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Russian-Syrian Gas Contract Hints At Syria’s Recovery

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Russian-Syrian Gas Contract Hints At Syria’s Recovery

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Submitted by Steven Sahiounie.

The Syrian government signed a 4-year contract in March with Capital Limited, a Russian firm, to conduct oil and gas exploration in the area known as block No. 1 in the Syrian exclusive economic zone in the Mediterranean Sea, off the coast of the Tartous province.

The disputed maritime area covers 2,250 square kilometers on the Syrian-Lebanese maritime borders in the Mediterranean Sea.

Large reservoirs of natural gas have been discovered under the seafloor of the eastern Mediterranean and the neighboring nations and energy exploration companies are eager to exploit these gas deposits.

The Levantine basin has proven reserves of more than 60 trillion cubic feet of gas. The US Geological Survey has estimated that 1.7 billion barrels of oil lie in the basin, and as much as 122 trillion cubic feet of gas. That amount of gas is equivalent to about 76 years of gas consumption in the European Union (EU).

Natural gas is the cleanest of the fossil fuels and serves as a transition fuel towards more renewables, and to replace coal and nuclear electric generation across the EU.  Gas is the energy of demand for the EU, which is the biggest emerging gas market in the world.

In December 2013, Damascus entered into a major agreement with Moscow to explore oil and gas in the offshore territorial waters for 25 years.  Drilling and exploration costs were estimated at $100 million.  Russia would finance these activities with expenditures recovered from eventual production.

The 2013 deal for gas exploration involved Russia’s SoyuzNefteGaz; however, the current contract involves two Russian companies, Capital Limited and East Med Amrit.

The area in which Russian companies are being allowed to operate is disputed by the Lebanese, with the maritime borders drawn by the Syrians, especially in Block No. 1, overlapping significantly with Block No. 1 and Block No. 2 on the Lebanese side, and encroaching approximately 750 square kilometers within Lebanon’s maritime border.

Lebanon was busy demarcating its southern maritime and land borders with Israel for years, without making any progress.

On April 6, Lebanese caretaker Foreign Minister Charbel Wehbe said that Lebanese President Michel Aoun held a phone conversation with Syrian President Bashar al-Assad to discuss the demarcation of maritime borders between the two countries. Wehbe said Aoun confirmed in his call with Assad that “Lebanon won’t accept to diminish from its sovereignty over its waters”, and confirmed that his country sticks to demarcating the maritime borders via negotiations, and not court disputes.

The majority of the land borders between the two countries have been demarcated in 1971, while the maritime borders between Syria and Lebanon have not been delineated. Lebanon had previously demarcated its maritime borders in 2011, and in 2014 launched a round of primary licenses and invited bids for Block No. 1 in the north, but Syria did not recognize the Lebanese demarcation. Damascus objected to the unilateral Lebanese demarcation of its exclusive economic zone in the north, by sending a protest letter to the United Nations in 2014.

Wehbe said that Beirut must negotiate with Damascus about the demarcation of maritime borders.

“This is not an act of aggression but every state demands its rights according to its perspective,” Wehbe said, adding that negotiations must take place within the framework of international laws and the brotherly relations between the two countries.

In late 2010, a dramatic discovery was made in the eastern Mediterranean of a huge natural gas field offshore, in what geologists call the Levant or Levantine Basin. The discovery set into motion a geopolitical plan devised in Washington and Tel Aviv back in 1996.  By March 2011 Syria was immersed into a revolution instigated and fueled by the CIA on orders from President Obama.

In August 2011 findings were revealed by Syrian exploration companies of an immense gas field in Qara near the border with Lebanon and near the port of Tartus, which was leased to the Russian navy. The gas reserves are believed to be equal to or exceed those of Qatar.  The US-backed rebels kept the fighting focused in the area to prevent the recovery of the gas.

Trump ordered the US troops illegally occupying Syria to stay and steal the oil.  The US military prevents the Syrian government from using the oil in the northeast to rebuild or recover from 10 years of war.

The US, NATO, and the EU all worked in coordination to destroy Syria and keep it from reaching its potential as an energy-sufficient nation.

Washington’s ‘regime-change’ strategy was based on instigating internal chaos in Syria through the use of CIA training and weapons of armed fighters following Radical Islam, which they thought would end with an Islamic State as opposed to the existing secular government in Damascus, and supported through the coffers of Saudi Arabia and Qatar, both nations state sponsors of Radical Islam.

