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Russian, Turkish Forces Achieve Breakthrough On 12th Joint Patrol In Greater Idlib (Photos)

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On May 20, the Russian Military Police and the Turkish military conducted a 12th joint patrol on the M4 highway in the northwestern Syrian region of Greater Idlib. The patrol covered new parts of the highway that links the cities of Lattakia and Aleppo.

In a press release, the Turkish Ministry of National Defense said the patrol was conducted with the participation of land and air elements. The ministry also shared photos of the patrol.

Enab Baladi, a pro-opposition news outlet, said the joint patrol bypassed the town of Arihah for the first time reaching the village of Kafer Shalaya west of it. As usual, the patrol started from the government-held city of Saraqib in south Idlib.

Earlier this month, Turkish forces managed to remove a protest blocking the M4 highway. Some sources reported that the removal of the protest was a part of a “tit for tat agreement” with al-Qaeda-affiliated Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (HTS).

Previous joint patrols faced some threats, including attacks with stones and even explosives. No such incidents were reported during the new patrol.

The success of the new patrol highlights Turkish efforts to implement the March 5 agreement with Russia. Yet, more should be done to secure the stability in the region. The most important taks is to neutalize terrorist groups occupying Greater Idlib.


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Xoli Xoli

This patrols wont bring peace 8n Syria as long as Erdogan Idlip annexation and terrorists are present.Russian soldiers are doing good.But Putin inability to force Erdogan out of Idlip bring for himself frustrations.

Xoli Xoli

Being a KGB spy and Russian military commander in chief does not work for Putin.Honestly Erdogan has defeat Putin plans in Libya and Syria militarily. Because in Syria Erdogan arms and support terrorists and sabotage Syrian forces on daily basis. Putins ceasefire is actually exit strategy.Because USA,Erdogan and Israel kills Syrian forces every day.Now Putin is frustrated look how Same Russian Syrian air defences system are mock and display by Erdogan forces.Western partners block Putin patrol in Syrian oilfields and gas field.Both USANATO and Erdogan building unending bases in Syria.


Hello Xoli. I am going to disagree with you. I don not see any evidence backing up what you are saying. Can you give an example of how President Putin is being outdone by anybody? My own take on what you said is, you need to go back to the map of the battle lines in 2014 and the first half of 2015. It is like night and day compared to what is going on now. Even Israeli officials have conceded as of that time, it looked like by 2016 that ISIS was destined to be in charge of Syria. They pratically don’t exist now in Syria. So honestly, it doesn’t seem like what you are saying has one shred of validity. How did you come by your position? A good day to you.

Xoli Xoli

John thank you .Right in the beginning Russian forces did very well and are still doing well.Putin decision to make close for agreement s and pulling out in first three month have jeopardized Russian forces operation.Turkey infiltrated Syria after Sochi agreement in Idlib.After downing of Russian jet by Turkey for violating Turkey airspace. Putin should have kept that as denial for Turkey present.But Putin failed and allow both USA and Turkey to settle in de escalation zone which Putin create.Lastly S-400 can lock down any aircraft over Syrian airspace.But Putin dont want that.Even S-300 which Russia donate to Syria is operated under supreme command of command er in Chief Putin to avoid shooting down Israel fighter jets.Russian army has change the tide.But Putin stupidity and interference in Russian operations has complicated the things on ground.As you know even Erdogan does not take Russian military commanders advise seriously who know what may transpires.If Turkey forces keep on attacking Russian and Syrian soldiers. He only wants Putin to make a decision.NATO even claimed that Putin is a blessing to them.Currently Erdogan believes that his drones are more superior then Russian air defences.Currently Russian military commanders and forces are not happy with Putins back tracking decision.During last skirmishes both Russian and Syrian forces dies from Turkey attacks.But that has to be kept secret not to annoy public home.


Okay, thank you for your response. I still disagree. Follow the map and you will see it better is my take. This i martial arts and chess here, not checkers and bar brawling ( e.g. not all pieces are always shown). Further, appearances don’t mean a whole lot to the Russian eye. I still remember the photo of the US SoS standing with the Russian foreign secretary, with his finger in the face of Putin, at the UN one day before the Russians began in Syria. It all went downhill for the Occidentals since that moment and they have never recovered.

Basic military training teaches to ignore what people think and keep the goal in mind. The Russian goal has been to return Syria to the Syrians. Nothing has changed since the meeting in Russia in August 2015. Casualties here or there, mistakes being made, are all part of any process. Right now the SAA is forming up their next move, okie doking the head choppers to where there want them to go, while Russia is in the process of school in session with student Erdogan, who has very little left to go on ( draining his availalbe fighter force to go to Libya to die in the desert will look like ghastly stupidity down the line ). Again, don’t take your eye off of the ball or you will get lost fast. This is the way I see it. I wish a good evening to you Xoli.

