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Russian Submarine And Warships Launches Cruise Missiles At ISIS Terrorists In Syria (Video)

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Russian Submarine And Warships Launches Cruise Missiles At ISIS Terrorists In Syria (Video)

A screenshot from the Russian Defense Ministry

Admiral Essen, Admiral Grigorovich frigates and Krasnodar submarine of the Russian Navy have launched six Kalibr cruise missiles on ISIS targets in Syria, the Russian Defense Ministry said in a statement on Friday.

According to the statement, the submarine performed a submerged launch of the cruise missiles.

“As a result of a surprise saturation missile attack, Daesh [ISIS] command posts, as well as large ammunition depots, have been destroyed in the vicinity of the town of Akerbat in the province of Hama, where a militant arsenal detonated after a pinpoint hit by the Kalibr cruise missile,” the ministry said. “The remaining Daesh [ISIS] terrorist fighters and targets have been destroyed by Russian Aerospace Forces bombers’ airstrikes.”

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Rodney Loder

A message to Trump.

Concrete Mike

Indeed, attack SAA, we Will attack your Covert assets. Russia know where they are , they are easily detected with EW monitoring, and gen konashenkov ( Who doesnt mince words) Said many times hé knows where the cia is set up.

This is the response to thé su-22 shootdown, asymetrical as promises.

Rodney Loder

Covert assets ?? what the hell are you commenting about the only covert assets we got are in the next life, we keep them secret by Allah stiffening necks like he did with Pharoh, Allah doesn’t want everyone, Jonah sits 10 : 99 & 100 “If had been thy Lord’s Will, they would all have believed – all who are on earth ! Wilt thou then compel mankind, against his will to believe !
No soul can believe, except by the Will of Allah, and He will place doubt ( or obscurity ) on those who will not understand.
Russia wouldn’t be firing missiles at FSA the only reason they began do that is because Allah sacrificed the ones He loves the best so US will be compromised, otherwise Russia would be attacking the CIA bare foot freedom fighters, and. CIA al-Qa’ed Russia would never have had the courage, but now thanks to IS everything has changed.
We are the lambs of Passover.

Justin Ryan

Religion is used to brain wash weak minded fools!
“Divide and Conquer”
shiia against Sunni
Prodestant against Catholic!

If u want to find God, find him urself! Dont use someone elses rule book! The whole point of life is to find God….. not to be enslaved by an ideology!

There are many paths to heaven just as there are many equations that can = a certain number!

Dont be a sheep!

Think for yourself!

Rodney Loder

Over 40 years ago at the beginning of my revelation,- I call it a continuous shock and awe, – the jew Christian alliance said to me that they fully understood I couldn’t be on everyone’s side, since then and for the 27 years preceding that event at Turntable Falls they used the Holy Ghost, – that I brought to Earth, – to destroy everything that I had and stood for, they lied about everything.
Allah was expecting this development, but even so how could Divinity be used to destroy Civilization if cognitive civil evolution was the highest priority ?..
The reason is that, Temptation is the only took Allah has to alter the mechanism that created him and everything else within His Conceived Understanding, and it’s time frame as longevity is not that important.
Also without Allah impounding Himself into Religious Scripture and hence Philosophy communication on an abstract level would be impossible, because cause and purpose would be something other than a modification of the mechanism which cognition is, and so rendering the fundamental questions incomprehensible.

Justin Ryan

“the jew Christian alliance said to me that they fully understood I couldn’t be on everyone’s side”

You forgot to mention all the other religions and philosophies. What about buddhism? Does it not deserve the respect to even be mentioned since they do not attack people and it pre-dates both Judaism and Christianity!

This world is not all about the 3 major religions…. its about people! Stop acting like a child!

“they lied about everything.”

The Quaran is a complete and total lie!
Most of it is borrowed from different beliefs and tails from other religions and cultures!
And if u are to believe every word of it, u will know that Muhammad was a dwarf!

“how could Divinity be used to destroy Civilization if cognitive civil evolution was the highest priority ”

Then why would Allah turn men into apes?
Why would a women’s testimony be half that of a man?
Why would he allow men to beat women?

I know u copied and pasted ur response… this is because u have no mind of ur own! This is exactly what i am talking about when i say that “u have a weak mind”. u are a slave! U need to copy the comments of others to fight ur battles!

U are very, very bad people! U are the worst of our planet! U want to control it with ur own ideas and not allow others to have their ideas or beliefs!

u have no respect for women because if u did, u would grant them equal rights!

All religious people are complete fools!