The US lost the war in Syria. But, Washington will continue to isolate Russia and try to prevent the unchanged government in Damascus from the gas reserves off-shore.

Turkey began the US-NATO war against Syria as a team player. Turkey was used as a transit point for all the hundreds of thousands of foreign terrorists from the four corners of the globe who flocked to Syria on Team-USA to oust the Syrian government, in favor of Radical Islam. However, Turkey feels left out of the lucrative gas deals, and envious of its neighbors in the eastern Mediterranean.

Turkey is trying to disrupt energy exploration. Meanwhile, it is the babysitter of the Al Qaeda terrorists in control of Idlib and determined to maintain the status quo in Idlib.

While Russia has been in the Syrian port of Tartus for decades, it was in 2015 that they were invited to Syria militarily in the darkest days of terrorist expansion.  The Russians have a long and bloody experience with Radical Islamic terrorists on Russian soil. With Syria laying on the southern front of Russia, it was seen as a national security threat to allow an Islamic state to be proclaimed in Damascus, even if it was only the Muslim Brotherhood politicians supported by the US and housed in hotels in Istanbul.

The Russians felt they could either defeat the terrorists in Syria or wait and fight them on the streets of Moscow. Radical Islam is neither a religion, nor a sect, but a political ideology that is very difficult to deal with once US weapons are placed in their hands.

In 2012, F. William Engdahl wrote a prophetic article Syria, Turkey, Israel and a Greater Middle East Energy War. He wrote, “The battle for the future control of Syria is at the heart of this enormous geopolitical war and tug of war. Its resolution will have enormous consequences for either world peace or endless war and conflict and slaughter.”

Engdahl theorized that Syria would ultimately be a major source for Russian-managed gas flows to the EU.

In late 2015, Pepe Escobar, a journalist with Asia Times, wrote a groundbreaking article Syria: Ultimate Pipelineistan War”.

Escobar wrote, “Syria is an energy war. With the heart of the matter featuring a vicious geopolitical competition between two proposed gas pipelines, it is the ultimate Pipelinestan war.”

In the article, he takes you back to 2009 when Qatar proposed to Damascus the construction of a pipeline traversing Saudi Arabia, Jordan, and Syria to Turkey, to supply the EU.

However, in 2010 Syria chose a competing project, the $10 billion Iran-Iraq-Syria pipeline. That choice set into motion what the western media terms as the Syrian civil war, but in reality was never civil, and was a classic US ‘regime-change’ project which featured a cast of thousands, and among the supporters were the heads of state from most of the civilized world.

After 10 years of war, Syria may finally be approaching the endgame. President Assad’s government is looking to post-war recovery and reconstruction, which will need foreign and domestic investments. The energy sector is crucial. Syria’s oil exports accounted for 30% of pre-war revenue, and the prospect of gas output was revealed just as the war ramped up. US and EU sanctions will make foreign investment difficult, but the world is watching Russia in the waters off Syria.

Steven Sahiounie is an award-winning journalist and political commentator.


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Syrian gas shouldn’t be sold to EU terrorist Ziocorporate globalists sponsoring the Turk/ISIS/ISrael/al-Qaeda/US invasion of Syria.

China is a far bigger market anyway, and with better economic prospects to boot.


Sure, Syrian gas liquefied and loaded in Russian LNG carriers could be sold to Asian countries competing and displacing the Australian and Qatari competition.

Jens Holm

Its so funny. Now we have heard about Nordstream too for decades, why the f… should they sell to Asia:) :)

Assads are feeling better and better by that. Here they at least steal from the foreigners in Lebanon, if there is any fossils there:( They even steal from Hesbollah:)

Fog of War

This deal also suggests that the situation in Syria is solidified and that defacto borders are already agreed upon. Putin’s 7d Chess strategy at work.

