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Russian Warplanes Destroyed ISIS Column Heading To Deir Ezzor. Over 200 Terrorists Killed, 20 Vehicles Destroyed

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Russian Warplanes Destroyed ISIS Column Heading To Deir Ezzor. Over 200 Terrorists Killed, 20 Vehicles Destroyed


The Russian Aerospace Forces have destroyed a large ISIS military column heading to the area of the city of Deir Ezzor “to regroup and equip their last base in Syria”, the Russian Defense Ministry said.

Over 200 ISIS members were killed and about 20 vehicles equipped with large-caliber weapons were destroyed, according to the statement.

Russian warplanes also destroyed an unknown number of armoured vehicles, including battle tanks.

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That is awesome, keep up the good work.

Giovanni Netto

standing ovation to Russian Aerospace Forces:

even more in the future!!!

Winston Smith

Yeah I perfectly agree… but USA too (after President Obama’s departure) has taken Mosul again and other important cities.


You’ve gotta be kidding, the US terrorists created ISIS to justify their extended presence in the Middle East and support ISIS every now and then, like in September last year in Deir Ezzor.

You saw nobody celebrating in Mosul for the arrival of Muricunt garbage, unlike in Aleppo when it was liberated last December, but if making the parallel makes you happy about the US terrorists/Trumpstein bin Saud, be our guest.

Virgil Cane

Comparing Aleppo to Mosul how convenient.

Americans weren’t on the ground liberating Mosul, they were overhead bombing.


And they had nothing to do with liberating Aleppo. The Russians, Hezbollah and Syrians did that without slaughtering the inhabitants…which is why they were dancing in the streets. There were a lot less Iraqis to be dancing in the street after the US bombed the hell out of Mosul. They were mourning their dead and had no time to ‘thank’ the US for the slaughter. That is the point he is making.

Paul Lynch

ISIS is another bought and paid for group of sunni extremists.


Let’s not forget to mention the huge civilian losses from American forces. Everywhere the US strikes, they slaughter the local population. Mosul and Raqqah are prime examples… then has the nerve to talk about minimal losses inflicted by Russian/Syrian forces as crimes. Let there be no mistake, these murders are intended. Whatever happened to the vaunted American surgical strikes?..was there ever such a thing? There has been no change in strategy from Obama to Trump, Trump actually upping the carnage in Syria and especially in Yemen. Trump blows with the wind, saying whatever is necessary at the time…and changing nothing. Regime change is still on the table, evidenced by the continued attacks on the SAA and allies. The US is still transporting ISIS commanders out of harms way, suppling intel and attacking SAA. Their latest gambit of supporting the Kurds’ desire for a country of their own will fail and the Kurds will see the folly of believing in the US promises once again when the US dumps on them. It will serve them right.


Good job but in the picture above ^ there are 2 Mig-31 interceptors, not the kind that could perform the strike. Just saying!

Tudor Miron

I agree that those are Mig-31 interseptors but we know that’s just a picture of Russian planes :)

Solomon Krupacek

with kamikaze action :)


I started laughing maniacally as soon as I saw this on Facebook, what a jackpot 200 kills HAHAHAHA AMAZING!!!

Nigel Maund

Well done Russian RAF; great job! Pity we don’t see this from the so called Allies of NATO. Without Russia’s intervention Syria would be precisely the disastrous shambles that the US Deep State and Globalists wanted in their lucrative “Disaster Capitalism” model. Russia, Syria, Iran and Hezbollah have collectively made sure that does not happen! Hat’s off to all of you! You’ve saved thousands of Syrian lives.

Solomon Krupacek

russian royal air force? :)

Nigel Maund

You know damn well what I meant – I put Russian in front to differentiated it from the UK RAF but still Russian Aerospace Forces = RAF. OK – understood? Have you anything sensible to say on SF or are you just here to demonstrate what a fool you are?

Solomon Krupacek

RuAf is the used abbreviation. :) peace


EXCELLENT NEWS !! Hunting ISIS along the wadis, :DDD https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/48db98ab1c15cd76bb9690bb7089bdb74a3fbe166fe5a31b691f60906c7ee2ae.jpg

Solomon Krupacek

really nice photodocumentation! :))

i saved the photo with your text

Joe Doe

The video does not conform the statistic. Yes, there some vehicles being destroyed, but a lot of them have been empty

Tudor Miron

Joey, I’m sorry but yes, over 200 of your jihadi friends are eliminated. We know that all that trash isis/queda/fsa are one and the same irregular armed force of US/Israel and their Euro puppets.

Joe Doe

I have to disappointing you as jihadi are not my friends

Tudor Miron

Reading your posts one may think they are.

Solomon Krupacek

nice work!

Good answer for isis terrorist in russian city Surgut.


I hope many more US proxy terror columns are destroyed before they can reinforce the siege of the courageous SAA and civilians in Deir Ezzor.


Wait a minute, yes we can see a large column of cars trucks and maybe tanks on the road. However, iti is not clear that the bombing is related to this column !! watch carefully this video. It is not clear that THIS shown column is destroyed. If Russia wants to show us this, it must chose a better video.

Wahid Algiers

The title of the 9:09 minutes short movie: “How an aggressor becomes cannon fodder!!!”


Bingo! Lots of secondary explosions.


They should leave the area between Taybah and Suknah open so that ISIS might think they have a chance to escape to Deir Ezzor, and then …..strong air attacks. Have not seen US Air Force with their supposed technological edge do anything similar in the area. Russian Air Force is a force to be reckoned with, the Mig 31s in the picture look very deadly.


If you see carefully this video, one observes a large column of cars, trucks and maybe tanks, but we do not observe any bombing to this column. The shown bombing looks like they belong to different stuff. Russia do not really show that this large column was bombed, sorry but there must be a better video where we can see clearly what they claim.

Felix da Kat

With 1.8 billion Muslims in the world, 1% of whom are jihadist, we still have about 17.99 million to eradicate. Great job Russian Forces and thank you President Putin! The America people are with you in spirit but our corrupted politicians (not President Trump) keep our hands tied to prevent our true brotherhood.

Leon Auguste

Wow … Even .01% is a real cause for concern!!

guardianofretro .

This should be the message to their weapon dealers in Ryaath Washington and london

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