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Russian-Ukrainian War: Tragedy For People, Chance For Elites

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Russian-Ukrainian War: Tragedy For People, Chance For Elites

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Against the backdrop of ongoing political provocations and bellicose rhetoric from all parties involved in the conflict in Eastern Ukraine, military escalation is constantly growing. Local forces, as well as the OSCE observers, report about more and more ceasefire violations in the Donetsk and Luhansk People’s Republics. There are daily statements on casualties on both sides of the conflict among the military and local civilians.

Now, when all the global media are closely following the situation in the eastern regions of Ukraine, the international community is wondering whether Donbass will become the point of the next military conflict, and what its scale will be. The main question is “Cui Prodest”?

The answer is unambiguous: the administration of Ukrainian President is a real stakeholder in the armed conflict in eastern Ukraine. In the current Ukrainian reality, there are plenty of circumstances that determine the pattern of conduct of Volodimir Zelensky.

First, the current economic situation in Ukraine is disastrous. The Ukrainian state is on the way to lose the ability to fulfill its social obligations. According to the data for 2020, its GDP in real terms suffered about 4% drop. According to the IMF, this drop will be at least 7%. If for the United States, China or Russia, a 4% drop in GDP is a big problem, for Ukraine it is almost a disaster, as GDP indicators were low even before the crisis.

Secondly, the economic situation in Ukraine was aggravated by the coronacrisis. The number of those contaminated by COVID-19 per day there is one of the biggest among the European countries, and even in the whole world. The death rate is also disproportionately high. The country’s economy is suffering, as most regions are still under lockdown, and since April 5, restrictions have been tightened again.

The fall in national budget income was caused by a complex of reasons, including pure management of national economy and the extremely high level of corruption that caused the destruction of the industrial complex, drop in already low per capita income, accompanied by a decreasing revenue gained from gas and cargo transit from East to West.

Third, the Zelensky administration is now facing a rapid decrease in people’s support. The national disappointment in his political program is caused by the rejection of his campaign promises to stop the war in Donbass.

Fourthly, it is increasingly difficult for NATO allies to fuel Kiev’s anti-Russian hysteria in the absence of any actual changes of the issue. The military conflict in the Eastern Ukraine is already 7 years old, and the only alarming statements no longer contribute to the increase in financial support from the US and its allies.

The last but not least is a political request from a part of the American elite, who are interested in various forms of pressuring Russia. They support blocking of the Nord Stream 2 project by any means; destruction of bilateral relations between Russia and leading European countries, up to war outbreak along its borders.

On the other hand, such a policy of the United States does not fully coincide with the national interests of leading European countries. However, new war in Eastern Ukraine would define Russian status as enemy for years while the US will strengthen its weight in European security.

The position of the Zelensky administration and the interests of the United States represent sufficient set of reasons to outbreak war in Eastern Ukraine.

Indeed, official Kiev does not need to care about the actual result of the conflict, but its very existence.

There are only 3 scenarios of the military conflict in Eastern Ukraine.

  • The Ukrainian army wholly or partially occupies the territory of the DLPR.
  • The forces of both sides remain in their current positions.
  • The DLPR forces, with Russian support, advance on the Ukrainian territory for several dozens of miles.

There is almost a zero probability that Ukraine will suffer a crushing defeat and the DLPR forces will occupy the territory to the Dnieper River. Russia now has neither the strength nor the ability to gain control over such a vast territory, and the collective West, in its turn, would not let this happen.

If any of the above scenarios are implemented, Zelensky and his supporters among the US elites will benefit.

For many years, the US and European media have shaped Russia as the aggressor, the enemy of democratic values and the authoritarian tyrannical regime that must be contained. The idea of an external military threat, which being sequentially built up by the West, serves as a pretext for its increasing military funding both in defense industry and army itself amid inevitable unification under the US leadership.

In its turn, Ukraine, positioning itself as the Eastern European Shield against “Asian Barbarians”, receives significant and steadily growing support from NATO countries, gaining momentum to development and further nazi-like ideology originally rooted in Western Ukraine.

Unleashing the war, Zelensky has a chance to reclaim his status as the national leader. In case of the conquest of the self-proclaimed republics, or the preservation of the current troops’ positions, he will become a hero who saved Ukraine from “evil Russians”.

Even after having lost the war, he would claim that the entire country was saved with little blood and only a small piece of land that was temporary lost, taking on the role of a good strategist who defended the sovereignty in the furious fighting shoulder to shoulder with his NATO allies.

Zelensky’s policy can only fail if Russia captures half of Ukraine, which de facto is not possible.

Thus, almost whatever may happen during the conflict, Ukraine can be sure that it will receive stable financial flows from its Western allies for years ahead. Having become a “real” Eastern Shield of Europe, Ukraine may finally get the coveted NATO membership.

Finally yet importantly – the hot military conflict will undoubtedly divert public attention from the economic problems inside the country.

Unleashing a war in Donbass will allow Zelensky to solve his main problems, albeit at the cost of lives of thousands of Ukrainians.

Today, many analysts assure that there will not be a full-scale war, since Ukraine is weak, and Zelensky must assess country’s military strength in front of the Russian power. Let’s hope this is the case, while remembering who the beneficiary of the conflict is.

In its turn, the United States, at the cost of Ukrainian soldiers’ lives, can resolve a good part of its problems in the European region, while Russia seems to lose strategically in any of these war scenarios.

Definitely, the war in Ukraine will lead to the closure of the Nord Stream 2 project, which is already at the final stage of construction. Key contacts between Russia and NATO countries will be frozen, no more significant bilateral cooperation in economy will be possible.

A new war near the Russian borders that involves national armed forces will have an important impact on the internal situation in the country. It is not clear to what extent the Russian society, which has suffered the break of economic relations with Western countries and numerous sanctions, is ready to support the struggle for Donbass.


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  1. 76 mm Super Rapid says:

    Old Iraqi saying: If 2 fish are found fighting in the Tigris River, you can be sure the British caused the dispute!

    1. Ashok Varma says:

      The US is basically a colony of the British and is following the same policies. It is now angry at India as it rejected Zionist agenda of getting into a suicidal war against India and instead took Iranian advice to work with China. So the US is now also targeting India, for two main reasons:

      1. Increased arms purchases from Russia.
      2. Growing cooperation with China and Iran. China is now happy for India to access Eurasian markets from the Iranian super port of Chah Bahar. That leaves the US and its puppets like Turkey and Egypt high and dry as the Suez and Bosporus will have no value.

      US warship stirs the waters ‘without Indian consent’, Delhi conveys concern

      Reacting to the development, the Ministry of External Affairs adhered to the
      government’s stand on not allowing military exercises in its exclusive
      economic zone without consent and said it has conveyed its concerns to
      the US government through diplomatic channels.


      1. Proud Hindu says:

        That doesn’t mean we should become slave to China chutiye mullo ke chamche madarchot

        1. Just Me says:

          India completes supplies of mobile harbor cranes to Iran for completion of Chabahar port despite threats of US sanctions.


          1. Just Me says:

            Iranian super port of Chah Bahar becomes operational and the largest port in the Persian Gulf and Eurasian region and hub for both India and China to transport goods to Eurasia at half the cost of going through unstable Suez. A kick in Ameriswine a$$.


          2. Just Me says:

            Beautiful modern city of Chah Bahar with ancient history pre-dating Biblical era.
            The best natural deep harbor port in the world.


          3. The Objective says:

            There’ll soon be war in your beautiful port city. LOL

          4. Jihadi Colin says:

            Don’t hold your breath.

          5. Just Me says:

            Iran is a nuclear power and no power on this earth or the universe can anything about it. These Zionists and Wahhabi cowards are just impotent eunuchs. The Zionists braggarts were supposed to expel Iran from Syria 10 years ago.

            Another Iranian tanker carrying 1 million barrels of oil arrives in Syria

          6. The Objective says:

            I’m not holding my breathe, because there’s no doubt about that.
            the only way out for Iran is to manage to strike a deal with Biden that the republicans and Israelis will accept.

          7. Jihadi Colin says:

            And (haram) pigs will fly.

          8. Antikapitalista says:

            There is no deal to strike, there is already a deal on the table, the Murricans just need to start adhering to it.

            Or else there may be another deal named “Stream of tin coffins for the United States of Aggression”.

            I guess Iran may even provide stickers for them reading “Courtesy of Biden & his better half Senile Dementia.”

          9. Just Me says:

            In your wildest Wahhabi dreams my child. You have been wrong on every count so far. It is quite funny how angry you Wahhabi trolls are at Iran’s success. Just wait for another decade, angry Wahhabi boy.

          10. The Objective says:

            I’m not angry. LOL. It’s you Iranians that are sounding angry at the slightest criticism.
            Until Iran sorts out its regional behavior regarding proxies, there’ll always be a cloud of war drifting around in Tehran.
            Israel doesn’t want any deal between you guys and America. Biden can go ahead and sign whatever deal he wants. but be sure that a republican will tear it up once they come to power.

          11. Antikapitalista says:

            I am personally looking forward to the stream of U.S. military coffins heading back for the United States of Aggression, because… although I don’t go so far as to think that the only good U.S. soldiers are the dead U.S. soldiers, but I believe nine out of every ten are; and I shouldn’t like to inquire too
            closely into the case of the tenth.

            And that is why I also support nuclear Iran, so that the Jewish question could be solved within 20 minutes, should the need arise.

          12. The Objective says:

            I don’t want a nuclear war anywhere in the world. We have enough destruction from conventional wars already. A nuclear arms race in the Middle East will be a nightmare. There will be no peace anywhere in the region because many regimes will have nuclear protection and be willing to engage in all kinds of destructive activities without fear of invasion.
            However, there’s also the problem of Israel’s bullying. If Iran gets nukes, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, U.A.E and Egypt will follow immediately. While these countries will not launch nukes at each other, they will engage in covert actions against one another. We’ll see more proxy wars and domestic violence sponsored from outside.
            Maybe you are right. I think these countries should have nuclear weapons just to level the playing field a bit and give them some guts to say “NO” to America or Russia.

        2. Jihadi Colin says:

          Didn’t you get your dose of fellating the gibbering globetrotting genocidal gangster Gujarati today?

          1. Proud Hindu says:

            At least I didn’t get my camel urine dose which Muhammad claimed to be cure for everything 🤣

          2. Jihadi Colin says:

            No, it’s gau mutra which the gibbering globetrotting Gujarati genocidaire claims is a cure for everything. Wonder why India had to develop Covid “vaccines” instead of just injecting everyone with cow urine?

          3. Proud Hindu says:

            Why don’t you go to saudi to drink your profits urine?

          4. Jihadi Colin says:

            What profit?

            Why have you Modifellating Bhaktonazis not drunk your bearded Gujarati gangster God’s urine? It has magical powers, doesn’t it? Even more than your cow mother that breathes out oxygen?

            BTW I have several packets of smoked beef in my fridge. Come over and I’ll feed you a nice stew.

          5. Proud Hindu says:

            Your profet used to lick aishas chut 🤣

          6. Jihadi Colin says:

            What’s a profet?

          7. Just Me says:

            New type of toilets in Ganges where they crap and drown their dead and then bathe in the filthy waters at the same time:)

          8. Jihadi Colin says:

            The Ganges is so polluted the water is literally iridescent. You can smell the chemical stink from the highway or a train.

            Modi prefers to spend money on giant useless statues and name cricket stadiums after himself.

          9. Just Me says:

            I know, I went there in 2018 and it was a sewer. Dead bodies and sh1t flowing down and stupid illiterate Hindus bathing in it.

