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Russian Warplanes Eliminate 35,000 Terrorists In Syria

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Russian Warplanes Eliminate 35,000 Terrorists In Syria

Source: mil.ru

The Russian Aerospace Forces have launched 71,000 airstrikes and eliminated 35,000 terrorists since the start of the operation in Syria, Russia’s Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu announced on December 22.

“Since the start of the operation, Russian jets have conducted 17,800 sorties, launching 71,000 strikes on terrorists’ infrastructure, eliminating 725 training camps, 405 plants producing ammunition, 1,500 pieces of terrorists’ military equipment, 35,000 militants, including 204 field commanders,” Shoigu said.

The Russian Defense Minister added that some 9,000 militants have laid down arms since the start of the operation.

“In general, the operation allowed to solve a number of geopolitical problems: international terrorist organizations have been dealt a serious blow in Syria, their spread in the region has been stopped, the financial support of militant groups… has been disrupted, the collapse of the Syrian state has been prevented, while the chain of ‘color revolutions’ in the Middle East and Africa has been broken,” he added.

The defense minister also noted that 1074 settlements populated by 3 million people have joined the ceasefire regime due to reconciliation efforts in the country,

Russia launched an anti-terrorist campaign in Syria in September 2015 at the request of President Bashar Assad.

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Well done, but keep racking up the body count until all terrorists are in Hell.

John Whitehot

I agree, but without getting emotional, when numbers start to come out in detail, it would be possible to determine the overall strategic effect on the “global” war on terror. What I mean is, that the numbers of the wahabist armies are not unlimited. I believe that they are already mustering a quantity of men and resources at the limit of their possibilities, the more they get killed in Syria, the less Saudi Arabia and Qatar (And the rest) will be able to overthrow governments elsewhere.


That’s one dead Jihadi for every two sorties. Is that good? Or bad?

John Whitehot

not sorties but strikes. The sorties are 17800, it would make about two dead jihadists every sortie.


Two Jihadist eliminated per sortie is a good number. Do you think “eliminated” means put out of action (casualties). There are usually more injured than KIA in war, but airstrikes can be quite devastating to personnel. Am sure that many of the injured will not see the front lines again. Surprised by the 4 “strikes” per sortie. Do you think this is number of bombs dropped, or list of GPS coordinates given to each flight? Is modern targeting technology that good!? Your opinion please.

John Whitehot

the 4 strikes per sorties its justifiable, since it includes all the missions of the strategic aviation too, and those are flights that carry and use lots of ordnance. think about a Tu-22 dropping ten bombs, every bomb is counted as “one strike”. I don’t believe that the number of GPS (or other types) coordinates are listed – in this report you don’t have the number of targets that were engaged, but the number that was destroyed, in relation to the number of weapons deployed and the missions flown. Other details are not published, for example, the number of mission flown per plane and its variance over time, a measure that could had indicated some interesting facts. One thing that has caused much awe in western air forces is the high availability of operational aircraft, something over which the west always had doubts (“The russians have many planes but they can’t keep half ot hem in the air”)


If they actally killed 35,000, that is not good, but excellent. Just compare it to the number of soldiers that smaller countries have in active service.

Nicola Facciolini


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