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Russian Sukhoi PAK FA Fifth-generation Stealth Fighter’s Armament (Infographics)

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Russian Sukhoi PAK FA Fifth-generation Stealth Fighter's Armament (Infographics)

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PAK FA Nearing Service Entry:

Russian media reported in recent weeks two new developments concerning the PAK-FA, or the Future Aviation System–Frontal Aviation. In addition to the news of the sixth T-50 prototype taking to the air, and five additional ones being in advanced stages of construction, the Russian media reported that the T-50 would enter service with the Russian Aerospace Forces already in 2017, in other words, in a little more than a year.  The aircraft’s series production would commence the same year…

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Tom Johnson

POS-FA is being compared, by the Russians, to the F35. It’s so bad that India said NO!…Lol


POS F35 is a flying brick, it does not even come close to Suk 35. LOL, according to you India would be content with F16 block 50.

Tom Johnson

You do not have a clue, and you read russian proganda too much. Ya, ya, T72 is better than m1, ya, ya, migs better than f16/f15. You are a broken record playing a really bad old song. Fact, is that the Russians designed it should be illustrative that in all probability it will be a POS. Now it will have India to try to make it work…lol gtfo


Rely on current day facts, not something that happened 30-40 years ago. Soviet equipment in the hands of third country poorly trained troops does not equate how the Russins would have handled the equipment. It is amazing that Mig 31 never got in an aerial clash with an F16, or F15. As far as propaganda, it is no propaganda that Lokheed is a fat cat company that is interested in raking all the cash and producing dubious hardware. The supposed BVR capabilities of F35 and F22 are mere claims, that have not been tested in a meaningful scenario against a capable opponent, therefore I would classify them as corporate BS.


What? India is paying billions to co-design and later co-produce a similar design to the PAKFA, the FGFA.

Tom Johnson



Russia and India signed a agreement on FGFA 4 days ago (including other military contracts), directly after India signed a military cooperation agreement with the USA. The only reason India said no is because they are making an 5-gen aircraft themselfs in there own country with co-production and technology research with Russia, using PAK-FA technology.

Tom Johnson

Only 8 billion to produce true 5th gen.._lmao


Just shows how pathetic the USA is for needing 1 trillion dollar to try to make the same.

Brad Isherwood

What’s the matter now Tom…..Russia builds a bird as good as F 22 ….in way less time And way less cost. And hey…look at all the new dazzling missiles it will haul.

Especially the AWACS / Air Tanker missile killer Russia is impressing on the military technical side ….big time.

Will the US be sending V 22 Ospreys in to rescue downed F 22 and F 15E pilots? : )

Tom Johnson

The Russian military compares it to the F35-numbnutz gtfo.

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