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Russian Su-30SM and Su-35 Bombard Terrorists in Northern Hama & Idlib (Video)


The Su-30SM and Su-35 fighter jets actively use unguided air-to-surface missiles against terrorists in Syria.

Russian Su-30SM and Su-35 Bombard Terrorists in Northern Hama & Idlib (Video)

The Su-30SM fighter jet (Photo: RussianPlanes.net / Vladislav Perminov)

The fact of usage of unguided air-to-surface missiles by the Su-30SM and Su-35 fighter jets during attacks on ground targets has been spotted in Syria, the Vestnik Mordovii information portal reported. This is evidenced by videos published online.

As military expert Yuriy Lyamin noted, there were not any cases of such a use of the Su-30SM in Syria earlier.

“The fact is that the situation is emergency. Militants are now trying to break through the main line of defense to the north of Hama, Syrian reinforcements are just arriving, and the Syrian Air Force seems to be unable to use more of its forces due to the fact that they are now operating against terrorists on the eastern outskirts of Damascus, in Daraa. So, they have to use the Su-30SM with unguided missile weapons in the fighting,” the expert noted.

The portal also stressed the fact of usage of unguided air-to-surface missiles by the Su-35 aircraft, expensive fighter jets, which are used as ordinary attack planes in recent days.

The S-8s are the most common model of unguided air-to-surface missiles, used by the Russian Aerospace Forces. Their weight ranges from 11.3 to 15.2 kg. The missiles can have different combat parts: high-explosive dual-purpose warheads with 2,000 of “arrows” for destruction of manpower, volume detonating warheads, concrete-piercing, flare parts and others. The aiming range is about 2 km. The dispersion at the maximum distance is about 6 meters from the aiming point.

The С-13’s weight can be from 57 to 68 kg. The warhead’s weight is from 21 to 32 kg. The launch range is up to 3 km. Some modifications of this unguided air-to-surface missile are capable to break a three-meter earthen overlap or one meter of reinforced concrete.

The most powerful unguided missiles that have been used in this war were the S-24s, which weight is 235 kg and length is 2.30 meters. The warhead’s weight is 123 kg. The flight speed is 430 meters per second. The launch range is up to 2 km.

The Su-25

The Su-34

The Su-35

The Su-35S



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