Gregory Casey

Not so. Kurds make up a bare 25 – 30% (max) on the east bank of the Euphrates, For so long as some Arab Tribes continue to be paid handsomely to remain with the PKK-dominated SDF (PKK being on US State Department List of Terrorist Organizations) the USDF Forces will continue to rob Syrians blind of their Oil while transporting Syrian Grain Rice and Vegetables out of Syria to iraq but once Arab Tribes begin to work with Assyrians and others in NE Syria the USDF is fugged and their Oil racketeering scam is finished. It is worth noting that a British cartographer named Maunsell prepared an extraordinarily detailed Ethnographic Map of East Turkey, Syria, Iraq and western Iran for the Imperial British Power in 1910 which clearly discloses that there were NO Kurds on living within Syria’s present-day borders at that time apart from a small area directly NW of Raqqa where Kurds migrated to and from on a seasonal basis and a small are on the banks of the Tigris River at the point where the borders of Turkey, Iraq and Syria come together. There were NO Kurds in NE Syria apart from these 2 small areas. 24 years later, French Cartographers prepared a follow-up Ethnographic Map of Syria, east Turkey and north Iraq during the course of the French Administrative Mandate over Syria. Once again, this map discloses no Kurd Communities in NE Syria apart from those previously identified in Maunsell’s Map of 1910 and a new town named Qamishli founded just inside the Syrian Border with Turkey which now boasts a (pre-war) population of 125,000. This town was founded and has acted ever since as a hub for Turkish Kurds escaping from Turk repression. That is the entire of the extent of Kurd claims to the lands lying on the east bank of the Euphrates which represent and are the ancestral lands of the Assyrians who, in parallel with the Armenians were subjected to Genocide by the Turks between 1915 and 1922 with Kurds acting as the Tip of the Ottoman Spear in leading those genocidal campaigns against both Armenians and Assyrians. It is long past time that media, including South Front and Veterans Today disclosed the truth about the history of the Kurds in NE Syria and their despicable criminality towards the Assyrian Christian Population at a time when certain of the Kurd Tribes conducted Genocide on behalf of Istanbul. It’s only been since the 1970’s that Kurds, fleeing from oppression in Turkey have settled in any great numbers on the Syrian lands of the Assyrian Empire. They remain a vicious minority with a propaganda machine designed and operated by the CIA and Mi6. Time for Syria and the Syrian Arab Republic to take back its country from American, British and French deniers of history.

Fog of War

At least we agree about the Turds.

Jens Holm

It was the Russians, which let grain from a silo come out and not USA.

The SDF area dont steal. They work. Where they can they by tradition grow a lot of bread and sell it. If the market to the others(fx 6 millions are in Turkery), they have to sell it where they can.

Your versions for where Kurds were 24 yers ago is highly incorrect.

The main problem in Your hens brain is, that Syria wasnt there until 1946 and not even a country since 1258.

Those areas was Aleppo and Raqqa Povinces – And yes, there were Kurds.

It so boring we again has to start with Adam and Noah and their wieves and children every time someone likenYou was born yesterday.

Syria as amny other countries has develloped by Urbanisation as well as emmigration from it. Thats why Kurds are spread out but not from 2 smll areas as You insinuate.

You seemes to have no idea about normal devellopments and population growth´.

Where does all those people in Damaskus come from – heaven or what. Kurds are added too, but Turkmen has emmigrateed to Turkey as well as being 100% assimilated and by that gone.

So at least try to pretend You are sober and not bporn yesterday. Kurds are not spread out. But its also true they, Turks and others has killed so many there and Jews had to go from those northern part very fast.

Gregory Casey

Once again you misrepresent history Jens – or, probably most likely, you are an ignoramus. All of the lands constituting Syria today together with Lebanon and the area beyond Idlib, between Idlib and the Mediterranean formed the French Mandate for Syria pursuant to League of Nations Resolution in 1920 with the specific intention that all such lands would form the State of Syria.

Jens Holm

You also ignore the Shammers actually are the last real emmigrants in Syria and fill big parts East of Raqqa abdn even up by Khabour river. A tre those Syrians more then Kurs? Not at all.

Gregory Casey

You really don’t like the fact that I raise the issue of the savage Turk & Kurd annihilation of the Christian Assyrian Native People of NE Syria between 1915 and 1922 do you Jens. Why is it that pro-Zionist pro-American Empire hooligans like you are so deliberately ignorant?


Jen’s income depends on him being ignorant. :)

Jens Holm

I take it again. Syria until 1946 was no country since Mongols took over Bagdad in 1258.

Syri was a LANDSKAPE covering Jordan, the Westbank and Syria up to Aleppo and Raqqa provinces.

