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Russian Warplanes Launched Air-To-Air Missiles Over Western, Northern Aleppo (Photos)

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Early on July 4, several explosions were heard over the Turkish-occupied town of Azaz and the town of Taked in the northern and western countryside of Aleppo.

Several Opposition sources reported that the explosions had been caused by air-to-air missiles launched by warplanes of the Russian Aerospace Forces. Syrian observers confirmed that a number of Russian warplanes were in the air at the time.

Some sources claimed that the Russian warplanes had launched the missiles as a part of live fire exercises. Others, however, suggested that the missiles were launched at hostile unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs).

Russian Warplanes Launched Air-To-Air Missiles Over Western, Northern Aleppo (Photos)

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Russian Warplanes Launched Air-To-Air Missiles Over Western, Northern Aleppo (Photos)

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Over the past few months, several similar explosions were reported over the North-Western region of Greater Idlib, which is occupied by terrorist groups.

Turkish-backed militants in northern Aleppo and terrorist groups in Greater Idlib are both known for using armed UAVs in attacks on Syrian and Russian forces. The most recent UAV attack took place on June 22.

The Ministry of Defense of Russia has not yet released any official statement on the matter. This leaves the door open for all possible suggestions.


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  1. Lone Ranger says:

    Probably anti drone operations.
    Their radars must be pretty good.

  2. nyomarek says:

    WOW!! Nice developments!

  3. Assad must stay says:

    great work russian fighter pilots :))))

  4. roland says:

    Syria should kick the Russians out they are dragging this war on and on.

    1. Zionism = EVIL says:

      Putin is part of the Zionist circle, so that is hardly a surprise.

      1. Liberal guy says:

        Or its really a shooting practise? Strange air to air missiles shooting?.

      2. Counter Against Anti-Russia says:

        Putin is not part of Zionist you Assh@le!!

        1. roland says:

          Yes he is wake-up.

    2. Counter Against Anti-Russia says:

      What are Idiot, the Turk is the one that dragging war in it

  5. Xanatos says:

    either Russia developed really good radars to find stealthy, low flying drones…

    OR they had an encounter with the Turkish air force.

  6. Zionism = EVIL says:

    The Zionist cunts have attacked Syria and Iraq over 1,000 times now and Russia is shooting missiles in empty skies, Turks shot down several Russian aircraft and where were these missiles? does not fool anyone.

    1. Counter Against Anti-Russia says:

      execure me, WTF ‘Turk shot down several RU aircraft” there no Russian aircraft get shot down by Turk in this year you moron and I think they shoot drone down. Is just hard to see piece part of drone fall from pic, You should focus on against Israel rather than this.

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