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Russian Tactical Innovations And Syrian Experience

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Russian Tactical Innovations And Syrian Experience

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The Russian military is actively studying and employing the experience gained during the military operation on the territory of the Syrian Arab Republic. The Russian Ministry of Defense’s newspaper Zvezda Weekly collected information about some methods of warfare that are now being studied by current and future Russian servicemen. The tex below is based on the article of Zvezda Weekly.

“The Syrian Rampart”

This is a new tactical method of military operations for the Russian troops, the meaning of which is to conduct fire on stationary enemy targets while the Russian troops are protected through a sort of moving embankment.

First, to shelter the offensive units, engineering units create a mound of soil several meters high.

“Then this shaft is gradually moved forward by heavy engineering equipment – armored bulldozers, and fighters of the offensive units move behind the shelter. The moving embankment allows personnel and military equipment to come closer to enemy positions with minimal loss.”

The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) began using this strategy while fighting against terrorist groups.

At the beginning of the war, while approaching the strongholds of the militants, the SAA suffered heavy losses.

The “current” strategy that has been utilized since the Second World War proved to be impossible to use in the conditions of the appearance of new weapons and a massive saturation of heavy weapons on the battlefield. The attacking SAA was suffering heavy casualties.

Thus, the Syrians began to look for new tactics.

It turned out that the sand shaft moving forward towards the enemy’s positions not only ensures the safety of its fighters and it conceals the actions of the offensive units, but also allows them to fire through gaps in the embankment. In addition, the sand of the Syrian deserts proved to be a reliable barrier against modern laser and infrared guidance systems.

“The offensive, of course, does not go as fast as in war movies, where the “soldiers” run at full speed, and at full height, and with assault rifles at the ready. But the combat mission is carried out and is carried out without loss.”

Syrian soldiers use conventional industrial bulldozers, protected with iron plates, to create ramparts. Powerful special equipment, which is now being supplied to the engineering troops of Russia, is capable of moving any soil, with the exception, perhaps, of rock, in front of the advancing soldiers.

Russian Aerospace Forces at a new height

Russian Tactical Innovations And Syrian Experience

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“States that do not have reliable aerospace defense run the risk of ceasing to exist. This is evidenced by the analysis of modern armed conflicts. Sad examples are Yugoslavia and Libya. Syria, naturally, was on the verge of this, if not for military assistance from Russia,” said Russian Minister of Defense Army General Sergei Shoigu at a recent meeting of the Board of the Russian Ministry of Defense.

As the head of the Russian military department noted, the special operation of the Russian Aerospace Forces was a serious test for the majority of the flight and engineering personnel.

The skills and knowledge acquired during the Syrian operation are systematized and are already used today in the preparation of troops and military command and control bodies. Taking into account the Syrian experience, a number of decisions were made to improve the military personnel and military infrastructure of the Russian Aerospace Forces.

In particular, the collection and analysis of information on the results of the combat use in Syria of more than 60 serially-produced and prototype weapons and military equipment of the aerospace forces continues.

Based on the data obtained, 11 types of aircraft and helicopters are being modernized.

To evaluate the declared capabilities of the developed military equipment in a combat situation, in February 2018 practical launches of prototype operational-tactical cruise missiles from a fifth-generation Su-57 aircraft were carried out.

In general, according to Sergei Shoigu, the combat capabilities of the aerospace forces increased by 11.7%.

More than 600 new and modernized units and complexes of armaments and military equipment were delivered to the units and subunits of the aerospace forces.

“The Tank Carousel”

Russian Tactical Innovations And Syrian Experience

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During test-firing exercises throughout the past year, the tank crews of the motorized rifle division of the 58th combined arms army of the Southern Military District, stationed in Chechnya, were exercising in a new manner – at night, drilling the “tank carousel.”

“The principle of this tactical method is as following: the first tank fires from the halt while the second is loading its allowance of ammunition. As the first tank advances to a position for firing from behind the flanks, the second one occupies a position for fire from the halt. The tank crews do not know the sectors of fire, the sequence of raising targets and the distance to them in advance.”

The “tank carousel” makes it possible to deliver fire at a high rate and keep the conditional adversary under the impact of 125-mm guns non-stop. This tactic immobilizes enemy maneuvers on the battlefield; drives the adversary into “fire pockets” and suppresses promptly the most dangerous targets,” the Russian Ministry of Defense describes it.

As a result of the new tactic, the command of the tank units of the Southern Military District increased the maximum range of the 125-mm guns mounted on the T-72B3 battle tanks by 200 meters up to 2,200 meters.