Syria had no coastline not even in Aqaba too. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/4464a852fef1cba09175e724a83fd4349793ae3b301b7209c9a660d03de95fad.jpg

Gregory Casey

You are wholly ignorant and, as usual misrepresenting the position Jens. The lands described in the Map above were Ottoman Provinces of the Ottoman Empire that disappeared post World War ONE and Treaty of Versailles. The lands within Syrian Borders today plus all of Lebanon were constituted as ONE Country and placed under the Mandate Authority of the League of Nations from 1920 with the specific intention that France would act to develop Governmental systems across all of the lands within the Mandate prior to the granting of Sovereignty to. As happens, all of Jordan fell under French Mandate also as those lands also constituted part of the Syria but they were separated frpm Syria post 1920. Now go look at Maunsell’s Ethnographic Map of 1910 and when you’ve finished looking at that, I suggest you examine the French Mandate Authority’s Ethnographic Map dating from 1934. Kurds are NOT Native to Syria. They are not now and never were Native to Syria. Your ignorance really is startling! https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/e48fa93ad1dafed99ca479422543b4cdf24ec30e220943c32ecec5881a967438.jpg

Jens Holm

I can only see You defend random new borders based on neocolonialisme and pipelines to Kirkuk.

Half of the provinces Aleppo and Raqqa by that are Turkish now and Raqqa was in Iraq as well. So I dont care half a Baktrian Tourist camal about those borders made by versailles and later on Lausanne.

You can find so many maps telling how Syria was and was not. You also ignore other are or were there before this. Best known might be Khartago and Arameans. Arameans are the ones the Jews, the Christians and usims took there scrips from. Both was states. Today we might see parts of those script actualy came from the many killed Assyrians and maybee Babylobnians too.

And Your version for Kurds here and there and not is exact the same for the rest of people living there.

Mongols, aramenians, greeks, Jews, Romans, Persians, Kurds by Saladin, the Crusader State¨.

Defining as You just DONT MAKE ANY SENSE today. They all were Ottomans and the Kurd too.

I look for solutions. You insist in impossible states with random connections.

We in Skandinavia are Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark and Iceland even we apart from Finland almost are the same. But we has decided its better to be same family and good neighbors. You can settle free anywere You will by a small still existing and very old treaty.

So thats what I see Your big Syria is. Its not one state or for that matter a Syria of parts of Turkey, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan and Wexstbank/Israel + Gaza.

Thats unrealisme.

Its tempting to see the Serbs insisting in dominating Croats, Slovenians, Bosniaks and Kosovocs too. Serbs even took Macedonia in 1913 even not a single serb lived there.

And what is that now – I see it as Syria splitted up in poor non develloping dirty little countries angry at each other and hardly none will ahve them apart from Slovenia.

Thats what You prefare in Your definitions.

It seemes You have no idea about the Kurds there during time. True they have spread out and decklines again and the other way around too.

But You forget the many from their regions, which are killed or has emmigrated and the population growth for all. Sure Kurds killed 400.000 but how many did Ottomans kill in Iraq moving Turks to there. How many armenians was killed byu Ottomans as well. There are so many movements. Maronites against Druse as well.


Factual posts such as your’s are the main reason why the sociopaths of the US and EU are all seeking to ‘cancel’ inconvenient history. :)

Jens Holm

Its at sea.

Jens Holm

We buy from Russia moron.

If there is any gas, Syria will need it themself moron.

So much crap from You gain and again. Syria is to far away for China too.


Russia’s UEC Demos Pulse Detonation Engine ……….In some operation modes, the specific thrust was up to 50% higher than the performance of traditional power plants. This will prospectively increase the maximum range and payload mass of aircraft by 1.3–1.5 times. The design will be able to be applied, for example, on orbital spaceplanes, supersonic and hypersonic aircraft, and future-generation rocket and space systems”, https://www.defenseworld.net/uploads//news/big/pulse_det_1617976206.jpg

Kenny Jones ™

but does it fly

Band Itkoitko

If you attach wings to it, you can’t make it land. Flying is its first nature.

Kenny Jones ™


Jens Holm

Selfie again.

Fog of War



Fog of War

– Turkey Confirms 2 US Warships To Enter Black Sea As Ukraine Posturing Grows –


Kenny Jones ™

Why would the US bring 2 submarines to the Black Sea?

Laurent Parodi

2 destroyers uss roosevelt and uss Donald cook.

Kenny Jones ™


Tommy Jensen

Russia can beat Donald Cook 20 times and we will continue to be back the 21 time…………..LOL. An American always win in the end………………….LOL.

Supreme Blyat

Can beat Donald Cocks Meat.

