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JUNE 2021

Russian, Syrian Forces Work To Trace MANPAD Missile Origin – Russian MP

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Russian and Syrian forces are now working to trace the MANPAD missile, which hit a Russian Su-25 warplane on February 3, the Russian state-run news agency reported qouting MP Vikotor Volodarsky.

The member of parliament noted that Russia is very interested in finding how exactly the anti-aricraft missile had been appeared in the hands of the militants.

The group that had the MANPAD has been destroyed by the Russian Air Force. Now the Syrian commandos are working on the ground. If they find elements of that launcher, we could trace its serial number and establish its origin to the factory in a few days, find out how it got there,” Volodarsky told the miedia adding that the Russian Aerospace Forces provide air support to Syrian troops.

Following the downing of Su-25, the Russian Aerosapce Forces started an intense bombing campaign in the warplane crash area in the province of Idlib. On February 3, the Russian Defense Ministry said that at least 30 militants had been killed in the strikes.

According to reports, at least 68 Russian airstrikes hit militant positions in the province of Idlib on February 4 morning.

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leon mc pilibin

The payback is ony beginning.Big mistake to mess with the Russian BEAR:


Wondering if the Russian SU-25, SU-24, SU-27, SU-30, SU-34 and SU-35 deployed in Syria are actually equipped with MAWS (missile approach warning system). IF THE ANSWER IS NO, then shutting down more Russian warplanes employing MANPADS (man-portable air-defense systems) will be indeed a piece of cake for the opposing forces, considering that these guys have already in their possession hundreds of those toys.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

The MANPADS deployed are all cold system meaning MAWS wouldn’t detect them or ar you not aware that both Stingers and Iglas are cold systems, DART is another one, but who would expect to be shot at in a Deescalation zone.


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Every 1500 airstrikes they manage to down an aircraft, who the fuck cares, sorry for the pilot but 1 dead pilot and 1 lost outdated su-25 doesn’t warrant a change of strategy.

They could be using only su-34 and be safer but they are more expensive.


Well jihadists have ruined it for themselves by agreeing to pull the trigger for other players in the region, it probably would all have worked out pretty well for them if they just would stick to Sochi peace project, that was their last chance, now they will be beaten really hard for doing someone else’s dirty job.

paul ( original )

I am reasonably confident that Russian Military Intelligence
would have assessed the possibility of these weapons
being present. So I expect the use of the missile was a surprise and
contrary to battlefield assessments. Otherwise I would have expected
the aircraft to be flying higher and out of range. My feeing is
something odd is going on here.


Looks the Russians fully agree with you and are dead set on getting hold of that launcher to identify and expose the usual culprits.


Missiles may not the kinds of personnel portable types which include its CLU units. Wait for update on it.

Pave Way IV

Generally speaking, use of ground attack missiles from a Su-25 require it to dive below shoulder-fired SAM ceiling. Gravity bombs can be dropped above that range.

0:21 attack run; pitches ~20° nose-down
0:24 descending in shallow dive; fires rockets (2?) at ground target
to 0:36 recovers and rolls out
0:37 levels off (my eyeball guess, somewhere around 2000m / 6000 ft.)
0:38 bright, large flash w/trailing black smoke – frag damage to engine. Looks more like shoulder-fired SAM than anti-aircraft cannon strike to me.
0:46 sound of aircraft strike – hard to tell with all the head-chopper jabbering

*IF* sound sync has not been altered in vid, slant range to aircraft at hit = ~8 sec x 343 m/sec = 2450m or about 9000 ft. Hard to judge head-chopper cam angle, but aircraft altitude was somewhere between 4500 – 7500 ft., well within altitude limits of either a Strela or Igla. I would have expected the Su-25 to dump IR flares during recovery. Curious why it didn’t, unless RuAF thought threat was zero.


paul ( original )

Careful,interesting analysis.


I like the thoughtful analysis as well. Thanks Pave. Thanks for the great explanation


Does anybody have any information on what type of MANPAD was used?


Video did not show launcher. Seen two video’s:
1) one with the missile being launched and no clear impact and
2) one with the impact withhout seeing the missile being launched

However that first one only pictured the missile in flight shortly after leaving and not the actual launch.

Potato Potato

It was an Igla. It is in use by a few NATO countries like Bulgaria and Bosnia & Herz.

Raptar Driver

How do you know, what is the source?