Due to the reduced time needed to aim at a target, the rate of fire was also increased.

It is also important that a dynamically changing tactical and target situation develops an operational reaction and the ability to act non-standardly when solving a combat mission for all tank crew members.

“Hunting in the Mountains”

Russian Tactical Innovations And Syrian Experience

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During fighting in the mountains, there are, obviously, various tactics being utilized and new techniques are constantly being invented. The snipers of the motorized rifle compound of the Southern Military District stationed in Dagestan recently successfully worked out the “hunting in the mountains” tactics aimed at neutralizing the command staff of a potential enemy.

To do this, sniper couples, silently bypassing the outposts, made hidden crossings tens of kilometers through unfamiliar terrain. One task was performed by several sniper pairs at once. The competitive element helped all participants to complete the tasks in a short time.

During the training, snipers paid great attention to disguise. After the “liquidation” of the commanders of the “enemy” units, they trained to “disappear” in the mountain’s environment, in the forest and grass.

In addition, in the highlands, tactics of combating reconnaissance unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) of a conditional enemy were worked out.

In case of a threat of allied shooters being detected by enemy drones, regular unit snipers fired at the UAVs, as such they were shooting down dynamic air targets.

Russian President Vladimir Putin, back on November 19th, 2018 underlined several areas of importance for the Russian Armed Forces, dictated by the necessities presented by the new global situation.

“We see that in recent years the situation on the planet has not become calmer, unfortunately. In some regions, it even worsened … In these conditions, not allowing us to be drawn into the militarist race, due to flexible, not wasteful for the budget, but effective decisions, we are obliged to ensure the progressive and balanced development of the army and navy so that they can neutralize any potential threats. The results of recent years convincingly show that this is how we learned to work.

What tasks in this regard do I consider a priority:

Firstly, the combat training of troops should be improved, including taking into account the experience of the operation in Syria. In the course of maneuvers, command-and-staff exercises, sea voyages, more and more complex, unconventional, non-standard tasks must be worked out, the practice of sudden inspections of units and formations should be developed, and the mobilization readiness of federal and regional executive bodies, as well as defense industry enterprises, should be constantly monitored complex and other sectors of the economy…”

In addition to future servicemen, military commanders in all Russian military districts are also undergoing training and being educated on the updated tactics and realities following the Syrian conflict.

Russian troops in Syria gained experience in tunneling and counter-tunneling. Militants actively used underground passages for covert movement in large cities – Damascus, Homs and Aleppo. Making their way through specially dug tunnels, bandits fled to the rear of the Syrian government troops, laid high-explosive bombs, and simply hid underground from artillery raids and bombardments.

To inspect the tunnels, the Russian servicemen used an intelligence kit dubbed the “Sphere.”

Developed by specialists of one of the innovative Moscow companies, “Sphere” weighs 640 grams, and the information is guaranteed to transmit over 50 meters.

Equipped with a stabilization device, when casting into the tunnel, the “Sphere” confidently, like a tumbler, occupies a fighting position and carefully inspects the room with four “eye” cameras, providing a 360-degree view.

Information is immediately transmitted to the operator on the monitor of the remote control.

Urban combat: anti-sabotage wires and mine barriers

Russian Tactical Innovations And Syrian Experience

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During actions in the city, the offensive units have to act in an unfamiliar territory, against an enemy who is well oriented in the area, with reinforced firing positions, hidden and camouflaged.

The troops operating in an urban environment with hardware are forced to move along the streets, which dramatically reduces their ability to maneuver. Buildings are good shelters for personnel, but they reduce the surveillance sector and the range of fire, which is also reduced due to dust from destroyed buildings, smoke and fire from burning buildings, ammunition ruptures and usually only provide about 100 – 200 square meters of area.

The military commanders were provided with information about the experience gained by Russian military advisers in Syria without taking possession of a large settlement, how to study approaches and capture individual buildings, and about options for equipping a unit’s position using new anti-terrorist engineering protection “systems.”

These, for example, include anti-sabotage wires for various purposes, camouflaged ditches with traps, mine barriers and others.

Since 2018, grenade launcher units from the Guards Tank Army of the Western Military District have been exercising how to destroy moving targets such as the vehicles used by suicide bombers.

Finally, humanitarian operations are also being improved, to protect both the servicemen assisting the civilians, as well as the civilians themselves.

All of these information is also being shared with Russia’s partners to improve the fight against militants and any other potential enemy.