Jim Allen

Umm…. US hasn’t won a war since 1945. That was against Japan. Russia won the war in the European theater for the allies. US stole the credit. In 1939 the British found out quickly they couldn’t beat the Germans. So they got US into the war. US figured out they couldn’t beat the Germans either, and had to talk the Russians into doing it. In 1940 the German military forces numbered 17 million. Germany’s population numbered 77 million. Wehrmacht was only 10% mechanized, 90% horse drawn. Panzers were Mk III, and Mk IV. Dinky things, 37mm main gun. The only thing US Government won, is the contest to find the most hated country on earth. The fake State of Israel held the title for decades, but was eclipsed by the larger more brutal forces.

Jens Holm

Do You use magnet shoes in New Zealand ?

Much as if You are total mechanized in Russian propaganda of the worst kind.


In Hollywood that’s certainly true.

The US though, has been struggling with reality since the Korean war and their failure in Vietnam :)

Fog of War

How many Russian assets will disappear as a result ?

Kenny Jones ™

None if they are at the bottom of the sea

Fog of War

Expand your horizons.

Band Itkoitko

The US is not great at all when it comes to anti-ship weapons. It’s quite surprising. It’s almost like they don’t care. They have all those ships for a show and don’t expect to fight an actual war, where they will meet much smaller ships with quite the firepower and range of weapons.

I’m quite convinced those people are not sane. If they spend so much money for military, make it great and advanced rather than a big and bulky parasite. The US is not really a nation. If it were a nation, it would care about what is best for them, which cannot possibly be projecting “power” on the whole globe and spending their future on useless wars. They would care about efficient and adequate defense rather than this grotesque monstrosity they have now.

Fog of War

” It’s almost like they don’t care. ”

You’re getting close. Now ask yourself why ?

” The US is not really a nation. ”

True, its actually a blueprint for what the PTB have planned for the whole planet. They’ve captured the whole world financially and culturally. Now its time to finish the job.

Band Itkoitko

Or fail at finishing the job.

I’ve lived several years in the US. Americans are clearly sick of empire and can easily spoil the plans of certain “leaders of the world”. You can never underestimate people.

Fog of War

This goes beyond the US sheeple or even nation states. There are far larger agendas at work.

Supreme Blyat

They will be at the Russian war games as observers. Main role is early warning for spec ops in Odessa and Mariupol in case there are stoopid moves.


I cannot thing of anyone sane who would seek to invade the lunatic asylum that is the USA today. I suppose refugees fleeing US inspired wars and civic chaos might though. Any port in a storm :)

Jens Holm


Gregory Casey

Rank stupidity is why.


Because they feel safe in a ‘Goldfish bowl’?

Band Itkoitko

In an actual war it would be the stupidest thing to try and enter the Black Sea. This is a circus.

Fog of War

” This is a circus. ”

Very correct. Its a theater production of great magnitude. As is Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Armenia, and so forth.

Supreme Blyat

During 2008 Georgia war, there were 2 US ships near Georgian shore to defend its 200-300 trainers in Tiblisi. Russia stopped 50 Kms away.

Band Itkoitko

This time it might be different. No one knows for sure. That’s why it’s more serious than usual. Maybe it’s time for you to get religious a bit. At some point there will be a clash between the superpowers, but it’s unlikely to be now. Now, Russia seems mostly interested in separating from the Western financial system. The petro-dollar is close to its expiration date and the bad management in the US sped it up. Not Russia or China, or anyone. The US themselves are hurting the system that feeds them by having ideological leadership rather than competent and practical.

Supreme Blyat

Unfortunatelly Russia doesn’t make enough steps separating from the EU economy. China is the best chice for them.

Gregory Casey

Anything entering the Black Sea without serious previous experience of maritime and geopolitical conditions enters a Turkey-shoot where the sole possessor of knowledge is Mother Russia. American ships ordered or choosing to transit north from the Dardanelles are about to become the the largest targets ever to present themselves to Russian Defences. For Americans do think of this as if Russian or Chinese Battleships were entering the Gulf of Mexico via the Florida Keys while acting with hostile intent.

Fog of War

Let me know when Russia sinks those warships, as we will all have about ten minutes left to live.


Some time around 2000, when Putin came to power, the USA realized that they are losing control of Russia. They then developed the desire to nuke it again, but like in the late 40s lost the initiative and opportunity to do so. We all know that US would immediately nuke Russia, if they think they could “get away” with it. Periodically they need reminders that it’s not that a good of an idea. No, I don’t think sinking 2 or 3 US ships in the Black Sea would be the deal breaker here, Russia could succeed in it quite easily since US has not developed reliable countermeasures to the newer missile tech.