Potato Potato

Jaysh Al Izza

Pave Way IV

“…If they find elements of that launcher, we could trace its serial number and establish its origin to the factory in a few days, find out how it got there…”

Serial numbers? For cryin’ out loud, when the CIA/SOFCOM order thousands of MANPADS from Bulgaria’s VMZ every year, they don’t ask them to stamp them with serial numbers. And any MANPADS shipments from VMZ go through the same rat lines as their other arms shipments destined for Syria. They either go by ship to Turkish or Saudi ports, or go by air via Azerbaijan’s Silk Way Airlines. Dilyana Gaytandzhieva spelled it out for anyone interested last fall (before Trud Newspaper fired her for pissing off Bulgaria’s VMZ and their cash cows, CIA and SOFCOM):

“… The leaked documents appear to be internal communications between the Bulgarian government and Azerbaijan’s Embassy in Sofia detailing flight plans for Silk Way Airlines, which was essentially operating an “off the books” weapons transport service (not subject to inspections or tax under diplomatic cover) for the US Special Operations Command (USSOCOM), Saudi Arabia, Israel, Germany, Denmark, and Sweden. Silk Way Airlines has been the subject of other recent investigations involving weapons supplies for the Saudi war on Yemen…”

If Russian wants to stop the proliferation of MANPADS in Syria, then VMZ in Bulgaria needs a mysterious explosion and fire (see Tianjin below for example). Azerbaijan’s Silk Way Airlines
‘diplomatic flights’ need to start falling out of the sky for unknown reasons. And sending a few shiploads of VMZ weapons to the bottom of the Mediterranean would help, too. No need to ‘punish’ the US for our culpability in the death of the Russian pilot. The head-choppers will be running around here soon enough taking out our airliners with stray CIA/SOFCOM Bulgarian MANPADS. Terrorism that will somehow be blamed on Russia, because that’s what the US government does.


Pave way IV,

Always appreciate your thorough analysis and knowledge base. Previously came across your comments awhile back on ZH. Thank you.

Pave Way IV

Thanks, but my ‘thorough analysis’ = my wild-assed guesses based on my own biases, suppositions and social media ‘evidence’. I’m the moderately (or more) inebriated, grumpy old guy on the next barstool with an opinion.

Joao Alfaiate

Thanks anyway.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

Hey…let’s not start a bar fight here!


To keep it short: Bomb the F*ck out of Headchoppers until there are no Headchoppers left…..? It’s a good way to get rid of sick bastards….I mean there are already a whole lot less of’m


That’s why your opinion is more trustworthy than people with definite biases.


I also appreciate your Reality Reporting PZ1V.

Pave Way IV

Won’t be around after the Superbowl false flag nuke. I live far enough away where death won’t be instantaneous, but close enough that my intestines will start to liquify in a few days. Which will make it tough to fight off roving gangs of thugs in the ensuing food riots, and even tougher to evade DHS Stazi rounding up survivors for the FEMA camps.


I hope that does not happen PZ1V but if you consider it a threat, why not take a vacation in the Rockies or another less likely zone ? If nothing happens you will have had a good break and if it does , you will be fit and well :)

Pave Way IV

My country is dying from an infestation of psychopaths, traitors and cowards – there IS no break from that. It’s my mess to clean up. I’ll go on vacation when I can honestly tell my kids that things will be better here and being honest, hard-working and good to others doesn’t make you just another chump to be exploited by the powers that be.


It will be a struggle but people such as you will prevail against the moral and physical barbarity that afflicts so many in the USA today.


Psychopaths, Traitors & Cowards are the ones that rule the world right now (almost anywhere)…. everything set & in place…..no reason whatsoever to fear these cockroaches…..why didn’t they push that button already? BECAUSE THEY ARE CHICKENSHIT!!!!! They know they too will rot away after they come out of their bunkersss


The consistent US and Saudi arms purchases in Bulgaria are theoretically subject to international arms trafficking laws. These are Bulgarian state armories that are obligated to have legal contracts for international sales. A current contractual part of state-to-state arms sales is that weapons are not to be further on-sold or knowingly supplied to terrorist organizations. Under same international terms of sale, state armories are are legally bound to mark and stamp their products with point of origin and manufacture date, this is also significant safety issue as well. But the trick in all these current Bulgarian sales is a basic bait and switch game. The US and Saudi’s buy Bulgarian weapons and munitions as formal sales to Saudi Arabia, and then the consignments are re routed to Turkey, to be driven into Syria and distributed by intelligence service field operations. This is the maximum available legal cover for US officials regarding any future investigations into the arming of designated terrorists. As technically, it is Saudi Arabia on sales contracts as the designated delivery point, and thus they are technically doing the re routing, and in turn the Saudi’s are confident that the US is capable of politically protecting them from any meaningful future investigation. It is also a reason that NATO and Gulf States desperately cling to the term ‘moderate rebels’ as that is also a legal cover term for their large scale arms redistribution activities. But point is, Bulgarian sourced arms are marked with origins and manufacture date at point of sale – it essential part of international state to state contracts – but doesn’t mean not scratched in field later.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

You can’t scratch them off as much as one would believe and can be identified through a scan of the area and it will yield the manufacturer or Serial number.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

Heard the Russian and Syrian special forces are conducting operations right now and ,Russian advisers and 5th Assault corps are headed towards Afrin area, possibly TFSA and Turks are planning something for Aleppo city.


Notice how these weapons are never used against US targets?
That tends to indicate the weapons never left US hands.