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  1. RichardD says:

    Experience is the best teacher. And the participants in the tragic Syria war are gaining a lot of it. The sooner that the US can be gotten out of Iraq. The sooner that the Syrian war can be concluded with a Syrian victory. Which should allow a regional coalition to be put together to resolve the Israel problem with minimal conflict. Though the resolution to humanity’s Jew problem goes beyond Israel and should include abolition of Judaism to create a Jew free planet that will be better for humanity.

    1. Swift Laggard II says:

      May you be cursed in the same way you shamelessly curse others

      1. Free man says:

        He is mental, he can’t help it.

      2. Politolog Externista says:

        he didnt curse, you did, so that is hypocrisy. He likes to bring up aliens and such fairy tales. You certainly dont know God if you really wish to curse. In that case, God will repay you just as any witchcraft practitioner. If you cant forgive, you have a problem, not that you would understand. There are lot of evil jews like soros, albright, Nutnyahoo, Nuland, that come to mind immediately. So, why is that ? There is difference sure, Lenin was half-jew, atheist, satanist, soros, jew, satanist. Godless jews are usually prominent and evil, religious ones in the pharizee line are usually hypocritical. They definitely are not beyond criticism. Superiority complex taken by nazis to a whole new level is similarly practiced by the superiorists. Exceptionalism. It would be funny if you were evangelical murrican trying to justify them even though they are unbelievers lol. I mean, the brainwashing is serious when you elevate them for no reason. They are not God, they are not beyond criticism. Do unto others as you wish done to yourself. Same for your cursing, mr. holierthanthou.

        1. Swift Laggard II says:

          stop being silly

    2. <> says:

      Tell me something, do you even know what an all out war against my country means? or do you just bark on SF all day hoping to convince the other SF idiots that you are right? you’ve got no real clue what we can do the entire ME if we have to, so calm down and don’t hope for something that will turn this region into a bloodbath. If we do have to go to a war however, let it be Syria or Lebanon then so be it and we will win too.

      1. Purple Toast says:

        “Hubris is the downfall of giants. You seem to have learned nothing from history books, oh you Khazarian serpents, offspring of vipers. Your deceptions, your fake jewishness, your fake semitism, your fake public good intentions and philantropies, your hatred, your cruelty, your greed, your pride, your boastful nature will be your downfall as was and will be your father’s – Belial. And yet, I am also one of you.” Do you know who wrote this? The problem is not the Jews, RichardD. It’s the FAKE jews claiming land that isn’t theirs, never was and never will be – lawfully and legally, that is. So, they take it by force, by means of violence and deception because that what they are. That’s their nature. That’s why they will find no peace nor forgiveness in the End of Times. Because they didn’t repent of their evil deeds.

      2. Cromwell says:

        But what would a win look like?

        1. <> says:

          When nothing is left standing, and no one stays alive.

          1. Purple Toast says:

            And where will you be, then?

          2. <> says:

            Alive or dead, nobody knows.

          3. Purple Toast says:

            GOD knows. You know, the REAL one – El Shaddai – remember Him…? Abraham did. Maybe if you turn to Him with a pure heart, He would listen to you.

          4. Cromwell says:

            That would include you asshole.

          5. <> says:

            It might or it might not, either way they will feel it harder.

        2. Purple Toast says:

          @Cromwell: He’s most likely referring to the nukes hidden in the Negev and *elsewhere*.

      3. RichardD says:

        I wouldn’t over estimate your conventional capabilities. Egypt, Iran, Turkey, and to a lesser extent the Syrian government coalition in theater, including what’s at the Russian bases. Individually all have similar equipment and force structures to yours. And that’s not taking into consideration NATO fracturing on the issue and 1 or more of the European powers joining the coalition.

        Who has weapons superiority can be argued when a lot of it like S-300/400s and as far as I know long range MLRS using guided missiles rather than unguided artillery rockets, haven’t been used in battle.

        Turning the region into a bloodbath isn’t my goal. Getting problems corrected with adequate force superiority to minimise conflict is what I’m advocating. I don’t think that your bravado is shared by the people giving orders in the administration, including Gantz.

        If necessary the IAF can be grounded and all IDF bases hit. Which will cripple your offensive ability to attack regional targets and put you on a back foot defensive position.

        As far as my audience. It’s here. You’re reading the same thing that everyone else is. I haven’t once used what government contacts I have to advocate the use of military force against Israel. Or for any type of dejudification.

  2. alejandro casalegno says:

    Spetsnaz………after Beslan, Chechnya, Moscow theater,………Syria make the Spetsnaz a real special forces again!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Lone Ranger says:

      Already done.

