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Russian, Syrian Forces Honor War Hero Roman Filipov With Monument Near Saraqib (Video)


Russian and Syrian forces have placed on May 16 a plaque honoring Russian war hero Roman Nikolayevich Filipov on the stone that witnessed his last stand.

More than two years ago, Filipov fought his last battle with terrorists attempting to capture him near the stone, which is located in the vicinity of Saraqib city in the southern part of Greater Idlib.

“In here, Russian martyr, hero Maj. Roman Filipov fought his last battle on February 3 of 2018, you will remain in our memory for ever,” the plaque reads.

Maj. Filipov, 33, was flying his Su-25 accompanied by another Su-25 on a routine patrol over Idlib. When he dived down to engage a hostile target on the ground, his warplane was hit with what is presumed to be a man-portable air-defense system (MANPADs).

After ejecting, Filiopv landed near the city of Saraqib, where he found himself surrounded by terrorists. Filiopv blew himself up with a hand grenade after engaging in a fierce battle with the terrorists that attempted to capture him. Several terrorists were reportedly killed or injured in the battle.

Al-Qaeda-affiliated Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (HTS), which controls Greater Idlib, claimed responsibility for the shooting down of Maj. Filipov’s Su-25.

The Russian military responded by launching several cruise missiles at terrorists’ positions in Idlib. At least 30 were eliminated. Fearing a harsher response by Russia, the terrorists handed over Filiopv body on February 6.

Filiopv was posthumously awarded the honor of the Hero of the Russian Federation. He was buried with with full military honors on February 8 at the Alley of Glory of the Kominternovskoye Cemetery in Voronezh with thousands of people attending the related ceremonies.

The Syrian Arab Army backed with the Russian Aerospace Forces liberated Saraqib  city in March of 20 following a fierce battle with the terrorists and Turkish forces.




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