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Russian Warplanes Destroyed Three ISIS Convoys Fleeing Raqqa. 80 Terrorists Killed – Russian MoD

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Russian Warplanes Destroyed Three ISIS Convoys Fleeing Raqqa. 80 Terrorists Killed - Russian MoD


Russian warplanes have destroyed three ISIS convoys fleeing Raqqa, the Russian Ministry of Defense (MoD) claimed in a statement on Thursday.

According to the MoD, the convoys were attempting to escape from Raqqah in the southern direction on Monday but this was prevented by the Russian Aerospace Forces.

As a result 80 ISIS terrorists were killed and 36 vehicles, 8 fuel trucks and 17 pick ups equipped with mortars and machine guns were destroyed.

The Command of the Russian Air Force group in Syrian Arab Republic warned that any efforts of ISIS’ insurgents to leave Raqqa through the open corridor to Palmyra will be suppressed.

The first insurgents’ convoy which was heading from Raqqa to Palmyra Russian aviation eliminated on the 25th of May.

On the night of 29 30 May militants took another shot to advance to Palmyra. Three mechanized convoys full with insurgents in the darkness left Raqqa and headed to the South on several routes.

Our intelligence revealed this movement in due time. The Russian Aerospace Forces stroke detected targets,” the statement reads.

The Russian ministary added that the US-led coalition and US-backed forces are maintaining an open corridor for terrorists south of the city of Raqqa.

The city is cut off from the north. In the meantime, SDF stopped its advance and it resulted in leaving breaches in defense lines south off Raqqa. Using that, terrorists are freely crossing Euphrates and trying to redeploy their units to the Southern Syria.

The Command of the Russian Air Force group in Syrian Arab Republic will continue to take all necessary measured in order to prevent any ISIS’ forces to leave Raqqa and move to Homs and Hama provinces.

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Free man

Good news that they are running away and even more that they are being killed in the open.

Joe Doe

Looks like SDF and americans provide safe escape routes for ISIS. I would advice SAA to plan and preparation fother in the line deal with SDF and americanism as lately SDF become hostile to SAA and SAA friendly factions. Safe escape route for ISIS is one example

Free man

If there is a possibility to let them escape and then bomb them, why not do it?


The Kurds made a deal with ISIS to cede the Euphrates dam at Taqba. After they pulled-out, the USAF caught them – on their way to Raqqa – and wiped them out. They won’t be making any more ‘free pass’ deals with the Kurds at Raqqa.

Bill Wilson

ISIS has been withdrawing fighters from Raqqa for over a year. The SAA has been allowing ISIS to withdraw fighters by advancing at a snail’s pace.


Kurds = ISIS…
ISIS = Kurds – The beheading videos due to lack of internet access apparently…

Concrete Mike

See you in hell Isis bitches


I think we’ll see them here first, on their way. And I hope you get to meet them first.


What do you mean, mongoloid?


ISIS reminds me of ants: they are black, fast, and too many.
Because they nested somewhere in my house, this video will motivate me to exterminate the sh@t out of them this afternoon.
I mean, i do it mostly with vacuum cleaner and chemicals, in ISIS case, being chemicals forbidden, maybe a vacuum-bomb instead…

Kim Jong

Bomb the shit out of them!


Russia evidently has no intention of a repeat of the Palmyra scenario. Where ISIS elements were allowed open passage out of Mosul and quickly turned up as nasty surprise deep inside Syria, reinforcing local ISIS units, to unexpectedly overrun Palmyra for a second time. With a consequent blow to Russian prestige and strategic timelines. It was widely rumored at the time the whole that Palmyra exercise was US’ revenge for the SAA conclusively taking control of east Aleppo in the month prior.

Bill Wilson

That’s bullshit. ISIS simply used units that were present in the region to regain control of Palmyra. The SAA made that easy by using second rate units to guard the perimeter.


So you claim ISUS around Palmyra was not reinforced by units pulled out of Mosul, how would you know this ?

Bill Wilson

Shit. These fighters aren’t from Raqqa but from other regions to the west-southwest. Their only avenues for escape was up to the river roads below Raqqa then down along one or two roads heading south. They’re forced to travel at night to avoid detection which does no good when US/SDF special ops are in the hills monitoring the traffic and calling in airstrikes.
ISIS used to travel during the day using a mix of vehicles (civilian/commercial/military) to deter airstrikes. Now that all the civilians are broke, ISIS is the only one that has fuel for driving so all daytime traffic has become fair game.

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