All books were written by humans and only fools like urself take the words of others and follow them without question!

If there is a God, i will find God myself through my own transcendent spirituality, which is the way it was meant to be. Not by some ugly fat dwarf like Muhammad, or a man who tried to kill his own son to prove his faith to God (it proves ignorance) or man who died and rose again only to return 2000 or so years later!

I have my own mind and therefore my own reality! I find what i find and i believe what i believe and nobody will enforce their beliefs upon me for i am one with the universe!

And u are one with sheep!

Rodney Loder

I included the Rig Veda as preceding the (P) Asho Zarathustra who asked Ahura Mazda in the Sacred Language of Avesta, and Ahura Mazda answered, no one answered Buddha, he didn’t even have the guts to assert as much, instead he just crawled up to the aristocrats and created a division in Hinduism.
However the reason I think that Momotheism was preceded by Polytheism in spite of the statement following my gambit, is because, I once offered the Unity of Monotheism and Allah knocked it on the head, my informant in Heaven said Deva (God to Hindu) and Deva (devil to Zoroastrian) are two sides of the same coin, my informant also said function can only exist within paradox, Hinduism can’t be excluded in the cognition of Religion but Buddha can.

There was a good one spoken in Turkey by an eminent Professor about Darwinism being taken off the curriculum for under level 5, because they haven’t got the capacity to understand exactly how jews evolved into apes, I don’t really understand it either perhaps you could enlighten us.

Justin Ryan

If u want to call Jews apes or that they became apes, by all means go ahead! I dislike Jews more than any other religion. I totally dislike the existence of Israel.

But Islam is also a disgusting religion.

I was raised to be Christian but I have rejected that! I do not go to church anymore!

But I am Gnostic! I believe that salvation is through knowledge but knowledge learned by ones self. Not by a book that tells u what to believe. Ur life is ur own and all u learn in life is from ur own experience, yet u want to learn about God through someone else’s experience.

Ur life is pre-determined.

So I believe all religions are evil.
And I know they are from what they preach. To beat women, to kill others not like them. This is evil! There is no reason to kill another human who has done nothing to u other than believe whatever they want to believe.

Islam is guilty of the worst sins known to man.

Judaism and Islam are the worst religion in the world.

I have no respect for anyone who follows these religions. I believe they are weak minded fools.

Rodney Loder

Accepting introspective analysis of our shared environmentally determined consciousness is a subliminal process anyhow thanks is totally subordinate to influences that you have no control over, the highest form of intellectual arrogance is Utopian Idealism because these puritans have no historic and prehistoric perspective, no capacity to contribute culturally because they have no leaders.
What better leader is there than the one who’s winning currently Assad, Putin and Erdogan, get with the strength, two Muslims and one Christian, three men in a boat, all with one paddle each, if it weren’t for me being the Messiah they’d be just going round in circles, like what happened to the mighty Bismarck sent to the bottom of the sea by a lone torpedo bomber.

Justin Ryan

“the highest form of intellectual arrogance is Utopian Idealism because these puritans have no historic and prehistoric perspective, no capacity to contribute culturally because they have no leaders”

Culturalism is seperate to Religion!
One can be Atheist yet can celebrate ones culture!
The Chinese for that matter are mainly Atheistic people who celebrate their culture which dates back more than 5000 years! And they are advancing faster than any other culture!

This totally disproves ur statement which u copied from the internet!

In fact the original thinkers who created mathematics were non-religious! The Greeks may have at one time worshipped many Gods but the thinkers were always non-religious! However islamic mathematics was based upon non-religious mathematics! The inventor of Islamic mathematics was forced to “convert of die”!

So what we see here is that in religion of Medieval Christianity and even Islam, that human endeavours were in fact born of no religion!

Religion is the destroyer of knowledge and almost every intelligent person on this planet knows this without question!

Culture will always be seperate from religion! It can be culture that nurtures creativity and intellectual thinking but certainly not religion! Religion has always quelled such thinking!

As for 3 people rowing in a boat of different religions……
Look at the middle east….. all these people u talk of are rowing in a boat and all we see is death and destruction for the lust of oil, gas, money and power!

Every word u write to me is countered and disproven!

You are brain washed!

