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Russian, U.S. Service Members Engaged In Fist Fight In Northeast Syria: SOHR Claims

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Russian, U.S. Service Members Engaged In Fist Fight In Northeast Syria: SOHR Claims

FILE IMAGE: Russian Military Police service members are in Syria

UPDATE: The Russian Defense Ministry released an official statement denying such incident.


The northeastern Syrian town of Tell Tamr has witnessed a brawl between Russian and U.S. service members, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) claimed in a report on December 26.

According to the UK-based monitoring group, several U.S. service members, who were escorting a team conducting a survey in Tell Tamr, engaged in a fist fight with Russian soldiers recently deployed in the city.

The survey team was reportedly asking Arab and Kurd locals about their opinion on the U.S.-led coalition. The SOHR said that the vast majority of people called U.S. forces “traitors.”

“A brawl erupted … Because they were both [Russian and U.S. service members] in the same region,” the SOHR’s report reads.

The monitoring group didn’t explain how the brawl between U.S. and Russian service members started. Local sources have not provided any information on the alleged incident, either.

Last October, U.S. forces withdrew from vast regions in northeast Syria, facilitating a Turkish-led attack on their local allies, the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF). Back then, units of the Russian Military Police were quickly dispatched to the region to stop Turkish advance.

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Derek Johnson

SOHR = Bollocks, it didn’t happen, no link to SOHR to even confirm it.

Xoli Xoli

Engaging USA is the only way to stop Israel Turkey and puppets. Let the beat start.


So you want Russia to start WW3 just to “stop” Israel and Turkey and “puppets” ?!
Why don’t you go to Syria and bring those who agree with you to attack US soldiers?
After all there are not so many of them, I’m sure you can do it
only if you try. When they see you coming they’ll get scared and run away.

Xoli Xoli

Does nuclear war only start when the USA is resist or it terrorists killed. Let me tell short minded man nuclear war or not only God will end this war.I have seen in vision nuclear war occurring. If you want to stop the nuclear war just tell USANATO to with draw from Russian borders and tell your savior Satanyahu to stop attacking Syria.Dont hold us with nuclear war fear it will come whether you like it or not.To you think in your mind that Russia will continue baby sit USANATO with it’s with its deep hidden terror destruction agendas against Russia. Russia reserves the right to respond.No more USA victimization and intimidation against Russian presence. Soon Israel will be annihilated and sign for 7 years peace treaty.


I am not about offering other cheek to the terrorist the Christian way, but not also about starting new wars all the time either.
I do not want to “stop” anything. Not even stopping “nuclear war” if it starts.
But even more than that I do not want to start new wars specially not”nuclear war”. And you sound like somebody who wants wars, so GO TO THE WAR than!
Wars are evil and they are faught when there is no other alternative.
I would be much happier that Tigers go home and start family (if they don’t have one) and grow children in prosperous Syria instead of getting wounded or killed in war against terrorist lunatics .
Of course I support their fight for free Syria but I do not support starting of WW3 for some stupid excuse!
I hate empty headed cheer leaders and direct supporters of all kinds of conflicts , wars including “nuclear war”.
The war is not sport, it is not fun and only idiots are looking forward to start “nuclear war”.

So like I told you …If you are keen to kick some US ass just go on do your thing and don’t push Russians or anybody else to do that for you.
Go and kill those terrorist lunatics and Americunts all.

Xoli Xoli

I respect your opinion thanks Maybe you should look into indeptednist to say to it who’s ochestrating wars.Remember intimidating Russians is very very dangerous.Because if their start fighting their never stop until final outcome.Tigers will rest only if NATO robbers shield ISIS is route out from all towns.


You “respect” nothing and your comments are going on my nerves.
Blabbing your mouth about war yet you have never seen single person with his brains scattered and his intestines all over the place.
War for young simpleton like you is only video game!
Too many nitwits like you do that war cheerleading all the time like Russian army is your private army. And like wars are only possible way to get some “fun”.
Stop talking in the name of the Russian Federation and stop talking to me as well.

Xoli Xoli

Russian train me in 1978 to fight imperialist and supremacy. I have carry scattered bodies of fellow soldiers back to the military camp.Not like you who are opportunistic commentator and a hit and run terrorist.Very clear you just escape from your mothers hall to the keyboard to spread nonsense my son.

Yngve Jensen

Lol you sound like a butthurt moron.

Xoli Xoli

Time is runi g out against you foolish Zionists except Jesus as your Messiah and savior.In trinity he is the God of Abraham,Isak and Jacob.Jesus is the only way and the door.In the Beginning was it word and the word was with God and the word was God himself.John 1 verse 10-13,17’18

Yngve Jensen

Dont forget to take your pills today,gopnik

Xoli Xoli

Time is running out.

Xoli Xoli

USA is no longer going to babysit Israel satans Zionist. Killer Jews Zionist repent.

Xoli Xoli

Traitors of God.Full of hatred.Blame Muslims and arabs for own failures.Bread and parasite on other human beings. Chosen by God but decide to chose devil and warmongers of USA.