Fog of War

” No, I don’t think sinking 2 or 3 US ships in the Black Sea would be the deal breaker here, ”

What would Russia do if two of its destroyers were sunk, with the associated loss of life ?


Sink a heckuva lot more American ships (assuming they were the sinkers). Since they have a pretty big technological advantage too, it’s like the club warriors vs. swordsmen.

Fog of War

Good answer. Why would anyone assume ZioAmerica wont react in the same then ? Wishful thinking ?

Supreme Blyat

Anything can be target when you have nukes. Even the Moon.

Band Itkoitko

And how would a nuclear explosion precisely unfold on the moon? This is movie garbage.

Jens Holm

Within a couple of days they will try tó fly a helicopter. It has extra propelles.

Nukes dont need oxygene. My best gues is the explosion will go around the moon and reach where it came from by its behind sayin GNAB GNAB :)

Band Itkoitko

You sucked big time in physics at school, I can see that.

Gregory Casey

And not just in physics!

Jens Holm

Thanks. Nice to know who the real regulars are:(

Jens Holm

Ha hah. I didnt. I had it on the university with math, geology and geografi but could not learn that high level well enough and hd to stopped.

Band Itkoitko

Maybe it’s not a bad idea to go back and continue so you can learn more on higher level. I would always encourage learning and you seem a curious dude that doesn’t know how to use his energies. It’s much better and more meaningful than bragging about tens of thousands of useless comments, which are a waste of time.

You might be surprised, Jens, but I want what is good for you. And digging in crappy ideologies isn’t good at all for you.

Education in Denmark is free. Make use of it.

Jens Holm

I dont dig in ideologies but tell what they are all about or should be and often in the same way.

Ideologies as well as religions should be more are private matter. The need is uniting people by more sekularisme.

A typicak one for Islam(but also others) are, that girls and boyes are raised to obey older people. They then are kept down as non deciders until the old ones retires or are dead.

By that hey are elected as deciders, sherift whatever after being indoctrinated to decide nothing. That makes no good deciers. Next there is too much nepotisme by who the old ones like and very much by gender, wheere too many vomen are blamed and kept down even thay handle everything better then their male family.

Maybee there is a difference in genetics. So many women are more stupid and low in IQ in the muslim world and especially in the ME.

But the reasons is not their brains but they are kept froom learning and also so many places cant even walk free in the street ort work with, over or below men and vice versa. The semilarities to apartheid are very visible.

Denmark and many western countries show that very well even women are underepresented in high ranks, they are there because they are qualified.

We estimate Vomen in Denmark contribute with 22.000 dollars in GDP pr capita and Men does 35.000. Many more of both gender also works and are paid for, what they actiually do.

So the difference is we work and it pays off.

Finally many of my comments are based on stupid comment written here, which I comment by links, maps and my own level of knowledge. I didnt grab any of those below my bed blancke, so I represent the real world of the west, which You probatly says are liars all the time.

Most comments here are by people, which not even understand vitals for west. One of them – also very much used by Jews in raising – I ahve just written about.

If You dont learn to decide from birth, You have no talent for good mangement, if You fx becomes Leader at the age of 40.

If the rain comes to You and Noah needed a big ship, You should let Jews build it.


Band Itkoitko

I don’t know how much the West are liars (or let’s say deceivers) and how much they are in fact deceived themselves. I think the latter is more dominant.

Every man is born of a woman, so cannot be superior in essence to a woman. We share the same essence/nature – the human nature. That’s in fact Biblical.

However, even outside physical and in purely intellectual things, men perform better on average or at least and quite noticeable in the outlier land. For example, there’s a reason why the world chess championship separates women from men (I understand that chess is a special and a somewhat corner case of intellectual effort, but it’s an interesting example).

There are stark differences between men and women and this holds across the spectrum of human life and even in a deep and meaningful sense. While men and women share the same ontology, I think there’s a certain deep ontological distinction between the masculine and feminine and they are not to be confused. If they are confused, that’s pathology.

I’m not acting as a judge, I’m only studying reality the way I can. I don’t determine, but only observe and (over)think.

Jens Holm

Well, that ancient stuff. Womem mainly use one side best and men the other as well as many from both gender use both.

