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Russian troops that are staying in Syria

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Russia withdraws from Syria more than half of the fighters and bombers, and leaves air defense systems and naval force in the Mediterranean Sea, according to Russian military experts. Despite the withdrawal of the principal troops, armed forces of Russia for now continue bombing the positions of the terrorist organization „Islamic State“

Russian troops that are staying in Syria

Originally appeared at ruskarec, translated by A. Đurić exclusively for SouthFront

Armed forces of Russian Federation began with the withdrawal of troops from Syria. According to military analysts, the contingent of Russian aerospace troops in the region will be significantly reduced, but the operation against members of the “Islamic State” and “Al Nusra” continues.

“The number of sorties was significantly reduced and they are carried out mostly at night. Truce in Syria does not apply to groups which Russia and the international coalition led by the United States treated as a terrorist. Russian Armed Forces continue with selective bombing of the positions of “Islamic state”, for Russian word said Viktor Murahovski, chief editor of the Arsenal of the Fatherland and a member of the Expert Council of the military-industrial commission of Russian Federation.

What do we withdraw?

In the morning of March 15, the first group of Russian fighters and bombers took off from Syria to their permanent bases, that was said in a statement on the website of the Ministry of Defense of Russian Federation. Planes fly in groups headed by military transport planes Tu-154 and Il-76, which returned to Russia engineers, technicians, material and technical resources.

In such formation pilots are coming to the border of the Russian Federation, after which they differ and independently flights to the airport whit their ongoing aviation bases.

“In Syria, there were a total of 60 fighters and bombers. And half shall be withdrawn, maybe two-thirds. The number of our soldiers in Syria will not be much reduced, because it is necessary to secure a base where the troops of Russian Federation are deployed, i.e. the airport Khomeini and the port of Tartus”, said Murahovski.

What is left?

According to Marahovski, helicopters squad will remain in full force to perform rescue and tactical operations in Syria. Russia also leaves military advisers to help the Syrian leadership in the fight against members of the “Islamic state”.

“Russia in full force leaves his anti-air defense systems in Syria: rocket systems “S-400”, “Buk-M3”, “Tor-M2” and “Pantsir-1”. Also, in the eastern part of the continue to operate ships of the Navy of the Russian Federation continue to operate, and will regularly rotate“, said colonel in the reserves and military commentator Viktor Litovkin of TASS agency.

In his words, the Navy has the task to control and observe the operation of the members of the “Islamic state”, and navy ships of NATO arriving in the Black Sea with cruise missiles SM-3 and Tomahawk.

Moscow initiates peace process and acts the same as the United States in Afghanistan, i.e. it is leaving their strongholds, and their means of defense. Withdrawal of “combat” part of Russian troops is signal to President Assad that Russia will not forever resolve the Syrian problems on the international political scene, and that the current Syrian government is now fully ready for independent political moves”, as said by chief editor of Russia in global politics, Fyodor Lukyanov.

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There has to at least a” balance of power”..here, if there is.not…… then the bully will continue to do whatever he wants to get what he wants .You have to understand the nature of the BEAST who only understands force ,Have a close look at the Irish genicide ,wrongfully called the Irish famine , where the food weapon was used in 1845 over 1000000, people starved to death, that in one of the most fertile countries in the world , the same power exists today and its still doing the same kind of things, time does not change their dark hearts ,so what you may ask? ,I f you really understand the nature of the beast then you will know they will stop at noting EXCEPT self preservation .This is where an opposing power comes into play a,bloody nose will always get your attention, Google “The Irish famine” but have a close look and see just what we are dealing with.

Tomko Kubianca

This is Obama’s war. The continuation of “The Arab Spring.” It worked in Libya with the demise of Gadaffi but it failed in Egypt when the population wisely realized that Obama was just trying to destroy their country. Then Obama became bum-buddies with Erdogen and decided to take out Assad. BIG MISTAKE! Syria has been allied with Russia for decades and unlike Obama, Russia protects their allies. The line in the sand was just as fake as Obama is and Putin saw it. We all know that the US, particularly Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and Turkey created both ISIS and Al Nusra with the sole purpose of eliminating Assad. This whole war was unnecessary but for the GREED of these invaders to build a pipeline from Qatar to Turkey (Turkey also wants to eliminate the Kurds). As much as I hate to say it…Putin is the good guy in this war and we are the bad guys. I don’t know how WE ended up being the BAD guys but I’m not proud and I wish we could change that.

Tomko Kubianca

I’m confused about Benghazi.

Can someone explain?

Everybody knows that the US was transporting weapons through Turkey to supply ISIS and Al Nusra. What I don’t understand is…Why did Hillary determine it was necessary to have the Americans killed. They could have been saved but she called off the support.

Why did she do that? What did they know that would have been dangerous for her?

I’m just curious!

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