Rodney Loder

Your last comment got lost in the thread, however people always have felt a need to believe in something else, that’s because we are the image of God and to protect His individualism after handing His image out to other concepts to accumulate or be subsumed in the symbiotic environment within which He originally did the same when nothing was real except Space and Possibility, some say that the Alien had already established reality and Allah won the favour of Fate (nothing) and Space by giving them identity, I’m not sure about the Alien, but in order to protect His individualism Allah has to be impartial letting symbiosis take its course.
The atheists who developed from the agnostics believe that science will provide the empirical proof about the fundamental questions, cause and purpose, I claim to have done that and am waiting for questions on Quora so I can explain see Terry Loder on Quora.
Also I’m waiting for recognition as the Prophet so I can go live in Damascus and let Allah decide.

Justin Ryan




Rodney Loder

Calm down, I answered your post firstly and addressed it to myself you obviously read the second post that I offered addressed to your good self, it’s a pity you read the wrong one but we all make mistakes, the point I was making in the first post was concerning Gnosticism.
It was along the lines that a spatial significance associated with an assumed cause of inspired metabolic association, is nothing other than a successful sentental aspiration that mainly comes from superstition, but it can also come from incorrect scientific conclusions.
This is the point that I addressed to myself, and I took up the discussion from that understanding when I realised I had been conned.
We Theologists have a lot of problems teaching the difference between superstition and the meaning of the Incarnate Word of Allah, I often stress the fact to my Congregation that Fate has a lot to say in the Qur’an that we can understand in sentiments, Allah allows this so that Superstitious Fate is doing the misleading of inspired inferences and not the correct interpretation..

Rodney Loder

There is a problem on the thread, I answer your last reply addressed to myself, but I am not mistaken about the existence of God, although He can’t give His relevance to be indiscriminately accessed because that would be a free ticket to immortality and a threat to reality.
I will say this however, only Allah can decide who He wants to work with in all future Universes, many atheists realised this and in fact Frederick Engels was one of them even though he was looking in instead of out.
He makes this know in his general remarks of Chapter 3 “Landmarks of Scientific Socialism, Anti – Deuhring”.
The distance between his outlook and someone who doesn’t know what they are, while at the same time telling everyone else what they should become, is that he believed in the eternal universe like everyone then, but considered the atom to be inexhaustible, which turned out to be untrue, but that caused openness and his outlook was opened rather than closed, marking the difference between agnostics and atheists.

Justin Ryan

i am not Agnostic! I am Gnostic!
I will not listen to stories of Jonah living inside the Belly of a Whale for 3 months!
I will not listen to stories from the Christian New Testament stating the Jesus walked on water and raised people from the dead!
I will not believe that Mohammad flew to heaven on a winged horse!
Because you are a fool!
I believe that all religious books are Moral and Ethical rules for dummies!
Even an Atheist can be a better person than a religious person! In fact most are!
Religion has killed millions or even billions of INNOCENT PEOPLE!
You’re reply to this will be either:
1. Their lives do not matter in the eyes of Allah for it is their after life that does
2. Those who dies were all sinners and only Allah punished the sinners and spares the innocent
3. Until all people follow the muslim ways, there MUST BE WAR!

This is all bullshit!
Question: Why didn’t Allah create us circumcised if he wants us that way?
Why must women have their private parts cut off?
Why must women wear Black clothing in the hot Desert?
Why can men marry 5 wives but women cannot marry 5 men?
Why is a women’s testimony half that of a mans?
Why must women only be in a room with a man who is related to her?
Why must women always sit at the back?
Why would a just God treat women so poorly?

You will say : This is how Allah wants this and we are nobody to question his wisdom!

I say these rules were written by just a stupid person who even more stupid people follow!

You will never explain the stupidity of any religion!

You will laugh at the stupidity of Christian or Jewish Bibles yet u will not laugh at your own!

All of you are stupid!
You kill people!
You treat others like shit!
And if there is a God, u will all be eradicated from this Earth!

If there is a God, then will will find what God is through our own spirituality and science!

We will not find God through a fat dwarf who road a winged horse to heaven or thinks sinners become apes!

Nor from a book written long after Christ’s death.

Nor from a book that states 10 commandments written on stone for all to follow!


And those who follow this are making this world a terrible place to live in BECAUSE THEY HAVE WEAK MINDS AND DO NOT HAVE THE COURAGE TO QUESTION THESE STORIES!

CONVERT OR DIE! What kind of shit is that???
Kill all Gentiles and use them like animals!! What kind of shit is that??

Why do u believe this crap???

U know u are wrong but u refuse to admit it becasue u barrack for ur religion like its a football team! no matter what logical attacks u come under, u continue to support it with made up bullshit!

u will quote science when it kind of proves what u believe but u dismiss science when it disproves what u believe!

u will support someone who says islam is good and yet kill anybody who tries to leave islam!

