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Russian Warplanes In Libya

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Russian Warplanes In Libya

The US has finally discovered whom to blame for the ongoing escalation of the conflict in Libya.

On May 26, the US African Command (AFRICOM) claimed that Russia had deployed warplanes to Libya to support the Libyan National Army of Field Marshal Khalifa Haftar. It said that Russia is expanding its “military footprint in Africa using government-supported mercenary groups like Wagner”. According to the US military, “If Russia seizes basing on Libya’s coast, the next logical step is they deploy permanent long-range anti-access area denial (A2AD) capabilities.” This, AFRICOM warned, “will create very real security concerns on Europe’s southern flank”. On top of this, it declared, as might be expected, that it is the Russians who are destabilizing the situation in the country; like there was no 2011 NATO invasion that destroyed Libyan statehood and threw the country into a state of permanent chaos.

To make the fearmongering more successful, the Pentagon released shady undated photos of Russian MiG-29, Su-24, Su-34, and Su-35s flying at undisclosed locations and an image of the Al-Jufra air field in Libya with a single MiG-29.

Earlier in May, sources loyal to the Turkish-backed Government of National Accord reported that the Libyan National Army received 8 fighter jets restored thanks to Russian assistance: six MiG-29s and two Sukhoi 24s. Then, pro-Turkish sources also shared an image of the Al-Jufra air field with a single MiG-29 fighter jet to confirm their claims. Where the rest of the air fleet supposedly supplied by Moscow to Haftar forces might be remains unclear. Another interesting question is where are those hordes of Russian private military contractors that US and Turkish officials like to mention in their reports. While the presence of some Russian PMCs in the country is an open secret, photo and video evidence on the ground demonstrate that the scale of their presence is highly overestimated by mainstream media and Western diplomats. Additionally, Moscow’s actions demonstrate that it prefers to avoid a direct involvement in the conflict.

However, if Turkey and NATO member states continue sending their own military specialists, weapons and military equipment to radical, al-Qaeda-like militant groups operating under the brand of the Government of National Accord, Russia really could consider joining more directly the efforts of the UAE and Egypt, who back the Libyan National Army. Until now, Moscow has been mostly focused on providing a distant diplomatic support to them.

Meanwhile, the number of militants deployed by Turkey from Syria’s northwest to Libya to fight on the side of the Government of National Accord reportedly reached 8,000. A large part of them either sympathizes with al-Qaeda ideology or has been directly involved in cooperation with the former official branch of al-Qaeda in Syria, Hayat Tahrir al-Sham. Over the past years, the Libyan National Army has broken the backs of al-Qaeda-linked groups and cleared them from most of the country. The local branch of ISIS also lost its positions in northern Libya due to its inability to come to an understanding with pro-GNA forces and their foreign backers. But now, the growing terrorist threat is once again becoming an important factor of the conflict.

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Pure BS!


Russia-Iran-China are Eurasia hope for independence and prosperity… !

US/Israel devastating Colonial Warmongers are unacceptable !

Murghi ka Darba.

Dont drag China into your own ambitions, they aint stupid! Remember these all countries you mentioned are Asiatic countries NOT Russia!

Chinese infact are right now in a conflict with your time tested cold war era ally INDIA! who is your biggest military partner.


Sorry for you, I love Japan, Chinese, South-East Asia, Burma, Indian-Turk and Russian where I had good times during Decades.

I love at first their food and Culture !

“Tell me what do you eat, I will tell you who you are”

US/UK Junk-Food is good for Junkies !


I am not Slavic but Celtic !

The Silk Road is Eurasia “Backbone” since Milleniums !

Fog of War

” I am not Slavic but 100% Celtic (Caucasian) ! ”

Are you ignorant ? Slavs are also Caucasian.


Agree slavic aren’t African or Mongols

Ok, but they came from Anatolia 3 thousands years ago and went up along the Donau to the Black Forest !

Richard Crawford

This is outdated, now. The notion of the Celts being a homogenous group has been debunked. Modern Celts, of whom I am one, are prop forwrds with round faces, brown eyes, and brown hair. Celts described in antiquity soud more like Vikings. The idea of one race dominating from Galata to Oporto is ridiculous.


If you want more details, Gaels, Gauls, Slavics, Britons, Irish and Galatians were all Celtic tribes. Visigoths too….

