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Russian, Turkish Forces Conduct Joint Patrol Around Tell Rifaat


Russian, Turkish Forces Conduct Joint Patrol Around Tell Rifaat

FILE IMAGE: Russian Military Police service members are in Syria

Units of the Russian Military Police and the Turkish military conducted on August 14 a joint patrol around the key city of Tell Rifaat in the northern Aleppo countryside, chief of the Russian Center for Reconciliation of the Opposing Sides in Syria announced.

“On August 14, 2019, from 12:00 to 12:40, the Russian and Turkish military police units jointly patrolled the Tell Rifaat deconfliction zone,” Maj. Gen. Alexei Bakin told reporters, according to the Russian news agency, TASS.

The Russian commander said that the joint patrol’s route ran between the villages of Herbol and Shaykh Issa, east of Tell Rifaat.

Tell Rifaat, one of the biggest urban centers in northern Aleppo, is jointly held by the Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG) and the Syrian Arab Army (SAA). Units of the Russian Military Police have been deployed near the city for more than two years now.

Last year, Russia and Turkey reached an initial agreement that would allow civilians to return to their houses in Tell Rifaat. While the agreement allows the deployment of Turkish forces near the town, Free Syrian Army (FSA) groups are supposed to stay away.

The agreement has never been fully put in action for unknown reasons. However, the new joint patrol signs that Russia and Turkey are planning to activate it.

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  • Xoli Xoli

    Never trust the terrorists Turkey with Erdogan double face standard.

    • Mustafa Mehmet

      yes oli neve ever trust turk

  • Black Waters

    I dunno about this…

  • Willing Conscience (The Truths

    This is Erdogan’s way of slowing down the ALF, they’re doing way too much damage lately and Erdogan has other big problems he has to attend to.
    He’s been beefing up his presence in Iraq and constantly using airstrikes to subdue the PKK he’s fighting there, so they must be giving him a real hard time, and he also has the SAA surrounding his OB post at Murak [hama] too, which would be driving him absolutely insane, because if he can lose that OB post at Murak he could lose all 12 the same way, that has to be frightening the hell out of Erdogan, so relieving the pressure on one front will certainly lighten his load a little, SO WHY THE HELL DO IT PUTIN.
    I’m already concerned about an absence of Russian aircraft flying over Hama on 2 specific days this week, and on one of those days the Syrian aircraft was shot down, coincidentally ?, and now I get this new bit of info, mmmm, another reason for me to entertain my latest conspiracy theory, is Putin involved in a new bout of treachery with Erdogan, is Assad about to be thrown to the wolves again.