          10. Just Me says:

            Indians are cleaning toilets all over the world, but what irony that they don’t have any in India and take a dump in the street. Karma is a profet :)

          11. Proud Hindu says:

            Hassan and Hussain were k**ed by Omar worry about that Shia troll

          12. Just Me says:

            Take a swim in the lovely Ganges and swallow some sh!t at the same time :)

          13. Just Me says:

            30 new mega hotels and resorts have opened up in Chah Bahar super port with turquoise blue seas.


          14. Just Me says:

            Chah Bahar ultra modern airport. Maybe you Hindus can learn something about neatness and cleanliness from the Persians.

          15. Putin Apologist says:

            Why is India and Indians so filthy?


      2. Just Me says:

        Iran facilitated the Sino-Indian detente. Indian FM spend 48 hours in Tehran on the Ladakh deescalation talks. These racist redneck cowards are no ones friends. India has now delivered all the port cranes and its goods are flowing through the Chah Bahar port.


      3. klove and light says:

        “the US is basically a colony of the British….”

        it is period! spot on!

        1. Fog of War says:

          No, a colony of Israhell as are the British.

          1. Jim Allen says:

            The City of London actually.
            Rothschild owns 60% of the stolen lands.

          2. Fog of War says:

            Very true, but he rules the rest through Israhell. That is the public front for the Rothschilds.

            – Lord Rothschild: My Family Created Israel –


          3. Raptar Driver says:

            The fake Jews ride the beast.
            But they are not in total control.
            The beast according to it’s nature may devour it’s rider.

        2. John Brown says:

          Wrong!!! They are both slave vassals of the racist supremacist global Jewish satanic slave empire dictatorship.

          See former congress woman and American hero says USSA
          Congress forced to sign loyalty oath to Racist supremacist global Jewish
          confederate slave empire dictatorship Israel, above their oaths to America, its
          Israel not America first. Its not an oath of loyalty to Britain above America.
          So its the Zionist empire not the Anglo Zionist empire. So its the racist supremacist global Jewish slave empire

          Congress forced to sign loyalty oath to Racist
          supremacist global Jewish confederate slave empire Israel part 1


          The only Member of the sitting US Congress we can
          document so far that has refused to sign the AIPAC Loyalty Oath to put Israel
          first even before America is Representative Walter Jones.







          Who rules America??

          You are a stupid goyim slave. Your purpose is to die for your
          Jewish slave masters. They will fight to the last stupid slave you. They never
          risk their lives except for Jews who don’t go along with their lord satan like
          in World War 2. American’s are slaves and will never do aty such thing never
          dare attack Russia without the permission of their Jewish slave masters.

          Jews selling blacks


          Jews selling blacks


          How Jews
          treated blacks when they ran the slave trade




          How Jews treated blacks when they ran the slave
          trade updated






          sell him cheap




          Despite AIPAC’s efforts to get him un-elected he was re-elected
          Congress anyhow, unlike the great and fearless American Hero former US
          Representative Cynthia McKinney, a true American Patriot who tells the truth,
          the whole truth.

          Representative McKinney refused to sign this AIPAC
          Loyalty Oath to put Israel first even over America, which of course would be a
          direct violation of the Oath of Office any Member of Congress takes upon being

          Representative McKinney


          Why is it such a serious matter to get these signers of
          the AIPAC Loyalty Oath out of Congress? The reason is obvious, without these
          Traitors who are sellouts to AIPAC and Israel, America could not have been
          transformed into a virtual province of Israel.




          Who rules America?? https://www.dailymotion.com/video/x34eicw

          Proof of the controlled media. Nothing beats the
          voluntary confession.


          See the confession


          Reminds me of this Flintstones episode.


          Jews selling blacks


          Jews selling blacks


          How Jews
          treated blacks when they ran the slave trade




          Part 2

          Nor could America have been transformed into an Israeli
          slave-state, provider and war-fighter for Israel with an endless supply of
          American Soldiers to use as Israeli cannon-fodder in their quest to expand and
          create “greater Israel”.




          Very few Americans know of this treasonous betrayal by
          all but one Member of Congress. This betrayal is a very serious, grievous
          violation of their Oath of Office and also American espionage laws and it constitutes
          Treason. Why do we know for certain this signing the AIPAC Loyalty Oath is


          We know this for certain because Treason is the capital
          offense of betraying one’s country and aiding or abetting an enemy of one’s own
          country, people and one’s government. Yes, but isn’t Israel an important ally
          of America?

          Who rules America??

          Jews selling blacks


          Jews selling blacks



          No, quite the contrary.




          The only reason the average American does not yet know
          this is because the Major Mass Media is controlled by six media moguls who
          answer to run Israeli linked large American investment house that works through
          Switzerland. Together these six media mogul who are all traitors have
          essentially created an illegal New Monopoly, a true News Cartel that does
          little more than feed the American public a continuing stream of USG
          propaganda, USG big lies and USG false-narratives.



          Who rules America??

          Jews selling blacks


          Jews selling blacks



          part 3b


          It is our job at Veterans Today and the rest of the
          Alternative media of the Internet to get the truth out to everyone and expose
          this USG propaganda, these big USG lies and USG false-narratives. Soon unless
          stopped the Internet, which is the World’s New Gutenberg Press, will bust the
          Controlled Major Mass media (CMMM) and this truth will dissipate to every
          America. This will bring an end to the espionage done against America in
          America by AIPAC, the ADL, the SPLC and other Israeli-linked foreign espionage



          Who rules America?? https://www.dailymotion.com/video/x34eicw

          Proof of the controlled media. Nothing beats the
          voluntary confession.


          See the confession


          Reminds me of this Flintstones episode.


          Jews selling blacks


          Jews selling blacks



          Part 4

          Right now the traitors inside the beltway are meeting
          frequently and desperately trying to come up with a sneaky way to censor and
          restrict the Alternative media of the Internet. It is unlikely that the
          American people will allow this and such a move could result in a new American
          revolution fought in the street of America by millions or armed Americans
          against the USG and its stooges and Traitors.


          But there is another good reason to immediately suspend
          all aid, monetary and military to Israel. That is the fact that we know with
          100% certainty the Israel has a large nuclear bomb arsenal and that such is a
          violation of American law and international agreements to support any nation
          that HAS NOT signed the nuclear Non-Proliferation Agreement, which Israel HAS
          NOT signed.


          jews selling blacks




          Who rules America?? https://www.dailymotion.com/video/x34eicw

          There it is, its even on video for you, how the Israeli
          embassy runs the British government Who tells the truth and who lies?? This is
          evidence that is good in a court of law unlike 90% of what Anja says which is based
          on no evidence at all like the typical disinfo propaganda mind control disinfo
          expert. I wonder why ths documentary was banned by Israel?? I have no doubt the
          report on the banned documentary will also be banned soon.
          https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=3&v=AWd3Rh5Ysww Now see The
          Grayzone presents exclusive leaked scenes from Al Jazeera’s censored “The
          Lobby -USA” documentary showing how Emergency Committee for Israel
          Executive Director Noah Pollak and the Hoover Institution astroturfed an
          inflammatory protest against the 2016 Students for Justice in Palestine
          national conference. Leaked Scenes from Censored Documentary Reveal Israel
          Lobbyist Noah PollakAstroturfing an Anti-Palestinian Protest Share this:
          Exclusive leaked scenes from Al Jazeera’s “The Lobby – USA” documentary show
          how Emergency Committee for Israel Executive Director Noah Pollak and the
          Hoover Institution astroturfed an inflammatory protest against the 2016
          Students for Justice in Palestine national conference. By Max Blumenthal
          TheGrayzone Project has released scenes from an investigative Al Jazeera
          undercover documentary, “The Lobby – USA,” whose publication was blocked by the
          government of Qatar under Israel lobby pressure.

          Jews selling blacks


          Jews selling blacks


      4. The Objective says:

        We all know Turkey is not a puppet of the U.S you devil. You think you can somehow paint turkey like the rest of the Arab monarchies and dictators? Well, you have the right to give it a try, but not even your buddies on SF believe that bullshit.

        1. Jihadi Colin says:

          I didn’t know the Ottomans were Arabs. Thanks for the revelation.

          1. Just Me says:

            Wahhabi madrassa trolls are not the sharpest tools in the shed :)

        2. Concrete Mike says:

          Turkey STRONK!!!

          BTW your nothing without petropimp dollars. So yes you are an anglo zionist puppet!

          Your just too subjective to see it!

          You cant even control HTS, gtfo with your turkey is no ones puppet!

          1. Just Me says:

            Turkey has no natural resources, it is at war with half its population and all its neighbors. Its economy is bankrupt and it is police failed state.

          2. The Objective says:

            If Turkey is an anglo-zionist puppet, then why the coup attempt? why the animosity from europe and america? why the sanctions and threats of sanctions? why the disputes over Syria and Libya led by sisi and Macron? There’s so much bad blood between Turkey and the west right now. And between Turkey and the Arab monarchies and dictators.

            Until you give me a logical answer to these questions, everyone will understand that you are the subjective party not me.

          3. John Brown says:

            Turkey use to be a zionist puppet,

      5. Tommy Jensen says:

        India cannot turn back.
        It has always been owned by the British, and today both Israel and US big Corporations are too deep interconnected with India finance and business elite………………….LOL.

        So on the political level you can pretend otherwise, but facts tells another story in India’s GMO farmland and Bill Gates involvement in India’s Health Care system………….LOL.

        1. Tudor Miron says:

          Unfortunately, you’re right.

      6. John Brown says:

        The US is basically a colony of the British and is following the same policies.

        Wrong!!! They are both slave vassals of the racist supremacist global Jewish satanic slave empire dictatorship.

        If some Zio American military “strategists” still exercised a suicidal idea
        of fighting Russia conventionally in Ukraine in 2014, today in 2021
        such an idea is downright mad, because the United States cannot win
        conventional war in Russia’s vicinity and any US force will be
        annihilated. This leaves the United States only two options:

        Indeed, believing its own propaganda, try to unleash mayhem in Ukraine, provoke Russia into a direct military operation and then introduce whatever the force US and NATO will muster into the theater of operations. Any such plan is bound to fail miserably because not only such a force will be annihilated but participating NATO nations will face the possibility of their military installations destroyed by stand-off weapons. That raises the possibility of US escalating to nuclear threshold which means that the United States may cease to exists as a country. This is an undesirable plan and majority of US policy makers, bar some severe cases of psychological Russophobic disorders which are numerous in the current Administration and America’s elites, understand what it means

        So, while not completely impossible, a probability for such a plan being
        implemented is fairly low. Not to mention the fact that for the US to
        fight conventionally around Russia will require assembly of the force
        which will dwarf whatever was assembled for the First Gulf War. There,
        the United States had almost 6 months to do so.

        So, what’s left realistically is to push Ukraine into the suicidal campaign
        with Russia being designated aggressor before even the first shots are fired. What the United States does not recognize is the fact that
        this unties Russia’s hands who already has an overwhelming escalation dominance not only over Ukraine, but whatever might be attempted in terms of “support” for irrational regime in Kiev. Russia has many options, the United States has one—it needs war in Donbass, which, Washington’s thinking goes, will allow to drive Europeans into submission, which allegedly should allow the United States to save her hegemonic status. It will not even if Europe is driven into submission.

        Europe is not anymore a crucial trade partner for Russia and mutual trade plummeted in the last few years. The trend will continue and it is not only due to America’s pressure, albeit that too, on EU but is a result of Russia steady change of both economic model and her reorientation towards Asia which is now largely complete. Russia simply doesn’t need anymore many goods she used to buy
        in the EU. The policy of import substitution on average is a success and Russia economically insulating herself from the West will continue.