    1. RichardD says:

      There are 3 recordings on this video. The 2nd from approximately 21 seconds to 52 seconds is nearly identical to the 12:00 position sound that I heard facing the caldera entrance with the disappearing lake dry lake bed with the gravel floor that could a heavy ET ship. That I was trying to reach.

      Rather than risking escalation and weapons violence, I had a compact 9mm and spare mag with 17 rounds of full metal jacket ball ammunition in my jacket pockets. I decided to de escalate and disengage.

      1. RichardD says:

        After the encounter I started bringing my Sub 2000 on recon hikes and added taclights, target lasers and fiber optic sights to both guns.

        1. Purple Toast says:

          I’m sorry to disagree with you but those thing are simply plinking ‘tools’. Please consider using big game/big boar ammo such as D Dupleks Monolit 32 ou even better, D Dupleks Hexolit 32, for example. Also take into consideration that these beings have a certain degree of ‘unnatural’ regen ability, so you should aim to the head and then decapitate the entity afterwards. ALWAYS. Otherwise you could be in for a nasty surprise – again. For more input, please contact me: purple.toast ‘at’ gmx.us. Thank you.

          1. RichardD says:

            I’m running hazmat gear and have hazmat certification. If I take one or more down. I’m not planning on retrieving or handling the bodies. I’ll either call in specalized help or leave it for nature to take care of.

            I have a semi auto .30-06 with ap and dangerous game ammo. And a 12 gauge pump with Duplex steel slugs and Brenneke brown bear slugs. Both are set up for combat with specops upgrades.

            Conflict is a last resort. Contact is my goal. If things go south I’ll deal with it.

            I’m 62 recovering from a hip regeneration, rather than surgery, which is almost completely pain free.

            The 9mm and .40 S&W are light and easy to carry. And provide a credible deterrent against dangerous game. A 450 Bushmaster AR is on my buy list.

          2. Lone Ranger says:

            I’m curious.
            Why are you looking for them?
            The most you can hope for is a friendly encounter face to face.
            But I doubt they can or would communicate with you.
            So why take a risk for not much in return?
            For close range I think the best option is a semi auto shot gun with slugs.
            M4 Super Benelli for example.
            You also have to take into consideration that they aren’t as primitive as most think.
            There were reports about them vanishing in thin air with their footsteps leading to nowhere.
            That either means they are technologically advanced or somebody who is are helping them.
            Which in return means that they could be resistant to small arm fire one way or the other.
            Think cloaking fields, mobile force fields…

          3. RichardD says:

            I’m not looking for them. They contacted me. If they’re ET associates. Maybe they can help.

          4. Lone Ranger says:

            Help in what?

          5. RichardD says:

            Off planet transportation.

          6. RichardD says:

            I have CSETI telepathy certification, and read the ebook Alien Mind on telepathy training by an author who says that he has experience in these matters.

            I communicated with him via email and he indicated, which wasn’t in the book, that some ETs have gravity shield capabilities against kinetic energy weapons.

            So that may be a factor in any engagements. My rules of engagement are based on defensive handgun protocols. If I’m not in imminent danger of death, injury, or in this case abduction. I’m not planning on initiating hostilities that aren’t justified. If it happens I’ll do the best that I can and see what happens.

            The strongest telcoms I’ve dealt with were in Switzerland near the Meier residence during ops that I ran there.

          7. Free man says:

            Your protocol should be : taking the psychiatric pills on time.

          8. RichardD says:

            Why is that?

          9. Lone Ranger says:

            Off planet transportation?
            You want to leave the planet?

          10. RichardD says:


          11. Lone Ranger says:

            What makes you think its better in other places?
            Even if it is, what makes you think you wouldnt end up in a cage on an alien ship or planet?
            Aside from that, I dont know if its true or not but I read somewhere that Earth is the third most beautiful planet in the known Universe.
            Most the habitable planets arent that nice and have a lot less life on them.
            But who knows…
            Old seaman have a saying… the best rescue boat is your ship…

          12. Politolog Externista says:

            it seems to me ‘telepathy’ is most probably a form of witchcraft, so the communication goes between the person, demons and their recipient. (or the possessed hears those beings speak, possibly even rarely see them) Since they are immaterial and cant be physically destroyed forever, mister telling of encountering them and thinking guns will help, is you know, it is undeniably ‘very efficient’. ‘swords are no no more use here’ if you take LoTR :) Most likely alien books are written by masonists/wiítchcraft practitioners who also claim the flat earth btw, it is from them. Using witchcraft – devil – to fight them is the same logic, they might appear but they wont undo one another, because they have 1 chief. If someone can appear and disappear, without any scientifically proven and repeatable stuff, the likelyhood of it being to do with the immaterial is very high.