My tribes origins is Allobroges, Bataves/Burgundy/Slavic Preussen But in the Swiss Alps some have Mongol and Sarrasin genes…

Take the Tabula Peutingeriana and tell me who is where from ? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tabula_Peutingeriana

The easiest is to Say we are all from Neandertal/Homo sapiens probably from Africa passing by Middle East,

NB: But to say we are all stars dust coming with the meteorites is true too !

Xoli Xoli

True Chinese are attacking the whole world silently with coronavirus.Silent killer war.

Richard Crawford

We don’t need this sort of bullshit, thank you.

Xoli Xoli

British stupidity will destroy them.

Richard Crawford

Well, that was a waste of breath.


US-NATO may be evil, but Russia-Iran-Chine are devils when compared, especially China. Wake up your dreams dude, there is no good side among countries.


Never got a single problem in the 60 Countries where I was used to live the last 60 years ! Even in the US where I am not Junk-Food fan, but social discrimination, Racism, Fascism aren’t my cup of tea, then after 10 days I feel to go to look for normal food, Peoples and Civilisation comfort….


I didn’t praise racism or facism and I am not American or Europian.


Did you have been in China-Russia-Iran, did you know them ?


No I didn’t. But I have friends from Russia and Iran’s culture and foods have some similarities with ours (I am Turk). I don’t have hatred towards a particular ethnic group. Calling their states evil does not mean that. If the dominant power in the world would be Russia or China we would be in much worse situation. They are full totalitarian regimes. US/NATO at least have some virtues (democracy, freedom etc. even if they are hypocratical about these most of the time).


I loved Istanbul in 1962, it was wonderful !

I went yearly in Yalikavak/Bodrum until last year, it’s the Best and cleanest Mediterranean marina !

Italo Vernazza



I personally follow some Russian media and no! They are full of propaganda as much as the western ones do.


Today EC Medias “manufacturing consent”are worst than the grotesque Pravda during the sixties….


“Life is good and safe in China” Was – not anymore, foerigners are public enemy number one now


This was just published now ! ! ! ===============================

Pakistan’s Role in Russia’s Greater Eurasian Partnership


Connectivity is one of the key trends of the 21st century, which Russia is fully embracing with its Greater Eurasian Partnership (GEP) in order to counteract the chaotic processes unleashed throughout the course of the ongoing systemic transition from unipolarity to multipolarity. This outlook sets forth the grand strategic task of integrating with some of the former countries of the erstwhile Soviet Union through the Russian-led Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU) and then further afield with the other regions of Eurasia in order to benefit from the growing cross-supercontinental trade between Europe and Asia.

President Putin declared during the second Belt & Road Initiative (BRI) Forum in April 2019 that this Chinese-led project “rimes with Russia’s idea to establish a Greater Eurasian Partnership” and that “The five EAEU member states have unanimously supported the idea of pairing the EAEU development and the Chinese Silk Road Economic Belt project”.

It naturally follows that the pairing of the EAEU with BRI would involve Russia improving its connectivity with the latter’s flagship project of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) in South Asia, thereby endowing Pakistan with an important role in the GEP. The rapidly improving relations between Moscow and Islamabad, as well as the peacemaking efforts undertaken by those two states and other stakeholders in Afghanistan across 2019, raise the prospect of a future trade corridor traversing through the countries between them and thus creating a new axis of Eurasian integration that would complete the first envisaged step of bringing the EAEU and BRI closer together. In pursuit of this multilaterally beneficial outcome, it’s important to explain the policymaking and academic bases behind it so as to prove the viability of this proposal.

Italo Vernazza

You can call ‘democrassy’ “a virtue” and keep a straight face? You must be very young on this planet.


Let’s make it clear I don’t really think western democracy is a virtue, but compared to communist/socialist “virtues”… I pick the western ones thanks.

Italo Vernazza

Thank you for clarifying this important point. Especially if one takes care never to confuse “Socialism” with “Fascism” and definitely not with “National Socialism”. Even when conceding that the last two political systems mentioned had some small points in common with historical socialism.




Sorry, I didn’t have any Facebook, social network and al accounts

Richard Crawford

Do you think in slogans, too?


Temujin Khan (lol)

Slogans are for the Dumb Donkeys livestock….

PS: You remember me the friendly Lady Crawford/Colocotronis


Hi! Wanna some cyberlove? Join me: http://tiny.cc/qcaxpz


None African Nation Fighting WARS in Africa such as …TURKISH & SYRIAN TERRORIST


Muammar Mohammed Gaddafi was Africa best leader by far ! ! !

President Bashar Hafez al-Assad is Middle East Best ! ! !

