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JULY 2022

Russian Spring In Ukraine Turned Into Russian Summer

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Russian Spring In Ukraine Turned Into Russian Summer

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Russian Spring In Ukraine Turned Into Russian Summer
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Russian Spring In Ukraine Turned Into Russian Summer

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The first days of June were marked by the same gradual advance of the joint forces of Russian, Donetsk and Luhansk People’s Republics in the Donbass.

The Kharkov region remains one of the hotspots of the Ukraine war. After the Armed Forces of Ukraine failed to reach the Russian border, Russian troops again went on the offensive. Most recently, the villages of Fedorovka and Shestakovo came under Russian control. As a result, Ukrainian forces in the town of Stary Soltov were cut off. Russian troops are now shelling Ukrainian positions in Udy, Slatino, Dergachy, Tsirkuny and Alexandrovka. The AFU attempt to cross the Seversky Donets River near the village of Hotomlya to attack Russian positions on the left bank of the Pechenezhskoe reservoir.

One of the most active battlefields in the Donbass is the Svyatogorsk area. According to preliminary data, the town has already come under the DPR control, while clashes continued near the Svyatogorsky monastery, located on the western bank of the Seversky Donets River. The sacred place was turned into the main fortification of the AFU in the town. Russian-led forces also claimed control over the village of Yarovaya. As a result, Ukrainian forces in Svyatogorsk were surrounded from three directions. In any attempt to retreat they would also have to cross the river under Russian fire.

Heavy clashes continue on the streets of Severodonetsk city in the LPR. According to the local reports, Russian units control about 80% of the city and have moped up almost all residential areas. The AFU are retreating, taking shelter on the territory of the Azot chemical plant, where fighting was already reported.

The battle for Lisichansk is yet to come. Russian-led forces are slowly surrounding the Ukrainian fortress. Clashes were reported on the city outskirts. All the supply roads were already cut off. On the southern outskirts, the LPR units are advancing from Toshkovka and have approached the village of Mirnaya Dolina.

The warring sides are preparing for the battle for Bakhmut. Fighting continues in the villages of Belogorovka, Yakovlevka and Berestovoye along the Bakhmut-Lisichansk road. The AFU are transferring reinforcements to the area, likely preparing to counter-attack and restore control over the road. 1,650 residents were reportedly mobilized in Konstantinovka, located to the west of Bakhmut. 70 units of heavy armored vehicles were transferred to Bakhmut as well.

While the Ukrainian military are losing the war, the Kiev’s allies are stirring the pot, in a balanced attempt to prolong hostilities in the country without inflaming the WWIII.

Washington announced the allocation of a new $700 million military aid package to Kiev, which included supply of HIMARS MLRS to the AFU. Ukraine has reportedly given guarantees to the United States not to use these complexes for strikes on the Russian territories, but the promises in wartime can never be trusted.

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The Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR) is reporting as of 26 May that they had 1,912 soldiers killed and 7,919 wounded (4.14-to-1 wounded-to-killed ratio). Their weekly losses have been around 100 killed and over 400 wounded since late April.

Johannes Ekhman

Quite high DPR losses admitted: total 9,831. LPR losses in early April reported 500-600 killed and likely 2,000-2,500 wounded. Now likely over 1,000 killed and more than 4,000 wounded.

Patricia Stricker

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Last edited 27 days ago by Patricia Stricker

Versus 50.000 Ukros KIA…..


prob 60k now and not kia its wounded killed and captured around 30k killed now


much more. 500 to 700 a day are killed or surrender. Been over a 100 thousand losses since April

Mariupol was 100% liberated

Why was dvornikov fired?

John Titor

Why is Ukraine losing ? It was supposed to be winning since day one.


Heavy price to liberate Donbass but they had no choice,like Givi and the ones who went before they will be remembered.

