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Russian Su-35 Intercepted Turkish F-16s That Entered Syrian Airspace In Attempt To Prevent Advance On Khan Shaykhun


Russian Su-35 Intercepted Turkish F-16s That Entered Syrian Airspace In Attempt To Prevent Advance On Khan Shaykhun


Turkish F-16 were intercepted and fled from Russian Su-35 in the air above Syria, Avio Pro reported.

The Turkish Air Force fighter jets were alerted and sent to the southern part of the Syrian province of Idlib after the Syrian Air Force struck a Turkish military convoy moving to rescue terrorists controlling the town of Khan Shaykhun.

However, according to reports, two Russian Su-35 fighter jets were scrambled from the Khmeimim air base to intercept them. The Russian pilots were able to drive Turkish combat aircraft out of the Syrian space in just a few minutes.

“Presumably, Russian Su-35S fighters have appeared in the sky of Idlib, which are keeping the Turkish F-16 from rash actions against Syrian aircraft that operate on the site of recent events.”

There are no other details that have been released. But reportedly, the Turkish fighter jets were forced to leave Syrian airspace after only 30-40 kilometers, which indicates that they either were warned in advance, or just simply saw the Russian aircraft on their radars.

Later on, a pair of Russian Su-35 fighters was spotted directly in the vicinity of the city of Khan Shaykhun.

“Su-35 fighters escort and guard the Syrian Air Force when carrying out attacks in the sky over Khan Shaykhun after threats from Turkey”

Experts do not exclude that Turkey will take all measures in the near future to strike at the positions of the Syrian military near Khan Shaykhun, since otherwise an observation post of the Turkish military, and terrorist groups allied with Turkey-backed militants will be encircled.

This avoided incident took place shortly after the Syrian Arab Army struck the Turkish convoy in greater Idlib. Turkey claimed that 3 civilians were killed and 12 were injured. Ankara further said that the convoy was bringing vital humanitarian supplies to Observation Point No. 9 and in order to keep supply routes open and prevent civilian casualties in the region.

The mentioned ‘humanitarian supplies’ included about 28 military vehicles, including at least 7 battle tanks, and was moving towards the moderate rebels (al-Qaeda-linked militants) who have been suffering against the Syrian Arab Army in recent days and weeks.

As of August 19th, the Syrian Arab Army and other pro-government forces have started storming Khan Shaykhun and cut off the M5 highway, usually used by Turkey to provide “humanitarian help” to the militants in the city.




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