Russian Warplanes Continue Bomb Terrorists in Syria, Support Syrian Army’s Advance on Palmyra


Russian Warplanes Continue Bomb Terrorists in Syria, Support Syrian Army's Advance on Palmyra

© Vadim Grishankin/Russian Defence Ministry Press and Information Office/TASS

Russia’s Aerospace Forces are continuing to conduct airstrikes against terrorist targets in Syria, chief of the main operations department of the Russian General Staff, Lieutenant General Sergey Rudskoy, said on Friday. Only supporting the Syrian Army’s advance on Palmyra, Russian warplanes conduct 20-25 sorties per day.

“A large-scale operation to free the city of Palmyra has been carried out recently by government forces and patriotic forces with support from Russia’s Aerospace Forces. On average, Russian jets make 20-25 sorties daily,” Sergey Rudskoy told reporters.

According to the Russian Lieutenant General, the Syrian forces with the Russian air support have created conditions for encircling and routing ISIS militants in the area.

Rudskoy noted the Syrian forces have established control over the dominant hills and major traffic areas and shut off the routes used for delivering ammunition and materiel to militants located in Palmyra.

Thus, it becomes obvious that the patrial withdrawal of the Russian air grouping from Syria doesn’t mean that Russian will stop to its anti-terrorist efforts.



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