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Russian Warplanes Pound Hay’at Tahrir Al-Sham Around Aleppo City (Video, Photos)

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On June 7, warplanes of the Russian Aerospace Forces carried out a series of airstrikes on the positions of Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (HTS) and its allies in the districts of al-Zahra and Lirmun north of the city of Aleppo, according to the Russian news outlet RusVesna.

The HTS-lined news agency Iba’a released photos showing the after math of the Russian airstrikes.

Russian Warplanes Pound Hay’at Tahrir Al-Sham Around Aleppo City (Video, Photos)

Click to see full-size image

Russian Warplanes Pound Hay’at Tahrir Al-Sham Around Aleppo City (Video, Photos)

Click to see full-size image

Syrian pro-government sources said that these Russian airstrikes were a response to HTS’s actions. The group shelled the northern districts of Aleppo city with dozens of mortar and artillery rounds during the last few days.

Last months, HTS and the Syrian Liberation Front (SLF) breached the de-escalation agreement and resumed their military operations against the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and the civilians around the city of Aleppo. This happened after the establishment of two Turkish observation posts in the town of Anadan and the al-Rashidin housing complex, north and west of the city.

Some experts believe the SAA and its allies may found themselves forced to launch a military operation to secure the northern districts of Aleppo if militants continue their attacks.

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neil barron

The evil ones are given an inch and they take a mile then take this too hell.


And “there’s the rub”. The US population on general have been fed by Hollywood for decades the invincibility of the American Military Hero.

In the real world soldiers from all nations are a mix of a few heroes and the majority who just want to get home in one piece.

The US domestic population largely lives in La La Land when it comes to war. That is why they cry for war as the USA has never suffered the total devastation of war.

If the US continues the march to war with Russia and China , devastation will visit all the US cities and towns. As a nation the US population is amongst the least able to cope mentally with such a disaster.


I don’t think that Americans crave for war. Personally I think they don’t even like it that much. They’ll applaud a brief Desert Storm like war, before things go FUBAR. But when shit starts hitting the fan, like with the Iraq insurgency, support for a war drops drastically. Only two things then work in favor of the US government, the hero worship of the American soldier. The government may be wrong but we gots to support the troops! And the burden of an unpopular war are not felt evenly throughout society. Vietnam was felt throughout the US thanks to the draft. Anyone could lose a son. Now its only sections of US society that feel the impact of war, just like in Europe by the way. And that makes these wars pretty much invisible to the general population. And when wars are invisible most people don’t care that much.


You dont think that americans carve for war?????????????????
on lsd, heroin and cocaine right now , ey dude???
didnt go to school?????
small lesson for u
1776 usa creation
1776-1795 Cherokee wars-indian cherokee nation

1785-1793 Northwest indian war-indian
1798-1800 Quasi war-france

1801-1805 First barbary war-marocco
1811 Tecumseh war-indian
1812-1815 War of 1812-britsh/spain
1813-1814 Creek war-indian cherokee nation
1815 Second barbary war-algiers
1817-1818 First seminole war-indian-spanish florida
1820-1875 Texas indian war
1825-1828 Aegian sea war- Greece
1832 First sumatra war-sumatra
1832 Black hawk war
1835-1842 Second seminole war-indian-spanish florida

1838 Second Sumatra war-sumatra
1838 aroostook war-british, maine
1842 Ivory coast war-ivory coast
1846-1848 mexican war-mexico
1847-1855 Cayuse war–cayyuse, oregon, indian
1851-1900 Apache war-apache,indian
1855-1856 puget sound war-indian,washington

1855 Fiji war-fiji
1855-1856 rogue river wars-indian
1855-1858 third seminole war, seminole,florida
1855-1858 Yakima war. indian
1865-1859 Second OPIUM war- china
1857-1858 utah war
1858-1866 Navajo war,indians, new mexico
1859 second fiji war-fiji
1859-1861 first and secong cortina war- mexico
1860 pajute war- indian,nevada
1861-1865 civil war
1861-1875 yavapai wars, indian, arizona
1862 dakota war- indian sioux, dakota-minnesota

1863-1865 colorado war..cheyenne,sioux
1863-1864 shimonoseki wars-choshu, kanmon straits
1864-1868 snake war, indian,oregon,nevada,california,idaho
1865 powder river war, indian
1866-68 red cloud´s war,indian
1867 formosa war- Taiwan
1867-1875 comamche war
1871 korea war-korea
1872-73 madoc war
1874-75 red river war-indian
1875 las cuevas war-mexico
1876 great sioux war-indian
1876-77 buffalo hunter war
1877 nez perce war
1878 bannock war
1878-79 cheyenne war
1879 sheepeater indian war
1879-81 victorios war
1879-80 white river war
1890-91 pine ridge campaign
1891-93 garza revolution#
1896-1918 yaqui wars
1898-99 second samoan war
1898 spanish american war
1899-1902 philippine us war
1899-1913 moro rebellion -philippines
1899-1901 boxer war-china
1910-1919 border war.mexico,germany
1912 negro rebbelion/banana wars- cuba
1912-33 nicaragua war
1914-15 bluff war
1914 veracruz war-mexico
1915-35 haiti war
1916-24 dominican republic war
1914-1918 WW I
1923 last indian uprising war -utah