        A much-discussed pipeline of Nord Stream 2 is, actually, not a crucial
        economic project for Russia anymore. Russia can absorb losses if the
        project eventually sabotaged by the United States and its European
        poodles such as Poland, but for Germany, and EU in general, this
        sabotage will result in catastrophe, due to European greens’ suicidal
        energy policies which make European goods costs extremely
        energy-dependent. In realty, America’s attempts to sabotage Nord Stream 2 are primarily directed against EU in general, and Germany in
        particular, not against Russia per se.

        The United States lost the arms race. America’s weapons acquisition process and military doctrine-mongering cannot be viewed anymore as a normal, that is logical and justified, process. While still being able to produce some state-of-the-art platforms and enablers, such as signal processing, combat computer and communications networks, recon assets, in terms of actual weapons the United States begins to lag behind Russia not just in years but in generations.

        As recent, February 2021, Congressional Budget Office report on missile defense admitted, the United States is defenseless against salvo of combination of new Russia’s cruise missiles and that there is nothing to stop them. There isn’t. US air defense systems lag behind Russian ones dramatically and the gap only grows with Russia’s S-500 getting into serial production and the latest S-350 already being deployed into the first line units.

        The United States simply cannot develop modern supersonic anti-shipping missile and the US Navy is forced, incomprehensibly, to buy Norwegian Kongsberg Naval Strike Missile—an underwhelming subsonic missile which is no match for modern high supersonic and hypersonic strike weapons Russia deploys, and is not survivable in modern air defense and ECM environment.

        Lastly, the intellectual level and the level of awareness of modern American Zio elites is in a precipitous decline, which inevitably resulted in the embarrassment of America’s last phony elections, especially scandalous debate between two geriatric candidates in 2020,
        which paraded the US as Springeresque tawdry TV show. Resultant loss of a legitimacy and yet another confirmation of the America’s position as a non-agreement capable entity hardly serve as boosters for America’s already tarnished reputation as a big-mouth bully and its elites being uncultured and uneducated.

        The Zio United States today has the only one resource left which allows it to stay relevant—virtual reality of both money “printing” press and of the media propaganda which is increasingly ineffective. One
        could hide America’s decrepit cities, mass riots, destruction of the
        education system, incompetence of political and military top echelons,
        suicidal social practices and breakdown of law and order, aggravated by huge lines to food banks for only so long. Now it is in the
        open and even subjugation of Europe and, allegedly, opening Europe’s markets to those few items the United States can still provide for its clients there, does not change the fact that the United States as it exists today has no future with or without Europe
        and that it still has to recon with China’s immense manufacturing capacity and Russia’s advanced military might which drive unification of the Eurasian market whether the United States unleashes war in Ukraine or not. Even without EU this market dwarfs whatever the United States will be able to “salvage” in order to avoid relegation to a lower league.

      7. Raptar Driver says:

        We were a colony of Britain.
        Now we have taken over their endeavors.
        In other words we are a continuation of the British empire.

    2. Just Me says:

      For thirty years Russia has been pandering and licking US and NATO a$$ and hoping to be accepted as an equal, but got kicked and humiliated harder and harder. Putin has been a shameless disaster for Russia. The Amerswine only respect people who hit back. Learn from the Chinese and Iranians and grow a pair.

      World has to learn Iran is a nuclear state.

      Trying to stop or slow the Iranian nuclear program by playing with
      economic sanctions — for instance as “leverage” in negotiations to
      revive the Iran deal — has not only been imprudent politically, it has
      also been impossible practically and a desperate failure. Iran has been in the nuclear industry
      since half a century ago, and nuclear know how has percolated inside Iran
      long enough and well enough to become internalized. (The Zionist regime
      is stupid and impotent, believing that it can eliminate such knowledge by
      assassinating individual retired Iranian scientists.) For all its intellectual
      complacency, the United States has had a delayed understanding of that
      fact. Isn’t it high time…?

      1. Jens Holm says:

        You are just like the some few of the little nasty muslim boyd´s we have here. They think they by definition by gender, amputated worm and religion has to be shown honor and respect. It doesnt matter how stupid they are.

        They pr definitions also cant learn nything from female teachers and by that hardly get any grade.

        We in Dernmark has a system, where we get honor and respect for what we do or dont.

        1. klove and light says:

          denmark??? lolol that country does not exist anymore practically……..

          it is british zionist controlled, hence you boys have to follow orders…hence the moslem rapists,thieves and murderer migrants have taken YOUR streets over..

          so shut up man…you are not worth anything,,,,,, did you ever help your danish women against the hords of moslem rapists???
          no…because you have no spirit or soul.

          u r worthless

        2. The Objective says:


          1. Just Me says:

            Chah Bahar to host the world’s biggest petroleum storage and refining facilities.


          2. The Objective says:

            Yeah, that’ll be very good for Iran provided war doesn’t break out around the Persian Gulf.

      2. Habakkuk the Hasidic says:

        Even the Jews still remaining in Iran are happier over there and would NEVER in their wildest dreams consider moving to Israel or the U.S. Iranian men still keep their women in line and respect ultra Orthodox men for doing the same.

        1. Just Me says:

          That is FACT and they have seats in the Majlis too. Iran has always been very diverse and tolerant. The Cyrus cylinders gave equal rights to all humanity.

        2. Fog of War says:

          The world needs to hear more from those Jews then and not the impostor Khazar variety who are giving all Jews a bad name.

      3. Tudor Miron says:

        Your kind is trying hard to act as anti anglo-zio empire. It simply doesn’t work.

    3. klove and light says:


      Spot on! spot on!! spot on!!!

  2. Al Balog says:

    This is a picture of behind-the-scenes in Zelensky’s warmongering administration.


  3. shylockracy says:

    Since Peter the Great, Russia’s been bearing the brunt of Western geopolitical machinations to bring it down. And now in their terrorist Ziocorporate globalist phase, the West have become even more treacherous to deal with, their liberal democracy, free market, and human rights bullshit making up an intricate system of power projection.

    And after Napoleon, Hitler and the Clinton-Yelstin regime still trying to create any level of trade and investment dependence with the Western Zioterrorists? Cognitive dissonance on the geostrategic level, just perferct for “great resetting” the taxcattle farm.

    1. Jens Holm says:

      Thats dirty manipulation.

      You forget big parts of those old disputes even today are very visible on maps for toda as well as in the past.

      So its very much about the Russian expansion TOO.

      You name Peter the Great but has to name Katharina 2. Those were the ones which by hard fightings took Rostov and next took the rest they had until 1991.

      Who was there before. Well just there it was Tatars and Turks. What about the land stolen from Finland even toay. The populatión even was displaced. Sure it was a dispute with Sweden too.

      As we see for Poland, Ukraine and Belarus those also are moved west and the Poles has been displaced. Instead Russians has been move to there – with jobs.

      What abaout Lituania – Its same thing.

      So just dont blame “west”. And dont forget the rest of the expansion all the way to Alaska and Caucasus too.

      RUSSIAN EXPANSION and all should sit on their hands not defending themself. Others countries should not do exact as Russia has done.

      The “west” fokus also has been into to parts far from Russia. Like North and South America, Africa/South Africa , Australia and News Zealand.

      Who here want a God forsaken backyard like Russia unless You dont know anything better, because You not even are allowed and told sinple´minded biased fairytaes only blaming others.

      1. klove and light says:

        You belong to your father, the devil, and you want to carry out your father’s desires. He was a murderer from the beginning, not holding to the truth, for there is no truth in him. When he lies, he speaks his native language, for he is a liar and the father of lies…

    2. Davide Herzog says:

      You forgot the worste beast : napoleon , trotsky , hitler , clinton clan .

      1. Fog of War says:

        I guess Stalin, Lenin, and many others were angels.

        1. Ashok Varma says:

          Russia is a serf peasant society and can only be led by a dictator, it has no history of democracy or civil society. It was either the orthodox church and a nexus of corrupt demagogues, declaring themselves “kings”. Sadly, the Soviet revolution offered some hope for the downtrodden, but they also failed for various reasons.

          1. Jaime Galarza says:

            So what if they have”no history of democracy…”? You seem to fall into western propaganda where democracy is a God-given blessing. It is the most hypocritical system and tends to get even more corrupted than dictatorships. The reason why everyone thinks democracies are better is because a number of corrupt clusters -the media, banking, etc- fare better in democracies. Not for nothing Plato scorned democracies so much. In the final analysis, why should countries like Russia, China, Iran -nations millenia old- have to bend over the political system in vogue. They should follow their own way of life that includes their own political system.

          2. Just Me says:

            Iran and China are following their own hybrid systems which are far superior and stable than the Jew created modern “democracy” that kills millions, gave us Gitmo, endless wars, lies and distortion of wealth into a few Jew cursed hands.

          3. klove and light says:

            So what if they have”no history of democracy…”? You seem to fall into western propaganda where democracy is a God-given blessing. It is the most hypocritical system and tends to get even more corrupted than dictatorships.

            Spot on!!!!

          4. Fog of War says:

            ” Russia is a serf peasant society and can only be led by a dictator ”

            How old is Democracy in India ?

          5. Tommy Jensen says:

            India has been a British democracy since 1600, while your shithole of a country only became British in 1607.

          6. Just Me says:

            India was a collection of statelets and that is so easy for Persians, Turks, Afghans and British to invade and capture. Democracy was a post partition development and is now eroding due to Modi’s Hindu fascism.

          7. Lone Ranger says:

            India had an advanced civ already 10,000years ago.
            The nuclear war with Atlantis put an end to it.

          8. Concrete Mike says:

            I never put the 2 together. Thats super interesting dude, now i gotta go dig!

          9. Bill Haught says:

            Hindustan has been a hellhole ever since, of a kind the USrael has been on track of becoming for a long time. A war with Persia or siding with Banderastan against Muscovie/Tartaria/whatever and it is as done a a cooked goose. Just hope we have foreign troops to keep order, all other alternatives appearing to be several orders of magnitude worse. Wish I never bought that 1st amendment, Constitutional Republic crap. If their is something actually to that stuff, far too few have any *real* clue to make it viable.

          10. Tommy Jensen says:

            But to my knowledge and what is described in history books, India was a quite interesting high civilised area, before the British Empire raped India’s ground schools.

          11. klove and light says:

            “India has been a British democracy since 1600,…”

            you sure are a weird individual…..

            Jallianwala-bagh massacre
            amritsar massacre
            british mass execution by cannon in india

            so XXXXXX off you enemy of human kind

          12. Just Me says:

            The British are devious bastards, they did not want to leave a united India, so they carved it up. India is not a democracy but a Hindu extremist failing state and that is why it is cosying up to China and Iran. India has failed to even make a dent in its growing poverty and besides very inferior textiles and janitors exports nothing. They exported some clothing to Iran but the quality was so poor that Iranian would buy it. China and Bangladesh have the clothing market cornered.

          13. Jihadi Colin says:

            Huh what? The formal Brutish colonisation of India began in 1858.

            In 1600 most of India was ruled by the Timurid Mughal Empire.

          14. Fog of War says:

            You’re a funny guy.

          15. The Objective says:

            Older than in Russia

          16. Nosferatu says:

            Please name a single democratic country in the world righjt now. Let me explain what do i mean. Todays world is largely dependant on money. Money is basically the blood of capitalism. So a real democratic country is only a country that has its currency fully under control of elected officials, peoples representatives or a bank that is fully in national hands with local goverment having the power to influence its money making policies in favor of national interests. Please name a single country from western world or anywhere that fullfills this point and is therefore a true democracy.

          17. The Objective says:

            Yeah, I know that Russia does a good job of fending off Western influence in its financial and domestic policies.
            what I mean by democracy is “tolerating the opposition and giving it a chance to speak”, which Russia has so far refused to do.

