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Russian Subs Armed with Cruise Missiles Joined the Kuznetsov Battlegroup Off North African Coast


Russian Subs Armed with Cruise Missiles Joined the Kuznetsov Battlegroup Off North African Coast

picture for illutration purposes

Three Russian attack submarines armed Kalibr cruise missiles have joined a Russian naval taskforce led by Admiral Kuzntesov heavy aircraft-carrying missile cruiser heading towards Syria, reports appeared on October 30.

The aviable reports say that the Royal Navy has been tracking two nuclear-powered Akula-class submarines and a diesel-powered Kilo-class submarine. The subs entered the North Atlantic from ports around Murmansk last week and joined the Admiral Kuznetsov battlegroup, which sailed down the North Sea last week. The Kuznetsov and its battlegroup is now off the north African coast.

“The Akula attack submarines are the real strike force, and the Kilo boat can operate in the shallower waters of the Black Sea,” express.co.uk cites a naval source. “They have been kitted with the new Kalibr cruise missile. While the Admiral Kuznetsov will be the main focus of attention, it is submarines that will provide the strike capability.”

In December 2015, the Russian Kilo-class sub ‘Rostov-on-Don’ launched four Kalibr missiles cruise missiles with a 4,000 km range on ISIS targets.

Russian Subs Armed with Cruise Missiles Joined the Kuznetsov Battlegroup Off North African Coast

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  • Drinas

    Nice! Quite a lot of firepower and protection for the surface battle-group.

    PS The sub on the picture is an Oscar class SSGN..

    • The picture is used for illutration purposes. We added a caption. Thank you for the feedback.

      • Drinas

        My pleasure! Didn’t mean to imply that it was a mistake or anything. Your posts and accompanied graphics/images are always of the highest standards!

      • Michael Paul Lynch

        World War 3…..CNN don’t tell ya…….poor american sheep……..keep us free and safe……

  • Robert

    What’s going on with the aircraft carrier ? They are stuck without fuel ?

    • Gary Sellars

      Don’t buy into HATO bullshit. The Russians are hardly going to rely on unreliable refuelling from HATO ports. If needed, they will refuel from fleet oilers, or wait until they reach Tartus.

      • BMWA1

        I think Egypt is now ‘on-side’.

      • Robert

        I know that man but I don’t get what was the whole “let’s try refuel in Spain” than they stayed in north Africa for a while . I don’t get what they were trying to do . All I can think about was to embarrass NATO and to see who are their true allies .

        • Antinousian

          That was the point, to remind Washington that NATO isn’t as monolithic as they like to pretend.

    • kraaiiii
  • This places a new level of balance between Israels fleet of Nuclear Sub’s now counter balanced with Russian Subs.
    Now the games of hide and go seek in tracking the other side begins below the surface.

    • Admiral_Moorer_believed

      No one would know if the Israeli subs just “disappeared”. . .