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Russian Su-30 Used Missiles Against Ukainian Navy Ships Near Kerch Strait, Kiev’s Chief of General Staff Says


Russian Su-30 Used Missiles Against Ukainian Navy Ships Near Kerch Strait, Kiev's Chief of General Staff Says

On November 27th, Ukraine’s state security agency confirmed that its intelligence officers were among the crew of the seized Ukrainian ships.

According to the SBU’s statement the officers were fulfilling counterintelligence operations for the Ukrainian navy, in response to “psychological and physical pressure” by Russian spy services. No details were provided, however it demanded that Russia stop any such activity.

Late on November 26th, Russia’s FSB said that there were SBU officers on board the ships, saying that this is another proof of a provocation staged by Ukraine.

The Russian FSB security agency released a video of three crewmembers of the detained Ukrainian gunboats. In the interviews, the three seamen all confirmed that they violated the Russian border. Mainstream media scrutinizes the interviews, claiming that the men are talking “under duress” and that one of them “was clearly reading from a teleprompter”.

In an escalation of absurdity, Chief of the General Staff of Ukraine’s Armed Forces Gen. Viktor Muzhenko claimed that Russian aviation was used against the two gunboats and the tugboat.

“Today it became known that Russian aviation was also used during the attack on the Ukrainian ships. A Su-30 fighter jet launched two missiles,” Muzhenko said.

That is unlikely, since there are only reports of several wounded sailors, who are being treated in the Kerch Pirogov hospital. If missiles were, in fact, launched at the boats they wouldn’t get tugged to the Kerch port, because they would simply be in pieces.

In the early hours of November 27, Russian President Vladimir Putin expressed his concern over the escalation with Ukraine and the martial law during a conversation with German Chancellor Angela Merkel, the Kremlin reported.

According to the statement, Putin placed all blame on Ukraine and said the escalation was caused by it due to political reasons.

Merkel’s spokesman, Steffen Seibert, said Merkel in the conversation with Putin stressed the need for de-escalation and dialogue.

The Kremlin warned that the martial law that is to go into effect on November 28th in Ukraine might cause an escalation in the country’s east.

Germany’s foreign minister is suggesting that Germany, France, Russia and Ukraine could work together to resolve tensions between Moscow and Kiev.

Foreign Minister Heiko Maas “called on Russia and Ukraine to show the greatest possible restraint, and offered to work on a solution in the Normandy Format.” He further added that “we must do everything for de-escalation, to prevent this crisis turning into an even more serious crisis for security in Europe.”

The Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe is urging Russia and Ukraine to refrain from “any further provocations” and engage in dialogue to reduce tensions. OSCE secretary general Thomas Greminger said in a statement that “immediate de-escalation is both urgent and essential.” He, similarly, to the UN and the EU, urged Moscow and Kiev “to exercise restraint, step back from any further provocations and immediately engage in dialogue to reduce the risk of further tensions in the region.”

In general, it appears that Ukraine’s “provocation play” appears to be unraveling and come undone at the seams. Thus, Ukraine is attempting to make as many questionable and maybe even absurd claims to see what will get some traction.




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  • Dmitry Lunyov

    Nuclear bomb was used to destroy our mighty boats. – Poroshenko
    … ))

  • Giovanni
    • seawolf

      Ok how much sh*t they can hold? In kilos please

    • Justin


  • seawolf

    Poronazis are doing everything to stay in power and the west supports them all the way

  • me again

    No no, not anti ship missiles, Russians used Bulava missiles launched from Barents sea to destroy those small gun boats. Believe me it is true… Poroshenko is so fuuckin desperate of loosing elections next year, he just needs any reason to start conflict.

    • Giovanni

      wrong! : russian used this missile to destroy those small gun boats!!


      • Bigaess Wangmane

        Ha! I’m pretty sure they used 3 SS-18’s and a matryoshka doll against the mighty Ukrainian navy.