Xoli Xoli

USA should concentrate on Turkey weapons embargo breach.Russia as a veto power can intervene to disrupt Turkey UN weapons embargo breaches. Directly or Indirectly.


On the plus side, those bastards are out of Syria. It’s a funny reversal–years ago, they were importing Jihadists from Libya to Syria, now it’s going the other way, but one way or another it seems there’s only so many murderous idiots to go around.


I predict Istanbul and territory west of the Bosporus will one day — like Crimea — based upon a referendum and consensus, declare its independence. An alliance with Serbia might be a natural fit. The world is held together by beliefs, but beliefs are subject to change.

Davy de Verteuil

So it’s Russia that destabilized Libya? That Northern Atlantic Tribe lies so profusely you can’t even accept a Covid or weather report though in our very midst. They lie like there’s no other devil.


Should Russia Syria and turkey make a deal that all the terrorists in Idlib get sent to Libya and Idlib once again becomes controlled by the legitimate Syrian government and its allies.


So ‘we came, we saw, he died’ admission by Killary the psychopath is not evidence of direct involvement and interference in a country? What about the first institution to be installed post-Ghaddafi was a Rothschild controlled Central Bank?


David Saul

Russia didn’t take any action in Libya until they failed threatened by the terrorists who came from Turkey to LiBya. Turkey went to Libya to protect their petrol interests in the region at the start then they changed to gain full occupation of the areas. Russia knows Turkey very well and currently they have very untrusted leader , so they are trying to protect Europe from the misadventure of Turkey and the othmanic dreams but Europe way behind and they fail to understand the real danger from Turkey or may opt to look stupidly! Both Libyan leaders should sit together and stop working for other governments because they got every thing they need to make Libya a successful country with out giving outsider the whole money to get a small partition from it. It is Libyan duty to get rid from all corrupt leaders and govern their own country and build it. War will kill your people and you are all one citizen of one country.


Ottoman spouses where traditionally from Russian origins… Tsars spouses were traditionally German Princess…

Since the Padishah Empire fall the Turk leaders were OSS/CIA profiled “Puppets” favouring mad Narcissist with a Divide to rule Corruption Colonial system to control the Country, alike Erdogan and the predecessors since Ataturk are Dönmeh Young Turk… The Dönmeh: The Middle East’s Most Whispered Secret https://www.strategic-culture.org/news/2011/10/25/the-doenmeh-the-middle-easts-most-whispered-secret-part-i/

+. The Merchant of Death: Basil Zaharoff

TAGS BiographiesWar and Foreign PolicyWorld History

08/24/2007John T. Flynn

If the Lord God Jehovah had not created Basil Zaharoff, some novelist sooner or later would certainly have got around to the job. Indeed, it is by no means certain that Zaharoff, as we have him, is not the joint product of God and the fiction writers.

Lieutenant Colonel Walter Guinness, member for Bury St.Edmonds, committed the blunder against history of referring to Zaharoff in the House of Commons in 1921 as the “Mystery Man of Europe.” Having fixed upon him that fascinating label, the figure of Zaharoff became thereafter a costumer’s dummy upon which the news caricaturists of Europe draped whatever garments would vindicate his reputation.

Mysterious indeed he is and still more mysterious he became at the hands of the sensational news portrait painters. The mystery begins with his birth. A French biographer, Roger Menevee? records that he was born in Moughliou, or Mugla, on the Anatolian coast. But a German, Robert Neumann, asserts that Zaharoff, testifying in a London court as a young man, said he was born in the Tatavla or poor section of Constantinople, and he notes that the Mugla nativity is attested by an affidavit of a Greek priest made forty-two years after the event and was based upon memory.

It was never known with complete certainty to what country he owed allegiance. He was a Greek, born in Turkey, who lived in Paris. His right to the ribbon of the Grand Cross of the Legion of Honor was questioned in the Chamber of Deputies and M. Clemenceau had to assure the Chamber that “M. Zaharoff is a Frenchman.” But also he was throughout his life the guiding genius of a great British armament concern, acted as a British agent, was a Knight of the Bath, known in England as Sir Basil Zaharoff.

Etc., etc…



Russia like its usual wants to justify its terrorist interventions by the pretext of terrorism threat . But anyone knows she’s a dictatorship in service to others dictators, and don’t care if there is a UN recognized civilian legitimate government in libya . So not wondering to look it one more time from the bad side supporting armed groups without legitimacy or civilian government.

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