Xoli Xoli

Thank you John.With Putin in charge of Russian army Syria is doom.Putin policies have killed Soviet relationship with Cuba,Iran ,Hisbollah and Syria itself.Putin distant himself from Ukraine rebels,Libyan Hafter supporting Russian forces.Russian supporting soldier in Grozny Herzegovina war were desert by Putin when their got killed by USA forces in Syria Hasaka attack.Syrian Batalion of 200 troop
Were also killed by USA. During this even all attack were communicated by the enemy to Putin.Do you remember why Brix currency implementation failed.Putin really plays to way game.Nomtsov were eliminated for almost telling the world that Putin gets payments from Rothschilds.


Again, I disagree. We will let this go for now and see how things turn out in a year or two.

Xoli Xoli

Thank you your points are respected.

Xoli Xoli

Ok let’s stick to your guns I mean way forward.


Progress, I will take it.

Rafik Chauhan

Agreement also says all terriost should be removed from south of M4 what happen nothing and terriost are still attacking and Turkeish still there to arm them. This patrol is useless. Russia doing very low level job. Turkish should be trown out of Syria that is the only solution for Syria peace.

Lone Ranger

CIA trolls and hasbarats will cry and rage.

Xoli Xoli

Whether we agree or not Putin has destroy Iran and Hizbollah motive.After all phone call or meeting with Putin Satanyahu attacked Iranian positions.Iran,Hisbollah and Russian forces are in good operational and coordinating without Putin.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

Both the Russians and their Turkish friends are doing everything they can to reopen the M4 highway but the Syrian’s don’t seem anywhere near as eagre to make that happen, doesn’t anyone even begin to wonder why.
Sure reopening the highway helps both Russian and the Turks but how does it really benefit Syria, the fact is it doesn’t, gasp horror, the only thing it does for Syria is shorten trade routes, but that’s the ONLY aspect of reopening the highway that would benefit Syria, all the other aspects of having the highway reopened would actually be bad for Syria.
1, It helps legitimise Turkey’s illegal occupation of Syrian territory.
2, It provides legitimate income sources for the already powerful ‘Turkish’ opposition,
3, Eventually some businesses in Assad’s territory could become dependent on goods and services from the occupied territory. Sadly that just encourages legitimate businesses that become reliant on trade with the opposition to sometimes lobby on their behalf, especially if their profits are threatened, and we all know that division within the ranks is never a good thing.
4, And the terrorists would definitely take advantage of an open highway, they’d be able to cross the checkpoints with legitimate business credentials and create even more mayhem in Syrian territory. And since Assad already has more than enough internal dissention to deal with as it is, an open highway would just make things even worse right now.

The Russians and Turks are doing everything they can trying to reopen the highway and HTS is doing everything it can to stop them, and what’s Assad saying, not much at all, he’s just trading with HTS on the sly, I wonder why. :]
I keep saying Assad should listen to the Russians and follow their lead in Daraa/Quneitra/as Suwayda, they’re actually giving him good advice on that particular front, but up here in Idlib Assad’s cleverly ignoring their advice, because sadly the Russian’s advice concerning the Turks isn’t as helpful as the other advice they provide, when it comes to Turkey Assad should just ignore everything the Russians tell him to do.
An open highway just legitimises Turkey’s presence in Syria and helps Russia and Turkey achieve their political outcomes, but it won’t be helping Syria in any way, it’ll instead be harming Syrian interests. Unless Assad and the government fully control the highway it’s better of remaining closed.
Assad’s acting like an idiot in Daraa/Quneitra/as Suwayda stupidly ignoring helpful Russian advice, but up here in Idlib I think he’s actually doing the right thing. Stuff the Turkish occupation and stuff the Russian’s advice concerning SYRIA’S highway, keep the highway closed and keep doing business with HTS.
Anything the Turks hate must be good for Syria and by the same token anything Turkey wants must be bad for Syria, that’s the plain and simple truth, some golden rules should never be broken, even if your allies want you to break them for their own selfish purpose, Like Iran’s doing in Daraa.

The joint Russian/Turkish patrols have only made it to the quarter way mark after 2 long months of negotiating so they’re only moving at a snail’s pace anyway, and now they’ve finally reached the Al Nusra/HTS controlled parts of the highway progress will slow down even more. 2 months to make it a quarter way to Latakia and then it’ll probably take another 4 months to make it to the halfway mark, then another 8 months to make it to the three quarter mark, and then 16 months more to make it all the way, lol, that makes a total of 2 and a half years to make it to Latakia if my assumptions/predictions are right, and that’s only if open hostilities between Turkey and HTS/Al Nusra don’t erupt in the meantime, LOL.
I wonder how Erdogan’s road works between Nayrab and Sarmin are going?
And I wonder how well trade between the Syrian government and HTS is going?

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