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Russian Troops Targeted Drone That Approached Their Patrol In Northern Al-Hasakah

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On August 15, Russian forces launched an anti-aircraft missile at an unidentified drone in the northern countryside of Syria’s al-Hasakah.

The drone was targeted after approaching a Russian unit that was conducting a patrol near the town of Amuda, which is located right on the border with Turkey. The location of the incident suggests that the drone was Turkish.

According to local sources, the Russian missile brought down the unidentified drone. However, this has not been confirmed yet.

Russian Military Police units in northeastern Syria are armed with man-portable air-defense system (MANPADs). A video released by Vedeng in June revealed that the Russian Military Police had deployed MANPADs while conducting patrols in the region.

Last month, a drone attack targeted Russian troops in northeastern Syria, near the Turkish border. Three Russian service members were injured. The available evidence indicates that the Turkish military was behind the attack.

The incident near Amuda today indicates that Russian forces in northeastern Syria are now taking more serious measures to confront any aerial threat.


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Lone Ranger

Good job Comrades. CIA trolls and hasbarats will cry and rage :)

Антон С

Most loud Erdogan’s fans is 1st category or 2nd?

Chris Moses

US is still licking their wounds from the embarrassment at the UNSC, and their disgraceful excuse for foreign policy over the Iran weapons embargo. Their SnapBack sanctions ploy won’t work either, and there will be some serious blowback if they attempt it. These buffoons are too arrogant and ignorant to see that though, and continue to be used by the rulers to pursue a dead end. China and Russia have Iran’s back, and the US has the UK (and their one aircraft carrier) and Israel… The welfare recipients of US taxpayers. Europe won’t touch it, and Turkey is also leaning to Russia, although Erdogan is only good for being a useful pawn.

They see Iran slipping away in the next 2 months, and they can’t stand it… Maybe if they used corporation instead of Cold War style coercion, they wouldn’t be so isolated. Their only allies now are allies of convenience and necessity, none of which will be there for them once the money runs out. :)

Chris Moses


A dedication to Piggy (fat fingers) Pompeo, the useful idiot Trump, and the greedy kleptocracy… We’re coming for all of you!

Cheryl Brandon

THANK YOU, More air attacks from Russian on ISIS/TURKISH BASES

cechas vodobenikov

fake amerikan and French soldiers (more competent than amerikans) r routinely killed in African nations….USA cowards retreated from Somalia…now they fund Ethiopia to oppress the Oromo, Amharic, Somali people—where troops r in parts of Somalia—paid 100$ million a year by the CIA

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