          18. Nosferatu says:

            Not true. Russia tolerates opposition comparably or better than in the west. In last 10 years protests in the west are supresed more violently than in Russia. Just look at France, Spain or Germany how blody they treat protests. I mean Germany eve re-introduced concentration camps for COVID lockdown refusers. In Russia the oppostion is basically Communists and Zilinsky. Those are very oftne given time in the state TV and elsewhere. Navalny is not opposition. His support is close to zero and everyone knows he is an agent of foreign powers. But regarding the opposition even Ukraine or US politicians are given time and freedom to peak in russian state TV. That is not the case in EU/NATO where russian position is never heard in mainstream media.

          19. Nosferatu says:

            democracy never existed anywhere in the planet. Capitalism is oligarchy and the west has been ruled by unelected powers from financial elite for centuries. But unlike west Russia has a long history of civil society. When west was creating its empires it almost always meant genocide for the native population (North america, Australia, Tasmania, Afrika, India, South America, Asia…..) On the other hand when Russia was creating its empire or growing to include Siberia and far east, it peacefully included the local population into its state and provided education, cultural cooperation and equal right to those people. All those small nations in siberia and far east are still existing and doing well today. Unlike the victims of western “civilizaton”. Read some books before you make a stupid comment on a topic you have no clue about again….

          20. Concrete Mike says:

            It is up to russians to decide what they want. No us imperial subjects.

          21. Tudor Miron says:

            Russia is the only country that so far had not surrendered to anglo-zio empire. Yes, this fact is hurting you but it is what it is.

        2. Lone Ranger says:

          Stalin was georgian.
          Lenin was a jew in exile…

          1. Tudor Miron says:

            After Ivan Grozny, Stalin was the greatest leader that Russia had. In many ways Putin deserves to join this short list.

      2. Ashok Varma says:

        The biggest threat Russia faces is internal, with western supported “opposition” and Jew 5th column. The oligarchs have plundered Russia and Putin is one of the most corrupt Russian “leaders” so far.

        1. Tommy Jensen says:

          Come on Ashok. A little too thick.

    3. Ashok Varma says:

      You make valid points. Russia is identity challenged as it neither been able to fit in Asia or Europe and has been pandering to be accepted as a “western nation despite being rejected and humiliated since the 16th century and Peter’s desperate attempts to emulate the west, but failing. The post Soviet Russian leaders have been the worst sell outs like Gorbachev, drunk Yeltsin and corrupt Zionist owned Putin. The US has identified Russia as an easy target and Ukraine will prove to be the launch pad for a very vicious war against Russia and its eventual Balkanization.

      1. Fog of War says:

        ” The US has identified Russia as an easy target ”

        Left to itself, Russia is not an easy target and neither are the Russian people, however, Putin has intentionally made it a willing target.

        1. Ashok Varma says:

          I would agree, but the Russians I have met in India are not the Soviet era Russians, they are enamored by the west. They like western goods and the CIA has penetrated Russian society. I sadly, have to reiterate that Russia is very vulnerable and NATO will attack Russia. India is now improving ties with China and standing up to US thuggery. Our Congress party has always been in the forefront of anti-imperialism and was the founder of global non-aligned movement. Russians lack that kind of strategic nationalism of China, Iran, and India.

          1. Fog of War says:

            ” they are enamored by the west. They like western goods and the CIA has penetrated Russian society. “

            How many Indians would give their right hand to come to the US and taste its
            ” fruit ” ?

            ” India is now improving ties with China and standing up to US thuggery. “

            – US Navy sends warship to India’s exclusive economic zone without permission, to challenge New Delhi’s ‘excessive maritime claims’ –


          2. Just Me says:

            The Andaman islands are Indian territory for centuries, the US a$$holes are just trying to provoke India as it is not listening to them and does not want to fight China or sanction Iran, which now is again India’s largest oil supplier. Ameriswine have lost control and lashing out at anyone who stands up to them. What if China, India and Iran sailed their naval ships in the Gulf of Mexico daily?

        2. Lone Ranger says:

          Its chess not checkers.
          Since Putin is in power the U.S. kept losing on all fronts.
          And still does…
          No U.S. objectives has been reached, their economy is in ruins.
          Broke, busted and disgusted.
          It seems to me Putin fid a pretty good job…
          CIA trolls and hasbarats are crying and raging 🤗

          1. The Objective says:

            “Since Putin is in power the U.S. kept losing on all fronts”.
            I agree that the U.S is losing in many ways, but I hope you are not implying that Russia is winning. Because if that’s what you think, then here is a bit of interesting facts:
            1) in 2008, Russia lost Gerogia to the west
            2) Azerbaijan, Georgia and Uzbekistan all left the CSTO
            3) Parts of N-K was retrieved
            4) Russia loses Ukraine to the West
            5) Belarus comes under fire and is still far from stablizing
            6) Syria came under fire and is costing the Russians prop up Assad
            7) Russia’s man, Haftar, lost in Libya
            8) Russia’s arms sell drop consistently for the past few years
            9) Pantsir got defeated by relatively moderate drones
            10) Russia’s ally, Iran, went through hell for the past three years
            11) Multiple sanctions on Russia from both America and Europe

            After this string of problems, it’s hard not to see how much Russia has lost.

          2. Lone Ranger says:

            1.Georgia eas already independent since since 1991, so their CIA backed invasion and defeat enabled Russia to integrate South Ossetia into the Russian Federation.
            Shakasvili was ousted and now the country is more or less how it was before 2008, thats a clear win.

            2.They are on their way back seeing how the U.S. is effing up other countries even their own allies.
            Meanwhile SCO got bigger too.
            That’s a win.

            3.Thats not Russias problem, Armenia is not Russias nor is NK Armenian territory officially.
            On the long-term Russia gained since it has expanded its peace keeping influence, they asked them so they came…
            Since they are there there is peace.
            Moderate win for Russia and Turkey.

            4.Russia already lost Ukranine in 1918 and again in 1991.
            Meanwhile Ukraine got weaker thanks to western destabilization efforts, now there is Donbas and Lughansk serving as a buffer zone.
            Moderate win which could turn into a major win if ukrops invade, that would be the end of Ukranine.

            5.Belarus is over for the CIA and Pooland.
            Get use to it.
            Russian aviation and spec ops forces created new bases, if Ukraine invades it will find itself in a three front war, from the south, east and the north.
            Belarus is cozing up to Russia again, realizing U.S. cant be trusted.
            Major win for Russia.

            On the other hand Russia proved itself and its tactics and tech to be superior.
            Only 3%of the Russian armed forces managed to turn the tide and beat multiple super and regional powers.
            Russia practiced, perfected tech and tactics, developed new ones.
            Major win for Russia.

            7.He didn’t lose, its a tie.

            8.Actually its increasing and uts at an all time high.

            9.It didnt.
            Most of the Armenian air defense was deliberately turned offline.
            Pantsirs and TORs prevailed in Idlib and decimated Turkish drones and helos.
            With every missile fired they are getting more deadly.
            A ein for Russia.

            10.Thats true, albeit they arent officially allies.
            U.S. and most of Europe went true hell ad well by the way.

            11.Which are useless.
            Russian GDP and Forex reserves are growing.

          3. Antikapitalista says:

            1. In 2008, Georgia’s military was essentially destroyed and with it all the prospects of joining the North Atlantic Terrorist Organization, as per Article 10 of the NATO treaty.

            2. Pro-western Georgian leadershit has been thoroughly discredited, the Tie-eater, a former president of Georgia, has been on the run and is wanted by pro-Russian Georgian government. The pipe dream of Georgia as a Western outpost is forever confined to the annals of history.

            3. The de-facto Russian border moved south. Some people in the West voice concerns that it has been moving south ever since, little by little, but Russia seems to be unfazed by this. Tens of thousands of people in Abkhazia and South Ossetia have received Russian citizenship.

            4.Yet another Western botched attempt at the expansion of the Transatlantic empire actually resulted in one of Russia’s biggest enlargement in decades. Russia gains Crimea and strategic parts of Ukraine. Ukraine becomes a festering problem for the West, threatening the stability of the Fourth Reich itself, as a Dutch referendum has demonstrated. Ukraine’s membership in NATO is firmly ruled out as per Article 10 of the NATO treaty.

            5. The heavy-handed attempts of the West to seize Belarus send Belarus firmly into a Russian orbit in the Russian. What Russia had not been able to achieve in years, not even with costly offers, suddenly became a reality overnight and Belarus has become firmly entrenched in the Russian sphere of influence—for free at that.

            6. Russia achieved what the West could not. Russia’s international prestige grows enormously while the West is shamed and relegated to the role of mere bystanders. Not only Russia managed to thwart their plans to depose the Syrian government by force and destroy Syria as a state, the impressive Russian show of force increased the demand for Russian weapons world-wide, making it actually a cost-effective enterprise.

            7. Russia’s man in Libya, Haftar, had managed to conquer almost all of Libya—especially Libya’s precious oil fields—except Tripoli and its surroundings, currently held by the Internationally-begging Government of National Discord. Haftar is also supported by France, as Turkey, a key NATO member, is getting more and more at odds with its Western allies, while Erdoğan’s support for head-cutting jihadis from France to Syria and beyond has earned him the popularity of Adolf Hitler. It is one thing to suffer a problematic NATO member stirring shit in the Near East and the Aegean Sea, it is quite another to do it in France’s backyard, much less in France itself. And the whole NATO enterprise proved to be a spectacular failure. Just like all of NATO’s military adventures, after all. A mere 10 years later, almost all of Libya is already back in the hands of someone like the deposed Brother Leader.

            8. Russia’s arm sales have been consistently on the rise since 2014. Apparently, it pays off to show the West that Russia knows how to put them to good use too.

            9. No system is invulnerable to swarms of drones, nor even a short-range air-defense system, if left alone, unnetworked, unarmed, turned off or otherwise operated by an incompetent crew. That said Russia has made such sales of it because there have no better ones anyway.

            10. Of note here is that Iran was originally not Russia’s ally; Russia was an ally of the West, aligned against Iran. In fact, Russia was such a staunch ally of the West that Russia was willing to axe its freshly-inked deal with Iran for the delivery of the S-300 system. But Western sky-high arrogance and the usual Western heavy-handed policy of sanctions together with the Western notoriously short-sighted penchant for trouble-making have finally managed to reverse it all, in effect not only bringing Russia and Iran together, but also making them allies. Now Iran can freely pursue the development of its nuclear technology, while the West cannot do anything reasonable about it because the West has already expended all its trustworthiness as an entity with which no genuine agreements are possible. And although the Iranian leadership was not pursuing a nuclear weapon in 2015, having much more modest goals, such as stability in Syria, by now the Iranian leadership has most likely understood that having a nuclear weapon is simply the inevitable way, necessary for relations with the West. So far, Iran holds all the trump cards for a possible renegotiation…

            After this string of Western disastrous policies, it’s hard not to see why Russia’s influence has been displacing that of the West.