          13. Purple Toast says:

            Actually, not. I do not agree on ‘telepathy being witchcraft’ anymore than an EEG wave scan is. Both deal with waves but different ones. It’s science, albeit unknown to us. Some EBEs do possess them (i.e., Zetas) but not all of the EBE species out there. And some humans do have the ability to ‘send’ but not ‘receive’. It’s weird because there is so much we don’t know about it (telepathy). But I can tell this much, though: a zeta can pick up your thoughts up to 5 miles at least, even inside the UFO. Not kidding. I’ve seen it happen with my very own eyes, sort to speak. Furthermore, they seem to have this also weird (to us anyway) ability to ‘summon’ pocket time-space portals to escape; how, I don’t know yet but it seems that it has something to do with SOUND frequencies. But anyway, from that point on is just speculation.

          14. RichardD says:

            Once you get the science and technology to travel between solar systems. I’m assuming that it has medical applications for better health and longer lives.

            I’d like to get an armed deep space freighter small enough to land on a planet’s surface. And use it for work and to see the universe. Similar to what I did with long haul trucking.

          15. Lone Ranger says:

            Yeah I understand.
            Im only not sure about their intentions…
            Technological advancement doesnt makes you a better Human or alien entity.
            Look at us here on Earth.
            Technologically superior groups defeated exploited and genocided less advanced groups…

          16. RichardD says:

            True, but if there weren’t positive elements enforcing non intervention we would of been overrun by negative elements by now. My view is that the esoteric axiom of as above so below probably describes in basic terms what the interstellar community of civilizations looks like.

            Though I’m guessing that along with the science and technology to travel between solar systems comes improved abilities to access other dimensions. And to shift their existence there in a manner that works for them.

          17. Lone Ranger says:

            To be honest Im not sure we arent overrun already.
            Whats your take on the Draconians and a million people go missing every year in the U.S.?
            Im sure there are good aliens too.
            But its Russian roulette…

          18. RichardD says:

            I think that you’re right, we have been overrun. We’re probably a genetic development project of multiple races over time. And are exposed to hidden hand control and manipulation. And have been for our entire existence.

            What can be argued is the extent of subjugation vs self determination. At this time we haven’t been overtly overrun and occupied in the conventional sense. Such as by a mass landing and day to day physical interaction with another dominant species.

            The author of Alien Mind argues that there are enforced non intervention laws that limit the amount of interaction with a planet bound civilization like ours. I think that that’s probably what’s in place until we get the transportation technology to change our status.

          19. Lone Ranger says:

            Yeah I heard that too.
            Basically Star Trek Prime Directive in real life.

          20. RichardD says:

            I’m going through this now. You can look at the manual and authenticity assessment at the link below the image.

            – Majestic-12 Group Special Operations Manual No. 1 -01 (SOM1-01) –


          21. Lone Ranger says:


          22. Purple Toast says:

            That ‘hope for better medicine and better health and longer lives’ fake promise is as old as the Devil. Ask yourself: if these entities are sooooo advanced, why do they need us? Why do they lack genitalia and reproductive organs? What do they eat? Why do they have to eat? Why are are they still physical and not plain spiritual? Why do they also die? “BEWARE OF GREEKS BEARING GIFTS”.

          23. RichardD says:

            Unless you have first hand experience, or judicial quality evidence. Which I’m guessing you don’t. You don’t know what the various ETs, EDs and non conventional lifeforms like criptids do or don’t consist of.

            I have more first hand experience than 99.9% of people because I’ve been exposed to it either by happenstance or outreach by them to me. And because I work at it to outreach from me to them. And I’ve just scratched the surface.

            People like Meier who’ve actually been on the ships and traveled off planet on them, if he actually has. Have far more first hand experience and knowledge than I do. Though I’m working on closing the gap.

            I don’t share your opinion in this comment. It makes sense to me that more advanced races traveling between star systems have more advanced medical science that they’ve used for better health care and longer lives.

          24. Lone Ranger says:

            If they have energy shields a few flashbangs could be still worth a try to create distraction.
            Albeit some of the ETs have tech they can even neutralize chemical reactions, weapons wont fire, grenades wont explode…
            They can also drain any electrical system even the ones that are EMP protected.

          25. RichardD says:

            It all depends on who and what you run into. It’s better to be reasonably prepared using specop and crash retrieval gear and procedures. Then to be unnecessarily vulnerable.