U fucking beat women! its allowed in ur book!

u are cowards!
Weak people!
Scared of the unknown so u create bullshit to follow so u can live life feeling like all will be ok!
Like little babies!

How will u feel when one day, somehow, it is proven that its all a lie! One big fucking lie!
What then?

What if an Alien ship turns up and tells us and proves to us that THEY CREATED US!
From their own DNA mixed with that of APES!
What then?
What will u do?


But u will laugh at my little story… but i use it as an example to allow u to see how foolish u are!

so, so foolish!

U will look into ur mirror and say “you are so dumb, why did u follow all this shit, how did my mind create such an overwhelming feeling of Godliness throughout every cell in my body yet its all untrue”!

Then u will understand the power of the mind and Mass Hysteria”

By the way, Einstein was Gnostic! NOT AGNOSTIC!

“Einstein always fought the label of atheism and made a sharp distinction between his disbelief in a personal god and atheism”

“I believe in Spinoza’s God who reveals himself in the orderly harmony of what exists, not in a God who concerns himself with fates and actions of human beings.”

“I’m not an atheist, and I don’t think I can call myself a pantheist. We are in the position of a little child entering a huge library filled with books in many languages. The child knows someone must have written these books. It does not know how. It does not understand the languages in which they are written. The child dimly suspects a mysterious order in the arrangement of the books but doesn’t know what it is. That, it seems to me, is the attitude of even the most intelligent human being toward God. We see the universe marvelously arranged and obeying certain laws but only dimly understand these laws. Our limited minds grasp the mysterious force that moves the constellations. I am fascinated by Spinoza’s pantheism, but admire even more his contribution to modern thought because he is the first philosopher to deal with the soul and body as one, not two separate things.”

Einstein does not follow any religion so he was labelled an Atheist yet he did believe in a creator!
Therefore is was Gnostic like me!
He found God within his experiments and theories!

He found God himself!

YOU FOUND GOD because ur parents made u read books and told u how to believe!
And if you did not follow how the sheep learned then u would be outcast or perhaps killed if u became an Apostate!

God wants us to discover him for ourselves! Not by force feeding us and showing us the part in the Quran that says Convert or Die!


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Nigel Maund

Great work Russia – very impressive! At least you’re really fighting ISIS and not a sham like NATO and the US,.

Andrew Pate

I wonder how many American CIA agents are in those buildings? If there was/is I guess another attack on the SAA forces could be forthcoming in the near future.

Colin Oskapy

None. Those stupid, clueless Russians dutifully informed Israel and equally pro-ISIS Turkey in advance of these cruise missile strikes.

Andrew Pate

Yeah I thought about that too. I only hope they told them as the Missile was leaving the ship. Also possibly some Israeli’s could be in the mix too.
Have you heard about Russia shooting down a US EQ-4 Drone over the Mediterranean sea with a S300?
Ha ha just read the comment below…..


Well they are not clueless they are just subjects of Israel as is the US. The US and Russia is just used by Israel to create fear in the world.

Justin Ryan

clueless Russians? If the Russians are clueless…. what the hell does that make the USA?

Check the Scoreboard sweetheart!

Crimea.. a win to Russia
Permanant and free to rent syrian naval and airforce bases…a win to Russia
Bases being built in Egypt…a win to Russia
Gas pipes to Turkey…. a win to Russia
Nord stream 2 to Germany… a win to Russia
Pipelines to China and a 40 billion dollar deal… a win to Russia
Qatar and Glencore buy 20% shares in Rosneft… a win to Russia
Artic oil and shale gas rich continental shelf belonging to Russia …. a win to Russia
Germany not wanting to continue additional Russian Sanctions… a win to Russia
Interference in US election (if true) …. a win to Russia
Qatar now teaming up with Iran, Turkey, Syria and Iraq…. a win to Russia
Rebels killing each other….a win to Russia
a single su-24 dive bombing the USS donald cook in the black sea 20 times just by using 1 electronic warfare device under its belly…. a win to Russia
US dollar at threat of not being traded by middle east counties (petro dollar) and thus losing the reserve currency status and the ability to print its own wealth…. a win to Russia
Russian bases WELCOMED in Iraq, Egypt, Syria yet American bases not welcomed yet USA spent 6 trillion dollars and 27 years in middle east and Russia only been there for 1.5 years and seen as liberators!
Russia inheriting the middle east very cheaply and welcomed with handshakes and smiles!

I think u need to wake up and smell what’s cookin!