        • Njegos Maljevic

          And matryoshkas were the ones that tipped the boats…

      • Njegos Maljevic

        I knew it!!!! Damn Russians! Shooting ICBM’s on a innocent ukrops!

  • Just Aman


    Official confirmation of the engagement between Russian and NATO assets on Sunday night / early Monday morning that people were reporting in Ukraine (before the media and the internet and telephone call were restricted under Martial Law).

    Apparently there was some sort of a scramble/race for a ‘package’ thrown over board and into the Black Sea by the UK spec ops / spooks on board the tug – so as to avoid it being captured by the Russians (and assuming a signal was given, allowing for its fast recovery by UK SBS in international waters so this whole ‘incident’ could be denied?)

    Read between the lines………………….and engage your brains………..Russia is confirming it engaged NATO in the Black Sea!

    Remember Russian English language news agencies such as ‘Sputnik’ reported that the US had air assets in the area at the time, including advanced anti-sub and Electronic Warfare planes, and also, (during the scramble/race to get to the package?) another US EW plane was sent from Crete or Cyprus to join the fray.

    That ‘package’ thrown overboard (that many people now suspect was as small nuclear demolition device aka ‘SADM’, or at least a powerful conventional device of some sort) would have been so important to recover that NATO would risk thier assets and risk engaging the Russians to it.

    Any reports of damaged planes landing in nearby Turkey or in Bulgaria just 10mins away would be interesting to hear, as would a NATO sub on the surface reporting ‘a malfunction’.

    Remember the UK already had Naval assets in the area including SBS, and the US has assets of some description just about everywhere including 5 flying time minutes from Russias border.

    Remember, we have no idea what the Russians were shooting at – something in the air?
    something on the sea?,

    something under the sea?
    was it manned or a drone?

    If they launced an anti-sub missile (armed or not) to bounce of the hull of a sub or put some shock waves in front of some divers, then something big was at stake.

    Russia, as with the US and Israel, would certainly have no issues at all with ‘going live’ with an anti sub missile or an air-to-air missile to prevent NATO recovering, much less using, the early Christmas present of the ‘glow in the dark variety’ the UK were apparently about to send to Russia.

    Finally, it is interesting how only a few captured Ukranians gave TV ‘interviews’. Perhaps these were the only ones on board, everyone else crewing the boats speaking in either British or North American accents?

  • Bob

    The Kerch Bridge is a massive and highly vulnerable piece of Russian Federation state infrastructure – if any unauthorized foriegn vessel or aircraft approaches it, or ignores port communications – latter should be intercepted and dealt with as hostile entity – this is the most basic precept of territorial self-defense.

    • Njegos Maljevic

      It is very simple, just as you wrote but there is propaganda and deliberate lies. First is that Russians can not claim their rights on that part of sea/land. Other picks up on that lie and carry on with propaganda. In the MSM’s eyes Russians are exclusive bad guys and culprits.

  • Nosferatu

    Russians surely used the Tsar bomba to attack Ukranian boats.

  • Spit

    This is the British work. Now I open and honest say and admit Why I call myself Spitfire.
    I Spit honest Fire and at the same time I Make fun of the British. They where british and they are no longer.
    I cry for these people. but We Russians have won this war and everybody knows this truth.
    I spit Fire. Decoded.

    • Njegos Maljevic

      British are British, always were, always will be!

  • “Today it became known that Russian aviation was also used during the
    attack on the Ukrainian ships. A Su-30 fighter jet launched two
    missiles,” Muzhenko said.

    Is the gentleman suggesting that the Russians can’t hit what they aim at? …. Or that them Ukes benefited from divine intervention?

    • Njegos Maljevic

      Actually, that part of propaganda is spot on beacause the targeted audiance will suck on everything. They don’t know what SU-30 is not to mention what it shoots!


    The fact that Israeli advisers train Ukrainians means that the provocations of the Kiev Nazis are planned by Mossad, something similar to that of ISIS against Syria.