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JUNE 2023

Russian-US Negotiations To Evacuate Civilians From Al-Rukban Camp Near Al-Tanaf

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Russian-US Negotiations To Evacuate Civilians From Al-Rukban Camp Near Al-Tanaf

Jordanian troops near the al-Rukban camp, By: aljazeera.com

On September 20, Nikolai Burtsev, a representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia, revealed that Russia is working closely with the U.S. to evacuate refugees from the al-Rukban camp, south of the area of al-Tanaf, to government-held areas.

“The US side suggests settling the Rukban problem through evacuating the refugees to the territories controlled by the government of the Syrian Arab Republic. The details of a possible operation have not been discussed so far. We will continue closely working with the Americans to solve this issue,” the Russian news agency TASS quoted Burtsev as saying during a meeting of the Russian-Syrian Joint Commission for Refugee Repatriation.

The Russian diplomat also said that the Damascus government will allow a new humanitarian aid convoy of the U.N. to enter the al-Rukban camp soon. The convoy will be escorted by Russian forces.

Last week, Syrian opposition sources revealed that the Damascus government and the US-backed al-Qaryatayn Martyrs Brigade have reached an evacuation agreement, under which the group’s fighters and around 5,000 civilians will be allowed to withdraw from the Rukban camp to the Euphrates Shield-held area in northern Aleppo.

A source in the Syrian Arab Army (SAA), who is currently stationed around the 55km de-escalation zone around al-Tanaf, told SouthFront that the first batch of militants and civilians may leave the al-Rukban camp within the next 24hours.

Russia and the Damascus government are expected to take more steps to speed up the return of refugees in the upcoming few months. According to TASS, Jordan is also cooperating on the matter and it will soon reopen its border with Syria to facilitate the Russian-Syrian efforts.

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So the US trained them and now want to distribute them across the Syrian territory. What could go wrong? It’s pretty obvious the US had no intention of eliminating terrorists or there would be none to bus.

Hind Abyad

More than that. ‘Time for Peace Talks With ISIS and Al Qaeda?’ https://foreignpolicy.com/2018/09/19/time-for-peace-talks-with-isis-and-al-qaeda/amp/?__twitter_impression=true


What an odd piece of work. Did not once even attempt to attribute where all these “terrorists” get their support from. Acting as if the US is fighting them every step of the way. This foreign policy site smells of Soros and Empire. Gave me a headache to read so much BS in one place. You bought this crap?

Empire's Frontiers

I have a hard time wading through it any more.

Imagining either the ignorance or pernicious intent of the writer, I cant justify to myself the four minutes spent absorbing scientifically crafted propaganda.


Yeah almost say something but its just filler, no content. Edward Bernays would be proud

Hind Abyad

You know who owns the press.

“Washington Post Company, one of the world’s most respected media organizations, grew expansion of Foreign Policy magazine to include ForeignPolicy.com and FP Events”. https://foreignpolicy.com/staff/


Ah that explains it. I used to go read the stuff but anymore avoidance seems the best policy for me. Don’t even give them a click.


WaPo doesn’t own Foreign Policy since Bezos took over WaPo in 2013. FP is now owned by Graham Holdings , the prior owners of WaPo.

Compared to Foreign Affairs , the CFR rag , Foreign Policy ain’t half bad. They’re much more likely to publish anti-establishment views than Foreign Affairs.

Hind Abyad

Well this Western crap is everywhere.. of course i know who want’s Syria


The US used to proudly declare that they never negotiated with terrorists. Of course not, they just give them their orders and they obey.


I see this as a public relations ploy to smooth over the fact that the U.S. is defending a hotbed of Al-Qaeda in Idlib. If Al-Qaeda is put forward as someone the U.S. is willing to negotiate with , it doesn’t seem as strange that they’re defending them.

It’s like the MEK in Iran. The U.S. and most of the West used to list them as a terrorist org. Now that we have a use for them in the Iran regime change operation , they’re suddenly the good guys. A similar image rehab job is probably underway for Al-Qaeda so that we can continue to use them as proxies in the future without so much push-back from the public. I wouldn’t be surprised to see an Oscar-winning film about the AQ Freedom Fighters in the not-too-distant future.

The U.S. has no shame. Israel has taught us well.

AM Hants

Alleged Video of Idlib Chemical Attack Fabrication Released by Syrian Media… https://sputniknews.com/middleeast/201809211068240639-syria-idlib-chemical-attack-fabrication/


Hmm, I wouldn’t have expected the Rebels to agree to this. It would solve problems for everyone but don’t be to sure, it might get canceled last minute.

