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Russian Tu-95 Strategic Bombers Strike ISIS With Cruise Missiles


Russian Tu-95 Strategic Bombers Strike ISIS With Cruise Missiles


On Wednesday, Russian Tu-95MS strutegic bombers struck ISIS targets in Syria with X-101 cruise missiles.

According to the Russian Defense Ministry, the cruise missile strike destroyed three large arms and ammunition depots, and a terrorist command center near the city of Uqayribat in the province of Hama.

The strike was made from the range of about 1,000 kilometers. The Tu-95MS bombers took off from an airfield in Russia. The Russian Aerospace Forces’ Su-30 fighters based in Syria prvided air cover for the strategic bombers.



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  • Thegr8rambino

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  • gfsdyughjgd .

    Russians are bombing shit out of USA/Nato,Turkey,Israel,Saudi and Jordan terrorist.

    • Störtebembel

      Grow up.

  • Jesus

    Uqayribat Is being softened up to crumble any ISIS attempt to make a stand there,
    Salamyah – Uqayribat approach will dismantle all ISIS positions in the area.

  • Julius Meinel

    The periodic strikes with Kalibers and Kh 101 missiles from
    various platforms is a strong indicator that Russia is practicing the destruction
    of NATO (or any other enemy for that matter) infrastructure. Since its own air
    force would be challenged to fight NATO successfully in the skies for longer
    than a day or two- due to the limited number of fighters and bombers it can
    field (I guess the ratio is about 4 to 1
    in NATO’s favor- Russia must have reasoned that striking the NATO infrastructure in Europe and Middle East
    is the only feasible solution to bring the forces in balance or better bring NATO generals to their sense
    and dissuade them from even attempting anything foolish.

    Luckily Russia has variety of lunching platforms for these
    advanced missiles and their numbers is only likely to increase in the years to
    come ; so, unless the Neocons and the Zionist are in suicide mode, that should
    give US and NATO a pause from attempting
    any stupid moves around Russia’s borders. As far as missile technology is considered,
    my bet is on Russia’s engineering. They may be behind US in fighter jets and
    naval assets, but when it comes to missiles, armor, reactive artillery and
    electronic warfare my bet is on Russia.

    • dutchnational

      On what kind of dope are you?

      • Daniel Castro

        No dope, he is saying russia would nuke NATO airforce on the ground, which is of course true in the case of WW3.

      • hhabana

        Too much vodka brings on delusions of grandeur.

        • Hozey

          So you would like to hope.

        • Charlie rad

          More like too much Schnapps brings on your delusions of Grandeur. Or you hitting the pipe ?

          • hhabana

            Nope. Gave that up years ago. Can’t do that young man stuff anymore, but do enjoy a good Scotch.

          • Concrete Mike

            Best scotch I ever had was Tullibardine 1988, i got it in 2007 after I graduated from collège.

            It was Amazing :)))

      • Charlie rad

        actually Dutchie. Julius was relatively accurate. Middle of the road assessment .

      • Störtebembel

        I guess: Mid-pubertry almighty syndrom. But good news: normaly this is just a passing phase… ;-)

        • marsn2

          Unlike your Down syndrome…

    • Jesus

      Kaliber, KH101, Iskander missiles would pulverize command, communication centers and airfields all over NATO, Russian generation +4 fighters and fighter bombers outclass F-16s and Typhoons, I would take a Suk 35 over Typhoon any day.
      Yes, the Russian aircraft numbers are not there yet, however, their acquisitions continue at full speed and by 2025 they will have sufficient numbers.
      Air superiority quality aircraft coupled with a layered deadly surface to air defense, and an advanced point location A2/AD in Kaliningrad would give the Russians air control over Europe.

      • Charlie rad

        Not enough F-22s . Idiot Obama & DEMS cut off their production line at 185. Stupid. Our best Plane. F-35 the Super lemon isn’t even close to reliable. The S-400 & S-500 take Stealth away. as do Buk-M3 & Iskander-3, to name a few. WW3 is Lose-Lose for ALL of us. The end of Humanity. New Russian heavy ICBM can hit anywhere on earth & doesn’t have to go over the north pole . It’s a game changer.

    • Ted

      Now you have done it. What you forget is Russia is the sole superpower on earth (in the minds of the southfront posters). They are obviously the most powerful military force on the planet. This is why in some posts these same people that will now attack you will point out Nato expansion as a clear sign of Russias power. Sanctions are mere tools for Russias own economic benefit. Russia allows the US to fly gigantic slow moving cargo planes into Syria on a daily basis and Russia allows the US to fire cruise missiles at Syria as well as IDF air raids out of simple fairness to there military counterparts. In short dont come here with any factual information or logic. It does not apply. Its obvious to all the Russias 50 su 35s would defeat all of Nato in a mere few hours.

    • 888mladen .

      How many do they have? How many are they able to produce?

  • Daniel Castro

    This is a warning.

    This missile could easily be used to nuke israeli nuclear silos…

    • Daniel

      They would never attack Israel though

      • Alex

        Never say never, i have never imagined Russia to have war with Georgia or terrible relation with Ukraine.

      • Daniel Castro

        Israel is stepping over the line, a warning is a warning.

        • Störtebembel

          Dream on, sleep we´ll, and thank you for the fish!

          • Daniel Castro

            Whho is dreaming you idiot?

            This is a nuclear capable high precision stealth cruise missile, there is nothing to conjecture here, using it on IS is a complete overkill.

    • Störtebembel

      Dream on…

  • Divesh Kumar

    A very fertile opportunity for Russia to test all sorts of new weaponry. THIS IS a leaf that Russia has picked out of US books only difference being that US did this always illegally on innocent population e.g Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria etc and Russia is doing it on murderous scum dogs.
    Successful participation in Syrian quagmire is certainly going to pay Russia in long term.

  • Terra Cotta Woolpuller

    They drop to the right altitude and they fire the engines very accurate missiles , think NATO is worried at seeing the precision.

    • testera

      Accuracy should surprise no one, because GLONASS is operational for some time.

  • gustavo

    I hope this support continue constantly without any stop up to the end of the terrorists (all of them).