Xoli Xoli

Christian’s live according to God principles. Still ahead of Jews who reject christianity and Jesus the only Messiah.Not like you who are on USA payroll eat USA food get USA training and kill own Muslims and arabs.Thinking rape and chopping off heads is pleasing. Yes only for the Devil.


Who the fuck are you?! Russian? I would give my head that you are NOT Russian!
You are just another Western asshole (again) who wants to fight US to the last Russian !
At this very moment I would love to put my hands on you, you lousy Western wimp and kick your arse so hard that you would wait next year in hospital !

Xoli Xoli

Could you please jump back in your mother another hall so that I can remanufactured you bloody terrorists idiot.


U$A is the most dangerous threat to world peace!
U$A is basically a mafia state!


Xoli Xoli

Very true indeed.But not for blinds like Zip&Pee.Dollars and Euros is their last hope.

Tommy Jensen

Why is he criticizing so much America when Im fine and I have a good life??


That is now public opinion in Germany nowadays and openly reported in newspapers.
“Deutsche sehen USA als grösste Gefahr für den Weltfrieden”

Peter Jennings

I would say that it is probably isreal who are the most dangerous threat to world peace. If they are not aggressively attacking their neighbours, they are trying to convince others to do the same.

IMO, the US is trapped between a rock and a hard totalitarian place of their own making.

Wayne Nicholson

Don’t tell me no one got this on video. Where’s the video? I want to see who won the fight.


I would think IF the Yanks had won the fight , it would have been on the corporate Western media outlets by now :)


I would think IF the russkis had won the fight,it would have been on the Russian media outlets by now:)


US was forced to retreat from Tell Tamr.
One soldier stated: Yeah, a Russian MP kicked us out of town. :)
comment image


That picture is a stock picture from alamy and was added 2009.


Are you sure, dear friend? I hope yes! .Thanks

Jacob Wohl

Fake news. US troops left the village because they wanted to avoid a large scale confrontation. They beat the Russkie troops in the fist fight though!

Iraqi Man

Suck it

Gary Sellars

Murican troops couldn’t beat a troupe of Down Syndrome boy scouts…

Is your nose getting bigger? What a kosher pinocchio.


Avoiding a largescale confrontation ? But I thought Apaches, F22s, F35s and a bunch of US Marines were enough to wipe out HUNDREDS of Russian troops in one go with both hands tied behind their backs ! Whatever happened to the almighty power of the US armed forces I suppose xD


The Russians responded to slaughter of wagner by killing hundreds of american and British special black ops embedded in the al Qaeda rebels in east ghouta . To avenge /save them the skripal incident and east ghouta chemical false flag happened

Liberal guy

It’s not Hollywood reel life but real life where they are not victorious as displayed in their Hollywood films.

Peter Jennings

It was the high heels. They can do some damage when held like a weapon.

Liberal guy

Fake is u


US has some cheek lets illegally occupy another country then carry out a survey to see how you feel!!

Shy Talk

“Mothers hall” first time i’ve heard it called that

Mehmet Aslanak

US ruling elite (aka deep state) still tries to found a Kurdish communist statelet at Turkish border.
Boomer generals in Pentagon circumvents Trump’s orders for this purpose.
Kurdish National Council (ENKS) will eventually take control of the border to protect Syria’s integrity.
Then there will be no need for Turkish backed SNA at the border areas.

Jacob Wohl

CONFIRMED: US soldiers won this fight and defeated the malnourished alcoholic Russkie soldiers in hand to hand combat. Russkies didn’t stand a chance. US soldiers are trained in every single fighting martial art style! Never mess with the US Military :-]

Willing Conscience (The Truths

But they’re not as good as the Turks are they, the Turks are the best warriors, you should know that Mustafa.

Peter Williams

Yes, just ask the Vietnamese, Grenadians and Afghans!

Gary Sellars

US soldiers are trained in sodomy and fellatio, and practise regularly on each other to keep their skills honed. Pansy faggots don’t stand a chance against real men like Ruskie special forces.

Tommy Jensen

All right. Here is how the fist fight ended. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rw0QM12Skxc


Drop the dope, man, makes you look bad.

Dick Von Dast'Ard

Like the Wehrmacht in WW2 asking the Dutch how they felt they had performed post occupation.
1. Efficiently and courteous
2. Fair to middling
3. Room for improvement

Willing Conscience (The Truths

I never believe much what the SOHR has to say but I’m hoping this is accurate, hopefully there’ll be some accompanying video imagery so we can view it all in slow motion.

Icarus Tanović

Beat theirs asses…

Tommy Jensen

Russian aggression against innocent Americans providing freedom for Syria on our soil in NE Syria.

Russia is only interested in gobbling land masses and oil from Syria, while we are in Syria fighting the terrorists for peace!! If General Eisenhower had seen this, he would have done something.

Peter Jennings

If this info comes via SOHR, then it is more than likely bullshit. The SOHR is a shower of shit, operating thousands of miles away from the action, and getting its info, straight from nato.

Maurizio Pucci

Siberian education vs McDonald :-)


The bias in South Front reporting is disgusting. The US service men beat the crap out of Russian soldiers who engaged in a brawl. The Russian soldiers were badly injured and evacuated with an helicopter shortly after. When are you going to revise this story to reflect the truth?

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