John Mason

What is there to discuss, they are Syrians and entitled to go home. US holding hostages, again.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

The US government isn’t working with the Russians on this matter, it’s Trump himself who’s working with Putin, in spite of the US governments reluctance to do so. Under Obama the presidents office and the Government were one and the same, under Trump we have an unofficial civil war happening, there may not be any bullets flying or bombs dropping, but make no mistake, a civil war is raging in America right now. This camp has a lot of genuine refugees that’s true, but it also has a lot of Isis sympathizers who regularly reinforce the Isis units fighting the SAA in the desert regions around this 55km exclusion zone. At it’s nearest point the Isis units at Rif Dimashq are only 75km away from the exclusion zone at Al-Tanf, and the Isis units fighting in Homs and Dier ez-Zor are only 60km away, that’s a lucky coincidence isn’t it. Palmyra is also only 75km from this exclusion zone and the location of another spate of recent Isis attacks and attempts to infiltrate the area, another lucky coincidence perhaps. It’s not just the refugee camp and it’s Isis sympathizers causing the problems, or the 55km exclusion zone around the US base, that allow Isis freedom of movement and a sanctuary from SAA, it’s the base itself that supplies them, that’s the main problem that has to be addressed before anything changes. Both Trump and Putin are working hard to dismantle the tentacles of the wrongly labeled ‘deep state’, that have thoroughly entwined themselves to this part of Syria, but the task is proving to be much harder than either Putin or Trump anticipated, instead of scaling things down there, the deep state has actually beefed things up. They’ve added a new SAM system that works in conjunction with the newly installed radar systems at Al-Hasakah, and a unit of special marines to help defend the base, as well as train the one unit of anti Assad rebels remaining there, not what either Putin or Trump wanted. As much as it’s a good thing that the refugees are being relocated away from this sensitive area, Aleppo isn’t the ideal location for them to go, it’s highly likely that a large number of them will just join Erdogan’s FSA when they get there, helping to reinforce Erdogan’s hold on northern Syria, and in the end, just be another problem for Assad to deal with later on.

Empire's Frontiers

Sounds like a voter’s fairy tale to me.


so easy to explain allm, that bs gpoing on in syria…1 more time The Agenda: A one world government, with Jerusalem as its capital under satanic jewish leadership. ALL countries that RECOGNIZE the illegal satanic entity named israel are part of the agenda, including usa,uk,russia,china,eu,etc..

From day 1 of a. these crazy fucked up “evacuation agreements” and b. the turkish invasion(nato invasion) and c. the us invasion(nato invasion) i have been trying to explain….

1. russia did not save syria…..russia came into the equation in september 2015 in syria, thus opening it up for nato too, the USA first base in syria was november 2015….thus the nato invasion began 1 month after russia declared to “help ” syria….in no way, did russia ever try to stop nato invasion in the east 2.russia again gave the green light to turkey(again nato) to invade syria….that turkey which was on the forefront, and still is, to topple the assad government, that turkey were 99% of all terrorists came thorugh to syria, that turkey that supplied all the chlorine, and still is, to variouis jihadi groups, that turkey tghat bought 99% of all ISIS oil… 3.these “evacuation agrreements” lol…so tell me,.,..where in the history of war on our planet was such a crazy bs ever done before??? abny general or political figure would be executed else where…so lets get this bs straight….what putin is telling us is…you got your enemy cornered in, no where to go, an enemy i might add that tells u straight in your face he wants to kill u and your family…and u let him go, go to a place where he cvan rearm,regroup and all starts from new again ???? putin would be executed in WW2 on the spot… and i wont even go into the satanic jews issue(israel) and russia….pukes…fucking unbeleivable obvious….. so russia the great friend and allied nation of syria, lets the arch enemy of syria bomb them over 200x(imagine if hezbiollah bombed israel 200x or hezbollah bombed russia 200x), then the israeli scum use a typical jewish method of backstabbing to bring down the russian plane killing 15 russsians…and putin” yeah all a tragic accident..no one to blame..we are all good”# anybody who believes that putin does not recieve orders from his masters them satanic jews is on LSD, coke and heroin all at once. Just for the info on history…them satanic jews conquered russia in the year 1917, and between 1917 and 1935, 30 miilion native russians were murdered by them jews in russia..thats history.period.and anybody can read about it including on wikipedia and ALL history books. Stop with that nonsense of good russia or bad russia or good usa or bad usa. JUST the agenda counts, a one world goverbnmnet with jerusalem as its capital under satanic jewish leadership.

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