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Russian Submarine Targets ISIS Near Syrian Town Of Al-Bukamal With Cruise Missiles (Video)


On October 31, Russia conducted another cruise missile strike on ISIS in Syria amid the Syrian Army advance against the terrorist group in the province of Deir Ezzor.

The ‘Veliky Novgorod’ attack submarine of the Varshavyanka class launched 3 Kalibr cruise missiles on terrorist targets near the ISIS-held town of al-Bukamal in the province of Deir Ezzor from the eastern part of the Mediterranean Sea.

The missiles destroyed several fortified command points, where militants and vehicles were deployed, and a large weapons depot.

Previously the submarine launched Kalibr cruise missiles on ISIS targets on October 5.

Russian Submarine Targets ISIS Near Syrian Town Of Al-Bukamal With Cruise Missiles (Video)

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  • MD Ranix

    kudos to the syrian coalition for their perseverance and determination to eradicate the zio pests/scumbags from the face of earth

  • Thanks Daeshtards, for being the ducks in a shooting gallery!

  • Garga

    Just 3? Imagine what would they do by 61… sorry, 59 cruise missiles.

    • Jesus

      59 tomahawk cruise missiles constitute air pollution by today’s standards, the Kalibr is far superior to the tomahawk, fewer numbers are needed to accomplish the assignment.

      • George King

        What assignment did the launch of the 59 accomlsh other than exposing misfeance, malfeasance and complete fraudulent tax payer scam by the MIC, bankers, corporations, bureaucrats and blackmailed politicians? Bring the troops home to rebuild the civilan infrastructure/s. Pipeline across the narrow and shallow Bering Straight to Alaska and down to the lower 48 while we increase renewables.

  • Jesus

    Hard to detect subs (aka black holes) can reach the vermin and strike them without notice, even US surveillance not being to notify their vermin of their impeding doom.

    • wwinsti

      It’s some what rude to link articles at other websites, but I felt this was pertinent enough to warrant doing so.

      Hiding behind a pay wall at the wall Street journal is an article that documents a cat and mouse chase between a p8 Orion and a 636 Russian attack sub in May of this year. The national interest article admits, as begrudgingly as possible, that the 636 was able to give the Americans the slip, possibly on more than 1 occasion. The p8 contains some of the USA’s best submarine hunting equipment, top of the line as they say.

      Remember that the national interest is a hive of neocon’s/neolib thinking, and you’ll realize what a big admission this is.


      • Jesus

        The diesel electric sub is an improved version of the Kilo sub, it is stealthy, with very low noise emission and visibility. The increased length of the Project 636.3 permits increasing the power of diesel-generators and mounting them on improved shock-absorbing support, and reducing twofold the main propulsion shaft speed. Owing to these improvements, the submarine speed and sea endurance are increased, while the noise level is radically decreased. The low noise level has been achieved with the selection of quiet machinery, vibration and noise isolation and a special anti-acoustic rubber coating applied on the outer hull surface.

  • Ma_Laoshi

    Expensive posturing. Russia is signaling time after time “See? We could also hit the terrorists that matter most if we wanted.” Wrong. Doing so requires the technical capability (check) *plus* the nerve to take on a superpower, or at least its close allies (fail). All this is understandable; after all, Syria isn’t quite existential for Russia, so there are certain risks which the Kremlin just won’t take. The fact remains that at least for now, Uncle Sam laid down the law east of the Euphrates; unless this salvo really helps to take al-Bukamal pronto, it’s just shaking your fist in the air.

    • Ishyrion Av

      Ma LAoshi, I didn’t understood anything from your comment. Can you first actually think the sentences and after that write them?

      • Solomon Krupacek

        i understod each sentence

        • Ishyrion Av

          Because you are very smart. Nobody is as smart as you are.

          • Solomon Krupacek

            exceptionally you are right, now.

    • You can call me Al

      Oh Billy Bob, I do understand your vie (I think), but hen ready, those poor little Chuck Jr. and his chums will have a choice between 2 quite different scenarios; go home now, or go home in a body bag.

      If Uncle Sam set the law on the east of the Euphrates, why have you got the SAA and Hezbollah penetrating it as we speak ?. how is it that the Syrian good guys will team up with the Iraqi good guys on the border and pulverise you.

      Bye Bye Ms. American Pie..

    • wwinsti

      …Or, it means talking your enemies down from their *full-retard* tree is cheaper and far less painful than blasting them out of it. Iraqi Kurdistan just rolled up and went home if you haven’t noticed. The Rojovan rump state, should it elect to be still birthed into this cold, cruel world, is completely surrounded by hostiles. There’s no economic future for our Kurds, unless you think there’s money to be made by delivering oil via airplane.

      • Ma_Laoshi

        Well grammar matters: Iraqi Kurdistan didn’t just roll up, it was rolled up. Most likely you are right about the poor prospects for Rojava, but what do the Americans care. Kurdistan is not Israel, so the US has never pursued any positive objective. This is about *denying* the oil revenue to Syria so Assad can’t rebuild his country. Surely Uncle Sam will find the resources to buy off the Kurdish leadership; if meanwhile ordinary Kurds suffer indefinitely, that’s just how the game is played.

  • Vitex

    A message to US SOF and other ex-pat miscreants not to associate with the wrong people