            David Paulides who has studied non conventional wilderness missing persons cases, bigfoots and ufos extensively recommends a handgun and emergency location beacon. I carry both.

          26. Lone Ranger says:

            You could also think about a trained dog.
            They will notice unusual things long before you.

          27. RichardD says:

            True, a wolf hybrid might be a good choice.

          28. RichardD says:

            My experience is that if you’re dealing with negatives mind control is a factor. It’s a struggle to maintain consciousness and functionality in an impaired condition.

            You have to maintain custody of your thoughts and actions. Against coercive interference with normal functioning. Emotional, negative thoughts, lethergy, pain, etc.. It’s a weight and burden that you struggle with until you’re able to disengage.

          29. Purple Toast says:

            “9mm and .40 S&W”…??? Joking, right? Are you really aware of the real danger those things represent?? I’m not saying you should go shooting your way in unless they attack you first, of course, but 9mm/.40 S&W would only get you so far as a sneeze against those things. Think big. Think .50 AE, DDupleks, and the like. 9mm would only tickle them and get them annoyed… I do know of a case study where the victim emptied a full 5-shot .357 magnum revolver on it and that thing just turned away as if it was nothing, like mosquito bites!!! Friend, I think you should seriously review your strategy against those things. Who knows, maybe I’ve just helped you save your own life in the future – if you hear me out on this. Really.

          30. RichardD says:

            I’m not sure where the fact stops and the fiction starts. A mammalian lifeform in that weight class is comparable to a brown bear.

            If you look at hand gun encounters with brown bears. 9mm has stopped several. Against .40 S&W from a 16 inch barrel. You’re hitting them with the equivalent of a 10mm handgun. With improved range and accuracy.

            A large frame Charter Arms .45 long colt 2 inch revolver is on my buy list. At 62 I’m interested in covering the ground that I need to to run the ops. Weight makes a big difference. A 10mm head shot is going to stop a large animal.

            What you’re talking about is super soldier enhanced survivability, or on android or cyborg.

            I have heavier weapons in the 06 and 12 gauge in development.

          31. RichardD says:

            Dangerous game woods rounds. 9mm, 1 to 2 feet of penetration from a pistol. .40 S&W, 2 to 3 feet of penetration from a 30 shot carbine.

            https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/c1d5487dc7615018613fe365ac979914c0de40dc02f1b01189764161c4e5b2ff.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/f8dc96e35a05a14f0186c664ae087b782a28bed456bb9e25519431a8ab5fbee5.jpg

      2. Purple Toast says:

        RichardD – please notice that Bigfoot/Sasq/Yeti, etc., are all CHIMERAS. They are dropped on site by cloaked UFOs and picked up the same way ‘afterwards’ (usually you can detect those with FLIR optics) and they, themselves (e.g., Bigfoot and etc.) can optically cloak themselves among the trees, SO LOOK UP when navigating along the forest. They ambush people from above the tree-lines – worldwide. That’s how they seem to ‘vanish’ into thin air and appear elsewhere. That’s a very friendly advice. Refer to the documentary “Missing 411: The Hunted” by David Paulides for more info on this. Specially the last 30 mins of the film. You’ll know.

        1. RichardD says:

          I dropped my Galaxy S6 and it stopped working. It’s my only device that my Seek Compact Pro is compatible with. I’ve located a vendor that’s given me a $100.00 repair estimate.

          I’ve studied the 411 material in depth.

          I’m open to interaction with the bigfoots as long as it doesn’t turn out bad.

          Ambushing from above the treelines requires levitation. I have 2 drones with gopro form factor camera payload capability. I’m shopping for a Flir Duo for them.

          The drones aren’t operational yet.

    2. Purple Toast says:

      Be careful about these entities. There’s a whole complex system behind them. Don’t trust anyone beyond the ‘official’ or ‘federal’ lines. Knowledge is useless without caution. And I admire your courage. Contact me if you wish: purple.toast@gmx.us

      1. RichardD says:

        I’m not sure what they are and wasn’t looking for them. They contacted me. So I’ve put them into the mix of contingent security issues.

        1. Purple Toast says:

          ‘They contacted me’? How exactly?

          1. RichardD says:

            I climbed up to the caldera entrance plateau to recon the dry lake bed inside and laid down on my back to rest from the climb under a break in the forest canopy to do a sky watch at about 1 am. After about 45 minutes I heard what sounded like a ship field drive. You can listen to something similar on this video:


            At that point I decided to get up because things were starting to happen and walk through the 800 foot high V shaped break in the caldera wall to the dry lakebed inside that could serve as a LZ. I stood up, activated my smartphone, the screen lit up, and I checked my satcom beacon location on the map, that I downloaded before I got out of range, on my Galaxy S6 as I was facing the caldera entrance. I then heard what sounded like an owl hooting at my 8:00 that I’m guessing was a bigfoot alerting the others. I reached up and turned on my headlamp.