Its seemes tru men are better to focus like snipers and hit the target welk, but often women are the best to kep things running no matter what.

Its not war of course. But taking land by war is not the same as keep.

You are very biased. We have had 2 female Premiere Ministers. They both has been chosen because they could do their job well and did. They both has been better then the men we have and had.

We have vomen in all advanced jobs and in some jobs men are overrepresented and in others they are underrepresented. So the importance is those talents – or lack of same – are used possibilities and no gender is away.

I also will go into statistics and say many IQ tests are made for men by men. We see the same for science. Most decieses are found frm the symptoms for man and even treated as if wmen are men too.

And in statistics You fx could assume vomen are fx 10% less bright then men. Even so 90% of the vomen are just as brigt as the men. So why exclude women.

We see many vomen in very advanced jobs and mpre and more. People dont has be as strong as before, because even weak persons and children actually can handle them well.

My proof is as I write. Here things are not as they once was. Most new jobs are dont different then in the old days as well as old jobs are made by advanced machines.

So IQ needs are changed to handle this and a lot of old science is like facts about horses cant handle cars.

Its true many places are or might be as You descriebe, but most of them also are poor and make no progress because they dont take in school education and skills to handle things muich better.

Its very visible inside Our house and outide my window.

Band Itkoitko

Everyone can do whatever they want, as far as I’m concerned. A lot of the things you say are newer cliches. Women do like to manage money, I definitely noticed that.

The IQ is just a minor thing in the story of life. Masculinity and femininity matter. It’s not normal to have a society of feminine men and masculine women. There must be some reasons why no such society ever survived. Otherwise, you can have whatever prime minister you want in Denmark.

Supreme Blyat

Noo no no, Russians can resist to nuclear winter, they are thougn. Also if the climate gets warmer and some pam trees will pop in Siberia, I bet they will like it too

Jim Allen

I’m thinkin’ Iranian Navy is quite familiar with the Black Sea.

Jens Holm

Most Iranian has never seen it:(

Jens Holm

Again a really funny version on, whats really going on.

Its used to keep millions down and behave as supporting sheep for Putin being non elected President until he is 83.


whatsup with the onshore fields?


The one’s destroyed by Russian strikes?

Kenny Jones ™

Syria should start mining bitcoin to boost their economy, 90% of all bitcoins mined originate from China, Russia, Iran, why not join that list? It will contribute to kill the US dollar

Tommy Jensen

In July we will face a global electronic break down drill. So what are you gonna do about your bitcoin then? “Muhaa, muhaa, muhaa, they cant do that to me…..”, yes they can.

Kenny Jones ™

I mean that China should renovate Syria’s electric grid so it can withstands much more btc mining, in the end it will be profitable


What is an ‘electronic breakdown’ drill?


A global fuse ging ‘pop’ :)

Supreme Blyat

You need very cheap energy to make that profitable. I wish them good luck!

Fog of War

I hope everyone understands where this is heading.

– These names are being talked about to be the US anti-Semitism monitor –

” Nancy Kaufman, the former CEO of the National Council of Jewish Women, said this week that she had been in touch with the Biden administration about becoming this country’s newly empowered anti-Semitism monitor. ”


Tommy Jensen

This Russian-Syrian gas contract bear all marks and signs of anti-Semitism on it. The question is not when, but what is the Global Council of Jewish Women for Peace and Equality going to do about it?


Nag them to death and not much else I imagine. What can they really do?


Invoke the ‘Holo hoax’ card as they always do, I suppose :)


anti-semitism is a consequence of the crimes the jews in palestine perpetrate, like murder of women, children, theft of land and property and organizing the ethnical cleansing program of all palestinians and concentration camp Gaza, part of the systematic killing of palestinians. any jew who transmits any kind of money to israel is equally guilty of the war crimes the jews in palestine commit and these jews in diaspora are thus subject to anti-semitism of the same fashion (almost) the jews in palestine claim to be subjected to. thus anti-semitism must be a part of the world the jews meet today as a consequence of their own criminal behaving towards other people and races,


there is a paramount interest in the region and that is to prevent the jews in palestine to build a pipeline for gas to europe. no way that should be allowed. on the contrary, the jews need to be sent to hell and the gas found in the palestinian exclusive economic zone a palestinian concern and the proceeds from the commercialization of the gas solely to the palestinians. the jews need to be stamped war criminals, and murderers and thieves and as such be placed on the list of extinct species – the right to exist for these jews is long gone.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