Michigan Man


No ! That’s what nobody here could explain. There was a choice, at least back in 2014, but basically also in 2022 (but a different one of course). And I said exactly that. I have nothing against russians. But I am against invaders. So why are the Putin cockroaches crying now ? Putin, who I and lots of people at least thought to be a leader a little less gung-ho, less warmongering than his US and israeli so-called counterparts, while at the same time being much cleverer and also a great chessplayer, missed the important point in time (in 2014). He, like a master, managed the Syria crisis, but then in 2014, 2015 and 2016 did nothing to reinstall russian rule in Ukraine also it was obvious US jewess Nuland had done a real coup there which was extraordinary humiliating to russia. But Putin waited and waited until it was too late. And then after 8 years he suddenly starts all-out war ? Thinking that’s ok to do ? (and lying trough his teeth that it is ‘not war’ but just ‘military operation’). Bah ! What a disgusting little lice, a lying stinky worm agent of the jews, that’s what he is. And now that’s visible to everybody ! He started this criminal all-out war of aggression in Feb. 2022 by invading a foreign country.

Strangely he did it, at the very moment when the whole COVID-narrative of the jewish medias was at the breaking point and couldn t be held up any longer without people violently revolting all around USA and especially EU against it. Coincidence ? No. I said it was as if Putin got the order to start war now, regardless what the world would think about him then. His masters needed a war to distract mankinds attention away from the fact that they (the jews) had just poisoned half of the earth population, and sterilized nearly 60 % of europes as well as the US population. And also the chinese communist party cheered, as the US military 75% took the lethal jabs. So it seems this all was long long planned in before.

And arsehole WEF leader Klaus Schwab even openly admitted that Mr. Putin, was one of their trained ‘young global leaders’ (short: one of their marionettes !!!) and placed into his position long ago by them in order to fullfill their plans. Schwab (btw.) has a Lenin figure/picture near his desk. Bottom line is, had Putin done things in 2014, 2015, 2016 that would have been halfway acceptable, also i am against war anyway. But taking the Donbass area and maybe create a 30 miles savezone/bufferzone in order to hinder ukraine military from shelling Donbass cities would have definitely been accepted by the consciousness of the people of the world as defensive act of russia likely even in 2022. But all out war of aggression ? In 2022 ? 8 years after the US-jewish Nuland coup in Ukraine ? No, that was madness, and was foreseeable leading into drawn out war with extraordinary high casualty rate.

In 2014, 2015, 2016 Putin could have toppled the Ukraine regime easily with a “special military operation” but waiting 8 years, until USA fully armed Ukraine and have deeply installed and taken grip of Ukraine and then starting all-out war ? No, that was of course going to destroy the otherwise halfway good reputation Putin had around the world (including in Europe population) and lead to Russia becoming the pariah. It’s like he was ordered to help his masters conceal/hide their global mRNA genocide, by starting World War 3 now, in order to distract the masses attention away from that unheard of universal total crime against mankind which the jews committed with their mRNA genetic-editing mRNA poisoning of mankind.

They killed half the world population with that time-triggered mRNA ratpoison and more and more people (running around as ‘ the real walking-dead’ started to realize that and starte asking questions and demanding answers. That’s why it was so urgently necessary for the World Jewry to kick loose big war immediately (in 2022) – before all the lies about the Covid-pandemic blow up into their own faces. War needed to be started as a distraction. The task they handed over to their little jewish butt-boy Putin.

Only when one realizes that USA, EU, and Russia+China are ALL ruled by the International Jewry, then all the things make sense and suddenly one sees the big evil picture very clearly, realizing the whole world is in deep shit, if we not start to revolt against these arc-enemies of mankind, called jews (which Jesus called “the children of Satan”).

Last edited 1 month ago by Michigan Man

Putin in 2014 had some hope for the Minsk agreement, that was in the interest of Russia: Russia needed the Dombass in Ukraine to prevent the corrupt crazies to have full control over Ukraine.

That was clearly stated by an Ukrainian official (maybe Avakov but i’m not sure): as long as the Dombass PEOPLE are in Ukraine, the western parties can’t have full control.

The presidents Poroshenko and Zelensky, elected against the said western parties by promising peace (and nearly nothing else), genuinely tried to apply the Minsk agreement, but each time the Rada was stormed by “patriots”, killing a few policemen in the process. Ukrainian politician are not only corrupt, they also have very little courage or daring.

Putin probably miscalculated by thinking that the Europeans and the US would not look away while a friendly government was bullied around by a bunch of nazies. And 2022 was a now or never situation: Putin only have 2 year to leave a clean sheet to next guy.


