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Russian, Turkish Forces Achieve ‘Breakthrough’ During 16th Joint Patrol In Syria’s Greater Idlib (Videos, Map)

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On June 10, the Russian Military Police and the Turkish military conducted a 16th joint patrol on the M4 highway in the northwestern Syrian region of Greater Idlib.

A new breakthrough was achieved during the joint patrol, which started from the government-held town of Tronba. The patrol overpassed the town of Muhambal for the first time reaching the village of Jannet Elqora.

Muhambal is located in the middle of the opposition-held part of the M4 highway, which links the cities of Lattakia and Aleppo.

Russian, Turkish Forces Achieve ‘Breakthrough’ During 16th Joint Patrol In Syria’s Greater Idlib (Videos, Map)

Click to see full-size map.

The new joint patrol didn’t pass without any problems. Security personnel of al-Qaeda-affiliated Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (HTS) assaulted a number of journalists who were attempting to cover the patrol. Some of the journalists were beaten up and their equipment were destroyed.

During the 15th joint patrol last week, Russian and Turkish forces reached the village of Kafer Shalaya, in spite of being attacked with explosive devices.

Turkey is making serious efforts to reopen the M4 highway, according to the March 5 agreement with Russia. However, the threat of terrorist groups controlling the region, namely HTS, is yet to be addressed. These groups launched a large attack on Syrian government forces earlier this week.


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I can’t help but notice all those Turk outposts still in SAA territory. I guess they can still dream….


SSA should stop allowing turkish supplies on the posts inside SSA area…simple


Its not really as simple as that in this most complex war and the ‘shifting sands’ of the conflict.

Porc Halal

Hmmmm…I wonder if Russia has tacitly accepted the territorial abduction made by islamist turkey against the sovereign state of Syria…


Man, what your name mean?

Porc Halal

means pork is halal food … does anyone have anything against this ?! ..ah, but wait … I don’t care at all !!!


Is it meant to be offensive? If it is, that is not free will or ”freedom”, it’s stupidity. Same argument the KKK has

Porc Halal

I realy don’t understand what do you mean by ‘is it meant to be offensive’…since when eating what ever you like is ‘offensive’?!..a lot of things that muslims do in the name of islam are ofensive and harmful to other nonmuslim people… to forbid someone’s rights, enslave, kill or rape in the name of an ideology like the one followed by muslims or the KKK, isn’t that racist??…

Porc Halal


so free will or freedom to eat what ever you like is called now ‘stupidity’ and/or ‘racism’ and being submissive or enslaved to an ideology is called ‘freedom’?!..well, it means that I lost the sense of reality…

cechas vodobenikov

amerikans hate freedom and justice–why converse with a stupid racist?


I figured out why SAA was commanded to stand down and hold their cocks in their hands idling.. IDLING in Idlib:

South Stream was Gazprom’s project to southeast Europe. Relentless
pressure by the Obama administration derailed it. Yet that only worked
to enable a resurrection: the already completed TurkStream, with gas starting to flow in January 2020.


I can’t help but thinking that all of this is pointless. They will keep achieving ‘beakthroughs’ of a couple kms a month but the whole deal will never be implemented


The first 2 and the las 2 trucks are Turkish, good guys Turks are escorting lil Russians in the no man’s land.

klove and light

hahaha “breakthrough”………..Putin is laughing his ass off with his Zionist brother bibi and moslembrotherhood , Zionist created erdogan…….

Putin is a treacherous Zionist pig…

and to the 99% cock sucking Zionist brainwashed Donkeys……….so youz Folks still believe that A.. Turkey will be kicked out of syria by SAA Military conflicz? or B.. Turkey will retreat from all syrian land??



Any Russia-Turkey operation is just bullshit, period.

Hanny Benny

..let us see how long will this comedy go on … calipHell is waiting

cechas vodobenikov

observe the stupid racist comments —gustavy, clovy etc….the CIA has become desperate—employing these idiots

Willing Conscience (The Truths

“However, the threat of terrorist groups controlling the region, namely HTS, is yet to be addressed. These groups launched a large attack on Syrian government forces earlier this week.”

HTS didn’t launch any attacks against the government if that’s what SouthFront is trying to imply, it was only the terrorists that Turkey supports doing any attacking.
Hurras Al-Deen and their fellow head choppers from the Rouse the Believers Operations Room are the ones attacking government forces, HTS isn’t at all, in fact HTS [excluding TIP] are probably hoping the Russians give Hurras Al-Deen a real good hammering.
Hurras Al-Deen and HTS don’t get along at all, Hurras Al-Deen are more in favour of the Turkish supported interim government that controls all of the occupied territories of Syria, and HTS are only concerned with implementing their own separate government in Idlib.
So if some of you are wondering why Assad doesn’t come out and endorse this new Russian/Turkish deal to reopen the highway, and why he also doesn’t seem to do anything to help Russia get things moving along, think of this. If Turkey manages to reopen the highway it will further legitimise the Turkish/US/UN supported interim government that controls all the occupied territories, and that doesn’t just mean Idlib either, that UN endorsed autonomous government controls all the legal opposition forces in all these territories, latakia, Idlib, Aleppo, Ar Raqqah, Deir ez Zor, and Al Hasakah, which means the Kurds as well, so this is the real danger to Assad, not the wimpy little unrecognised and illegal government that HTS has been running in Idlib.
This interim government is running the show in all the occupied territories now, and when the M4 is reopened they’ll have unfettered access to all their stolen territories, from Latakia in the west to Al Hasakah in the east, all the US and Turkish occupied territories will be [practically] joined as one, and they’ll all have UN/Turkish/US support.
So why would Assad do anything to help make that happen, he’d be an idiot to help the Turks and Russians do that, he be much better off encouraging HTS to take over in Latakia, Idlib and Aleppo, at least their government isn’t legitimate or supported by anyone.
So if you think about it HTS are the ones Assad should be encouraging to take over the Turkish occupied territories, if they were in charge he could boot them out without any objections, but when he tries to do the same thing to the US/Turkish/UN supported and legally recognised interim government, he’ll have more then just objections, he’ll have 2 military powers objecting.
Assad’s proving to be really smart by doing trade deals with HTS and not with Turkey, and he’s not doing anything to help the Russians reopen the highway either, which is even smarter.
The advice the Russians give Assad on all other matters is really good advice, but where Turkey’s concerned Assad should just turn a deaf ear to the Russian advice, actually better still do exactly the opposite of what they suggest.


Russian, Turkish Forces Achieve ‘Breakthrough’ During 16th Joint Patrol

the feeding of plebs goes on …

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