Are you kidding SF, are you trying to hide the truth from your readers, are you seriously going to imply that the US are the ones facilitating the Muslim Brotherhoods growing power in Syria, what pure and utter BS, it may have been true concerning Georgia and Chechnya but it’s not when it comes to Syria, that’s all down to Putin’s capitulations to Erdogan. The US didn’t sit down with Erdogan and write up resolution 2254 back in 2015, the Russians and Iranians did, and then they took that proposal to the UNSC and had it approved unanimously, the US just voted yes to the Russian/Iranian/Turkish proposal, so who’s more guilty of empowering the MB. Resolution 2254 lays out the political plan for Syria and designates the legitimate actors, and that resolution allowed Erdogan to install the Muslim Brotherhood as the main political opposition party, and now they’re internationally recognized as the Syrian Interim Government. And as far as I’m aware the US didn’t attend not even one of the 16 different Astana agreements that Russia, Iran, and Turkey conducted, the US had no say in any of them, and even Assad had no say in any of them, and despite the fact it’s Assad’s country they were negotiating on. And all the Astana agreements had one purpose only, they help implement resolution 2254, and those agreements force Assad to sit down and rewrite the Syrian constitution with his sworn enemies the Muslim Brotherhood. So SF can tell you that the US is somehow empowering the Muslim brotherhood in Syria but that’s pure and utter BS, the Russians themselves after Turkey have been the biggest instrument in empowering the Brotherhood in Syria, and that’s despite the fact Russia officially recognizes the Muslim brotherhood has a terrorist organization. But despicably they’re still forcing Assad to sit down with the Brotherhood and share power with them in Syria, and then totally and unashamedly blaming the US for it in this article. President Trump actually tried very hard to designate the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist organization, but sadly deep state bureaucrats opposed him on every front.

“even if it was only the Muslim Brotherhood politicians supported by the US and housed in hotels in Istanbul”.

Yes it’s true, the US has been one of the main financial contributors for the SIG but that’s putting the cart before the horse, the US wouldn’t have been able to fund the Muslim Brotherhood if the Russians and Iranians hadn’t allowed them to get a foot in the door politically, and against Assad’s wishes. So don’t blame the US for the Brotherhoods growing power and obstinance in Syria, blame Russia and Iran for willfully pandering to Erdogan’s demands to allow the Brotherhood so much say in Syria. Resolution 2254 was a stab in the back for Assad, the original version of the resolution gave the Muslim Brotherhood a 50% say in rewriting the Syrian constitution and Assad refused to accept that old Russian/Turkish/Iranian version for four and a half years, but when the UN offered to amend the old Russian/Turkish/Iranian version of the resolution, and replace it with a new amended version that only allowed the Muslim Brotherhood a 33% say in rewriting the Syrian constitution, Assad accepted the new version the very same day the UN made him the offer. So four and a half years of saying no to the old Russian/Turkish/Iranian version of the resolution, and just one day to say yes to the new UN version of the resolution, that’s how much Assad hates the Muslim Brotherhood. Don’t lie to your readers SF, you can tell them that the US supports the Syrian Interim Government and the Muslim Brotherhood financially, but then you also have to tell them that both Russia and Iran support them politically in Syria, that’s why the Russians call them the moderate opposition forces, that’s what the Astana agreements designated them to be, the US didn’t re-designate them, they abandoned them for slicing that 10 year old Lebanese boys throat [among many other atrocities]. Up until June 2018 Russia called the US backed Free Syrian Army [FSA] terrorists, but when Trump gave the FSA the sack and kicked them out of Al Tanf, Turkey took over and incorporated them into the Syrian Interim Government forces, and then the Astana agreements re-designated them as moderate opposition forces. So under Trump they were called terrorists by Russia and Iran, but then the Astana agreements miraculously turned them into moderate opposition forces, and now they serve as part of the Syrian National Army, but Assad still calls them terrorists, he doesn’t call them moderate opposition.


intresting… Qara near the border with Lebanon and near the port of Tartus, which was leased to the Russian navy. The gas reserves are believed to be equal to or exceed those of Qatar.


there is so much gas around that if human beings started to breathe methane, humans would be better off (since de-forestation soon will make oxygen a very valuable property that only the very rich can afford).


The very uber rich having to wear oxygen masks all the time is worth dying for :)

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