You sound crazy dude. An anti-semite for real you sound like. mRna poison. What alternate reality do you live in dude. I had three mRna vaccines and so did my entire family and we are all fine. It doesn’t change your DNA genius take off your tin foil hat and wake up. Putin invaded because oil prices were high and his country needs more natural gas to sell which Ukraine was just discovered to have. He is also worried about his legacy since he is getting up in age. That is about it. it is not some big grand NWO conspiracy. USA and Russia have been rivals for years mostly over ideology and resources. Jews love America this is why they fight so hard for it’s survival and it’s strength over other nations.

Take off the tin foil hat.

Ed Theman

lol, jews love america yet they are destroying everything that made America great and are turning it into a 3rd world cess pool. They are also anti-white, just look at all the hatred towards whites the Jews push with their media.

10 Dead Generals

Hey! Russia is doing its best! Or not. Who knows..


the famous amerikant fear of death

Mariupol was 100% liberated

Why was dvornikov fired?

John Titor

One more week and the West will win.


Killin Nazis is never easy


can you show this report, maybe??… looks like another fake news…


If thats true then thats a great result. These are extremely low losses. Ukraine has well over 100 Thousand dead and around 10,000 captured. As much as 500 to 700 Ukrainians a day are either being destroyed and surrender. Since the DPR is literally the bulk of “Russian forces” in Ukraine this is an extremely low number u have put forward. Thanks for letting us know


Ukraine will win back all Russian territory. https://www.politico.com/news/2022/06/01/ukraine-war-russia-donbas-weapons-00036156

Boris Becker

Every time I read an article where it’s written that Ukraine can win, I know it’s msm propaganda. Ukraine can’t win. Impossible

10 Dead Generals

Russia is doing what Whashington and Beining planned. We don’t know. Or we know already?


Wishful thinking.


Yeah, of course ! (In your imagination. 😊)


Ukraine lost in 2014, when Ukrainian fools overthrew the legitimate Ukrainian president (with him there were three more Ukrainian presidents since 1991), and exchanged them for two Ashkenazi crooks (less than 1% of the population of Ukraine). Russians now in Ukraine are just cleaning up the crap that this 1% has left. You yourself voluntarily lowered Ukraine into the sewer. Live with it, loser.


another amerikant moron


Go onto comedy, you are a natural.


Zelensky said that Ukraine is losing 100 men dead not taking anything and just for staying in position. Imagine how many of their troops would die if they tried to capture anything.


Its time for the average (rational, sensible, God-fearing) people of America and Russia to find common ground. They have no beef with each other.

Conservatives in America (the so-called ‘far right’) do not support Ukraine, or America’s ‘aid’ to Zelensky. They know it is just about money-laundering and a way for politicians and weapons producers (Lockheed/Raytheon etc) to get rich.

The biggest mistake I see Russians making online, is calling conservative Americans ‘racist’. That may be true (or not) but it is not a useful description. It is straight out of Trotsky’s school of thought (Trotsky did after all popularize the term racist, in the 1930s, practically inventing the term).

Also not useful is scoffing at the ‘conservative’ notion that American leftism is a result of Communist subversion starting in the 1950s/60s. Or rather, calling it ‘neo-liberalism’ instead of leftism. It is clear the American left is the result of subversion. By who, that we can debate. But they are students of the Frankfurt School, and Critical Theory, of that there can be no doubt.


Trotsky was a contractor of American Intelligence and Bankers…..


Jacob Schiff


It seems Trotsky’s wife (and perhaps Lenin’s as well) are the key figures that need to be investigated, to understand the banker connection.

Agree that the intelligence agencies (the world over, Britain, Canada, USA, Australia, etc) work for the bankers (banksters is a good term that is used).

Michigan Mam

@opereta + Helge + KL247

Could we at least agree on the fact that all the persons you are talking about are eighter jews or of jewish origin ?