          4. The Objective says:

            1) Georgia and Russia are certainl not on friendly terms. An example can be seen here. We can discuss this topic separately and I’ll remove doubt from you that these two countries have indeed fallen out. How does that affect NATO? Look at this example of Russia/Georgia relations: https://www.neweurope.eu/article/kremlin-interference-in-georgias-elections/
            2) Russia annexed more land in its bullying wars – a few hundreds of thousands of people along with sanctions and permanent enmity. All this for what? Not to mention that the Ukrainian war still simmers. How does this affect NATO? On the other hand, instability right on Russia’s doorsteps.
            3) How does instability in Belarus affect the West? Belarus already have a pro-Russian leader. Instability will certainly disturb Russia not the West. It’s trouble in a previously peaceful backyard, and NATO will keep poking the fire. What makes you think NATO ever wanted Ukraine? I read a U.S policy paper by the RAND cooperation in 2020. They advocated destabilizing Russia’s neighbors to force the Kremlin to expend resources. I can see that they’ve implemented this recommendation. Just think of it: Ukraine, Belarus, N-K, there’ll be next soon.
            4) Russia thwarted the attempt to depose Assad. But how has ended for Russia? A failed state of Syria, several Russian personnel killed, Billions of dollars in cost, propping up a virtually non-existent Syrian economy, fighting an endless war. What new allies has Russia gained as a result of intervening in Syria? All the countries you can mention are American puppet regimes who won’t dare defy America otherwise their regimes will collapse. How can Russia have true allies in them?
            5) “Russia’s arm sales have been consistently on the rise since 2014” Can you provide any stats even from Russian sources? On the country I’ll give you stats from 3 different sources confirming my claim. Also list any countries that requested to buy Russian weapons since the TB2 drones started destroying air defenses.
            6) No system is invulnerable to drone “swarms” agreed. But then there were no drone swarms in Libya, Syria or N-K. Russian systems are yet to face any drone swarms by Turkish drones, and believe me those Russian systems aren’t ready for what I saw displayed by Turkish swarms. Besides, Russia never advertised its weapons as being vulnerable to drones. But we saw that they are. However, according to you, the operators are unskilled despite having Wagner group in Libya. Or rather, the Pantsirs were turned off on a battlefield during war-time. What a sweet excuse. Libya, Syria, N-K all cannot operate the air defenses properly.
            6) Iran is a Russian ally and a big burden and threat at the same time. LOL. Are you about to tell me that Russia wants a nuclear-armed Iran so that Turkey will have the perfect excuse to go nuclear, or are you saying Putin doesn’t know about “Velayat El-Faqhi”?

            My friend, re-examine Russia’s position and you’ll see that its influence is receding. No country would provide a military base for Russia in the Middle East or North Africa. Syria was the only one. But now the regime is in trouble, which means Russia’s only military base in the Middle East is in Jeopardy. Turkey on the other hand has military bases in Syria, Libya, Somalia, Qatar, Albania, and soon Azerbaijan. Even Egypt will allow Turkey a military base when Sisi falls. It’s a bit funny to that Putin thinks he can win a competition with Turkey on Muslim countries. We’ll see how far this goes, but the ultimate winner isn’t hard to decipher. First check the polarities of Erdogan and Putin among Arabs of the world. How can a Kaafir ever hope to win the hearts and minds of Muslims over a devout Muslim leader like Erdogan? This is only possible through dictators like El-Sisi or may Shiites.

          5. NirKon says:

            I wonder whatever happened to all those deep deep undercover KGB agents in the US and the West that were left behing when the Warsaw-Pact and Soviet Union fell over 3o years ago? Like Nikita, the film. Maybe, just maybe, we might be seeing their work come to light as the US is in utter chaos and disentegrating rapidly.

          6. Lone Ranger says:

            Shhh :)

      2. Jens Holm says:

        The Russian deroute for socalled communisme started even before there was any Gorbatjof and Jeltzin. Thats the mistake and not them.

        I dont think Peter the Great as weklll as Katherine the 2. failed at all. Both grew the Empire bigger. The Russian problem was and is so much land is of low value and kind of isolated. You have to add that in our subtraction.

        You also ignore that those in west has had its ups and downs as well as collapses.

        USA also has not defined Russia as an easy target. As many others they just want to have Russia, where the Russians lives and allow people to decide a yes or no for that.

        Right now Putin and his nepotists has deided by themself Putinn can remain as Leadrer until he is 83.

        1. klove and light says:

          You belong to your father, the devil, and you want to carry out your father’s desires. He was a murderer from the beginning, not holding to the truth, for there is no truth in him. When he lies, he speaks his native language, for he is a liar and the father of lies.

      3. HB_Norica says:

        “The US has identified Russia as an easy target”
        Famous last words.

        1. Ade742 says:

          Following the path of Napoleon & Hitler ….Hmmm how did they do ?

  4. Raptar Driver says:

    1st of all This administration is irrelevant as it is an unelected coup government.
    The Ukrainian government does as it’s told by it’s foreign masters, clearly.
    Lastly Russia cannot stand by As the coup government tries to take more territory.
    If Russia does nothing then clearly Putin will show who he truly is.

    1. Jihadi Colin says:

      Absolutely. Zelensky is run on the one hand by his EUNATO masters, who holds the purse strings, and on the other by the Nazis who literally would lynch him if he backs down now.

      1. Ashok Varma says:

        Russian policy in Ukraine has been bi-polar schizoid, they started a war in the Don Bas and then chickened out. The west smelled weakness and is now going to strike like a poised Cobra. The US and Zionist corporations see Russia a a last resources frontier to plunder.

    2. Fog of War says:

      ” As the coup government tries to take more territory. ”

      Is it not Ukrainian territory ? When the Donbass people voted to join Russia Putin rejected their request, therefore, its still Ukrainian land. . I support the people of Donbass , and their aspirations, but Putin messed this one up. Now he is caught in a logical conundrum .

      1. Lone Ranger says:

        No, according to the UN Charter its not.
        They had multiple Referendums every time voting for secession.
        Same story as Kosovo…

        1. Fog of War says:

          Except, all the results of the referendums were ignored by Putin, while at the same time, he told them to negotiate with the Ukrainians. Therefore, their referendums were ignore by all sides and the territory is still legally Ukrainian. Basic logic.

          Additionally, if NATO was not present in Kosovo, Serbia would have reclaimed it already. Similar to what the Ukrainians want to do. Basic logic.

          1. Lone Ranger says:

            The Referendum was about secession first.
            It doesn’t have to be acknowledged by anybody aside from the local people to be valid.

            Indeed, that means Donbas and Lughansk are doing the right thing.

          2. Fog of War says:

            ” It doesn’t have to be acknowledged by anybody aside from the local people to be valid. ”

            Fair enough, then the Turds have a full right to their part of Syria and Iraq. Based on you logic of course.

          3. Lone Ranger says:

            Except most of them aren’t locals but invaders from Turkey, Lybia, Saudisis Arabia and Afghanistan.

          4. Fog of War says:

            They were let in by Assads dad and have had Syrian ” citizenship ” for decades now. Nice try though.

          5. Lone Ranger says:

            That’s a cool disney story.
            Too bad it ain’t true.
            I can still remember CIAisis jihadi trolls posing on top of Gadaffis dead body in Lybia shouting next stop Damascus…
            They weren’t joking.
            Only thing that comforts me is that most of them are already dead by now along with their mossad/cia handlers.

          6. Fog of War says:

            I’m talking about the Turds. But I think you knew that. You’re just trapped in your own logical hole now and cant get out. Let me remind you.

            ” It doesn’t have to be acknowledged by anybody aside from the local people to be valid. “

          7. Lone Ranger says:

            Nice magic wand moment from you, but Kurds aren’t the problem.
            In fact they fought against Turkey and isis.
            Better luck next time…

          8. Lone Ranger says:

            P.S. Kurds never had Syrian citizenship…

          9. Lone Ranger says:

            Turkmen and Talibs same story.
            They were shipped there by C-130s.

    3. Jens Holm says:

      Ukraine certainly dont do what kompetent people tell them too naming them Masters or not. You must be blind or worse. We dont wish them nazis and nationalists as dominating rulers. We also mde WW2 agaiunst that.

      So You once again lie all over.

      1. klove and light says:

        You belong to your father, the devil, and you want to carry out your father’s desires. He was a murderer from the beginning, not holding to the truth, for there is no truth in him. When he lies, he speaks his native language, for he is a liar and the father of lies.,,,

    4. viktor ziv says:

      This article is joke as Clown Z is. The author presumes Clown has pattern. There is no pattern beside Ukraina falling down for decades. As for armed conflict estimations, if VSU is that strong and determined to crush LDPR’s drunk Porky would have done it while the odds were favoring VSU. Fin support to U is fading since EU and US are facing bigger and bigger fin crisis. The only correct in article is high corruption, as if we’re not aware of… If the red line in Donbass is crossed Russia has to step in. They did it in 2008 for Ossetia and Abhaziya, they will most certain step in for Donbass. The question is, will it be kinetic or electromagnetic, depends on smaller but determined militias in LDNPR’s.

  5. Band Itkoitko says:

    We are all waiting to see what will happen. It can be a total disaster or less so. In any case, there will be hardships even if there would be no war at all.

  6. cechas vodobenikov says:

    400,000 Russian citizens in Donbass….the ukrop and amerikan nazis will soon be in Lvov with their polish nazi cohorts after they are obliterated should they attempt a true invasion

    1. Fog of War says:

      ” 400,000 ”

      So is the Donbass Russian territory ? If not, then Russia is actually obligated to evacuate them in the face of impending hostilities. You cant have it both ways.

      1. Lone Ranger says:

        No need to evacuate, ukropnazis will fail as usual.

      2. Jim Allen says:

        I’m thinking their declaration of independence from Ukraine, makes any obligation, (real, or imagined) null, and void.
        Given Russia has not evacuated the region, but instead handed out passports
        is a strong indication Russia has no such obligation.

    2. Supreme Blyat says:

      The Turkish drones are coming. Zakharcenko is meeting old friends.

      1. Just Me says:

        Turkey is NATO vassal state and along with Poland, Ukraine and Romania at the spear head of the US campaign to destroy Russia. The Turks can never be trusted as they are like snakes.

        1. Jens Holm says:

          None here has any of those intensions. USSR did it very well themself in 1991 and before that in 1917.

          And Yes those new countries are not runned be the devatsting Russian Neocolonialisme and we help them and hopefully for something better. Its difficult to be them. They have not been allowed to decide much – anytyhing – since WW2.

          1. Lone Ranger says:

            Its time for your morning Thorazine shot jens…

        2. Supreme Blyat says:

          Nobody wants to destroy Russia, just to contain it. Being part of Asia trade region is better for them.

      2. Lone Ranger says:

        Turkish drones were useless in idlib…

        1. Supreme Blyat says:

          They pissed on Pantzirs.

          1. Lone Ranger says:

            Before they were blasted out of the sky…

          2. Supreme Blyat says:

            One or two were lost in Nagorno and Lybia too.

          3. Lone Ranger says:

            Indeed, Turkish drones were blasted left and right.

          4. Supreme Blyat says:


          5. Lone Ranger says:


        2. HiaNd says:

          “On the evening of 6 April, an SMM [Special Monitoring Mission to Ukraine] long-range unmanned aerial vehicle(UAV) was unable to take off from its base … to conduct regular monitoring of areas on both sides of the contact line, due to dual GPS signal interference assessed as caused by jamming,” according to an OSCE release

          1. Lone Ranger says:

            Good news, time to disable the Ukronazis.

  7. Jens Holm says:

    Nice to know. But where are the Russaians and Semi Russians in this?

    1. Band Itkoitko says:

      Waiting for you at a corner of a dark street to cure you by good old beating. Russians are not rulers of the world, they act more like physicians by teaching you important lessons and curing your hubris. They cured your French guy, they helped healing your mad German guy.

      Now it’s your turn. Open your mouth wide for an examination.

      1. Supreme Blyat says:

        The most people “cured” by Russians are their own :)

        1. Lone Ranger says:

          Only because the west
          prefers pfizer killshots…

          1. Jim Allen says:

            Or, Astra-Zeneca/BioNTech, or Moderna, or Johnson, and Johnson.
            A wide selection of mRNA not vaccine gene therapy for the sheople to choose from. What doesn’t kill you, alter’s your DNA forever. Then kills you.

      2. Jens Holm says:

        Haha. As the only on they lost WW1 three times. They only collpased twice in 100 years.

        Hard to be impressed.