            The screaming then started at my 12:00 between myself and the caldera entrance. And was added to by more at my 2:00. This put me in shock as it was so far outside my expectations that I temporarily froze to assess the situation. I didn’t know what was making the noise. But I knew that it was non conventional and being created by something potentially dangerous.

            I couldn’t see what was making it. It was just outside my headlamp range at an estimate distance of under 300 feet. I had a 9mm pistol in my left coat pocket, I’m left handed, the one shown in the pictures on this thread. With an extended 8 round mag in the well. And a 7 round magazine and compact high powered flashlight that I could have used to see what was making the noise, in my right pocket.

            Rather than risk escalation by getting the gun and flashlight out of my pockets and start waving them around. I decided that the better course of action under the circumstances was to de escalate and disengage. So I turned around and walked about 100 feet to the edge of the plateau. And began my 700 vertical foot decent as quickly as I safely could to the logging road spur that ended at the headwall ravine where my Bronco ll was parked.

            Once I went over the edge the vocalizations gradually subsided and whatever was making them didn’t pursue me. When I reached the truck I uncased the Sub 2000, unfolded it and locked it in the open position, chambered a round, and put it in the passenger side footwell with the barrel leaning on the seat cushion. With loaded spare mags on the seat. And drove the 10 miles to the pavement without further incident.

            For a year I didn’t know what it was that I had encountered. The summer after the encounter I came across the video of bigfoot howls posted on this thread and listened to it. The middle recording at 21 to 52 seconds is almost identical to what I heard. So I started researching bigfoots to get a better understanding of what’s in the area. Which is a bigfoot high activity area.

            If I run into them again I’m not going to disengage unless I have to. And see how it plays out. If they get along with me I’ll get along with them. If they don’t I’ll deal with it as the circumstances require.

  3. Lazy Gamer says:

    The Syrian rampart seems to be effective for enemy entrenchments. But if the enemy is mobile or decides to flank, those engineering units should be protected. Artillery would still be more effective than this. Enemy artillery fire would gain the time and correct aim due to how slow the advance goes.
    Tank carousel-cant believe somebody would take advantage of the reloading time. lol Seems to be effective only for corridors or with limited field view. Otherwise, a different angle of fire is almost always beneficial.
    Aircraft, height is always good. Saturate the lower heights with drones.
    Sniper couples or the smallest group organizations should have the tools to reliably take down drones.
    Urban operations have been perfected by the Americans. From ww2 to the present, the solution is wide scale flattening of the city. Maybe just air drop flyers warning the civilians to leave within 24 hrs. Bombardment should be systematic and forcibly make corridors that can be used by evacuees.

  4. Lone Ranger says:

    Good job Comrades.
    Russia does better innovations than whole NATO combined.
    The new T-90MS and Terminator looks awsome.?

  5. Lone Ranger says:

    Its worth to mention that every single terrorist on the planet is trained, armed, funded and supported by the following countries…

    1. Swift Laggard II says:

      there is no evidence whatsoever that Sweden supports terrarists. None. Yours is a smear birthed in ideological fanaticism

      1. Lone Ranger says:

        No evidence…
        Swedish jets bombed Lybia…
        Returning isis fighters in Sweden get amnesty, free money and free housing…

        1. good american says:

          And they’ve gone all-in with the US and England to destroy Assange on trumped up charges. Sounds like a terrorist supporting entity to me.

          1. Lone Ranger says:


          2. swedish_viking says:

            It made me ashamed and it’s not how things should work, it was used politically.
            In fact Sweden should offer him asylum for political persecution not use the justice system against him as they done but many things in the case against him goes back to the ruling party in Sweden (Socialdemokraterna) in one way or another.
            If one person in the world deserve asylum for political persecution it’s Assange.
            If he would have come to Sweden i think the legal stuff would have been quickly solved but the question if Sweden would extradite him to the USA would have remained and that’s why he didn’t come back to Sweden.