Because that is the point we need to focus on. Trotsky – real name Leo Bronstein, Lenin with his grandgrandfather Moses Blank (a jew), Jacob Schiff a jewish grantbanker and personal friend of Baron Rothschild ( another satanic moneyjew). So we are basically talking about a whole bunch of horrific crimes, reaching now to the current Uktraine war, where jew Zelensky(brought into power by US-jewish orchestered coup etat done by US-jewess primebitch V. Nuland) is said (by the jewish medias) to be battling russian dictator Putin ( which we all know is just another jew – with his mother the jewess maiden-name born Shelomova). Germany was led into destruction and made delivering weapons against russia by – why whom, by the jews like former chancellor Helmuth Kohl (real name Hennoch Cohn – a jew) and of course by the poland-born jewess Angela Merkel (real name Anjela Kazmierczak). France was destroyed and flooded with migrants by the jew president N. Sarkozy, then in Sweden we have … s.o. and on.

Everywhere the leaders are jews, and marionettes of the jews (often themselves also full or at least half or quarter-jews).

So why are you all so afraid of speaking out the truth ?

It is Jews ! Plain and simple ! Do what Jesus did. Speak out this truth freely. Don t be afraid ! It is Jews, these snakes they are the enemy of man. Don t fall for their trick, which is to convince the waking up masses that indeed it is “the jewish zionists” but not “THE JEWS”. Yes, the massacres where commited by the judeo-bolshewics but not by “THE JEWS”.Yes, all the COVID lethal mRNA ratpoison injections where produced and delivered by jewish owned companies, but not by “THE JEWS”. Yes jewish families are controlled nearly 100% of the worlds central banks, but the banks are nevertheless not in the hands of “The Jews”. Yes it was democrats, but not “the Jews”, it was the communists but not “The Jews”, yes it was indeed jewish lodges and freemasonary illuminati behind this and that but not ” THE JEWS etc. etc. Guess what ? IT WAS JEWS !!! PLAIN AND SIMPLE : JEWS !!! It was not the eskismos, it also were not the spainiards or the french, it was jews !!! That’s these parasites, ok ? Jews that’s their name !

And who was fighting against the jews, these lying vermins and snakes ? Who was (apart from Jesus 2000 years ago) speaking that out openly against them already 80 years ago ? Fighting them whereever they were met ? Nah ? Wake up people, and stop believing in the jewish media lies regardless if from the western or the eastern side. It is BOTH lies !

Look at the real perpetrators and listen to what they admit themselves please:

Especially watch this from minute 17.35 it is in english https://www.bitchute.com/video/ZE54hIcF7Z9B/




Last edited 1 month ago by Michigan Mam
WT Baker

If the neo cons are not interested in destroying Russia then why do they vote with neo libs to keep funding this bloody war? Neolibs got their “Russia hating war” and the neo cons will get their war with China. The two “potty” system of the US is amoral and the financial system is bankrupt. There is really no defense for the left nor the right, even centrists as they all belong to the British cult of liberal economics.

Last edited 1 month ago by WT Baker

“The rise of the two party system will be the death of the Republic” – George Washington


Do you know what a RINO is? Believe me, Neocon politicians are incredibly unpopular among conservatives. That’s why they have to usually rotate them out and make new ones every 4-8 years. No conservative gives two damns about what China does on its own soil, but they do fear a Chinese invasion/occupation (in case the leftist politicians welcome them in) of California, for example.

Notice I do not refer to conservatives as ‘right wing’. What matters to conservatives is faith in God, the future of their nation (not foreign intervention/empire building), and the wellbeing of their families.


Money. They get stupid rich with defense contracts. They don’t care who gets killed. It’s Ukrainians that are dying with all of this help. That’s fine by them, they get paid as long as this keeps going. We have Scum in DC, not limited to the dems, sadly enough.


1. USA gave Ukraine a nuclear stockpile to make weapons to fire at Russia 2. Ukraine had active bio weapons labs supplied and funded by the USA department of defense 3. NATO and other countries are pushing 10’s of billions of dollars in weapons at Ukraine including long range missiles.

They want you dead Russia this is now about survival either you kill them or they will kill you.


Did you deliberately miss my point? That is America’s financial and political class, not something your average conservative (at least half the country) agrees with or supports.


I haven’t seen them call us racist. But from the beginning I’ve said it wouldn’t take much recognition from Putin to gain our support in larger numbers. Throw the election in his face see what happens. Our liberals are garbage, they make us look bad. I think they can relate.