        1. Band Itkoitko says:

          Yet, the best products of the western spirit (or lack of spirit thereof) failed against Russia. Eventually, even the Soviet hold on Russia failed, being also your invention.

          It’s sad for the self-righteous west to be the inventor of Nazism and then needing to be saved from it by what they see as “backward” Russia. Now, you reinvented sodomy and it will again be destroyed by the eastern physician. Russia is strong against you no-matter what you do, only because you are so wrong and so detached from truth.

          You cannot go on like this anymore. The end has come. The millennial western experiment of self-proclaimed righteousness and self-imposed right to own the planet is soon to be closed.

          1. Jens Holm says:

            Most of that is highly incorrect and crap too.

            Eastern Psysician wont destroy anything. None can implement their good ídeas, because You dont educate people to produce and distribute.

            Much as Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels was germans from west too. Most Europeans wasnt nazis at all.

          2. Band Itkoitko says:

            You aren’t a very bright dude. What I say is historically correct, if you get your head out of your butt. After Napoleon a lot of westerners felt butt-hurt (which might have been pleasant to them since homosexuality has always been a surprisingly common feat of the west). Nazism is a reflection of the ultra-barbaric essence of European culture and spirit. I don’t say that Europeans are bad or worse than anyone. I only say that they are a subject of a broken spirit of their own choosing that brought them to nihilism, Nazism, and essentially satanism.

            I’m also saying that you will be freed from that spirit by the help of your beloved Russia. That’s the role of Russia. She has no ambition or desire to rule the world (unlike you). She’s already plenty large and has sufficiency of anything. But now you will need to carry your own cross and learn.

          3. Jens Holm says:

            Again a lot of nonsense from You.

            Homos are among the bets citicens. They have time for being good taxpayers as well as they make no children.

            They are well included in Denmark and by that we makes less conflicts from the Macho like Yours telling all day long and confirming, they ceratinly are no gays.

          4. Band Itkoitko says:

            I see that you have your dissociation to deny some obvious things. It’s not a great situation if a bit of basic truth can crumble your world. So you need to build a wall around yourself.

            I didn’t want to offend your homosexuality with my macho whatever. It’s not about me and what I am. It’s about the fact that your ideologies are broken and that’s unfortunate.

            The very fact that you think that them “making no children” is a positive thing is a very good litmus that our views are wrong. You are confessing an anti-life belief and even a cult.

      3. Jens Holm says:

        I do have 71045 coment here. Whats Your problem?

  8. Jens Holm says:

    I several times has proposed they should vote about a border change and some compensation. But people there still dont know what it is:)

  9. Jihadi Colin says:

    Let me repeat for the nth time that none of this would have happened but for the failure of the Greatest Grandmaster Genius The Galaxy Has Ever Known, Vladimir Putin, to not crush the Ukranazi cancer in 2014 when he could have with extreme ease. The Ukrainian army was in no condition to offer resistance, masses of troops would defect, the Nazis had not consolidated power, Yanukovych was still the legitimate president, and no NATO forces were either in Ukraine or in a position to intervene. The Putinist regime failure to intervene is repeatedly explained away by hypocrites like Andrei The Faker Raevsky by some prediction (presumably by gazing into a crystal ball) that Ukranazistan will imminently and inevitably disintegrate. It has not happened in 7 years of predicting, and it will not happen now.

    Ironically, this same White half Russian emigre descendant, who let me remind you is a Swiss living in Florida, is now jumping on to the bandwagon of “Russia should occupy up to the Dneiper” when only a few months ago he and his echo chamber were claiming that capturing Mariupol would have been a step too far for the Donbass Republics.

    1. Fog of War says:

      ” Vladimir Putin, to not crush the Ukranazi cancer in 2014 when he could have with extreme ease. ”

      Dont be so hard on him. These conflicts are ” frozen ” on purpose to be revived later at the choosing of the “controllers ” . Remember the first Gulf war ? North Korea ? You can also add to that Idlib, Sudan, Libya, the Donbass. Putin is just doing his ” job “.

    2. Fog of War says:

      The Saker is a contradictory buffoon who likes to get his ego fellated by his devoted ” readers ” . Of course opposing opinions arent allowed in his personal cult.

      1. Just Me says:

        Saker like any other columnist is just posting his opinions, and there is nothing wrong about that in relatively free media.

        1. Jens Holm says:

          Saker is not just being believed by Russians and ME muslims as the truth and the whole truth.

          This socalled conflict mainly is an internal cirkeus made by and for Yourself.

          If anything rellay happens, it would be on the news here. We only has seen Biden naming Putin as killer.

        2. Jihadi Colin says:

          “Relatively free media”?

          Why then does he ban dissent on his site?

          1. Just Me says:

            SF is just a MSM propaganda outlet with a confused twist, they censor heavily but let trolls post insulting vulgar comments like the Hindu attention seeker. It is sad that it has come down to this. Some of us do try to keep the posts civilized and try to educate the mindless trolls. Pretty soon SF will no audience left if it does not clean up its act.

        3. Fog of War says:

          ” just posting his opinions, ”

          Thats fine, but he’s on record supporting ideas which he mocked earlier. while never admitting that he was wrong previously. His arrogant snark and attitude dont help either.

    3. BMWA1 says:

      He the Saker is surely totally mediocre and goes on and on about very little actual data. But for those in a posish of power like Putin you really need the Crystal Ball in addition to data. Crimea went very smooth in March 2014, but in Sept 14 YES Donbass should have kept moving when ATO forces were on the run up to Oblast boundaries at least incl. Mariupol…..there was nothing to lose at that point…but Russian forces NOW are better prepared. With benefit of hindsight….similar after Debaltsevo in early 15.

    4. Jens Holm says:

      Putin elected again`????

    5. Jim Allen says:

      Your view of the Geopolitical situation is myopic. Further your opinion has no cash value.

  10. Fog of War says:

    What are you going to do India ? Absolutely nothing.

    – US Navy sends warship to India’s exclusive economic zone without permission, to challenge New Delhi’s ‘excessive maritime claims’ –


    1. Jihadi Colin says:

      Ha, Modi media is totally silent about this.

      When Amerikastani “Defence Secretary ” (Minister of War) Lloyd Austin was in Delhi last month and talked about the Modi regime’s requirement to protect the rights of minorities, Modi media denied any such thing had happened even though the Amerikastani government itself said it had.

      1. Fog of War says:

        Of course. India is a paper tiger whose economy depends mainly on providing IT and call center services to the US. The ZioAmericans could destroy it in half a day. BRICS is a joke and illusion for the masses. This is all theater for the gullible sheeple, Meanwhile, vaccination passports are being rolled out with mandatory vaccination next .

        1. Jihadi Colin says:

          The Modi regime has now made vaccination compulsory for all health care workers (that includes me; I have refused to take it so far when it was optional), teachers and shopkeepers.

          1. Fog of War says:

            It sounds like you’ve finally relented, I hope not. Although, most of us will be joining you soon. Those resisting will probably get a very long ” nap ” . Humanity could put a stop to this in 5 minutes, but alas, we are all sheep.

          2. Just Me says:

            JEW AGENDA


            EXCLUSIVE – Former Pfizer VP: ‘Your government is lying to you in a way that could lead to your death.’
            ‘Look out the window, and think, “why is my government lying to me about something so fundamental?” Because, I think the answer is, they are going to kill you using this method. They’re going to kill you and your family.’

          3. Jens Holm says:

            Iran is better. They send the unimployed to Abu Kamal.

          4. Ashok Varma says:

            The AstraZeneca is a kill shot. These vaccines are a hoax.

        2. Lone Ranger says:

          Of course. U.S. is a paper tiger whose economy depends mainly on providing CIAisis and call center services to the jihadis. The Chinese could destroy it in half a day. NATO is a joke and illusion for the masses. This is all theater for the gullible sheeple, Meanwhile, vaccination passports are being rolled out with mandatory vaccination next

          1. Fog of War says:

            Wow, you must be proud. You’re officially a one trick pony now.

          2. Lone Ranger says:

            Indeed you are.

    2. Jens Holm says:

      Its internal pee in the pants. The Russian Armata :)

  11. Fog of War says:

    Are you catching on yet ?

    – ‘Great working relationship’ will allow Russia & US to travel ‘further out into space together,’ senior NASA official tells RT –


    1. Just Me says:

      Russia is weak party and will always be a US vassal, so we know that.

      1. Jens Holm says:

        I wonder which two are “we”. Maybee fatter is number two:) – and grandfather is dead.

      2. Lone Ranger says:

        U.S. is weak party and will always be a Chinese vassal, so we know that.

        1. Jim Allen says:

          I think China doesn’t want it.
          Besides US Government is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Zionist Khazar criminal Banking Cabal.
          Since 1913. Or, 1871…..

    2. Tommy Jensen says:

      Russia is an equal partner and should have been in Nato instead of Ukraine and the others because Russia are also like Europe.
      One day the pimp will love me.

  12. Proud Hindu says:

    6 Chinese ki!!ed in east China factory explo!on

    1. Tommy Jensen says:


  13. Proud Hindu says:

    10 paki muslims dead in bus crash

    1. Tommy Jensen says:


      1. Jens Holm says:

        Those Pakis were camouflaged well:)

    2. Just Me says:

      Gloating over any human loss is very pathetic and you wonder why SF is going downhill and allow such disgusting crass posts. BTWm hundreds of India die every day of Corona, poor sanitation and famine. Nothing to boast about, grow up.

      1. Proud Hindu says:

        A lot of Iranians starve to death everyday worry about that Shia troll

    3. Lone Ranger says:

      Hi Shlomo…

    4. Lamumba says:

      They died as believers, not like you cow piss drinker and believer in weird mythical half-man donkey-with-many-arms hybrid. Improve your personal and communal hygiene first before glorifying the death of innocents. You turd smelling yankistan clone.

      1. Proud Hindu says:

        Your profet r@ped Aisha worry about that

      2. Fog of War says:

        I love it ! Two religions fighting over which is the ” valid ” one. The world has never seen this before.

  14. SnowCatzor says:

    “There is almost a zero probability that Ukraine will suffer a crushing defeat and the DLPR forces will occupy the territory to the Dnieper River. Russia now has neither the strength nor the ability to gain control over such a vast territory”

    Are you fricken kidding me? Russia could easily take all the land up to the Dnieper river if it wanted.

    1. Tommy Jensen says:

      Hushhhh. Russia is weak and vulnerable. A disorganised divided Russia and its soldiers are tired of endless troubles in Dombass. The vodka economy never made it. Putin has no control of his country, its managed by greedy Russian oligarchs.
      If there ever was a time for Nato to take over Russia, its now. Just a few years later it could be a disaster for International usury banking.

      1. Lone Ranger says:

        Hushhhh. U.S. is weak and vulnerable. A disorganised divided U.S. and its soldiers are tired of endless troubles in the middle east and Asia The whiskey economy never made it. Biden has no control of his country, its managed by greedy U.S. tycoons.
        If there ever was a time for CSTO to take over the U.S., its now. Just a few years later it could be a disaster for International usury banking.

        1. Just Me says:

          There is no question that the US will go down. It is just a matter of how destructive it becomes as it meets it much deserved ending.

        2. Tommy Jensen says:

          In your dreams.
          US has around 850 bases, UK is said to have around 150 bases, all of them paid by their host or foreign pockets thus each independent with nukes and heavy military.
          Notwithstanding any financial troubles or political confusion, the military foundation of the Empire stands for a very long term.
          No one else has or have this global projection of force. Try again.

          Recall the Roman Empire when they got in the same situation of defeat and decadence, it took several hundreds of years to finally get rid of Rome’s central power.

