Russian Subs Deliver Missile Strikes On ISIS In al-Mayadin Area (Videos)


Russian Subs Deliver Missile Strikes On ISIS In al-Mayadin Area (Videos)

FILE IMAGE: RIA/Russian Defense Ministry

Russian submarines have carried out two cruise missile strikes from Mediterannean sea ISIS in Syria’s Deir Ezzor province, the Russian Defense Ministry said on October 5.

The sumbarines launched 10 Kalibr cruise missiles on ISIS targets near the ISIS-held town of Mayadin southeast of Deir Ezzor city.

“These are the terrorists’ command posts, large ammunition depots and hangars with Daesh armored vehicles. To destroy these objects, two submarines from the Black Sea Fleet, the Veliky Novgorod and the Kolpino, have delivered two strikes using Kalibr cruise missiles,” Major General Igor Konashenkov said. “Daesh [ISIS] terrorist group in the area of Mayadin suffered significant damage, both in manpower and hardware.”

The missile strike supported the ongoing government forces advance towards Mayadin. On October 4, they liberated the hills of Um Qddamah and Ard Hamirah and reached Az Zabari deploying in only 6-7km from the key ISIS-held town of al-Mayadin.



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  • IH8Lies

    That is impressive footage.
    Go Russia Go!

  • gustavo

    Good to read this,

  • Wilfried Waltke

    southeast I assume?

    • Terra Cotta Woolpuller

      The Al Mayadin region they sent 10 kalibr missiles from 2 subs in the mediterranean, they have eyes on the ground calling the shots unlike the US just shoot and just let’s god sort them out.

  • Garga

    Curious, some of my comments are flagged as SPAMs, like this one which I repost. 3rd time’s a charm:

    And as usual for Russian attacks, the targets are not in populated areas.
    But MSM can always count the terrorists bodies and present them as civilian causalities to make up something comparable with the results of actions of the US coalition of terror.For a live comparison, I invite you to watch the video released by Strike Fighter Squadron 31.

    • ruca

      Well, some used to be civilians. Then they were offered a few sheckles(?) said they decided to murder. Or maybe they were offended because someone said they looked like dorks. Tough call.

  • Jesus

    Good strikes to debilitate ISIS ability to make war, as the SAA and allies advance south, they are in the position to outflank SDF, taking Mayadin and heading south obliterating ISIS defenses on either side of Euphrates is of top priority, easily accomplished as reinforcements pour through the established bridgeheads into east Deir Ezzor province.

  • Terence Silvestre Jr.

    Bravo Bravo Bravo…
    Big difference with the american action against ISIS pretending to fight them without using neither one tomahawk missile against them from the beginning of the war, even when americans could use more than 100 tomahawk missiles in their attack against the Glorious Syrian army to punish them for a fake chemical attack organized by the same american puppets.
    Damn american hypocrisy of all time.

  • Gorgar Tilts

    The Russian intervention in Syria has so far been very impressive.