Russian Sumbarine Launches Cruise Missiles On Terrorist Targets In Syria’s Idlib Province


Russian Sumbarine Launches Cruise Missiles On Terrorist Targets In Syria's Idlib Province

Launching Kalibr cruise missiles at terrorist targets in Syria. 14.09.2017 © Vadim Savitskii / Sputnik

On September 22, the Russian Black Sea fleet’s submarine, Veliky Novgorod, carried out a cruise missile strike on Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (formelry Jabhat al-Nusra, the Syrian branch of al-Qaeda) targets in Syria’s Idlib province, the Russian Defense Ministry said.

The missile strike destroyed important command centers, training bases and armored vehicles of the terrorists who tried to capture 29 Russian military policemen in the north of the Hama Province,” the ministry said in a statement. “The targets included strongholds, militants and armored vehicles, as well as ammunition depots belonging to al-Nusra Front [Hayat Tahrir al-Sham/Jabhat al-Nusra] in the Idlib Province. The distance of the strike was nearly 300 kilometers.”

Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (HTS) and its allies started is offensive against government forces and allied Russian troops on September 19 with an aim to seize the key government-held town of Ma’an and capture a platoon (29 servicemen) of the Russian Military Police deployed inside the Idlib de-escalation zone.

However, a de-blocking group consisting of Russian and Syrian troops broke the militant encirclement and rescued the Russian troops. The attack on Ma’an was also repelled.

According to the Russian media, Hayat Tahrir al-Sham used info leaked from the US-led coalition during its attempt to capture the Russian troops. The Russian Defense Ministry said that “according to available data, the offensive was initiated by American intelligence services to stop a successful advance of government troops east of Deir ez-Zor [Deir Ezzor].”



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  • Richard Noel Hedditch

    The NATO garbage in Idlib do warrant attention.

  • FlorianGeyer

    I wonder if any US/NATO special forces were hit? You all know the ones in Idlib. They were only training terrorists in 1st Aid and camping techniques :)

    • gustavo

      I hope so.

    • Ishyrion Av

      The way Russians seem to think… I’d say they hit US intelligence assets for sure. They always send a message along with any of their missiles.

      • FlorianGeyer

        I do hope so. If we hear of a helicopter crash carrying Special Forces on a training exercise near Hawaii soon it will confirm it :)

  • Borna Kvaternik

    kill them all ! No mercy for us-zionist rats ! just hunt them like animals .. ;)

  • gustavo

    Maybe much more kalibr missiles are needed in Deir Ezzor to protect and support Syria-Hezbolah-Iran-Russia ground troops that are moving to get oil fields at Omar. If it is necessary to send several those missiles to USA troops (kurds) there, do not think it twice, just do it. Oil fields at Omar belong to Syria, and they must not be stolen by SDF (kurds, USA-puppets).

    • ruca

      Include Iskandar.

  • Garga

    These terrorists are so used to attack the defenceless which can’t hit back, they think attacking anyone will have the same outcome.
    If they knew that Russian will sting them that hard, they would never attack them.

    • electron

      This was a ploy to prevent saa from reaching the oilfields, and it worked. rf is now utilizing is utmost limited assets in Idlib, instead of dz.
      Saa was advancing 11 km per day on average, for last 30 days, but then get stuck in a tiny area for 3 days, because no adequate air or sof support…

      • Floyd Hazzard

        They need to cross the Euphrates west of Deir Ezzor, cut the Kurds supply line, encircle the forward units and take them all prisoners. Let’s see how their utilities stack up against the T72 and T90

      • VGA

        They were advancing because they were in the desert. Now ISIS are putting up more of a fight and it’s a bit more complicated. It is not about lack of support.

        The SDF also captured empty territory fast and got to the oil fields faster because of that and not having to cross the Euphrates.

  • MD Ranix

    russian air, sea and ground defence is a clear indicator for satanists to send them to perm hell asap

  • Floyd Hazzard

    That’s some scary $#!+, The drones recording the pinpoint strikes of cruise missiles from the subs. Nowhere to hide from barrages like those.

  • BL

    Typo in the title