Gerdt Malm

What is the point of giving numbers of killing and wounding on both sides. To get the feeling of being on the winning side or what?As for myself I rather see the end of the war coming closer for Ucraine. They don’t have the cabability to win. One thing is for sure : the west is losing the whole thing. They are so stupid beyond any normal thinking. The empire of lies goes for all the western countries. The only thing they do is sending weapons.Don’t they have other solutions? No, being stupid have no other solutions. Making a good relationship with Russia is out of the question. War,war,war -that’s how they solve problems. The west is the agressor after 8 years from the maidan in Kiev : the big western coup.


Numbers for KIA and WIA are just data. It’s hard because the data is people but in the end it’s important to remember those who sacrificed. I personally believe that the French in WW1 beat the French in WW2. The arrogance of the French “elites”(parasite class) the sheer number of dead and disabled Frenchman. They didn’t have the esprit de corps in the populace that was needed to win in WW2. Even though WW2 was the more important cause.


Make no mistake , Russia is winning , and this is with Putin having committed only 20% – 25% of his forces to the battle . Of course the psychopaths in the US and their hapless lap dogs in Europe are trying to make it as costly as possible . They don’t give a rat’s ass about all the death and suffering .

Last edited 1 month ago by Stuart

At least “Mohammad the profit” that smarmy-skinned camel fucker isn’t in here spewing his regurgitated drivel.


Standing by . LOL


Don’t we miss “Mohammad the profit”? He is complete shithead, but without him this place is bit boring ;o)


USNato is using entire West, part of Asia, Eurasia, Japan, SK, and UN resources to wear down Russia in every domain including the war.

Its a USNato $50T GDP VS Russia $1.4T proxy war. Without China help, Russia will collapse.

Thomas Turk

You wish?


they are wearing down nothing, because Russia is profiting by the increasing energy prices… the only people who are worn down are the PEOPLE all over the world, in Europe especially.


moron gringo cannot comprehend history


Remember when PutinGayBoyz said Ukraine would surrender in a week?


Tom Bombastadillo

No. That was only in your dream. And anyone who calls themselves USA#1 is exceptionally stupid. Yes, you are exceptional: exceptionally stupid. And I am a Yank writing this.


amerikant LGBT military loses all wars




Putin as been too lineant towards the eulommeings, I wants to be friend with someone who has always hated Russia. Cut gas by small steeps has been a catastrophe for the Russian army and soldiers. Once the UE voted the first 450 million, he should have shut the gas off immediately, and it was still winter. He would have put the boches again to their knees. These are those who counts, all the rest are neotan excited boy scouts starting by the poles. Now he well have to wait in until october to chill the eurolemmings to their bones. These people for the last 40 years are living in houses heated to 25 C in winter, they can-t imagine what is living at 17 C for all winter. Please expedite and can someone pass the word that the gas must be cut now.


Gas dependency will not pass in next winter, so people in EU will know how to live without heating. And they will do it by own will, not because Putin did it. There are no counter-sanctions as far as i know, though approval of Putin’s actions inside Russia could be even more higher if he pressed on western aggressors and Japan. But it’s not so necessary.


German govt expects Russia to liberate all of donbas by August….nazi Sawyer wet diapers


Und ich bin weiterhin der Meinung, die Russen machen mit Absicht ausreichend langsam, damit ‘Väterchen Frost und General Winter’ mit der Ukraine im kommenden Januar, Februar ganze Arbeit machen. Und der Westen beweisen darf, dass er 30 Millionen Care Pakete pro Woche schickt -Richtung Kiew und Odessa. Oder Flüssiggas für eine ganzen Nation auf dem Laster bringt. Während ‘der russische Teil der Ukraine’ hat es dann längst wieder gut und warm. Wir denken ggfls an ‘Borodino und die Folgen’ – es gibt für Russland jetzt überhaupt kein Grund zu irgendeiner Eile. Aber gegebenenfalls für Gespräche mit ‘hartnäckigen Verbündeten’ mit denen man die eurasische Platte teilt, ‘für die Welt insgesamt ist es schließlich besser, wenn die eurasische Platte gewinnt’.

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