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Russian Tu-22M3 Bombers Destroy ISIS Targets near Palmyra and Arak

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Russian Tu-22M3 Bombers Destroy ISIS Targets near Palmyra and Arak

Six Tu-22M3 bombers took off from the Russian territory and carried out concentrated air strikes on ISIS targets near al-Sukhnah and Arak in the Syrian province of Homs, the Russian Defense Ministry (MoD) reported on August 8.

The MoD says that the bombers destroyed the terrorists’ control centres and concentrations, ammo storage, 3 infantry fighting vehicles, 12 crossover utility vehicles with weapons were near Palmyra and Arak. A command and control centre and a large field camp located near al-Sukhnah were also destroyed by the air strikes.

Experts believe that the air raids pursued the goal to oppose the ISIS attempts to advance in the province of Homs amid the ongoing battle for Aleppo.

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Good, but they should target the “moderates” around Aleppo. There is where the war is being decided.

George Washington

Agreed – Russians are not taking the battle of Aleppo seriously.

It’s almost like they don’t want him to win the war…

Being Two

Controlled demolition…


Beg to differ. It is important to keep ISIS from expanding to government held territory. The jihadis have sacrificed a couple of thousand just to (re-)open an insecure supply line to E-Aleppo. Good luck to them trying to supply the scum in the city with anything more than a few sacks of onions! The war may well be decided elsewhere, now that the jihadis are concentrated in Aleppo area.

George Washington

Last sentence of this article makes ZERO sense.

Robert Guttierez

They don’t want ISIS to take advantage of the SAA concentrating on Allepo. The SAA sent alot of their man power to Allepo and are short handed in HOMS.

So-Hail Mozaff

Russia and Iran helped enough and they dont let ISIS to expand more.
But the policy is helping not finishing the job.
Most of syrians left the country and ran away and made it so easy for ISIS to occupy the land.
The people who remained inside the syria, must stay and fight for their freedom.
They are lucky because of the big helps of big brothers; but they must do their own fight and resist. After the victorious they know the real worth of a real victory of their own.
If you hard trying and fight for something, you can also really keep that thing.

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