Solomon Krupacek

ases being built in Egypt…a win to Russia

will not happen

Gas pipes to Turkey…. a win to Russia
will not happen

Nord stream 2 to Germany… a win to Russia
unsure, the rest of EU is in opposition, germans are swines

Interference in US election (if true) …. a win to Russia
hopely not true, because then big, big lose for russia

Qatar now teaming up with Iran, Turkey, Syria and Iraq…. a win to Russia
only with turkey.

Rebels killing each other….a win to Russia
russians did nothing for this

single su-24 dive bombing the USS donald cook in the black sea 20 times
just by using 1 electronic warfare device under its belly…. a win to
bulshit to power batshit

US dollar at threat of not being traded by middle east
counties (petro dollar) and thus losing the reserve currency status and
the ability to print its own wealth…. a win to Russia
drug phantasies

Justin Ryan

“single su-24 dive bombing the USS donald cook in the black sea 20 times
just by using 1 electronic warfare device under its belly…. a win to
bulshit to power batshit”

Recorded and online to view in HD by the sailors on boad the Donald cook!

Go ahead…. watch it! if u cant find, be sure to send me a message….. it will be my pleasure to show it to u!

Turkstream…. very much a reality!

Only Turkey a big deal? I think Iran a big deal too….. o h yeah, did i forget to mention PAKISTAN!


China pipes a done deal

Artic bases built and ready and still more to be done

Crimea ….. done!

Russians using American uranium to perhaps use to kill americans with one day! How ironic is that!

USA using Russian rockets to launch their own deep space satelittes! hahaha

It just doesnt get any better than this!

Germany is slipping away from American partnership!

Russia will remind kurds that America sold chemical weapons to their ally Sadam Hussein (whom they then attacked and killed) and Sadam used it against the Kurds! lol

Of course the USA is fucked!

They cant get one thing right!

absolutely fucking useless!

Solomon Krupacek

Recorded and online to view in HD by the sailors on boad the Donald cook!
give me the link

Turkstream…. very much a reality

no, also according russian the turks again play new game


no way. this chapter IS NOT CLOSED IN EU. i am living in EU, i know it. you can be surprised. this germanproject is illegal, opposes the EU rules.

Russians using American uranium to perhaps use to kill americans with one day! How ironic is that!

big bullshit already year ago russia sent its uranium into america. in autumn stopped this putin.

USA using Russian rockets to launch their own deep space satelittes

yes. bacuse don give money for shuttles. the saved money give in the development of new own rockets, which will be better hen the protons. so, you should not sleep on lawrence, as the russians use :DDD

Germany is slipping away from American partnership

if you believe this, you are total idiot. in west is democracy and plurality. several times there were little conflicts between nato members, but the nato is growing and growing. btw., i know exactly, that trumps words are 1 thing, and the nato officers of usa and nato policy of usa quite another thing. there is no split in nato. also turkey is fully accepted. if you think, that countries will leave nato, then your idea will not fullfilled. also sweden want enter.

Russia will remind kurds that America sold chemical weapons to their
ally Sadam Hussein (whom they then attacked and killed) and Sadam used
it against the Kurds! lol

i wonder, why do not know the kurds this terrible fact, when you does??


So Truthfull !


In your dreams !

Colin Oskapy

Not a single individual or any vehicle worth a damn anywhere near those strike sites.The Russians informed the Zionists and Turkey in advance about the strikes, so ISIS evacuated.


Where do you get your information from? Command posts, ammunition depots and gathering of ISIS stragglers from Raqca were destroyed by Kalibre missile volley followed by precision air strikes. Most likely Turkey and Israel were informed as the missiles were flying towards their targets, ISIS did not have enough time to react.

Concrete Mike

Hard to say sir, but it sends à message to all, mess with us, and we Will Reach out and touch you. For sure There was intelligence personnel There that got rekt, makes sensé, us attack saa, kalibr fly shortly after…this happened à couple times already.

Russia outfoxes us again it seems.

Solomon Krupacek

they never say the target.


You are in constant repeating the same things, wenn one is in constant doing the same things, nothing changes !


And shot down a US EQ4 drone over the Mediterranean at the same time. No pre warning for ISUS this time.


where did u get this?


It has been on a couple of sites, but the solid ones (Al Masdar, SF) are not running with it. Looks bogus at present, but you never know…


Yes that was a juicy target, I read where multiple other drones were shot down in the Latakia and Idlib area. The Bear is not bragging, it is taking care of business quietly, and US does not want to be embarrassed.

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