1939-1945 WW II
1950-53 Korea war
1958 First lebanon intervention war
1961 bay of pigs -cuba
1965-75 Vietnam
1965-66 Domenican republic uprising
1966-67 bolivian uprising
1967-75 cambodia
1978 south zaire war
1982-84 lebanon
1983 invasion grenada
1986 libya
1987-88 tanker war iran-iraq war….us joins iraq
1989-90 panama
1990-91 gulf war
1991-2003 iraqi-us war/ no flight zones,north+south
1992-95 somalia intervention
1992-95 bosnia war
1994-95 haiti intervetnion
1998-99 kosovo war
2001-present afghanistan war
2003-present iraq war
2004-present north pakistan war
2007-present somalia war
2009-16 operation ocean shield -indian ocean
2011 libya
2011-17 uganda war
2014-present syria war
2015-present yemen war
2015-present libya

americans are ..bloodthirsty from the day they are born…show no remorse, no regret…and most dangerous of all…..americans are moral degenerate , shows best with the 2 nukes thrown at a defensless japan, and at the highly toxic radioactive munition used starting in bosnia up to iraq.

ps. stopp writing bs about american people dont want wars……their country was built on war, genocide and robbery.cut the fuckin bullshit

Walter D.Burnett

At best, you put together a reasonable timeline of wars, genocides and conflicts. Beyond that, you obviously have little, if any knowledge of true historical aspects of the vast majority on your list. Perhaps only the basics. Naturally, I’ll tend to each item on your list and likely will find much of your dissemination as faulty by the way you dissemble your utter lack knowledge of world and U.S. histories. You know nothing of the people of the United States. You’re blaming the American people for deeds of the profiteering, double-dealing, genocidal war-mongering House of Rothschild (since the 1760’s) i.e. World Bank, IMF: International Monetary Fund, the king of all banks: the Bank for International Settlements, wholly owned/controlled central banks in 162 countries, U.S. Federal Reserve Bank System/IRS: Internal Revenue Service, Bank of England, Council on Foreign Relations, NATO, also following WW1, the “League of Nations,” later to become the United Nations and so much more. The list of all that they control on Earth is extensive. Most of these entities are owned/controlled by Rothschild and the other twelve world dominating families, generally and widely known as the NWO 1%’ers. Rothschild’s have orchestrated, and greatly profited from both sides of every war and conflict since the French Revolution to present day. Included are Roman Catholic so-called church, their militant arm, the so-called protector (actually controller) of the “church,” the Jesuits. Then of course we have Freemasonry. Before you jump in with your vile anti-Semitic, vitriolic and hateful rhetoric, another bit of self-education on your part, will show you that the Rothschild’s are Satan serving ‘Zionists,’ not Jews or rather specifically, not members of the 12 tribes of Israel. Their origins were Khazaria, circa 740 AD in large part, what is now Georgia and part of southern Russia, between the Black and Caspian Seas. Later in Frankfort, Germany, circa 1760’s, did Mayer Amchel Rothschild change his name, becoming the ‘Father of the Rothschild’s.’ Since that time, they prefer to be called Ashkenaz or specifically, Ashkenazi Jews, (false Jews). Feel free to look up the library of info concerning Rothschild’s history. I triple-dog dare you. Naturally, as with any historic documents and biographies, you’ll have to sift through the occasional discrepancies one comes across to seek the truths you desire. Similar to a ‘jig-saw’ puzzle with pieces missing or extra pieces added.

By your comment below, I see that you are obviously one of low I.Q. and extremely poor education. Not meant as insult, just acute observation. You would fit rather well into such vile organizations as the Democrat founded, Civil War losing, slave owning/murdering racists, the KKK (Ku Klux Klan) and other dimwitted neo-Nazi anti-American Fascist/terrorist groups.

This is likely a complete waste of my time, as someone of your weak-minded ilk have no compunction to educate yourselves to truth and reality. G’day

Ostap Bender

You forgot overthrow of the Kingdom of Hawaii and annexation by US Marines in 1893…


Dude, just because the American government is addicted to war does not mean that Americans (there is a difference) are. Also note that for the vast majority of its time the US had and still does have an all volunteer army. Which makes it VERY easy to go to war somewhere. Since getting one ourselves in the 90’s the Netherlands has been involved in more wars then during the entire Cold War period. And nobody here knows ANYTHING, or even cares much about our current engagements in Mali and Afghanistan. Nobody likes them, but since these wars don’t impact our lives one bit nobody cares enough about it to do something about them.

So are the Dutch warmongers too? Quit confusing governments with the people that they rule over. Or did you not go to school?


I agree. There is much wrong for many reasons with compulsory service but as you rightly say, it concentrates the minds of the cross section of the population.


jew satanic prick wriiting again…man i surely wanna kill your family u jew bastard……home in satanic israel prick?or good old stupid moral degenerate drug taking porn infested USA???
die with your jew satanic family………we ever meet u a dead man


The Turks are facilitating these attacks. They still have territorial designs on Syria. Erdogan cannot be trusted.

svenne svensk

Are they going to attack the turkish forces?

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