terrorists in southern al-Bab, according to Milliyet.

The Russian Defense Ministry has not commented on the issue.

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What a reversal !! Thank you Saint Vladimir !! ……No matter what is printed or told in the Occidental Press, even the Trolls know who is the New Leader of The World !!

John Whitehot

occidental? : )


opposite of orientalism


As in ” the coalition bombed Deir Ezzor by occident”

John Whitehot



But then how to get the Turks OUT of Al-Bab once/if they are inside?

In other developments, Kurds have evacuated their Aleppo enclave by agreement, how to get both the Turks and Kurds in order would take a new saint Volodymir.


They are going after IS. I have no problem with that.


big problem


wow just wow…. the one moment Turkish f16 shoots down Russian bomber the other moment Russian bombers provide air support to Turkish ground forces….how long with this joke continue? i hope Putin has a good strategy in this…


His strategy is to keep turkish airplanes out of Syria, so he must provide air support to the Al Bab operation. I hope that brute Erdogan gets the city and stops there as planned.

Don’t forget that there are some thousand of fighters that could have been fighting the SAA in Aleppo all this time but are fighting ISIS (and the kurds a little)

That’s one of the reasons that Aleppo fell so quickly, Erdogan pulled away many of the groups he had influence with and started paying them and arming them to take over the area between the kurdish cantons so the kurds didn’t take over all of the border.


It’ all good. Russian air hits ISUS south of Al Bab who are within striking distance of SAA, and a few more to make the Turks happy. The city will fall sooner or later. I am thinking later, since FSA force abandons their Turkish ally on the battle line with ISUS. Erdogan may not be paying them enough (the check is in the mail)

You are spot on about Idlib losing some support from Turkey. Lets hope that this continues. E Aleppo fell because it was isolated and had no supply of men or arms.


That is not a real airsupport. That is a good intent. When the US and other allies don’t support to Turkey.

The question is why the US don’t give airsupport against ISIS?

gfsdyughjgd .

Russia airforce suported Nato Erdogan of FSA.

gfsdyughjgd .



lol….Turkey needs Russian airpower to get Al-Bab sorted, good to see that there could be a political solution, but can never trust the Turks, Assad learnt that the hard way.


Putin knows what he is up to , we just guess . Giving Erdogan some sort of “win” for his fans back in Turkey would make sense , what was traded for that “win” is the question . All comments above seem valid . Big Cheers for Syria in the New Year .

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