          1. Lone Ranger says:

            Rome lasted 1200years.
            U.S. is already toast after 350…
            Only a handful of those bases can project a serious power, the rest are CIA black sites and spec ops.
            If Russia or China wanted they could vaporize them in 12 hours, all of them.
            And you could do nothing about it except launching nukes.
            But you would lose that game too with 50year old Minuteman IIIs and unreliable Trident IIs.

          2. Antikapitalista says:

            “all of them paid by their host or foreign pockets thus each independent”

            No need to read further…

            Well, this is a prime example how it looks like when your nation goes bust in such a miserable way that it cannot provide its citizens with even basic psychiatric medications to enable its citizens to function in real life.

      2. klove and light says:

        You belong to your father, the devil, and you want to carry out your father’s desires. He was a murderer from the beginning, not holding to the truth, for there is no truth in him. When he lies, he speaks his native language, for he is a liar and the father of lies.,,.

      3. René Artois says:

        Russia is weak and vulnerable. – in your dreams.

        1. Jim Allen says:

          I believe Jensen is heavy on the sarcasm applicator this morning.. .

      4. SnowCatzor says:

        Lol. That’s good one.

        1. Tommy Jensen says:

          I think its Sun Tzu who says, “always look as weak as possible toward your enemy when you are the strongest, and always look as strong as possible when you are the weakest”………………..LOL.

  15. Putin Apologist says:

    Yes, Ukraine is an basket case but a war with Russia over the Donbass is not going to solve its myriad problems. In fact, a war would likely make them grow worse and multiply. One, Ukraine’s miltary would almost certainly be decimated in and conflict with Russia’s. And no, the US and NATO are not going to get involved in the fighting. Two, as with South Ossetia and Abkhazia, Russia could recognize the DPR’s and LPR’s sovereignty as independent states, or even annex them into Russia and Russia did with Crimea. And Ukraine could loose even more territory… Mariupol or Kharkiv? Sure, a war would cause Russia more problems with the West. But let’s be serious, Russia already has bad relations with the West so if it’s not a conflict with Ukraine, it will be something else. Four, Russia has already shifted economically away from Europe and towards Asia. As for North Stream 2, this project is primarily for the benefit of Germany. If the Germans want to pay more for LNG from shipped all the way from Texas so be it. The Russians can sell the gas to the Chinese.

    1. Jim Allen says:

      Nyet. In the first place Russia did not “annex” Crimea. It was Crimea that initiated the move to the Federation. The agreement that attached Crimea to Ukraine had a clause that allowed Crimea to separate itself from Ukraine legally. With Crimea facing invasion, and genocide as Pooroshenko puppet was instructed by Jacob Rothschild himself to:
      1. (after Maidan, the attention was on Donbass) Attack Donbass, kill as many people as possible.
      2. Take control of the resources.
      The Zionist Khazars hate Russia, and Russians, are determined to destroy not only Russia, but Iran as well. The Khazars have been packing this grudge since
      The Globalist purpose here is to restore Khazaria to it’s original borders. Their interest is the land, the population living in the region is not desired, particularly the Russian population. Ukrops are no more popular than the Russians. The Globalist Cabal will use UAF as cannon fodder against Russian military, if it can, and has US supplying weapons, money, and the empty promises of backing Ukraine’s military to the bitter end. CIA is the smoothest group of liars assembled in one alphabet agency in world history. Ukraine’s military is incapable of coping with the militias defending Donbass, early on in it’s attack on the region, UAF attacked, the militia’s responded by driving UAF back a dozen, or so miles from their lines. Like clockwork. Yeah, Putin got the defenders to stop that, and simply maintain a balance.
      Russia supplies Donbass, but Crimea had priority as Russia’s only warm water port, and it’s big military base needed to be secured, and Ukraine had become much too erratic, and anti-Russian. Everything in Crimea had been closed, neglected, the water, and power manipulated, anti-Russian laws enacted against the people living in poverty, even the gas had been cut off. Crimea was part of Khazaria, and the prize most desired by the Globalist’s, as well as the common border with Russia. This turned out not to be all that, but again Putin was quicker than they thought, and snatched Crimea away. He did this legally under International Law. There were four Referendum votes, in all that separated Crimea from Ukraine, then voted into the Federation. The legal actions can be found at the International Court’s in Brussels.
      Russia poured cubic rubles into Crimea, and built the Kerch Bridge, not thing’s done with country’s, territory’s that are annexed. Generally annexation results in whatever resources being stripped, people forced deeper into poverty, genocide, and other not very nice stuff. Further, stating the fact’s accurately when discussing the disposition of a given action makes one appear less a prejudiced jackass.
      It’s a mistake to attempt to project Western Government’s values on Russia. It’s simply not the way Russia rock’s, and roll’s.
      I wouldn’t be so sure military action in Ukraine will have any effect on
      Nordstream II. Which will likely be completed before anything of a military nature takes place in Ukraine. UAF will, if/when Russia chooses to act fold like Japanese paper art figure. The premise Russia is somehow unable to take whatever military action in the region is flawed. Fatally flawed, Russia’s military isn’t spread thin at the end of long lines of communications, occupying country’s not in it’s interests to occupy. Russia isn’t fighting other country’s war’s for them, it’s doing what it signed on to do. Provide military assistance, and it’s done this very well. Keeping the country’s military hardware upgraded, exchanging some for later versions, Panstir as example. Sharing military technology with allies like Iran, that’s developing it’s own weapons systems. Providing training upgrades to it’s allies military forces, and the militia’s fighting beside Government forces. Training the country’s aerospace forces to fly the fighter aircraft supplied. (in Syria
      MiG-29SMT more than a match against anything the Western military’s are flying)
      Syrian pilot’s are receiving intensive training in Russia, by it’s Aerospace forces.
      Russian Aerospace support in Syria is second to none, Syrian Air Defense Forces are the best there is today under Russian training, and advisors. Leaving IAF pinprick attacks into Syria launched from locations it knows it’s aircraft won’t be attacked, impotent. So little gets through Syrian air defenses, and does so little damage IAF appears the fool wasting US dollars to strike nothing. Using existing hardware, troll’s fail to understand Russian military hardware is infinitely upgradable, today’s
      S-200 missile defense system ain’t your grandpa’s S-200.
      Perhaps one day the pretenders will present a target worthy of launching an
      S-300 missile to destroy it.
      The quality of Russian military hardware is not diminishing in the slightest, it’s also in the highest demand worldwide, the few demonstrations of it’s technology, and capabilities upon Russia’s entering the Syrian war on Syria’s behalf grabbed the attention of all the world’s military forces.
      Sales increased, Western military technology, and capabilities lag decades behind, existing hardware is aged, poorly maintained, and an amazing amount of hardware is not upgradable. (US Navy’s Guided Missile Frigates, cheap unarmored, not upgradable, as example) Undertrained, undermanned, crew’s are defenseless against attack. It appear’s US Navy has problems keeping two carrier attack force’s in service at any given time, again defenseless against Russia’s advanced weapons systems. Russia’s submarines have proven almost impossible for the West to track, especially it’s D/E boats.
      These are capable of staying down for extended periods if/when necessary.
      Because Russia has no interest in taking over the world, it has no need for attack carriers, cruiser size destroyers to escort, and likes the Corvette size ship, at 1,000 tonnes, fast, maneuverable, and disproportionately armed make hard targets, their armament caused US Navy to classify these as frigates. Russia’s military is also some 80%+ modernized. In contrast to US 30%(+/-) modernized.
      New construction aircraft, warships, etc., are a joke. One carrier that’s still in trials for at least another two years, two destroyers that are absurdly underarmed, prone to breakdown, constructed of materials radically incompatible with operating in seawater, already leaking due to corrosion, and they burn when attacked.
      Then there’s the epitome of the sunk cost fallacy, F-35. A multi-role design touted as the ultimate in fighter aircraft, stealthy, too.
      In real life this fugitive from a scrap yard is capable of performing none of it’s designed roles, and struggles just to stay airborne.
      A completely stupid maintenance schedule, puts high numbers of aircraft on the ground and few in the air. They’ve proven impossible to maintain in combat conditions, corrosion is an issue, and the stealth coating falls off about 3 days after application. Untold numbers of systems critical to maintaining flight have been unreliable from the start, the Oxygen generator has reliability issues that date to F-22, and remain unresolved today. F-22 experiencing Oxygen generator failure usually crashed with the pilot still on board, F-35 pilots are often able to bail out.
      This plane falls out of the sky for no apparent reason. Slow, handles like a hammock, and not the least bit stealthy, able to reach, and maintain 1.6 Mach for about a minute, before the engine overheats, press the engine further it fly’s apart. Air superiority fighter ? It’s half as fast as Tu-160, Russia’s big strategic bomber. For a minute, then it’s a subsonic fighter a Tu-95 can possibly outrun.
      Too fast, and sluggish to be a ground attack aircraft, vulnerable to groundfire, has no time on target capability. VTOL version is a joke. A poor choice for carrier duty, strengthened landing gear, and airframe for tailhook, and catapult launch adds weight, reducing speed to biplane, and weapons capacity. The Brit’s will love these babies.

      1. Putin Apologist says:

        Firstly, the word “annex” does not implicitly or explicitly imply illicit or nefarious action. The word “annex” simply means to “to append or to attach” one entity with another. Or in the case of territory, “to incorporate it into an existing political unit”. As for your definition; “annexation results in whatever resources being stripped, people forced deeper into poverty, genocide…. I would call that colonialism.

        As for; “It’s a mistake to attempt to project Western Government’s values on Russia.” I agree there are vast and insurmountable (at least at this point in human history) civilizational differences between the West and Russia. Dittos for the Persians and the Chinese.

        Secondly, I agree, there are Jews in the West, Jews with much power and influence, that would like to to see Russia destroyed. Dittos for Iran. But, that being said, there is also the Anglo and now the Anglo-American desire to control, or at a minimum, constraint the Eurasian continent. I refer you to the Heartland Theory and the Rimland Theory (Mackinder and Spykman, respectively). In fact you might want to start with “The Influence of Sea Power upon History” (Mahan, 1890).

        I also agree, American military is in no condition to directly fight Russia in Ukraine, for the reasons you stated and more. I also agree; “Russia isn’t [in the business of] fighting other country’s wars for them. But where we might disagree; Novorossiya is Russia (just like Taiwan is China) and Russia will eventually come for it, all of it, from the Donbass to Transnistria.


        1. Jim Allen says:

          Putin explained “annex” in this context, at the time this was taking place. Which is the context Western Government’s use when discussing the subject. It’s not all warm, and fuzzy, and does indeed imply a
          non-consentual action, , etc..
          I wrote “generally,” blah, blah….
          That Russia invested several fortune’s into Crimea to make it livable, preparing closed business’s to start up, again, repair, replace infrastructure, new electric generator plant, airport, schools, everything received some attention, some built new.
          Kick started agriculture, and expanded it.
          Who knew Crimea produced world class wines ? Bumped the pay up not enough, Putin said, but it helped. The bridge answered many transportation problems,
          more efficient access to the port, the military base, and industry.
          Russia went to a lot of trouble to get Crimea rocking again.
          Not something one see’s every day.

  16. johnny rotten says:

    Impeccably fallacious analysis, now let me take a little from the style of @Lone Ranger, so I solve it to the columnist, there is almost a zero probability that Ukraine does NOT suffer overwhelming and the forces of the DLPR will NOT occupy the territory to the Dnepr river.

    NATO now has NO strength or capacity and even the desire to prevent control from the pro Russians on all that territory, once the Nazis would be canceled or on the west escape, the population of Donbas would lay down carpets of flowers to republics troops and whether to reach Russian troops, they would be welcomed as liberators.

