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JUNE 2021

Russian, Turksih Forces Resume Joint Patrols In Southern Idlib (Video, Photos)

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On August 12, the Russian Military Police and the Turkish military conducted their 24th joint patrol on the M4 highway in the northwestern Syrian region of Greater Idlib.

The joint patrol set off from the town of Tronba in southern Idlib and reached the town of Ain Hawr in northern Lattakia, completing its entire route. No incidents whatsoever were reported during the patrol.

This was the second joint Russian-Turkish patrol to complete its entire route. The first patrol to complete the route was the 23th, which took place on July 22.

suicide bombing targeted the 21th patrol in July. Three Russian service members were injured in the attack, that also delayed Russian and Turkish plans to patrol the M4.

The M4 links the port city of Lattakia with Aleppo city, Syria’s industrial hub. Turkey must make steps to secure the highway under the March 5 agreement with Russia. Despite many delays, Ankara is honoring this term of the agreement.

While the work to secure the M4 highway is going as planned, tensions are mounting in Greater Idlib. The remaining terrorists in the region have been becoming more hostile. Turkey is encouraging the terrorists by deploying more and more troops in the region. Ankara’s forces are even attacking Syrian government troops on a regular basis. This could soon lead to a new escalation.


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Who cares?
Mediteranian, Lebanon and Belarus are new focal points of the regional conflict.
West is moving from Syria (where they have lost their war) to Russian border again and Lebanon.

Jim Bim

in the meantime, the Turks are building more military posts, attacking the Syrian army and supplying the terrorists with weapons.


What’s the point of these patrols anyway? “Promoting peace and cooperation”? Bullshit…. risking lives for no reason whatsoever.


it is Putin idea

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