        2. swedish_viking says:

          Sweden only did Recon missions, they didn’t drop any bomb.
          One can argue why Sweden was assisting NATO as it was not in Swedish interests unless the interests was to please NATO.
          The only thing that came out of it was that JAS-39 was used in a live conflict but i don’t think it helped to sell any jets.
          Some Daesh or other terrorists fighters from Sweden revived money from the Swedish state/municipalities due to leaving false information.
          Joining a terrorist organization isn’t illegal in Sweden so no terrorist will see any prosecution in Sweden.
          Sweden immigration politics is very extreme and since a terrorist can claim that he would be killed (sentenced to death) in the country he came from he would most likely be allowed to stay in Sweden and can’t be expelled even if he kills people in Sweden.
          In Sweden no originating control or secure the individuals real identity will be done and almost all of the immigrants seeking asylum has lost all there ID and passports (they throw them away).
          Yes most get money and prioritized housing in sweden (it’s very hard for anyone else to find an apartment if they can’t afford to buy one), the employment rate is very low among these immigrants and a many never get an real employment in there lifetime in Sweden.
          I could argue Swedish politics all day since i think many things is in need of a change but it’s to much to write here.

          1. Lone Ranger says:

            Jas-39 did bomb tho.
            I dont want to be rude but I would be surprised if Sweden would still exist in 10 years.

          2. swedish_viking says:

            JAS-39 didn’t bomb in Libya and they didn’t have mandate to do so from the Swedish parliament unless it was for self-defense and there was no such incident in Libya.
            The Swedish operation in Libya was called “Operation Karkal” (Operation Carcal).
            Your not rude in by saying your thought, you’re not alone by having serious doubts about Sweden and it’s current politics, some think Sweden will become an developing-nation by then.
            A state may decade but not cease to exist (not counting nuclear war) and Sweden do decade and also going in the direction of being more authoritarian/totalitarian by the political left and neo-liberal politics and values, at the same time their followers applauds it and call everything else anti-democratic, fascist or racist, not seeing the wood for all the trees.
            They take away freedom of speech and the right to express ones values or thoughts and saying it’s protect the suppressed (offended), not realizing there suppressing everyone else.
            No one need more laws taking away your freedom we need people to learn not to be offended by simple words and accept that other people have other opinions and values.

    2. <> says:

      Where is Iran in your list? terrorist lover.

      1. Lone Ranger says:

        Anti terrorist lover*
        I forgot to add Iran and Saudisis but as you would say they are kleine fische…

      2. Purple Toast says:

        Here’s a simple question for you: why does Iran hate you? Let’s start from there.

        1. <> says:

          Ask them.

          1. Purple Toast says:

            I am asking you. Please do not deflect to avoid the question. That makes you look weak. Why do you think Iran hates you so much?

          2. <> says:

            For some fake Islamic idea that one day they can free Jerusalem from the “Zionists and the Jews”. And it’s not the Iranians that hate us, it’s their regime.

          3. Purple Toast says:

            Well, since they seem to dislike “Zionists and Jews”, here’s my main question: are you a zionist and a jew? Yes? A zionist? OK, anyone can be one of those, even those who are clueless to its real meaning. Are you a jew? Prove it: 1) From which of the 13 Hebrew tribes do you claim to descend from? Prove it; 2) Where did your ancestors came from, around 800 a.D.? 3) What’s your blood type? 4) What is your genotype/main genetic Y-haplogroup…? There. That should be enough to quench that ‘zionist’ thirst whenever you look yourself on the mirror. Pure science alone, only, not opinion or hearsay. And so that we’re clear here with each other, my ancestors are true descendants from the real original jews. And no, I don’t hate you or your people. I hate your evil deeds. And fake stuff. I await your answers to my questions above. With evidence and proof not just boastful bs. Let’s see if those claims to the holy land hold any water. By the way, I couldn’t care less about the Iranians. Everyone is a sinner under the sun, one way or another.

          4. Wizzy says:

            He won’t answer as he is full of b.s

    1. RichardD says:

      My Seek Compact Pro micro usb smartphone thermal imager has an 1,800 foot range. With a 320 x 240 thermal sensor. As compared to the Flir 160 x 120 smartphone thermal sensor.

      I would want to have it with me during any use of force conflict. To identify any hidden or difficult to see potential threats. I’d also want a drone with thermal imaging.

      1. Purple Toast says:

        You also need other tools, such as UV light lanterns/flashlights (some entities do not tolerate UV light), with strobe capability and more.

        1. RichardD says:

          There’s a whole range of gear that could be useful. I moved into a new place with more room and am planning on renting a larger storage bay. And organizing both places on a place for everything and everything in it’s place system to improve operational capabilities.

          1. Purple Toast says:

            Brilliant. But just to be on the safe side – backup, backup, backup.

          2. RichardD says:

            Yes, I’m constantly upgrading. But I have to run ops with what I have available at the time.

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