    Russia in 2014 prevented the Ukrainian style building of the old Berlin wall, a situation too demanding and unnecessarily harmful, instead he resumed the Crimea without shooting a shot, and left a failed state to manage to the pro western Nazis, the Russia does not need war, and in 2014 he had even less needed, and would intervene only to avoid a genocide, while the West not only does not need war but it is not in a position to fight any with an opponent such as Russia, they are not up to the height of starting a war against Iran even less against Russia.

    The cosmopolitan oligarchies that govern the empire of evil have the terror of losing the grip on European vassals, in this framework the reasons or interests of the Ukrainians or the clown that becomes their president count less than zero.

    And finally at the Pentagram they did enough simulations to know with certainty that NATO loses in every compliant scenario, so there will be no war and the clown will be abandoned to its sad destiny, that is its value.

    1. NirKon says:

      I’d tell Putin and the Russians not to stop the cakewalk at Kiev but to keep on pushing all the way to Brussels. The number of Europeans willing to pick up arms against the lackey governments of the US regime and its multinational oligarchs is growing by the day. Anglo-American Zionism is over…finito!!! They just can’t accept it.

      1. johnny rotten says:

        When the Red Army freed Warsaw from the Nazis, the General (Georgij Konstantinovič) Žukov said: “We freed them and they will hate us forever,” time has given him reason.

        If Europeans want to get rid of slavery it is up to them to do so, not to Russia, Russia is not in debt of anything with them, beyond the Dnepr river let the poisoned fruit continues his work, so far he did it at best.

        There is nothing worse for the Westerners who have to take charge of a failed state of the size of Ukraine, this is only my humble opinion, of course.

        1. NirKon says:

          Russia would like to be the leader of a Europe free of US hegemony or at least an equal partner. This is no mystery, but thanks to the hawkish elites in DC-London-Tel Aviv they will not allow it until they are in their graves. Russia has to either step up and be the leader they want to be or else stop talking about “their partners” in the West as if they are some kind of old trusted buddy-buddy friend of theirs. Hasn’t the NordStream project and more recently, the SputnikV vaccine taught them anything about Anglo-American anti-Russian meddling in Europe’s affairs???

          1. johnny rotten says:

            Ten years ago the interchange between Russia and EU was 400 billion, today it is half, Russia is going to the east but still remains economically connected to continental Europe, Lavrov said that diplomatic architecture between Russia and EU it has collapsed and from now on it will only deal bilaterally with the European nations wishing to do business with Russia, without definitively close the door, it is at the EU at this point to decide what to do, or do the handmaid of the USA or have reports Civilians with Russia, who found more civil and friendly people in Asia, let Brussels cook with their broth.
            And no, Russia after the Soviet experience in which has rebuild the Eastern Europe and has been payed with slanders and mud, no longer has any intention of taking care of other nations, the Russian leadership never tires of repeating it, they have already given.

          2. Tommy Jensen says:

            If Russia doesnt want to take care of other nations, this is exactly what we will force Russia to do.
            Russia should be forced to take care of all failed nations, Ukraine, Romania, Bulgaria, Sudan, Somalia, Iraq, Syria, N-Korea, Spain, Italy, Yugoslavia bricks, Turkey, Kurdistan, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Colombia, Venezuela, Mali, Niger, Nigeria.
            You should do it!

        2. Tommy Jensen says:

          The Poles hated the Red Army, because they loved the Nazis as they today love the Zionist troops in their country.
          The Europeans love their slavery too and will hate to get freed by anyone as long as they get a welfare check to buy an iphone and a pair of nike shoes.
          The liberal slaves in the south cotton fields also hated to be liberated by the republicans, who left them without provided shed, safety and hay every day.

  17. Lone Ranger says:

    Russia should avoid the war by cutting down the head of the snake.
    Target the elite and their puppets.
    Lets see how well Ukropisstan can operate without orders from above.

    1. Jim Allen says:

      The City of London appears to be the natural starting point for that….

  18. Voldemort says:

    Elite like the Chef with a PMC

      1. Voldemort says:

        Unless is about nice juicy beef burger, im not clicking it.

  19. The Objective says:

    Fuel crisis paralyzes transportation in Damascus. YPG continues to occupy 70% of Syrian oil resources, with support from the US; while oil refineries remain under the regime’s control.
    Oil refineries in regime control while oil sources are under control of terrorists. What a grand deal Assad got for himself. LOL
    Now there are reports that most cities under regime control have the public transport sector paralyzed and largely grounded due to fuel scarcity. The Kurds halted sales of oil to the regime 25 days ago citing accumulated debt by the regime. Looks like Russia’s missile strikes on oil installations is now coming back to hunt Assad. Maybe the Kremlin will start shipping oil to Syria all the way from Russia. This will definitely increase the cost on Russia.
    I’m waiting to see a Russian missile strike on U.S oil companies in Syria. It’ll be interesting to see how it winds up for the Kremlin.

    1. AJ says:

      Iran is sending oil tankers even Fox news reported 4 vessels are currently on the way to Baniyas oil refinery

      1. The Objective says:

        Let’s hope those ships arrive safely.
        the Israelis have damaged 12 Iranian ships in less than a year. most were taking oil to Syria. the Iranian navy seems to even be escorting those ships now. But I don’t think they’ll get into a fight over someone trying to disrupt the shipping. It’s more of muscle flexing. america’s heavy naval presence around syria is a serious issue for Iran.

    2. Jim Allen says:

      Iran’s got this covered, 5 oil tankers enroute.
      Russian cruiser escort.

      1. The Objective says:

        Yeah, I think with a Russian escort, the Iranian ships should arrive safe. Israel is likely to keep off, but that’s not certain. We’ll see how it plays out.

  20. Rhodium 10 says:

    That article means nothing!…first of all if Russia are going to remove Nazi Maidan regime…then Russian forces will advance from west Ukraine to Odessa in order to Isolate the country from NATO borders….2º Once ND2 is stopped… nothing will change because Russia will have the control of Ukraine pipelines…

  21. Garry Compton says:

    Russia just has to run the Ukie army off, if they don’t want a full fledged attack, and they can do that with minimal loss. I would rather see the Ukie army destroyed, so they never come back but…. The US Navy is in Ukraine for another reason than poking the Bear. Monsanto, Cargill, DuPont, Lily Pharma- {Globalists} , have taken over whatever Ukraine has, that’s decent, and they need security, and an export – port near Odecca. The Jews are in on this too. The East European states that were part of the USSR are losers because they were ‘losers’, during Soviet times too. They sucked the Moscow money tits, just like they do the EU/US one, so they are worthless and Russia would never want them back. Poland was an exception, and the US and certain EU/Nato countries let their populace move in for work and boosted their economy and leverage, for future puppet leaders. Russia is in the Drivers seat here , because they are on their home turf. It all depends on how far they want to take this intrusion on their borders. Time will tell.

  22. catalin zt says:

    ERASE the anglo-jewish paedophilic,genocidal,perverse&pervert, capitalist Fascist SCUM races from baby monster to adult vampire from the face of Earth and we will have peace and prosperity FOREVER! Amen!!!!!

  23. James says:

    The worse the Ukrainian economy becomes, the more desperate and criminal people will become leading to internal strife. The situation at the border with the Donbass will no doubt largely be the same with desertion, alcohol and drug abuse, theft of equipment, and smuggling.

    Apart from some shots being fired at the start, I can’t see the soldiers having the will for a fully-fledged invasion ordered by the Politicians.

  24. ELPuerco says:

    C/P: USER

    From what I hear from the mouth of your own generals, Russia is so pieced off that nothing will stop it destroying Ukraine, NATO and then US. Gordon, you better use your charm and quickly – tell your motherf….g country not to start WW3. Its all of us around the globe including our kids and grand kids, just because the fat bastards in the US couldn’t cut the Zionist arms off their MF government, we all have to pay the price now? Get on with it please don’t wait until it starts – 2 weeks!

    Who knows to read,this is the end..


  25. peter mcloughlin says:

    The pattern of history is clear: all powers eventually get the war they are trying to avoid. Zelensky may see political benefits from war in Donbass, but be blind to the consequences. Putin, seeing internal instability and commercial losses from Nord Stream being cancelled, may have to act – aware of existential threat – but seeing only the possibility of victory. Indirectly, world war will have started. The warning of history will be ignored.

  26. Duck says:

    Pretty good description of the Russian political predicament in the Ukrainian saga.
    Unfortunately, more than once there was a window of opportunity for Russia to
    act in its best interest only if it had the right leadership. We remember that
    trying again and again to please his western partners and probably paint
    himself as an acceptable partner, Putin publicly kept discouraging Yanukovic to use
    force against the coup plotters and opposition. How different the situation would

    have been today, for Russia, Novorossiya, Ukraine and indeed for the world, if Putin
    actually had encouraged and even helped Yanukovic in resolving the plot before it occurred.
    Once the plotters took over it was expected by everyone including all western

    (Putin’s and Lavrov’s) “partners“ that Russia will act because, from the point of

    view of any sane politician or historian in the world, anything else would have been

    illogical, unhistorical and self-defeating. West was actually
    hoping for the Russian intervention which they planned to use not to start

    war but to step-up anti-Russian propaganda. Instead, to the amazement of the
    world, the very next day, Putin publicly recognized the new government. It was
    beyond the wildest dreams of the western “partners” that the situation was
    allowed to evolve in such an extremely positive way for them. Today we can only
    say that if Russia intervened its political standing and relations with western
    “partners” would hardly be any worse than they are. Actually, if Russia did what
    it must have done it would have been much more respected than it is today.
    This, again, brings us back to the issue of ignorance, incompetence, cowardice or
    even naked treachery of the Russian rulership from the times of Gorbachev and
    Yeltsin straight to this day. Their naked treachery to the Russian longstanding
    allies and friends like Armenia, Cuba (imagine, today they would have been able

    to listen to all communications inside US if they didn’t sell an old and reliable friend),

    Serbia (remember they with their “partners” did everything they could to defeat the

    Serbs and make of them the world pariahs and criminals, just to find themselves
    in the same position now) …and indeed to the Russian people themselves who will

    eventually be called up again by the same incompetent rulers, for who knows
    how many times already, to bleed in defence of their country and to try to salvage
    that which they so expertly screwed up. The best illustration of political achievements
    of these fake elitists is the recent cozying up to organizations like Hezbollah
    whom, until recently they privately considered as good as a black plague. They
    don’t really have true allies any more. Thousands of years old civilizations
    like Chinese and Persians, who sometimes are presented as the allies, surely know
    Picture: CHEERS!


    1. Jim Allen says:

      The problem with your large opinion, isn’t so much your projected prejudice as it is the fact the Geopolitical situation, that dictates the larger part of Russian strategy is unknowable to you. It appears your grasp of the strategic situation is at best limited.
      This whole trip is far bigger than your ability to process, even if you understood the need.
      You condescend to tell us all what Putin has failed to accomplish, resulting in extremely undoable corrections to problems as you perceive it. Given you’re viewing 1/10th of 1% of the situation as it exists, while world leaders are able to examine the entire depth, and scope of the prevailing conditions, I suggest they’re better able to make decisions on these issues, than you’re able to based on your limited view, and your personal bias you’re unable to contain clouding the view of what little you see.

  27. Bill Haught says:

    Plenty of chimps at keyboards throwing virtual poo in this thread. Or are these pissing contests???

  28. cowdisley says:

    My search for the most humane, ethical and peaceloving country on this earth. In the final five I listed are the UK, Israel, USA, France and Ukraine.
    Obviously not New Zealand, Australia, China, Iran and Switzerland due to their abuse of their native populations. Ancient history also eliminated Greece and Italy. Political satire …. This is the updated version.

  29. thomas malthaus says:


    It appears that Ukraine’s Zelensky has issued a stand-down order.

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