Jim Martin

Dont belie the Bulgarian make MANPADs any more . That is ancient history


Russian, Syrian Forces Work To Trace MANPAD Missile Origin – Russian MP.

For as long as the Zionist terror network headquarter Israel present on the Palestinian soil then this will happen to the whole middle east. Now its time to desmintal this Israeli terror headquarter. Israel uses ISIS and FSA and have created chaos in Syria. Israel also uses ISIS and FSA and have blocked Palestine.

=Kory Walace

Makes you wonder what really going on downing a Russian combat aircraft and killing the pilot will obviously provoke a violent response immediately along with a Spetnaz Alfa group also perhaps which will begin hunting the culprits and there buddies and will kill them all period! and there is no country in the world that can save them at point they are done, so why would they do this I do not think that they are that stupid?


The US has been trying to get Russia to strike back for a long time.
The US wants to isolate Russia, take them out of the oil/gas market, so the US can preserve its crude empire.
The US needs an excuse to force Europe into paying more for American gas, attacking and killing whilst blaming the victim, has been a very successful moneymaking scheme for the US since the Spanish American war.

Dominic Fernandes

May be this is Russia’s Karma coming back to haunt it .
It was russia’s puppets in East Ukraine who were responsible for the murder of 283 innocents who had nothing to do with the war – add to it Putin did everything to coverup and deny

The downing of this SU25 and killing of its pilot was a part of the war being waged – was he dropping candy / food packets / relief ?


This I thought yesterday. Where the fuck do these savages get the manpad? Saudi’s? if so, start supplying arms to Houthi rebels thru Iran.

Suyanto Ng

The Americans quickly denied sending MANPADS to terrorist not long after Su-25 downed, not even wait for accusation. Basically they know the faith of all the weapon that sending to their terrorist “partner” on the ground, but they don’t care because the point of all is creating more chaos and more blood spilled.


Irony of the life: russian plane was shot down by russian manpad, russian soldier killed by russian kalashnikov. The circle is closed. Putin bear can go to sleep his winter quiescence.

Pave Way IV

More likely shot down by a Bulgarian VMZ manufactured Igla clone and killed by a Bulgarian VMZ manufactured AK clone. Both were original Soviet designs BTW, not Russian. The circle is far from closed.


Russian, not soviet. Also now prodly say ruskies, Kalashnikov is russian.

Clone or not, the weapons were russian.


Everybody that gets a choice buys Russian weapons, they are the most reliable.


Cheap shit. Not precise.

Steve Bell

Russian manpad or kalash? Irrelevant… the circle will be closed when another Kalibr missile vaporises another gang of head-choppers and their CIA/Mossad handlers hiding in another cave.


The CIA prefers to buy Chinese weapons for their pet terrorists.

chris chuba

U.S., Turkey, or the Saudis buy Soviet era MANPAD being manufactured in eastern European country that is now part of NATO and gives it to Jihadist group fighting in Syria. So are you saying that it is some sort of poetic justice if it’s a Russian engineered product? It just shows the deviousness of the Gulf states and U.S.

If Russia managed to grab a NATO weapon and give it to the Taliban to kill NATO soldiers you wouldn’t say that NATO was to blame. With the U.S. being the #1 exporter of weapons it is only a matter of time before this happens. In fact, most of the weapons now being used by the Taliban are of U.S. origin.


I did not blame Russia. I wrote, it is irony of life. And if terrorsts would bomb the White House with F-22, i would write the same thing.

John Ballantine

When you find it came from Rihadh, FLATTEN THE FUCKING PLACE…

Pave Way IV

Why wait for proof? Toss in the two other fucking head-chopper financing centers in Doha and Abu Dhabi just to be sure. A Tsar bomb is just too damn big for the task, though. I recommend Russia use the equivalent of our old air-dropped B28 nuke with full fuzing and, oh, about a 1000 ft. air burst. The Mod 5 variant at 1.5 megatons should catch the attention of the head-chopper financiers in all three cities, at least for the one or two milliseconds before their Wahhabi asses are incinerated.

This is a test of just the Python fission primary in a B28. You’ll have to use your imagination to picture the fat, filthy-rich Gulf royals dragging their bags of shekels – trying to frantically waddle away from the shock front. From Russia, with love, etc.


The time for attacking Riyadh was 7 years ago.


Riyadh just follows orders from Washington.
All roads lead to Washington.

Jean Chretien

it looked like the su-25 was baiting AA gun but had a little manpad surprise very sad…even more sad its most likely a NATO type man pad

Baudouin Jérusalem

I think USA give some manpads to djihadists just like they give some TOW missile.


Ask Turkey, the Zionists and the Neocons how they got there.


Why don’t the Russian leadership take a leaf out of the US Playbook and say that the US has been supplying weapons of all makes to their Terrorists ( partners) and that Russia holds the USA responsible for any attacks of this nature :)


I wonder if the SU25 was baiting MANPADS rather than AA guns. Tough gig.

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